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Battle of Kumpa

Third Nirvana Battle


Battle of Robrillah


Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war


Risuk attempt to capture the planet of Kumpa


Kumpa System


October 19, 2011






Capture the Orin planet of Kumpa


Risuk retreat

  • Flag of Risuk
    Risuk Trade Federation
  • Flag of the Yulairian 12th Fighter Division
    Yulairian 12th Flight Division
  • Flag of Orin
    Orin Defense Fleet

Colonel Major Komfi Ga'ralin

  • Lusitana Battle Group
  • Jasta, Kilara Flights

Daf Kaflin Battle Group

  • Destroyed:
    • Whipwirl
    • Acer
    • Various support craft
  • Damaged:
    • Loriette
  • Destroyed:
    • Pursuit
    • Resplendent
    • Various Support Craft

The Battle of Kumpa was a one day battle which occured on October 19, 2011 as part of the Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war. It was instigated by the Risuk Trade Federation.

The planet of Kumpa was an Orin-allied planet, which housed a sizable battle group and military command post station which belonged to Orin. Risuk's objectives were to destroy the fleet or force them to retreat, capture or destroy the station, and achieve and maintain control of Kumpa. The Battle of Kumpa was the first battle in which the Yulairian 12th Fighter Division participated in when Yulair was allied with Risuk in the Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war.

Plans and PreparationsEdit

The Trade Federation and Yulair agreed upon Yulair assisting Risuk and its allies in military strength in return for financial payment. Yulair could only spare a single fighter division - and even that was stretching their safety limits. However, the small amount of money for a quality fighter division's assistance was incredibly beneficial to Risuk, and to Yulair. The amount put no dent in Risuk's funds, but even the small amount greatly assisted Yulair in its reformations after the Fall of the Yulairian Civilization.

However, the date agreed upon by both sides as to when the flight division would be deployed was changed drastically. In the early morning, the night after the agreement, word was brought through that the division would be deployed immediately, and that an attack was underway.

The Beginning/Moving OutEdit

Risuk High Military Command wanted to make a quick move on Orin forces, and chose Kumpa as a prime target due to its high support of Orin and its allies, plus the fact that it harbored a sizable Orin military fleet and installation there. If Risuk destroyed the facility, the Orin military force would be dampened in the surrounding sectors, which would greatly assist in controlling the surrounding systems, and the capture of Kumpa would prove a great first victory and severely demoralize the Orin forces.

At 1:25AM Standard Galactic Time, Risuk command officers met and strategized, and a plan was made.

By 1:55AM, Risuk Naval Command dispatched the Lusitana Battle Group, with orders and attack plans, from a Risuk planet.

At 2:03AM, a briefing was given to Yulairian flight groups that were to be deployed, and the respective flights were informed to meet up with fighter reinforcements at a Risuk outpost and then proceed to Kumpa to provide assistance in the assault. Despite some disagreement between Yulairian officers about the change of deployment date, they willingly complied.

By 2:25AM, Jasta (Frederick Rictocht), Kilara (Leena Moritz Evans), Serena (Marc Sobusk), Ariana (Günther Ellery), and Dauntless' Red Group (Harris Chaz) flights of the Yulairian 12th Flight Division were launched and in hyperspace en route to the outpost.

The BattleEdit

Lusitana Battle Group arrived at Kumpa around 3:25AM. Before they came out of hyperspace, Orin sensors picked up the enemy fleet. As such, the Daf Kaflin battle group was called in to reinforce the milita stationed at Kumpa. The largest ships, including Lusitana and Daf Kaflin, of both sides began to throw heavy turbocannon slugs at one another for a time period of around 5 minutes, until the fleets got into a reasonable combat range. Once they were within range, both groups opened fire and the fleets split up for the ships to engage one another. Most of the battle at this time was one-on-one battles between corvette-sized ships and up.

The Risuk fleet couldn't punch through the fleet blockading the station and planet. After around 40 minutes of intense fighting, the Orin station scrambled fighters and bombers which greatly outnumbered the number of smallcraft that Risuk had deployed. The Orin fleet fell back towards the station's defenses and let the enemy fleet follow. With smallcraft deployed, and the Daf Kaflin battle group in a good defensive position, the Orin fleet was inflicting heavy casualties on the Risuk fleet. Battlecruiser Lusitana's commander knew that Risuk had a losing hand, but the fleet couldn't pull back due to the intense barrage of enemy smallcraft and capital ship fire. They were trapped, outnumbered and outgunned.

Air SupportEdit

Yulair's 12th Flight Division, along with approximately 145 Risuk-allied starfighters, arrived at Kumpa around 4:20AM. The Risuk Lancaster-Class Cruiser known as Rimrunner, which held General Cric Senpai, observed from the outskirts of the battle. After a flyby and radio-contact from the 12th Division, the disgruntled General told the group to contact Lusitana to ask how they could assist. Lusitana's reply was short and to the point, "Give us support until we pull out". 12th Division and the accompanying fighters engaged and quickly dispatched the attacking smallcraft. The groups were then tasked with engaging the large ships of the Orin fleet. Leena Moritz Evans refused to directly engage the fleet when they group wasn't armed with aircraft-to-capital ship weapons. An argument ensued until Frederick Richtocht and his fellow pilot/friend, Karl Vulferam, stepped in and acknowledged the orders. The fighters engaged the enemy fleet and kept the occupied just long enough for the Risuk fleet to get out of range of their weapons and jump away. The fighters followed soon after, though not before an intense pursuit and dogfight with anti-starfighter cruisers and other smallcraft.


Risuk suffered several capital ship losses, and many small craft losses, plus heavy damage to many of their ships. Yulair suffered eight casualties and one M.I.A pilot. Orin ships were nearly unscathed. Despite physical losses, Risuk's first attack was a humiliation. Bad leadership coupled with bad planning, bad timing, bad strategies, and bad performance put a black mark on Risuk's reputation, especially because it was so early on in the war. Regardless, many still supported them, but the physical losses were still a toll on Lusitana Battle Group.


Though friends, and friendly rivals, Leena Moritz Evans had a bad temper against Frederick Rictocht not only due to him recently taking her rank as the leader of 12th division, but also because of the fact that he allowed the fighters to directly engage capital ships which cost them eight good lives. A heated argument occurred between them, which ended in Richtocht furiously telling Leena that she "had better remember her place and that he outranked her". The next day, Leena apologized and thanked him for his assistance when she was being outmaneuvered by an enemy starfighter. Both forgave one another, and blamed their argument on the stress from the losses. Yulair recovered fairly well and was ready for their next assignment. The observation pilot that was M.I.A. was replaced by the astonishingly young 15-year-old recruit, Jenny "Little J" Erwin.

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