BlyDonian Army
Official title Grand BlyDonian Army
Date founded 10/20/09
Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
Allegiance(s) *BlyDonian Civilization
Unit branch Army
Motto "Always There"

The BlyDonian Army is the unit of the BlyDonian Military comprising of ground forces and their complements and transports.

The BlyDonian Army is the military unit for the BlyDonian Civilization that deals primarily with land and land combat. The BlyDonian government has never ordered a draft in to the army in it's history, and plans to keep it that way.

Command StaffEdit

The Commander-in-chief of the BlyDonian Civilization is the President. The current president is supreme leader Bly, making him the commander-in-chief. Under him, there are Grand and Sub Grand Generals, who control certain aspects of the Armed Forces.

  • Grand General Uliso: Largely in charge of troop movements, acts at the head General directly below Bly.
  • Grand General Saar: In charge of vehicle and walker movements.
  • Grand General Nooram: He's in charge of leading soldiers into battle, and planning the battles.
  • Sub Grand General J'nuka: He's in charge of planning battles, as he is a brilliant strategist.

Command structureEdit

  • The Army—5 Sector Armies (21,000,000 troops) led by Bly and Grand General Gara
  • Sector Army— 4 Battalions (4,200,000 troops), led by General
  • Battalion— 2 Legions (300,000 troops) led by a Sub General
  • Corps—4 legions (150,000 troops) led by a Major Commander
  • Legion—4 regiments (37,500 troops) led by a commander
  • Regiment—4 companies (9,375 troops) led by a major
  • Company—4 platoons (1,875 troops) led by a captain
  • Platoon—40 squads (375 troops) led by a lieutenant
  • Squad—9 soldiers led by a sergeant

Command HeirarchyEdit

  • Grand General: There are three of these. They command over the whole army, reporting to Bly.
  • General: There are twenty-one of these in the army, and they command over their Battalion.
  • Sub-General: There are forty-two of these guys in the army, and they command over their Corps.
  • Commander: These guys command over their Legion, making it in top shape, and charging into battle with them.
  • Major: These report back to the Commander, yet still have a high up command.
  • Captain: There are hundreds of Captain's in the army.
  • Lieutenant: The lieutenant serves as the Captain's second, and helps him run the Company.
  • Sergeant: There are thousands of these in the army.
  • Private: There are many Privates.

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