Battle of Namo

Liberalism war


Invasion of Manaki


August 25, 2012 onward

Flag of Manaki
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia

Conquest or destruction of forces



Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
3rd element
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
6th element

Total: 77

Flag of Manaki
1st fleet

Total: 35 ships

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
4 ships
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
431 personnel
Flag of Manaki
18 ships
Flag of Manaki
2,031 personnel

The Battle of Namo is an ongoing battle between the Trade Emergency Coalition and Manaki concerning the latter's planet, Namo, which started in the early hours of August 25, 2012, at 3:18. It is the first strike of the TEC in the early stages of the Liberalism war.

The Techians quickly routed Manaki's first fleet of 25 ships using their outnumbering 3rd and 6th elements, totaling 77 ships. Losses were at 18-4, demonstrating Techia's technological superiority. Manaki retreated their remaining forces to the nearby colony of Sieano, where facilities were occupied by the reconstruction of casualties from the Battle of Sjutnarevo ten days earlier. With the planetary shields raised, Techian forces delayed their bombardment of the planetary shields, as supplies from Orin were limited and an invasion force was not due to arrive for another week.

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