The BlyDonian Civilization's House of Minister elections were yearly starting on May 28th. Although the last elections occurred sometime in June, they were the inaugural elections for the first ministers welcoming in the new government. In the BlyDonian Revised Constitution, it was stated that every May 28th, the Minister Elections would occur. Currently, only 96 seats are open, since Tax Pavan, the Supreme Minister, cannot be voted out while he is in that position. The various Ministers on the Minister Council, for example the Transportation or Treasury Minister, can be voted out however. People run specifically for that position.

Political PartiesEdit

Conservative Independence PartyEdit

Believes in some military spending, low taxes, and a few universal programs, such as Social Security. Some members include:

  • BlyDonian Supreme Minister Tax Pavan
  • Minister of Trade Oani Olonn
  • Minister of Treasury Anaki Luna

BlyDonian Glory PartyEdit

Believes strongly that BlyDonia should invest heavily into the military, and take over the Appearance Galaxy for itself. It opposes the Capita Council, and its inability to perform.

  • Minister Ci Ha
  • Minister Too Wa

Military & Conservative PartyEdit

Believes BlyDonia should invest in the military, and become isolationists. Believes in no universal programs.

  • Minister of Defence Grand General Gara
  • Minister of BlyDonia Huni Yuna

Liberal PartyEdit

Believes the Military shouldn't be expanded on, and should be reduced in a time of peace. They also believe in taxes on the wealthy, and universal health care.

  • Presidential Minister Bega Liunus
  • Minister of Education Tyuna Liono

Socialist PartyEdit

Believes there should only be a small military, and that the Free Market should be closed, and regulated by the government. They believe the rich should be taxes heavily, and Universal Programs for all.

  • Minister Ol-Fi-Tan
  • Minister Fron Ha
  • Minister of Transportation Fan Tu

Notable CandidatesEdit

As of May 29th, here are the final election tallies.

Minister elections
Candidate name Description Percent of vote Outcome
Minister of Transportation
Fan Tu Currently somewhat popular with the populace due to his cutting of transportation prices. --
Jan Klorus A powerful Regional Minister of Transportation from Luega II. Currently, she is in the lead. -- Victory
Sain Herdan A Minister from Julaska IV, he has abandoned his run for his current seat to run for Minister of Transportation. --
Minister of Education
Tyuna Liono Currently, she is the only candidate running, as she is quite popular. The literacy rate of BlyDonian Citizens has been steadily increasing, with poor teachers being fired and replaced by intellectuals from other parts of the Appearence. -- Victory
Presidential Minister
Bega Liunus He is quite popular, however he doesn't really do much as he's basically a backup Supreme President. -- Victory
Robbia Suarna A somewhat power hungry man, he is currently in second place. --
District elections
Luega II Second District
Si Kai-Shak The incumbent from this district, he represents one of the more populace and wealthy districts. However, his recent pushes to increase taxes on the rich has cost him a deal of support in this district. He is not expected to win. --
Naic Saim A wealthy business man seeking to replace Kai-Shak. He is currently the front runner -- Victory
BlyDonia Prime First District
Riano Kaol A retired Commander who served on the Bly Machine. Supreme President Bly has given this candidate his endorsement, however his policies cause him to be tied closely with his opponent. --
Cornea Taen A retired businessman, he is loved by his party (The Liberal Party) for his grandfatherly like appearance. He is currently tied with his main opponent Riano Kaol. The two have been campaigning heavily. -- Victory

In the end, over thirty-two seats have been overturned.

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