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[22:46] nagakrion: (okay, each of you needs to come up with 1-2 pirate-y characters)
[22:47] Kriseratops (kris159): (... *looks to Tourny*)
[22:47] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (Uh, Naga, we've actually got some. What do?)
[22:48] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (And Kris, I guess we never finished that one thing .... <.<)
[22:48] nagakrion: (Are they like famous?)
[22:48] nagakrion: (Or wanted or anything?)
[22:48] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (Uh.)
[22:48] Kriseratops (kris159): (wanted, probably)
[22:49] <Onyx (onyx256) (Peon (Mute)) has entered the room>
[22:49] nagakrion: (well, is it like entire civs are gunning for them or are they just avoiding cops)
[22:49] <Onyx (onyx256) has left the room>
[22:49] Kriseratops (kris159): (avoiding cops)
[22:49] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (Yeah.)
[22:49] Kriseratops (kris159): (we're pretty unknown, but we're often contracted by the same, popular pirate group)
[22:50] nagakrion: (ok)
[22:50] Kriseratops (kris159): (well, we could jsut say that)
[22:50] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (Kris, I don't even remember what the Howard was up to.)
[22:50] nagakrion: *on a large but kind of sketchy station near the galactic core*
[22:50] Kriseratops (kris159): (me neither)
[22:50] WERLFERSERERS (wolf802): (I'll RPG teh yoolarins)
[22:50] WERLFERSERERS (wolf802): (dey can space poleec ches u)
[22:50] nagakrion: *there's a big open room, with various shops selling stuff like guns, ship parts, etc*
[22:51] nagakrion: *kind of a Firefly vibe*
[22:51] nagakrion: (>.> wolf)
[22:51] Kriseratops (kris159): *never seen firefly*
[22:52] Tournydactyl (dsqtourny): (Kris, are we gonna jump in as our pirates?)
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): *but the guy and the girl both went to Stargate*
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): (IDK)
[22:52] nagakrion: *Kris's and T's characters recieve a message from an old aquaintance to meet him at the bar on this station*
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): (I'm waiting for a cue)
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): (...)
[22:52] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Obviously Dren's drug dealer.)
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): Howard: IN-FUCKING-COMING COMMUNICATION BITCHES
[22:52] nagakrion: (I'm assuming they're already there)
[22:52] Kriseratops (kris159): *oh*
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (...)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (Tourny.)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (What's my name?)
[22:53] nagakrion: (the station is dirty, noisy, and crowded)
[22:53] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Uhh)
[22:53] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Perch?)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (Perch)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (Ah, yes)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): (We made stupid names)
[22:53] nagakrion: (its cool)
[22:53] Kriseratops (kris159): *Perch, commanding, Lutron, the robot, and Drem, the nerd, walk in*
[22:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *looks to Perch*
[22:54] Kriseratops (kris159): *looks to Lutron*
[22:54] Perch (kris159): *looks to Lutron*
[22:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *grabs the sharpie out of Drem's hand*
[22:54] Perch (kris159): Guy.
[22:54] Perch (kris159): There's someone looking at you for a long time.
[22:54] <Padadon fighterii (padawanfighter) (Moderator) has entered the room>
[22:54] nagakrion: (we're in Retathon space)
[22:54] Perch (kris159): Gonna do anything about that?
[22:54] Perch (kris159): (retathon is not near the core)
[22:54] Perch (kris159): (Retathon is far from it!)
[22:55] nagakrion: (I moved us! DEAL!)
[22:55] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Who is Guy?)
[22:55] Perch (kris159): (...)
[22:55] Perch (kris159): *the guy I'm looking at*
[22:55] Perch (kris159): *Lutron*
[22:55] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (What's going on?)
[22:55] Perch (kris159): (lol!)
[22:55] Perch (kris159): (I forgot you were Dren)
[22:55] Perch (kris159):
[22:56] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (*Padawan remembers his name*)
[22:56] Perch (kris159): (We've been called by your old acquaintance to this space station)
[22:56] nagakrion: *Kall Ychesson sits at the bar, waiting for the others to show up*
[22:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (What is Dren's rank?)
