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[23:58] <Blyceratops (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
[23:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Damnit)
[23:59] <nagakrion (Admin) has entered the room>
[23:59] Kriseratops (kris159): (Wolf isn't here.)
[23:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): *the Excalibur arrives at the temporary Capita Council Meeting planet*
[00:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): (We won't start, but we can RP until he gets here)
[00:00] Kriseratops (kris159): *it's on Alislore*
[00:00] Blyceratops (bly1234): *Alislore*
[00:03] Blyceratops (bly1234): *is beamed down to the Temporary Capita Council building*
[00:03] Kriseratops (kris159):
[00:03] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Isn't the auxillary capita council building on BlyDonia Prime?)
[00:03] Kriseratops (kris159): (I don't know)
[00:03] Blyceratops (bly1234): (it is)
[00:03] Blyceratops (bly1234): (It's where it used to be before the Civil War when we moved to space)
[00:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (I was thinking we should move to Alislore anyway. It seems too expensive to upkeep and defend a full space stationf or bimonthly meetings, it should be easier to have access to supplies, and it makes Alislore look a bit more central)
[00:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (but...)
[00:05] Kriseratops (kris159): ("BUT ME ME ME")
[00:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (yeah)
[00:05] nagakrion: (ok kris)
[00:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Let's have...)
[00:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (A VOTE
[00:05] nagakrion: (  look at the tenth!)
[00:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (I'm planning on that for the next meeting)
[00:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (which happened two days ago)
[00:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): (We're doing the 17th)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Hah! That was one day ago for us Yankees)
[00:06] Kriseratops (kris159): (Why?)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Why to who?)
[00:06] Kriseratops (kris159): (oh Ichiri again.)
[00:06] Kriseratops (kris159): (Bly)
[00:06] nagakrion: (Bly missed them)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Aren't we doing the 17th of May?)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Or did we RP that?)
[00:06] Kriseratops (kris159): (I wanted to do one on the second so we could address the ... explosion)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (oh)
[00:06] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Let's do both!)
[00:07] Kriseratops (kris159): (Okay)
[00:07] nagakrion: (hurry, I have to leave at 8:40ish EST)
[00:07] Kriseratops (kris159): (I guess we can have an ANC meeting, too)
[00:07] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Can we forget Wolf?)
[00:07] Blyceratops (bly1234): (He's barely in the Council)
[00:07] nagakrion: (sure)
[00:07] nagakrion: (I'm listening to electronic music, Kris)
[00:07] Kriseratops (kris159): (He's more in the council than Naga is, whom I've held off doing this RPG for, but fine)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (If we're missing one person we can still do a meeting)
[00:08] nagakrion: (Atalant!!!)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Actually, unless it's Kris)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Or me, since I'm a Chair)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Wolf is sort of important)
[00:08] Kriseratops (kris159): (When was the chair elections?)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Naga is Drakonia as well)
[00:08] Kriseratops (kris159): (There might've been one during the time we missed)
[00:08] Blyceratops (bly1234): (They haven't occurred since llike September)
[00:08] nagakrion: (KRis!)
[00:08] Kriseratops (kris159): (Yes?)
[00:09] nagakrion: (Which template war do i use?
[00:09] Blyceratops (bly1234): (nobody had brought them up)
[00:09] nagakrion: (There's two)
[00:09] nagakrion:  ( )
[00:09] Blyceratops (bly1234): (So Manaki and I have been chairs for the last probably 7 months)
[00:09] Kriseratops (kris159): (...)
[00:09] Kriseratops (kris159): (The one on the left)
[00:09] Kriseratops (kris159): (It looks cleaner)
[00:09] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I like the Boksjam Group)
[00:10] Kriseratops (kris159): (I do, too)
[00:10] Blyceratops (bly1234): (We should do the 17th as well to RP the Bion's Attacked)
[00:10] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs gavel*'
[00:10] Blyceratops (bly1234): Attention all.
[00:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): This meeting will come to session in a few moments.
