Basilisk-Class Flak Cruiser
Official name

Basilisk-Class Flak Cruiser

Flag of the Empire of Drakonia
Imperial Celestial Navy
Flag of blank
Rising Moon Fleet

Flak ("air" defense) cruiser


September 16, 2010

Length 400m
Width 50-100m
Height 50-100m



Shuttle/cargo only, not large enough for combat usage


Magnetic Interference Shield

Shield type

effective only against lasers

Targeting system

Advanced fire control and direction system, comparable to an Aegis system on a bigger scale

Other systems

Countermeasures, radar, etc


Steam fusion engines


7 Altaz-Class Shuttles



The Basilisk-Class Flak Cruiser is a Drakonian Flak Cruiser operated by the Empire of Drakonia. While the Rapture-Class Battlecruiser provides the best possible anti-missile/torpedo and anti-strike-craft protection for a fleet, it is large and expensive. Smaller ships, such as the Basilisk-Class, can provide cover for much smaller fleets. The integrated fire control system can engage over 1500 targets, providing targeting information and vectors for each. With the touch of a button, all these targets can be engaged simultaneously, with flak from the batteries or missiles. The missiles carried in the main VLS (vertical launch system) tubes are of two types: long-range, low-maneuverability; and medium/short range missiles with a high maneuverability (similar to the Russian S-400 system) for obviously large and small targets, respectively.

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