Bazanian Empire

1860 +

Flag of the Bazanian Empire
Flag of Bazania
Location of Bazania
Other titles


Official name

Empire of Bazanium

Short name Bazania



Galactic Basic Standard

Population 26,678,680,790
Controlled planets
Member of

Capita Council

Founding member of

Appearence Imperial League

– Imperial monocracy 1860 — 1963
– Confederal semi-constitutional dictocratic totalitarianism 1963 +
– Bokaj Resarht () 1963 — 1971
– Geory Degory () 1971 — 1979
– Bello Hanshula () 1979 — 1981
– Urito Hanshula () 1981 — 1995
– Dylisha Anhsir () 1995 — 2003
– Badrita Kaiymo () 2003 +

Right-winged, free market



- Reformation of the Government 1963
- Female limitations act 1981

The Bazanian Empire, also referred to as Bazania, is a three-planet, imperial-democratic, middle power civilization in north-west Kashtana and east Meindius, in the core of the Appearence. It has a population of around 26.7 billion, with the majority speaking the state language of Galactic Basic Standard.

The majority of the civilization's population is primarily situated in the region of Kasthana on Plaero, though Derta and Trinia VII, the less habitable planets colonized for strategic position, are in east Meindius.

Government and politicsEdit

The Bazanian government is made up from several Tonimas, leaders of political divisions, under a Dinoma or Emperor. Before a Dinoma is elected, there are 64 Tonimas chosen from each political division. They are selected by hereditary right, and if one dies during it's term (which is the length of the Dinoma's rule; 8 years) it is replaced again by hereditary right. When an old Dinoma dies, the new Tinomas decide amongst each other who is to become the Dinoma. If they cannot decide, then the government becomes a coalition of Tinomas in the form of a Ponoma. Usually a single Dinoma is elected, but there have been instances in which about 5-10 Tonimas have formed a Ponoma.

The Dinoma makes all the important decisisions such as declaring war, being the commander-in-chief during wartime, and deciding on the macroeconomy (altering government spending, taxes etc.). The Tonimas below him decide on the background workings of the Bazanian Empire. They can ask the Donima to donate a sum of the GDP for their spending, which usually goes in to their own wealth and funding microeconomic projects such as research, farming, welfare.


The Bazanian Empire runs a right-winged free market, however the Tonimas help startup businesses by funding advertisement and the like. About 100 million of the population works in food synthesis, and since the food is generated by factories as opposed to farms, not much land is needed. This gives Bazania the efficiency to maintain a single primarily urbanized planet without having to farm primarily on another, unlike some other civilizations. The economy is strenghted at medium. Although it isn't very threatened by recessing caused by natural disasters, it is by war.

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