[00:11] Kriseratops (kris159): (Hold up)
[00:11] Kriseratops (kris159): (I need to find out when the chair elections were)
[00:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): *drinks water*
[00:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): *it spills down my helmet and down my armor*
[00:11] Blyceratops (bly1234): Oops!
[00:12] Kriseratops (kris159): (For god's sake!)
[00:12] Blyceratops (bly1234): (We were all so vain when this RPG started)
[00:12] Kriseratops (kris159): (I've asked myself this question countless times and am still yet to add this info to the wiki)
[00:12] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Kortorisia, Drakonia, BlyDonia, Wolf Navy, Tournan Empire, Vatra)
[00:12] Kriseratops (kris159): (Bly (and Naga?) are the only vein ones now)
[00:12] Blyceratops (bly1234): (vain* and yes)
[00:13] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Naga will forever be Drakon no matter how hard he tries to deny it)
[00:14] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs the f**king gavel*
[00:14] nagakrion:  (is this the 2nd?)
[00:14] Blyceratops (bly1234): (yes)
[00:15] nagakrion:  (no Drakonian rep in attendance)
[00:15] Blyceratops (bly1234): [19:32] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *Sjamboks a button on the commander's seat, which deprives air to the rest of the ship minus the now-locked bridge*
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *everyone gasps*
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: I should have had that button removed!
[19:32] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Look at how refined I am at sjamboking.
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Very well, we'll negotiate!
[00:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): [19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Kris, that sounded so wrong)
[19:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Didn't it?)
[19:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): ("presses a button on his item, it flops down from his handle")
[19:24] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it's a sjambok that can straighten in to a staff*
[19:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (That's even worse)
[19:24] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it can erect in to a staff*. god, you're so perveted*
[00:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): (LOL)
[00:16] Kriseratops (kris159): (4 months)
[00:16] Kriseratops (kris159): (so ...)
[00:16] Kriseratops (kris159): (17th November!)
[00:16] Kriseratops (kris159): (Chair elections were!)
[00:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (Then 17th March)
[00:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): (And apparently nobody cared because BlyDonia and Manaki won both times)
[00:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (so let's just pretend the same people were voted back in)
[00:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (next one: July 17)
[00:17] Kriseratops (kris159):
[00:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): (*starts making cookies to campaign for a victory again*)
[00:17] Kriseratops (kris159): (GO)
[00:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): *BANGS THE FUCKING GAVEL*
[00:18] Blyceratops (bly1234): This session is now in session.
[00:18] Blyceratops (bly1234): This is the 63rd Capita Council Session.
[00:18] nagakrion: (has security been changed at all?)
[00:18] Kriseratops (kris159): (yes)
[00:18] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Probably)
[00:18] Kriseratops (kris159): ("more secure" ceebs to elaborate)
[00:18] nagakrion: (K)
[00:19] Blyceratops (bly1234): Welcome to the Capita Council, as you may have noticed, we're still on Alislore.
[00:20] Blyceratops (bly1234): So
[00:20] Blyceratops (bly1234): The floor is open to suggestions.
[00:20] Kriseratops (kris159): Heroi Krane: I would like to propose a resolution.
[00:21] Blyceratops (bly1234): Propose away.
[00:21] Kriseratops (kris159): Heroi Krane: I propose the Capita Council dennounces Drakonia for the explosion last month.
[00:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): Didn't the Drakonian Representative die?
[00:22] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Yes.
[00:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): Why would they blow up their own representative?
[00:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): Perhaps it isn't the central government's fault, but rather, a terrorist group.
[00:22] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: I also propose that we, with this dennouncement, demand repirations from them. Should they not supply it, they would face a removal from the council for 1 months.
[00:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (Whoops)
[00:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (forgot about that)
[00:23] Kriseratops (kris159): (SCRAP THAT)
[00:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Sit your ass back down, Heroi)
[00:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): (School's in session)
[00:23] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: I propose we demand repirations from Drakonia.
[00:24] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: As well as compensation for the familiies of those lost.
[00:24] nagakrion: *the Atalanti guy presses the button to enter the speakers list*
[00:24] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: You have the floor, sir.