[22:57] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *twiddles thumbs, licks one*
[22:57] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I thought we were a band of pirates, and I was kind of mechanics/enigneering?)
[22:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh, right.)
[22:57] Perch (kris159): (Yes)
[22:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (And Demolitions.)
[22:57] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (And a little bit of--yeah.)
[22:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Morik, do you recognize anyone in this area?
[22:58] Perch (kris159): "Morik"?
[22:58] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Hmmmmm
[22:58] Perch (kris159): His name's Drimmy.
[22:58] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...That' last name. You seriously never knew?
[22:58] Perch (kris159): ...
[22:58] Perch (kris159): *blankly* I knew.
[22:58] nagakrion: *kall is actually at a table*
[22:58] Perch (kris159): I was just confused by his use of it.
[22:59] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...Right. Well there--whoa
[22:59] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I see my...ex? Holy crap, hide me.
[22:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...
[22:59] Perch (kris159): ...
[22:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Initiating sociological scan.
[23:00] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I was experimented with potassium chlorate and her cat and things -kiiiind- of went awry.
[23:00] Perch (kris159): Will you just find who we're here to find?
[23:00] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Alright, alright...
[23:00] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Hey, what about that guy?
[23:00] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *points towards Kall* That man's body language strongly suggests he is waiting to meet someone.
[23:00] Perch (kris159): What guy?
[23:01] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): With the tablet. I think he's who we're supposed to see.
[23:01] Perch (kris159): You "think"?
[23:01] Perch (kris159): Aren't you suppoed to have known this guy for decades?
[23:01] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *gets up*
[23:01] Perch (kris159): What were you doing ont he floor?
[23:01] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *slowly sneaks up behind him*
[23:01] nagakrion: *kall sees them and waves them over*
[23:01] Perch (kris159): ...
[23:01] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *awkward*
[23:01] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *silently arches over his back*
[23:02] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): WHATDOYOUTHINKYOU'REDOINGHeeerreee?!
[23:02] * Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter) laughs
[23:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...
[23:02] nagakrion: Kall: Are you the waiter?
[23:02] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I can be anyone you want be to be, baby.
[23:02] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): me*
[23:02] Perch (kris159): ...
[23:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *approaches*
[23:02] Perch (kris159): *follows*
[23:02] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): But
[23:03] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): My coworkers, Perch and Lutron.
[23:03] nagakrion: Kall:  Haven't seen you guys in a while, I was hoping you'd show up.
[23:03] Perch (kris159): (Have we all met?)
[23:04] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I think we were in our spaceship last time I was Teki?)
[23:04] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I don't remember much.)
[23:04] nagakrion: (yeah, it's been years. you guys have worked will Kall in the past)
[23:04] Perch (kris159): (okay)
[23:04] nagakrion: Kall: How have you been?
[23:05] Perch (kris159): Well we wouldn't just turn down the opportunity. *gives him/her a man-shake, regardless of gender*
[23:05] nagakrion: Kall: Sit down, have some drinks
[23:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yeah we were on our ship last time you were Teki, Pad. We've been using him as an NPC while you weren't playing him.)
[23:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (He's usually been stoned.)
[23:05] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Nice.)
[23:05] Perch (kris159): (LOL!)
[23:06] Perch (kris159): *sits*
[23:06] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *scoots onto a seat*
[23:06] Perch (kris159): *looks around the table for a drink*
[23:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *remains standing*
[23:06] Perch (kris159): *looks to Lutron*
[23:06] nagakrion: *the waiter comes over with a bottle of alcoholic fluid and some mugs*
[23:07] Perch (kris159): *quickly looks at the seat before looking back at it*
[23:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *looks around*
[23:07] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *pours a few drops of vinegar in his drink*
[23:07] nagakrion: *kall pays the waiter, who leaves*
[23:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *awkwardly sits down as though I don't do it very often*
[23:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (brb)
[23:07] Perch (kris159): *Lutron's bits are showing*
[23:08] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *puts finger in drink, stirs and licks*
[23:08] nagakrion: Kall: Believe it or not, I didn't invite you out here just to catch up.
