The Baldni-Tyiani trade route is the trade route between the two Andur Empire planets, Baldni and Tyiani. Baldni, a mineral-rich mining colony with a population of 357 million, exports resources to Tyiani, a small financial planet with a population of 3 billion, in return for a large amount of machinery.

Piracy Edit

The trade route is a hot-spot for pirates, since it provides the resources Andur uses for weapons and also has ready-made ship and military structure parts.

August 1, 2012 attack Edit

On August 1, 2012, the pirate ship the Howard attacked a vessel carrying granulized jurbitrum dilute from Tyiani to Baldni. 2 guards were killed at the doorway, and 2 knocked out. Another guard was killed in the cargo bay. After 2 Andurian fast-response cruisers arrived, the Howard made off with 50% of the cargo.

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