BlyDonian Exile Army
Other titles BD Exile Army
Date founded 04/03/2011
Civilization BlyDonian Exile Government
Allegiance(s) Exile Government
Unit branch Army
Size 45,000
Motto "To Protect and Serve the Government"

The BlyDonian Exile Army, more commonly refered to as The Exile Army, is the branch of the BlyDonian Exile Military that deals with ground forces and their transportation. The Exile Army consisted of the same structure of the original BlyDonian Army, however with far less troops. A few of the divisions were removed, as they would make the army much to large and uncontrollable. There are currently 45,000 Troops in the Army.

Command StaffEdit

  • Bly
  • Grand General Gara
  • General Flax
  • General Jensa

Breakdown of ForcesEdit

  • The Army(1)— 2 Battalions (45,000 troops) led by Bly and Grand General Gara
  • Battalion(2)— 2 Corps (22,500 troops) led by a General
  • Corps(4)— 16 Platoons (5625 troops) led by a Commander
  • Platoon(4)—40 squads (1406 troops) led by a Captain
  • Squad(160)— 8 soldiers led by a Lieutenant
  • Reserves - 164 Soldiers led by a Sergeant

Command HierarchyEdit

  • Grand General: There is one of these. He command over the whole army, reporting to Bly.
  • General: There are two Generals, General Flax and General Jensa, who command a battalion.
  • Commander: These guys command over their Legion, making it in top shape, and charging into battle with them.
  • Captain: There are several of Captain's in the army.
  • Lieutenant: The lieutenant serves as the Captain's second, and helps him run the Company.
  • Sergeant: There is one of these in the army.
  • Private: There are many Privates.

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