BlyDonian-Jankan War
Previous Alsoras war

Second Appearance-Ichiri war
Tetrodosion-Tournan war

Next Drakonian-Ichiri war,
Nirvana Crisis,
Second Corpian-Donian war,
Yinto Crisis
Date 2010/09/14 – 2010/09/19
Ending date 2010/09/19
Location(s) Appearence Galaxy
Outcome BlyDonian Victory
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
  1. Battle over Luega II—BlyDonian victory
  2. Battle over Nakar IV—BlyDonian victory

Assasination on Janka II

Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Grand General Gara
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Grand Admiral Piett
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Grand Admiral Ackbar
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Grand Admiral Opani
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Fleet Admiral Iionia
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Grand General Nooram
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Emperor On'sylivia (Deceased)
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Jankan Commander
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Fon Als
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Captain Tuls
Forces used
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
21,000,000 Soldiers
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
About fifty ships
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Various Stations and Emplacements
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
1,000,000,000 Civilian Militia
Flag of the Jankan Empire
13,002,200 Soldiers
Flag of the Jankan Empire
40 ships
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Various Stations
Flag of the Jankan Empire
5,000 Secret Police
Flag of the Jankan Empire
The Adamament
Forces designated for use







"We've got incoming! I repeat, we have incoming!"


A few months prior to the war, BlyDonian forces secured Nakar IV during the Ichiri War, when it was lost by the Jankans. Although the Jankan Empire was not seized by the Ichiri, it came dangerously close, and they reluctantly accepted the help of the Capita Council, of which they never applied to. At the end of the ichiri war, the Jankan Empire asked for it back, but, BlyDonia declined. The Emperor nearly declared war, but decided not to, and built up his fleet. A few days prior to the War, Bly, Wolf, and a few other SpecOps soldiers assassinated the Emperor on Janka II, the capital. However, they used a mercenary freighter, which was later captured by the Jankans with only the pilot onboard. The pilot revealed to the Jankans that the BlyDonians hired them. This was backed by evidence from the assassination scene. They then released the pilot free of charge. On the night of the First Annual Prime City Ball, BlyDonian SpecOps picked up the mobilization of the fleet. They attacked a day later at Nakar IV, and Luega II.


The pressure of international relations forced the beligerents to prepare proper justifications. While this was easy for the Jankans, who weren't the ones that declared war, it was a struggle for the BlyDonians, as they were the ones who assassinated the emperor in the first place without a proer justification. They claimed that the Jankans were instigating, but based on the BlyDonians' previous anti-imperialism, the claim could and was easily doubte. The Jankan justification, however, was that the BlyDonians did wrong; in that they wouldn't return Nakar IV and assassinated the emperor.

Initial AttackEdit

BlyDonia scrambled forces immediately before hand, knowing Luega II and Nakar IV were the intended targets. Nakar IV's defense force consisted of the Bly Machine, and it quickly dispatched the small unprepared fleet. However, over Luega II, they experienced heavy offensive forces, and were nearly beaten until the Bly Machine came to the aid of the fleet. Supreme Minister Lanka Ynua and Shuttle Pilot Nly Traen were nearly killed when Janka Forces opened fire on their shuttle.

Battle of Janka IIIEdit

The only other planet the Jankan Empire still controled was Janka III. It was a swampy world, with a strong military base in the north western continent of the planet. This was decided as staging point of any invasion of Janka II, and needed to be captured. If possible, a peace could be brokered with the Jankan's if their military base was destroyed. The battle started with a main battle fleet of the:

  • BDN Atlantis
  • BDN Swift
  • BDN Prime
  • BDN Cosmos
  • BDN Nolon Prime
  • BDN Luega II
  • BDN Yano
  • BDN BlyDonian Prime
  • BDN Pride of BlyDonia
  • BDN Pride of Prime City
  • The Bly Machine.

The battle started off successfully, with the fleet jumping out, and finding the system empty. It immediately dispatched fighters, and as it did so, a large Jankan Fleet arrived. The dropships went out next, and the Bly Machine went off to fight them with the rest of the fleet. The Cosmos and Prime went down to the planet to provide cover support for the already pinned down BlyDonian Forces. Bly took a shuttle down with Gara from the bridge, and it was promptly shot down. It was during this time that Bly was knocked unconsious, and taken to Tourny's dream land, where Tourny handed him a stone tablet, and asked for help. When Bly woke up, he still had the tablet. Bly decided to have the base bombarded rather than captured, thus ending the battle faster. He called for a shuttle to collect him, and the Bly Machine promptly entered hyperspace to find Tourny.

Capitulation, and SurrenderEdit

The Jankan Empire, desprate and knowing they've lost, admitted defeat, before the BlyDonian Fleet had the chance to attack Janka II. Janka III was given back to them, and harsh propositions are forced on the Jankan's.


There were huge protests on Nakar IV, so the BlyDonian Government declared martial law, banned meetings past 10pm, set up a regional government headed by locals and built a single BlyDonian Courthouses. Eventually, seeing protests were being ignored, the people calmed down and accepted BlyDonian rule.

The Trade Emergency Coalition opposed the BlyDonians not liberating the planet to the Jankan Empire, and argued BlyDonia would expect their planet to be liberated if the same event occured. They officially condemned the assassination of the Emperor and the assault on Janka III. In January 2011 as an indirect result of this war, the Techians created the Appearence Imperial League which hopes to support each other and stop another event such as this by BlyDonian instigation from occuring.

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