[00:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): *puts the Atalanti's Representative's light on*
[00:25] Kriseratops (kris159): (fuck the lights)
[00:25] Kriseratops (kris159): (let's verbal)
[00:25] nagakrion: Atalanti guy: In my opinion, it is rash to demand punitive measures until all the facts are known.
[00:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): *turns it off*
[00:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): *turns it back on*
[00:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): Sorry about that, my finger slipped.
[00:26] nagakrion: Atalanti guy: We should engage in dialogue with the Drakonians to find the true cause of the assassination, and then determine where reparations are to come from. Also, we could use that knowledge to improve security
[00:27] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: That just allows them to "skip" the repirations ...
[00:27] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: If they find the perpetrators, they can demand compensation for the repiration payments off those.
[00:28] nagakrion: Atalanti guy: We need to know if the Drakonians were indeed responsible. For all we know, it was an Appearance-based terrorist group.
[00:28] Kriseratops (kris159): (Do we know the Drakonain exploded?)
[00:29] nagakrion: (what do you mean)
[00:29] Kriseratops (kris159): (Do we know the Drakonian was the perpetrator. THe one that exploded whatever)
[00:30] Kriseratops (kris159): (Well, do they know that it was a Drakonain delegate, rebellious or not)
[00:30] nagakrion: (Yes. camera footage exists of him shooting faretel and a guard, then exploding along with Nly and some other useless people)
[00:30] Kriseratops (kris159): (Okay)
[00:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): (lol!)
[00:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): ("some other useless people")
[00:30] nagakrion: (like reps for Nonan who were there for the free food)
[00:31] nagakrion: (they were once caught trying to wheel the salad bar back to their ship)
[00:31] Kriseratops (kris159): (NAasad*!)
[00:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): (There was lettuce everywhere)
[00:31] nagakrion: (oh)
[00:31] Kriseratops (kris159): (Nice try)
[00:32] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: We know it was a Drakonian delegate; it was their responsibility.
[00:32] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: If it was an Appearence-based terrorist group, Drakonia can get payments from them.
[00:32] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: With our assistance if necassery.
[00:32] Blyceratops (bly1234): Then why would we charge the Drakonians now?
[00:32] nagakrion: Atalant: Or at least someone wearing a Drakonian uniform. Reparations are of course needed, I'm just hesitant to demand anything without the proper facts
[00:33] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Whoa, Bly. We're not using lights, but wait for the guy to speak!
[00:33] Blyceratops (bly1234): Hey
[00:33] Blyceratops (bly1234): The chair can speak when he wants too.
[00:33] nagakrion: Atalanti guy: It's fine
[00:33] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Very well. I'm not going to withdraw my resolution; a vote will tell whether or not people agree with this sentiment.
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Agreed.
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): I shall allow this to go to a vote.
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Hyan Fi: Not so fast.
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Hyan Fi: Don't I get a say?
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): No.
[00:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Hyan Fi: Oh *sits down*
[00:35] nagakrion: (gammeta abstained from their own resolution)
[00:35] Kriseratops (kris159): (Yup.)
[00:35] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Typical)
[00:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I voted for Tourny)
[00:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Abstain)
[00:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): (It's all he does anyway, like Drakonia)
[00:36] Kriseratops (kris159): (Shall we go Orin yes Risuk no?)
[00:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Sure)
[00:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Andur and Bion lost reps, so they voted yes)
[00:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Naasad lost their entire delegation except for their lead ambassador as they stole the craft services table)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (Ah)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (...)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (Now that that joke's over)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (Close proximity to Drakonia = scareD)
[00:38] Blyceratops (bly1234): (How is the death of a delegation funny?)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (NPCs CHARGE!)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (put a lot no)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (because time stuff)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (patience)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (more facts)
[00:38] Kriseratops (kris159): (a lot abstain, too)
[00:39] Kriseratops (kris159): (whoa whoa whoa)
[00:39] Kriseratops (kris159): (not all no)
[00:40] Blyceratops (bly1234): (next resolution is from Naasad)
[00:40] Blyceratops (bly1234): (A better salad bar)
[00:40] nagakrion: (I have 1 hour!)
