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This is a chatlog of June 04, 2013. See category:chatlog of 2013 for chatlogs in the same year, and category:chatlog of 2013/06 for chatlogs in the same month.

[20:50] Blyceratops (bly1234): (haha, brb!)
[20:55] Blyceratops (bly1234): (lol, back!)
[20:55] nagakrion: (should the ichiri invade?)
[20:55] Blyceratops (bly1234): (No)
[20:56] Kriseratops (kris159): (lol)
[20:56] Blyceratops (bly1234):
[20:56] Kriseratops (kris159): (surely they would start witht he outer areas?)
[20:56] Blyceratops (bly1234): (To quote Wolf)
[20:56] Kriseratops (kris159): (THAT WAS MINE!)
[20:56] Kriseratops (kris159): (Credit to Kris)
[20:56] Blyceratops (bly1234): (...)
[20:56] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Wolf posted it, but OK)
[20:56] Kriseratops (kris159): (As in, I found it)
[20:56] nagakrion: (space is 3d, they could rush the galactic middle)
[20:57] Blyceratops (bly1234): (They're not invited)
[20:57] Kriseratops (kris159): (Why would they?)
[20:57] Kriseratops (kris159): (Okay)
[20:57] Kriseratops (kris159): (But I still don't approve of the Ichiri at all)
[20:57] Kriseratops (kris159): (Also considering they're already fighitng Drakonia)
[20:57] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I'd prefer they stay out for now)
[20:57] Kriseratops (kris159): (And I would like the Liberalism war to go on for at least a year first)
[20:57] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Fuck liberals)
[20:58] Kriseratops (kris159): (Hey!)
[20:58] Kriseratops (kris159): (Atalant is nicer than BlyDonia!)
[20:58] Kriseratops (kris159):
[20:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): Who cares.
[20:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): Shuttle Pilot: Sir?
[20:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): Sorry, I forgot my parentesis.
[20:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Who cares?)
[20:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): *The BlyDonian Shuttle lands at the Alislore Capita Building*
[20:59] Kriseratops (kris159): (This May 2 or June 2?)
[21:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): (June 2nd)
[21:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): (We did May 2nd)
[21:00] Kriseratops (kris159): (Ah)
[21:00] nagakrion: *the atalanti minister leaves his nice apartment and gets on the bus for the building*
[21:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Why is the Minister 
A) Living on Alislore
B) Attending CC Meetings instead of the regular ambassador?)
[21:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Unless you meant Ambassador)
[21:01] Kriseratops (kris159): (Ministers should live witht he station now that we've increased travel time)
[21:01] Kriseratops (kris159): (It's much too costly and impractical for them not to)
[21:01] Kriseratops (kris159): (Well, the CC HQ)
[21:01] Blyceratops (bly1234): (You mean Ambassadors?)
[21:01] Blyceratops (bly1234): (You'd think a World Leader would live on their home planet)
[21:02] Kriseratops (kris159): (You'd think a World Leader would only attend summits)
[21:02] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Hey)
[21:02] Kriseratops (kris159):
[21:02] nagakrion: ambassador*
[21:02] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Bly has too much fun with his gavel)
[21:02] Blyceratops (bly1234): (He'll send another ambassador in his place when he's not chair)
[21:03] Blyceratops (bly1234): *enters the meeting chamber*
[21:04] Blyceratops (bly1234): *sits next to Ugh, Hyan Fi*
[21:04] Kriseratops (kris159): *That's not how seats work!*
[21:04] Kriseratops (kris159): Sits between Drakonia and Bion*
[21:04] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Chair's sit next to each other...?)
[21:04] Kriseratops (kris159): (alphabetical order!)
[21:04] Blyceratops (bly1234): (You mean I was next to Faretel that entire time?)
[21:04] Kriseratops (kris159): (Yes)
[21:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (>.>)
[21:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): *Takes a seat next to the snazzy dressed Drakonian and Bion Ambassador Jununka*
[21:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (What's going on with Drakonian ambassador nowadays?)
[21:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (remember last time?)
[21:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (no.)
[21:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (He was a snazzy dressed diplomat)
[21:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (oh)
[21:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs my gavel*
[21:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): This meeting is in session.
[21:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): Welcome to the 65th Capita Council Session.
[21:07] Blyceratops (bly1234): I thought we'd all go around and introduc--oh, this isn't my AA meeting.
[21:07] Blyceratops (bly1234): I thought we'd start by seeing if anyone has any issues they'd like to raise.
[21:07] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: I have one.
[21:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): *whispers to Jununka* Oh, here we go.
[21:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): Jununka: *nods*
[21:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): Go ahead.
[21:08] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: I'm calling for a soveriegnity vote against the Jankan Empire, now that they've been annexed by the Order of Nations for Peace in the core war.
[21:09] Kriseratops (kris159): (It's not on the wiki bleg)
[21:09] Kriseratops (kris159): (It should be)
[21:09] Blyceratops (bly1234): One could also be called for the Nonan Monarchy.
[21:09] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan: That's irrelevant to the current topic.
[21:10] Blyceratops (bly1234): Are you sure you'd like to proceed down the path and remove a civilization? It would pave the way for the Imperialists to kick out Nonan.
[21:10] Kriseratops (kris159): Techia: *looks at Bly and shakes head discretely*
[21:11] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: I'm sure.
[21:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): Very well then.
[21:11] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: Let's initiate a vote.
[21:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): I'm sure we know what Resolution 25 is going to be, then.
[21:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): Let's save that for later.
[21:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): Voting is open.
[21:11] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: 50% "yeses" are needed to make them stay. Resolution title: Are the Nonans sovereign?
[21:11] Kriseratops (kris159): Jankans*
[21:12] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Tourny abstains)
[21:13] Kriseratops (kris159): (Did you make atalant vote no?)
[21:13] Blyceratops (bly1234): (No?)
[21:13] Kriseratops (kris159): (Oh
[21:13] Kriseratops (kris159): )
[21:13] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Isn't Atalant on the Liberalists side? Why are they voting yes?)
[21:14] Kriseratops (kris159): (I keep getting confused as to what means what)
[21:14] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Same)
[21:14] Kriseratops (kris159): (YES = SUPPORT JANKAN IMPERIALISTS)
[21:14] Blyceratops (bly1234): (That's why I initially voted yes by accident)
[21:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I continue to forget who the Empire's are and who the Republic's are)
[21:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): Are all votes in?
[21:17] Kriseratops (kris159): Yes.
[21:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (whoops)
[21:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (Yes, but the counter isn't working for some reason)
[21:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): Colonel Phane!
[21:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): When did you get here?!
[21:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (Oh)
[21:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (Ut's working now)
[21:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): The vote has failed.
[21:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): Janka is no longer a soveriegn nation in the eyes of the Capita Council/
[21:18] Blyceratops (bly1234): As a result, they are hereby removed from the Capita Council.
[21:18] Blyceratops (bly1234): Unless they get their Soveriegnty back by retaking their lost ground.
[21:19] Blyceratops (bly1234): Pack up your name plate, glass of water, and hit the road, Jankan Ambassador.
[21:19] Blyceratops (bly1234): Let's move on to the next resolution.
[21:20] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: I would like to iniate another soveriegnity vote against the Nonan Monarchy.
[21:20] Blyceratops (bly1234): Very well then.
[21:21] Kriseratops (kris159): Nonan: I would like to inform everyone that Nonan is, in actual fact, sovereign ...
[21:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): Please, allow the council to decide that.
[21:22] Kriseratops (kris159): Nonan: ... We have full automony over our people. Bazania handles our defense for a payment.
[21:22] Kriseratops (kris159): Nonan: Our situation is different from Janka's.
[21:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): Regardless, we must bring it to a vote.
[21:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (DOOD)
[21:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (HOLDING THE FLOOR WITH ELLIPSIS DOOD)
[21:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (DON'T INTERRUPT)
[21:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Hey)\
[21:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): (You didn't have the ellipsis on the last line)
[21:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (You interrupted between the ellipsised messages)
[21:24] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Bitch)
[21:24] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I'm chair)
[21:24] Blyceratops (bly1234): (*goes back at session 64*)
[21:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): (*Drakonia has abstained from the vote to enhance the craft services table*)
[21:25] Kriseratops (kris159): *Bazania would hand a note to BlyDonia once voting had begun*
[21:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): Why didn't you hand me this note earlier? 
[21:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): Voting has begun, by the way.
[21:25] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: Now that we've heard the arguments, please vote.
[21:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): *reads the note*
[21:26] Kriseratops (kris159): "It is of imperial interest that Nonan stays int he council"
[21:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (Try to edit Gammeta -now-!)
[21:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): (It was an accident)
[21:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (Try it anyway?)
[21:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Fail7)
[21:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (Does it work?)
[21:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): (no)
[21:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (Oh, good)
[21:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): (It's...)