[23:08] Perch (kris159): *looks to Kall*
[23:08] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ?
[23:09] nagakrion: Kall: *leans in conspiratorially* I recently came into the possession of some information that could make us all very rich men... and, uh, robots.
[23:09] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Robots, eh?
[23:09] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...Lutron?
[23:09] nagakrion: Kall: Well, it won't turn you into robots. At least I hope not.
[23:09] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Is there something you haven't told me?
[23:10] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I thought we were friends, man.
[23:10] Perch (kris159): ...
[23:10] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I forgot for a second Lutron was a robot...kind of an awkward improv moment)
[23:11] nagakrion: Kall: Anyways, I found the salvage job of the century, and I was hoping you gents would be interested
[23:12] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *looks around*
[23:12] Perch (kris159): Salvage shop, hmm?
[23:12] Perch (kris159): Oh yeah? What makes it so special?
[23:12] nagakrion: Kall: Now, this information is both hush-hush and time sensitive.
[23:12] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...This isn't like that last time when we wound up cleaning highways, right?
[23:13] nagakrion: Kall: This isn't some burned out freighter or robbing banks like last time
[23:14] nagakrion: Kall: I was on the run from local law enforcement a few months back and decided to lie low in an asteriod field.
[23:15] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...
[23:15] nagakrion: Kall: My ship's got pretty good sensors, probably some of the best. Keep an eye out for pirates and the like, y'know? I picked up something strange coming from a big chunk of rock nearby
[23:16] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *looks at tablet*
[23:16] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): What's this?
[23:16] nagakrion: Kall: I moved in closer, and had a look.
[23:16] nagakrion: (what tablet?)
[23:17] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Assuming you have a tablet device with pictures or readings.)
[23:17] nagakrion: (nope)
[23:17] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Nuts)
[23:18] nagakrion: Kall: *pulls out a tablet* And look what I found when my manuevering thrusters happened to blow away some dust...
[23:18] nagakrion: *he turns it on, displaying a picture of black metal plating with a familiar green eagle emblem on it, all half-buried with dust*
[23:19] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Where's Kris?)
[23:19] Perch (kris159): Is that what I think it is?
[23:19] nagakrion: Kall: An abandoned Drakonian base, I assumed abandoned because I was still alive. Still, I was in the Ichiri War, and I made the executive decision to leave
[23:20] nagakrion: Kall: I bought a sensor drone at my next port of call and sent it back, so I personally wouldn't get fried. I remember the war, the Drakonians are mean bastards
[23:21] nagakrion: Kall: There were no signs of activity when the drone scanned, and  I got a bit more data. Well-hidden, abandoned for years, the like.
[23:22] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): So, what is this, a buried Drakonian ambulance or something?
[23:22] nagakrion: Kall: A facility of some kind, like I said.
[23:23] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...Right.
[23:23] nagakrion: Kall: Now, from what we all remember from the war, the Drakonians are light-years ahead in technology. If we can get in to that base, the loot will sell for millions
[23:24] nagakrion: Kall: Hell, we could even turn the tide of this war. Not that I want to, it keeps the feds off my back.
[23:24] nagakrion: (is perch just usually mute?)
[23:24] Perch (kris159): (i'm assuming you have a better relationship with Drem, so I'm letting him speak)
[23:25] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): So you want us to go to that asteroid field, muck about in an old base that operated for one of the most dangerous nations in the Appearence, steal some stuff and get out of there 'fore it tries to kill us?
[23:25] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I thought so.)
[23:25] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I was trying to let Perch speak :P)
[23:25] nagakrion: Kall: Yeah. Unless you guys suddenly became cowards.
[23:26] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Sure!
[23:26] Perch (kris159): ....a s in
[23:26] Perch (kris159): We'll do it.
[23:26] Perch (kris159): Do you still have your ship?
