B1 Main Tank

Kao'al Gor


In development

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta

Main battle tank


April 26, 2012

Hull material

Trinium Turbide (780% refinement)

Hull density

Between 7 and 13 layers

The B1 Main Tank was Kao'al Gor's entry to the Gammetan 4-GMBT request for proposals, a request for the Gammetan Military's first main battle tank in 2012. The design is part of the Nicha series, and was being developed prior to the RFP, albeit at a slower rate and without as much funding from outside sources.

Design Edit

The B1's main advantage over its rivals was the ease of retrofitting the tank with weapons depending on the circumstances. The tank features a large turret mounted on the chassis with a Gatalon Photon Cannon as the main gun, with a coaxial option of a light or heavy rapid-fire cannon. The tank also has a secondary turret mounted on top of the main gun's turret, capable of being fitted with light and heavy rapid-fire cannons, dual anti-air cannons, or tri-grenade launchers.

While Kao'al Gor protested the 4-GMBT's specifications for disallowing repulsor technology, they elected to put a relatively high amount of prioritization in to propulsion technology. The tank uses treads and a standard internal combustion engine, with the package on a whole being able to reach speeds of up to 140 km/h on flat ground. Its chassis and tread configuration as well as advanced suspension system allows it to traverse angled terrain at higher speeds without losing as much firing capability as its rivals.

The tank also has Trinium Turbide armor plating, measuring at 780% refinement. There are 13 layers at the front, 11 on the sides and 7 on the rear, making it a relatively low armor proposal.

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