BlyDonian Civilization

239 AD +

Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Flag of BlyDonia
Location of BlyDonia
Other titles

BlyDonian Civilization

Official name

Grand Kingdom of BlyDonia

Short name BlyDonia

BlyDonian Civilization


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 32,002,000,000


Capital planet

BlyDonia Prime

Capital state

District of Prime City

Capital city

Prime City

Controlled planets

Prime City

Founding member of

Capita Council

Former founding member of

Economic League

Leading member of

Capita Council

Religious policies

Free Religion

State religion



Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Prime Minister
Tax Pavan 2011/09 +
Bly 1992/10 +

Free Market


BlyDonian Credit

Eras Pre-creation, creation
- Founding of BlyDonia 239/2
- Election of Current Government 2011/09
This article is about BlyDonian General Info Index, as it appears in the TTVerse RPG. For the WBVDKT version, see BlyDonia

The BlyDonian Civilization, commonly shortened to BlyDonia, is a multi-planet, unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, superpower civilization in the Appearence Galaxy. It is characterized by a large population of 56 billion inhabitants spread over eighteen major inhabited planets, and several dozen smaller and uninhabited planets. It is a founding member of the Capita Council and currently has one of the strongest economies in the Appearence.

Government StructureEdit

The main legislature is the House of Ministers, made up of exactly one thousand ministers from planets all over the civilization. Constituencies are created proportionally based on population. For instance, the largest cities have smaller constituencies, but more of them and the more sparsely populated areas have large constituencies but obviously less of them. The executive of the country is the Prime Minister, the leader of the party with the most ministers in the House.

Prime Minister's CabinetEdit

The Prime Minister's Cabinet is made up of ministers within the ruling party. These ministers are usually the leaders of the party.

  • Prime Minister Tax Pavan
  • Deputy Prime Minister Margaret Constantine
  • Foreign Minister Minerva Bell
  • Treasury Minister Jackson Travers
  • Defense Minister Robert Spencer
  • Home Minister Kara Lynn
  • Health Minister Zoe Octavio
  • Transport Minister Muoi Tora
  • Science Minister Jordo Plute
  • Education Minister Enoch Marquis
  • Justice Minister Evan Sisk
  • Security Minister Lynda Ayers

Opposition GovernmentEdit

Although BlyDonia is not a two-party system, the second largest political party in the House of Ministers becomes the main opposition party.

  • Leader of the Opposition: Jonathan Powell

BlyDonian Royal FamilyEdit

BlyDonia has a royal family. They are currently not much more than figureheads at this point in the civilization, however the King is still designated as the Head of State even though he does not use that power.

Current Royal FamilyEdit

  • King Bly XVI (King of BlyDonia)
  • Queen Julia (Queen of BlyDonia & Bly's Wife)
  • Prince Robert (Son of Bly and Julia)
  • Princess Hannah (Daughter of Bly and Julia)
  • Prince Benjamin (Bly's brother)
  • Duchess Nicole (Benjamin's wife)
  • Princess Katherine (Bly's sister)
  • Duke James (Katherine's Husband)
  • Prince Albert (Bly's brother)
  • Duchess Kathryn (Albert's husband)

List of Major Inhabited BlyDonian PlanetsEdit

  • BlyDonia
  • Luega II
  • Sucan X
  • Ioxia IX
  • Julaska IV
  • Iona Major
  • Iona Minor
  • Shur
  • La-siao Major
  • La-siao Minor
  • Crocus
  • Cuandi
  • Bardsley
  • Seltsam
  • BlyDonia Minor
  • Hadley
  • Nokor II
  • Atlantis


BlyDonian General Info Index
Official title BlyDonian Space Navy
Date founded 09/02/09
Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
Allegiance(s) BlyDonian Civilization
Unit branch Space Navy
Type Navy
Size Medium
Motto "BlyDonia's Finest Protectors"
Fighter HelAux F15
Bomber BlyDonian J-2 Bomber
Gunship Swift Class Gunship
Fortress BDSCOM Spacedock
Carrier Pride of BlyDonia Class
Battleship Victory Class Capital Ship
Cruiser Sunrise Class Capital Ship
Frigate Tornado Class Frigate
Destroyer Constellation Class Capital Ship

List of Ships in ServiceEdit

- Excalibur Class Starship - Sunrise Class Capital Ship - Constellation Class Capital Ship - Pride of BlyDonia Class - Victory Class Capital Ship - Tornado Class Frigate


Group name Commanding ship (officer) 2nd commanding ship (officer) Other ships Assignement
First Fleet BDN Excalibur (Admiral Komec, occasionally Bly) BDN Event Horizon (Admiral Flargon)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
BlyDonia Prime
Second Fleet BDN Atlantis (Fleet Admiral Iionia) BDN Victory (Admiral Saurus)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Shur, protecting the shipyards
Third Fleet BDN Pride of BlyDonia (Admiral Alando) BDN Advantage (Admiral Nico)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Luega II
Fourth Fleet BDN Pride of Prime City (Vice Admiral Duo) BDN Defiant (Vice Admiral Yushidan)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
On Patrol in BlyDonian Territory
Fifth Fleet BDN Pride of Luega II (Vice Admiral Yolandia) BDN Bright (Lieutenant Zolie)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Sucan X
Sixth Fleet BDN Beam (Captain Sundo) BDN Relativity (Captain Kandaki)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
On Patrol in BlyDonian Territory
Seventh Fleet BDN Exeter (Vice Admiral Micak) BDN Galacticus (Captain Tada)
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
On Patrol in BlyDonian Territory
Eighth Fleet

BDN Supremacy (Admiral Stark)

BDN Breeze (Captain Opuni)

Flag of the Wringon Republic Wringon Republic
Capita Council Mission
Exploratory Fleet BDN Inquisitive (Captain Talan) Out of Galaxy Assignment


BlyDonian General Info Index



Galactic region

Arm 9

Galactic sector


Solar system

BlyDonian System

Orbital position





Oxygen, Nitrogen

Natural satellites

2 moons

Planet type

Ocean Planet



Percent: Water


Percent: Land


Primary species



BlyDonian Civilization




Galactic Basic Standard

Capital planet of

BlyDonian Civilization

Capital city

Prime City

BlyDonia itself is a world that is mostly made up of water. 99% of the planet's surface is water, with a few islands passing as continents. Prime City itself is on a very small island that is just off the coast of the island seen on the map. Prime City is almost entirely urbanized, with very little natural terrain remaining, save for the parks within the city. Other notable areas are the smaller cities like Salancia and Tionia. Virpa City is the second largest city on BlyDonia, and it is also a major trade hub. Virpa City was the capital of BlyDonia a little over a thousand years ago before Prime City was constructed. There are numerous cities that are perched over the ocean on massive platforms. One of BlyDonia's largest military installations is on one such platform, but it is especially reinforced due to the occasional tropical storm.


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