[00:40] Kriseratops (kris159): (FUCK!)
[00:40] Blyceratops (bly1234): (This is legit happening)
[00:40] Kriseratops (kris159): (Okay)
[00:40] Kriseratops (kris159): (no it's not!)
[00:40] Kriseratops (kris159): (FUCKING HELL)
[00:40] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Next meeting is more important)
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): THIS MEASURE 
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): HAS FAILED

[00:41] Kriseratops (kris159): Lorna delegate: *busts the door down* Welcome to my planet! I'm joining this council!
[00:41] Kriseratops (kris159): Lorna: *plonks ass on chair*
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): ...
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): Wait a second.
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): We're on your planet and you're not even on the council?
[00:41] Kriseratops (kris159): Lorna: I will be in 2 weeks and 1 day.
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): Oh.
[00:41] Blyceratops (bly1234): Then get your ass out of that seat.
[00:42] nagakrion: (On the 64th session, a Drakonian rep will show up)
[00:42] Kriseratops (kris159): Lorna: No no, I'm supposed to sit here as a "potential member"
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Nice to see our updated security)
[00:42] Kriseratops (kris159): Lorna: I can't vote in  my first meeting.
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): Oh.
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): Okay.
[00:42] nagakrion: (he'll tell everyone about the ichiri)
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): This measure failed.
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): Is everyone satisfied?
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): Yes?
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): No?
[00:42] nagakrion: (is that ok?)
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): Can we close the meeting?
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Sure)
[00:42] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Fucking hell I've got something else, too.
[00:42] Blyceratops (bly1234): What, more?
[00:42] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Wait while I remember.
[00:43] Blyceratops (bly1234): Save it for next meeting, Krane.
[00:43] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: I've remembered.
[00:43] Blyceratops (bly1234): Oh
[00:43] Blyceratops (bly1234): Okay, go ahead.
[00:43] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: When voting on whether a resolution should be confidential, votes should be made confidential by default.
[00:43] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Comprendé?
[00:43] nagakrion: (why would a resolution be confidential?)
[00:43] Blyceratops (bly1234): ...
[00:43] nagakrion: Klaorus: Didn't we try that a while ago?
[00:44] Kriseratops (kris159): (We can make people's votes confidential on certain resolutions)
[00:44] Kriseratops (kris159): (Well, a c hair member can)
[00:44] Blyceratops (bly1234): Naasad: I have a resolution as well.
[00:44] Kriseratops (kris159): (but if another chair member vetoes the confidentiality, it goes to a vote on whether the next vote should be confidential)
[00:44] Blyceratops (bly1234): If it's about the salad table, then no.
[00:44] Blyceratops (bly1234): Naasad: *sits back down*
[00:44] Kriseratops (kris159): (I'm saying the vote–on whether a vote should be confidential–should be confidential).
[00:44] Blyceratops (bly1234): (is their famine really that bad?)
[00:45] nagakrion: *a waffle from the breakfast falls out of his/her jacket*
[00:45] Kriseratops (kris159): (No)
[00:45] nagakrion: (But it's ripe for comedic potential)
[00:45] Kriseratops (kris159): (They're gonna be autonomous on one planet next year)
[00:45] Kriseratops (kris159): (then the rest of the civ about a year lateR)
[00:45] Kriseratops (kris159): (Everyone vote yes)
[00:45] Kriseratops (kris159): (and abstain)
[00:45] Blyceratops (bly1234): (oh)
[00:46] Kriseratops (kris159): (lol, Bly)
[00:46] Kriseratops (kris159): (NEXT!)
[00:47] Blyceratops (bly1234): I think we're done here
[00:47] Blyceratops (bly1234): Who agrees?
[00:47] Blyceratops (bly1234): Everyone: I do.
[00:48] Kriseratops (kris159):
[00:48] Blyceratops (bly1234): *Bangs the gavel*
[00:48] Blyceratops (bly1234): 'We're done here. See you on the 17th.
[00:48] Kriseratops (kris159): (WTF did someone do!)
