BlyDonian Exile Fleet
Date founded 04/03/2011
Civilization BlyDonian Exile Government
Unit branch Space Fleet
Motto "Guarding Space"

The Exile Fleet, as it is sometimes called, was created following the events of the BlyDonian Civil War and the foundation of the BlyDonian Exile Government.


There are currently only ships in the fleet, received by BlyDonian Fleet forces defecting the new civilization.

Excalibur Class Starship-1-Edit

  • BDE Excalibur ---Commanded by Bly or Grand Admiral Opani

Atlantis Class Capital Ship-4-Edit

  • BDE Atlantis ---Commanded by Fleet Admiral Iionia
  • BDE Corsica ---Commanded by Captain Ishida
  • BDE Cosmos ---Commanded by Colonel Randi

Lightning Class Frigate-2-Edit

  • BDE Furious ---Commanded by Admiral Kuilian
  • BDE BlyDonian Prime ---Commanded by Admiral Anda

Pride of BlyDonia Class-1-Edit

  • BDE Pride of BlyDonia ---Commanded by Admiral Alando


These ships are currently all apart of the First Fleet, as there are insufficient forces to successfully maintain more then one fleet. The First Fleet consists of all the ships listed above. Currently, these ships are docked in a Space Dock above Salaskia, except for the Excalibur, which is helping construction on the ground.

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