[23:26] nagakrion: Kall: Glad to hear it. 
[23:26] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Me or Kall?)
[23:26] Perch (kris159): (Kall)
[23:26] Perch (kris159): (I have your ship, silly)
[23:27] nagakrion: Kall: She's in dry dock now, I may or may not have rammed someone
[23:27] Perch (kris159): ...
[23:27] nagakrion: Kall: Now, we'll split our gains equally, after expenses and the like. I have merc contacts, if you'd feel better with some extra muscle
[23:28] nagakrion: Kall: And while we're here, we should buy some more gear... and ammo...
[23:28] Perch (kris159): Well,we may aswell just bring out own ship along unless it will compromise something.
[23:28] Perch (kris159): our own*
[23:28] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (back(
[23:29] nagakrion: Kall: Sure!
[23:29] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): >.>
[23:30] Perch (kris159): Are you taking yours?
[23:30] nagakrion: Kall: now I'm guessing you can install a high-power Class 3 mining laser on her, which I happened across through irregular means
[23:30] nagakrion: Kall: No, I've got a few months more of repairs and refits
[23:30] Perch (kris159): *looks to Drem*
[23:30] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Oooh.
[23:30] <Fixasaurus (fettguy90) (Peon (Mute)) has entered the room>
[23:31] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I could fit a Kertanian fine diode on it, it's here somewhere...
[23:31] nagakrion: Kall: We need to cut our way in. After that, we need guns, explosives, motion trackers, tools, everything
[23:31] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Fixer, we're at a space station discussing a secret looting operation)
[23:31] <Fixasaurus (fettguy90) is now a member of group Normal>
[23:31] Perch (kris159): (Someone fix Fixer)
[23:32] Perch (kris159): What do we need to supply?
[23:32] Fixasaurus (fettguy90): (My character is Fiarus Aethos... currently he is on Alislore)
[23:32] nagakrion: Kall: Now here's the thing I didn't tell you. We have about two weeks to do this, not counting travel time
[23:33] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Two weeks?
[23:33] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Your manifest sounds more suited to infiltrating a manned military outpost.
[23:33] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Is someone waiting for us to get the job done?
[23:33] nagakrion: Kall: *passes over a list of supplies* They have clockwork soldiers. They aren't men, exactly. But from what i found the base is empty.
[23:34] nagakrion: Kall: No, a fleet left Drakonia and arrives at our destination in two weeks
[23:34] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Riiight.
[23:34] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): You never were one to give out the whole truth at once, Kall.
[23:34] nagakrion: Kall: Hey, as long as we're gone by then, we're fine
[23:34] Perch (kris159): How long do you reckon it will take to ...
[23:34] Perch (kris159): ... survey this station?
[23:35] nagakrion: Kall: No more than a few days. Plus 5 days to sector J14
[23:35] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): *Wakes up*
[23:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Seven days.
[23:36] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...
[23:36] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I thought you were on Alislore?)
[23:36] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): I am... 
[23:36] nagakrion: Kall: Sure. We can be off in a few hours after we load the gear on to your ship, I'm guessing you can wire up the mining laser in transit
[23:36] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (I just don't know what to do.)
[23:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): It will take Drakonian forces approximately seven days to decimate the galaxy after they discover their missing supplies.
[23:37] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Just where is this base, exactly?
[23:37] nagakrion: Kall: An asteroid field surrounding a dead star in Sector J14. No life within a few light-years
[23:37] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (I usually just sit here and watch, but in this case I'm one of the characters)
[23:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (So Fixr just created a character nowhere near where we are?)
[23:38] nagakrion: Kall: Now, what do you say?
[23:38] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (Okay. I'll be quiet then. I have to go in about ten minutes, but I'll be back)
[23:38] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...
[23:39] Perch (kris159): I don't have any problems with this mission.
[23:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey's employees likely caught a whiff of this.
[23:39] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): Sounds like a plan!
[23:39] Perch (kris159): Except the possibility of some kind of guard onboard that station.
