2010 +

Flag of Artillia
Official name

Democratic and Royal Empire of Artillia

Short name Artillia



Galactic Basic Standard

Capital planet

AS-A3-G14 25726-04 (Pinux IV)

Capital city


Constituent of
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
, as a semi
Religious policies

Restricted religion

State religion



Feudal, democratic monarchy

– Justan Thimaxe 2010 +

Semi-socialist (75% left)

- Founding April 8, 2010

Artillia is a single-planet space civilization in Arc three of the Hydephiilo galaxy. It is a constituent of the Hydephiilan Senate, and currently elects itself the status of Semi. It is lead by a non-populace democraticcally elected monarch, ranked the Copeniss, who is currently Justan Thimaxe. The nation is split in to 8 feudal states, ran by a leader with the rank of Warlord. The eight warlords, after a monarch has died or been overthrown, decide amongst each other who the next monarch will be. Some warlords chose to allow their decision to be based on the vote of the people in their state - hence democracy - but others do not. The civilization is famous for its galactically renowned laser model, the Artillian Laser Cannon.

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