[00:48] Blyceratops (bly1234): *FLASH FORWARD ITS THE 17TH)
[00:48] nagakrion: *a drakonian person is there, in a nice fancy uniform*
[00:49] Blyceratops (bly1234): That's a nice fancy uniform you've got there.
[00:49] nagakrion: (is the meeting in session?)
[00:49] Blyceratops (bly1234): (No)
[00:51] nagakrion: *Hyan Fi bangs a gavel he brought with him*
[00:51] Blyceratops (bly1234): Fuck you, Hyan Fi
[00:51] nagakrion: *a guard  confiscates it*
[00:51] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs the official gavel*
[00:52] Blyceratops (bly1234): *then bangs Hyan Fi's wife*
[00:52] nagakrion: (he's single, how the hell could he get married)
[00:52] nagakrion: (hyan fi is almost as lame as the manaki)
[00:52] Blyceratops (bly1234): (He is the Manaki rep)
[00:52] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Meetinginsession. I would like to welcome Lorna delegate ...
[00:52] nagakrion: (oh)
[00:52] Kriseratops (kris159):
[00:52] nagakrion: *the Drakonian guy presses the button to speak*
[00:53] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Hey asshole, why don't you wait until Heroi is done introducing the Lorna rep)
[00:53] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Besides, Naasad is first up)
[00:53] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Hold on while I compute HER name.
[00:53] nagakrion: (go have relation with Hyan Fi)
[00:53] Blyceratops (bly1234): (*already does not like this new Drakonian guy*)
[00:53] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: ... Beata Quinones
[00:54] Blyceratops (bly1234): *whispers to the Drakonian rep* I take back what I said about your fancy uniform. I think it's ugly.
[00:54] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: *bows*
[00:54] nagakrion: *he ignores Bly*
[00:54] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: *skirt falls off* whoops!
[00:54] nagakrion: (Bet'sa?)
[00:54] Blyceratops (bly1234): Hyan Fi: Ambassador Bly, he's on the other side of the room. Everyone heard that.
[00:54] Kriseratops (kris159): (oh GOD)
[00:54] Blyceratops (bly1234): Keep your skirt on! *takes a picture with my camera phone*
[00:55] nagakrion: (she looks like Angela Merkel)
[00:55] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: *insert Wolf-worth essay here*
[00:55] Kriseratops (kris159): *all those rolls*
[00:55] nagakrion: (At the age of 7, I took the SAT...)
[00:55] Blyceratops (bly1234): (...)
[00:56] nagakrion: (It's a quote from this guy on reddit who is incredibly like Wolf)
[00:56] Blyceratops (bly1234): (lol!)
[00:56] nagakrion: (its part of a long, super-smug tirade)
[00:56] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Me: *quoting a song* "I'm hot shit, I'm way cool, I'm the toughest dude; in my home school" 
Vat: Are you singing about Wolf?)
[00:57] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: As my first order of business, I would like to propose a resolution.
[00:57] Blyceratops (bly1234): Naasad: Hey.
[00:57] Blyceratops (bly1234): Naasad: We've got the floor first.
[00:57] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: *gives sundae bar to Naasad* shut up.
[00:57] Kriseratops (kris159): *WTF is a sundae bar*
[00:58] Blyceratops (bly1234): Naasad: *waits for resolution 23*
[00:58] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: I would like to propose the Capita Council headquarters be moved to their current location permanently.
[00:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): We tried having it on a planet before.
[00:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): It was the staging ground of a civil war.
[00:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): That's why we keep it in neutral space.
[00:59] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: The space station is, evidently, financially taxing to upkeep. It is overly complex and expensive. Our facilities are much cheaper, and rival the quality of the space station.
[00:59] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: Additionally, security will be easier, due to our facilities.
[00:59] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: And delegates will have an easier life, generally, due to the ease of access of the city.
[00:59] Blyceratops (bly1234): Fine, let's take it to a vote.
[00:59] Kriseratops (kris159): (I can't talk good shut up)
[01:00] Kriseratops (kris159): Quinones: Lorna is neutral. Why do you think we've taken so long to join the Capita Council?
[01:01] Blyceratops (bly1234): Voting is open.
