Battle of Flaxia

Second Appearance-Ichiri war


Core Theater


May 2, 2010

Flag of Appaloutio
Flag of the Ichiri Ichiri

Ichiri victory:

  • Official entry of the core worlds in to the war
  • First core planet captured
Flag of the Ichiri Ichiri
Flag of Appaloutio Appaloutio


Flag of the Iaondi Republic Iaondi Republic

Flag of Lunor Lunor
Flag of the Ichiri
22nd strike group
Flag of the Ichiri
23rd strike group
Flag of the Ichiri
24th strike group
Flag of the Ichiri
25th strike group
Flag of the Ichiri
26th strike group
Flag of the Ichiri
8th ground force
Flag of the Ichiri
9th ground force
Flag of the Ichiri
10th ground force

2,640,000 infantry
180 ships

Flag of Appaloutio
28 ships
Flag of the Iaondi Republic
6 ships
Flag of Lunor
12 ships

The Battle of Flaxia (May 2 to 3, 2010) was the first battle to occur in the Core theater of the second Appearance-Ichiri war. Without the Appaloutio Republic's knowledge, five Ichiri strike groups and three ground units exited the rift at Tenon Colony at 14:07 and started heading for Flaxia. Mere minutes before the Ichiri group arrived, Appaloutio was informed of the incoming fleet and its capablities, and was able to fashion a crude force to defend its planet closest to the Drakonian colonial front. The battle erupted at 14:48 on May 2, wherein a small contingent force of the Iaondi Republic as well as the Lunor Republic were able to assist in defending the planet. Even with Applaoutio's powerful emplacements, the planet was lost to the enemy by the next night.

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