[23:39] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (and my character has existed for a little while. I just don't know how to fit him into this current situation.)
[23:39] nagakrion: Kall: That's why we're bringing guns!
[23:40] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): I always carry 3 of at least some sort.
[23:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh lol
[23:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I saw "That's why we're bringing ours!")
[23:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (And I was like "...")
[23:41] Perch (kris159): Wait hold on.
[23:41] Perch (kris159): What's going on with this mining laser?
[23:41] Perch (kris159): Do you have one?
[23:41] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (I'lll be on Alislore... in a rundown apartment... managing my own black market... regularly inspecting my freighter.)
[23:41] nagakrion: Kall: We need to get in somehow... And yeah, it's in storage on my wreck of a ship, so I can have a cargo bot haul it over
[23:42] Perch (kris159): Okay.
[23:42] Perch (kris159): And you want us to pay for everything else?
[23:42] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (here's my character's bio, tourny:
[23:43] nagakrion: Kall: No, I have some money
[23:44] Perch (kris159): Okay, good.
[23:44] Perch (kris159): So what shares do you want of the profit?
[23:44] Perch (kris159): And who do you want to sell this stuff to?
[23:44] nagakrion: Kall: Equal, like I said. And we all know plenty of good dealers, we just need to sell our loot a tiny bit at a time all over the place
[23:44] Perch (kris159): As in, we get a quarter each or ... you get half?
[23:45] nagakrion: Kall: We all get a third, unless your robot wants to go to the casinos or something
[23:45] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): *looks at Lutron*
[23:46] Perch (kris159): ... right
[23:46] Perch (kris159): That's fine.
[23:46] Perch (kris159): When do you want to leave?
[23:46] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): ...preferably before the Drakonians come?
[23:46] nagakrion: Kall: After we have our stuff loaded on your ship
[23:47] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): I am fiscally a component of the Howard.
[23:47] nagakrion: Kall: ...The howard?
[23:47] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I couldn't think of the right words lol)
[23:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Affirmative.
[23:48] nagakrion: Kall: Is that a person, or the ship?
[23:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (hold on a sex)
[23:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...
[23:48] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (porn music)
[23:49] Perch (kris159): It's the ship/
[23:49] Perch (kris159): It's a ship with feelings.
[23:49] Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90): (i'll be back)
[23:49] <Fiarus Aethos (fettguy90) has left the room>
[23:49] Perch (kris159): So I guess you could call it a person.
[23:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (...<.<)
[23:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (*there is no Howard page)
[23:49] Perch (kris159): (*there's a redlink, though*)
[23:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Ain't nobody got time for that.)
[23:50] Perch (kris159): (hide yo kids)
[23:50] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (deead giveaway)
[23:50] Perch (kris159): (hide yo wife)
[23:50] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (<.<)
[23:51] nagakrion: (i can fast foward to our arrival since we don't want to wait 5-6 days)
[23:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Well my hang on a sex is over so)
[23:51] Perch (kris159): (I really shouldn't be doing this)
[23:51] Perch (kris159): (I've got a final tomorrow)
[23:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Shut up Kris)
[23:51] Perch (kris159): (Can someone just)
[23:51] Perch (kris159): (oh)
[23:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Jk <3)
[23:51] Perch (kris159): (NO)
[23:51] nagakrion: (I watched Doctor Who until like 2 AM last night and did great on my exam today)
[23:51] Teki 'Dren' Morik (padawanfighter): (Yeah, let's fast forward)
[23:52] Perch (kris159): (People who fail come out of exams thinking they've done good because htey're too stupid to recognize their own errors).
[23:52] Perch (kris159): (you're not too stupid to recognize your own errors, though, so)
[23:52] Perch (kris159): (this is not really applicable)
[23:52] nagakrion: (I was about to get all mock-pissy)
[23:52] Perch (kris159): (does someone wanna step in to ...)
[23:52] Perch (kris159): (... PERCH's shoes?)
[23:52] nagakrion: *the Howard exits FTL above the asteroid*

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