[01:02] <Wolfasaurus (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
[01:03] Kriseratops (kris159): (we done?)
[01:03] Kriseratops (kris159): (Oh, hi Wolf!)
[01:03] Kriseratops (kris159):
[01:03] Kriseratops (kris159): (Lorna just proposed we move HQ to Alus City)
[01:03] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (HAH! VICTOR--)
[01:03] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (I mean, uh... Cool.)
[01:04] Kriseratops (kris159): (Is this all?!)
[01:04] Kriseratops (kris159): (ALL?!)
[01:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): The measure has passed
[01:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (wait)
[01:05] Kriseratops (kris159): (WAI|T!)
[01:05] Blyceratops (bly1234): Wait
[01:06] Kriseratops (kris159): Joali Sao (Nonan): I would like to take this opportunity to withdraw from the council.
[01:06] Kriseratops (kris159): Joali Sao: Our withdrawal is based on political grounds surrounding the Liberalism war.
[01:07] Kriseratops (kris159): Joali Sao: It has been a pleasure doing business with you all.
[01:07] Kriseratops (kris159): Bazanian delegate: *is looking smug*
[01:08] Kriseratops (kris159): (wedone?)
[01:08] nagakrion: *the Drakonian rep presses the speaker button again*
[01:08] Kriseratops (kris159): Hyan Fi: *accepts!*
[01:10] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (Drakonian Rep: I would like to take this oppurtunity to say fuck you.)
[01:10] nagakrion: *he stands up and presses the button to lower a projector screen*
[01:10] nagakrion: *the lights dim*
[01:12] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: how about that office show, huh?
[01:13] Blyceratops (bly1234): Ambassador Krane!
[01:13] Blyceratops (bly1234): Now is not the time nor the place!
[01:13] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: Soz.
[01:14] nagakrion: Drakonian rep: Good afternoon (or whatever time of day it is). I have information of a highly sensitive matter to reveal, of grave importance. On 10 may, Ichiri forces of an uknown number attacked the galaxy of Aetheria,
[01:14] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): ( )
[01:14] Kriseratops (kris159): (LOL!0
[01:15] Kriseratops (kris159):
[01:15] nagakrion: *grainy black and white footage of ichiri ships bombarding planets appear on the screen*
[01:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): (LOLOLOLOL)
[01:16] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Wolf, you've made my day)
[01:17] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (=D)
[01:17] Blyceratops (bly1234): (I'm still laughing)

[01:17] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (I couldn't resist.)
[01:17] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (And I saw "ichiri" and that was my reaction anyway, so...)
[01:18] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (They're like North Korea to me now.)
[01:19] nagakrion: Drakonian rep: As of the present, they have made no indication of moves against the Apperance galaxy. Nevertheless, we found it prudent to alert the Capita Council.
[01:22] nagakrion: (no reactions)
[01:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): Thank you.
[01:22] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Orin Rep: So...
[01:22] Blyceratops (bly1234): While you were speaking, we voted on enhancing the craft services table.
[01:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): It passed
[01:23] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Orin Rep: You like showing images of your planets being bombarded?
[01:23] nagakrion: *the lights slowly raise and the screen turns off*
[01:23] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): *Risuk makes a sour look at Orin*
[01:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): Why is that footage so grainy?
[01:23] Blyceratops (bly1234): Aren't we in the future?
[01:24] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Risuk: Technically speaking we are always in the past.
[01:24] nagakrion: Drakonian rep: I was providing proof of the attacks. The footage has been lowered in fidelity to avoid revealing defense-related information.
[01:24] nagakrion: (orin was the ones who lost, right?)
[01:24] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Orin: Like your planet being bombarded?
[01:25] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (They lost in the same way Germany lost WWI.)
[01:25] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (Meaning they were kicking ass until everyone decided to gang-rape them and pull a Versailles Treaty.)
[01:25] Blyceratops (bly1234): (..)
[01:26] nagakrion: Drakonia: Things like fleet compostion and orbital defenses, which if you had any idea about you probably would lose less wars.
[01:26] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (I think Orin would've legitimately won if their war crimes weren't revealed.)
