Badigua Alliance defensive pact
Signing date November 20, 2011
Location Badigua, Retathon Civilization
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta

Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate

Flag of the Naasad Civilization Naasad Civilization

Flag of the Retathon Civilization Retathon Civilization

The Badigua Alliance defensive pact is an active defensive pact between the Gammetan Civilization, Hydephiilan Senate, Naasad Civilization and Retathon Civilization, and is the center and basis of the Badigua Alliance. It was signed on the November 20, 2012, and detailed that it would expire only when all but one party voluntarily left the treaty.

Treaty Edit


With the Retathon Civilization's interest in participating in a defensive pact between the Gammetan Civilization and Hydephiilan Senate, a new treaty must be founded for a military alliance to be founded, which is titled the Badigua Alliance, named after the treaty's signing place; the capital city of Retathon: Badigua.

A signatory party refers to a nation that has signed the treaty.

  • Article one: All terms apply to all signatories of the pact, until the point that the party withdraws their signature, with no bias to any particular signatory party.
  • Article two: All signatory parties agree to maintain peaceful and friendly relations between them, which includes not declaring war, and mutually respect the territorial integrity and inviolability of the other signatory parties.
  • Article three: Should any non-signatory party intervene militaristically with or declare war on a signatory party's affairs, the other parties are forced to abolish any neutrality agreements with the non-signatory party and protect the imposed-upon signatory party, even if that means declaring war, throughout the conflict.
  • Article four: Alterations to the contract are permitted if all signatory parties agree on it. The treaty cannot, however, be altered to the point where it no longer becomes valid or effective, nor can it be altered without unanimous agreement from all signatory parties.
  • Article five: If any signatory party declares war on a third party, this treaty becomes invalid towards the third party until a peace treaty or armistice is agreed upon. This does not apply in any manner if the third party declares war on a signatory party, even if the signatory party instigated.

Done in Badigua on November 20 at 14:39 UCT, 2011. Any altercations will be listed below the signatures.


  • Regional Leader Fin Asura (Gammetan Civilization – November 20, 2011).
  • Supreme Chancellor Kon Reindoyona (Hydephiilan Senate – November 20, 2011).
  • Regional Leader Frena Sahali'Ti (Naasad Civilization – June 21, 2012).
  • Duhndent Rienalas Hiydaa (Retathon Civilization – November 20, 2012).


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