[21:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): (PROTECTED)
[21:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (I was just testing that featurE)
[21:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): Are all votes in?
[21:30] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: Yes.
[21:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): Nonan has retained its sovereignty
[21:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): Congratulations.
[21:30] Kriseratops (kris159): Nonan: *party poppers*
[21:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): *A cake is brought in for them that says "You've survive the vote"*
[21:31] Kriseratops (kris159): (We done?)
[21:31] Kriseratops (kris159): (I need a shit)
[21:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Unless anyone else has something)
[21:31] Kriseratops (kris159): (Anyone else have something?!)
[21:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): Chef: Sorry, we used the wrong grammar on "survived'
[21:32] Blyceratops (bly1234): Chef: We sort of did it in a hurry, we had to erase "Sorry, you're out of the council" 
[21:32] Blyceratops (bly1234): *cake all around!*
[21:32] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs gavel*
[21:32] Blyceratops (bly1234): This meeting is concluded.
[21:33] Blyceratops (bly1234): *leaves for BlyDonia*
[21:33] Kriseratops (kris159): *is int he process of redesigning sheets!*
[21:33] Blyceratops (bly1234): I wish I could have stayed for cake.
[21:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): But I have my AA meeting back on BlyDonia Prime.
[21:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Shuttle Pilot: Yes sir.
[21:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): *we land in the Excalibur, and depart for BlyDonia Prime*

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