[01:26] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (Which would have been rather interesting.)
[01:26] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Actually, a WW1 would be they were kicking ass until one extremely powerful new civilization joined the war and killed them)
[01:27] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Orin: Perhaps if Drakonian kept its nose where it belonged, in its own galaxy, it wouldn't make false accusations like a fool in front of fellow representatives. 
[01:27] Blyceratops (bly1234): (Which, I'm assuming is Yulair)
[01:27] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Drakonia*
[01:27] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (Actually I think it was the CC more than anything.)
[01:27] Blyceratops (bly1234): Ambassador Orin.
[01:27] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (Yulair just put the proof forward.)
[01:27] Blyceratops (bly1234): Please, calm yourself. That Drakonian Ambassador is likely armed.
[01:27] nagakrion: Drakonia: Now I can see why your nation lost the war. Acting like petulant children. Now, any further thoughts on the Ichiri attack?
[01:28] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (And the funny part is that, by the end of the war, they were enemies to both Risuk and Orin.)
[01:28] nagakrion: Drakonian: The fleet was able to remain undetected until within striking range, indicating advanced cloaking technology
[01:28] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): Orin: Yes. Let them wipe you brutish simpletons out.
[01:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): *ahem*
[01:28] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): *Risuk smirks, slumping down in his/her chair*
[01:28] Blyceratops (bly1234): When the Ichiri are done attacking the Drakonians.
[01:29] Blyceratops (bly1234): They will attack us.,
[01:29] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): *Lorna Rep pulls collar away from neck, growing nervous*
[01:29] Blyceratops (bly1234): And it does not bode well that they'd have been able to destroy Drakonia, because if they've been decimated then we would stand no chance.
[01:29] nagakrion: Drakonian: The Ichiri scum have fought many wars with the Empire in the past.
[01:29] Blyceratops (bly1234): Drakonia is our front line, so to speak. Without them, we'd be trampled.
[01:30] Blyceratops (bly1234): Our very way of life would be eradicated immediately.
[01:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): I'd like to propose a new measure.
[01:31] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): *Orin has a sour look on his face. He says nothing further*
[01:31] Kriseratops (kris159): *reference to civilizations rather than delegates makes me think this is a <strike>nonan</strike>ball meeting*
[01:31] Blyceratops (bly1234): We send some form of assistance to the Drakonian Empire, with the exception of Military Support. At least at this time
[01:31] Kriseratops (kris159): *strike nonan because THEY'RE DEAD LOL*
[01:31] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (lol!)
[01:31] Wolfasaurus (wolf802): (LOL)
[01:32] nagakrion: Drakonian rep: That will not be necessary. Instead, prepare for an attack on the Appearance, however unlikely.
[01:32] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: I think we should wait for more information.
[01:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): Alirght, because why not.
[01:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): I propose something else then
[01:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): We send a scout to prove the validity of these accusations.
[01:34] Blyceratops (bly1234): I volunteer we send Richard Killian.
[01:34] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: ...
[01:34] Kriseratops (kris159): Krane: A scout would take years.
[01:35] Kriseratops (kris159): (Let's not mention Hypdephiilo, yeah?)
[01:35] nagakrion: (months*)
[01:35] Blyceratops (bly1234): We'll have the Drakonian's transport the Scout
[01:35] nagakrion: (are we doing realistic time?)
[01:35] Kriseratops (kris159): (Well, yes)
[01:35] Kriseratops (kris159): (1 lightyear/minute)
[01:35] Blyceratops (bly1234): Apparently they can transport people in a few days.
[01:35] nagakrion: (they can't, but he won't admit to that)
[01:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): Alrighty then.
[01:36] Blyceratops (bly1234): Is everyone satisfied?
[01:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): Lets end this meeting
[01:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): I've got a pvp match to go to.
[01:37] nagakrion: Drakonian rep: Very well.
[01:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): *bangs the fucking gavel on Hyan Fi's head*
[01:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): *then on the table*
[01:37] Blyceratops (bly1234): Meeting dismissed.
[01:38] Blyceratops (bly1234): TO THE EXIT TAR

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