This is a chatlog of May 15, 2013. See category:chatlog of 2013 for chatlogs in the same year, and category:chatlog of 2013/05 for chatlogs in the same month.

Kris and Bly
[18:43] Krisasaurus (kris159): (i win)
[18:43] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Oh)
[18:43] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (My)
[18:43] Krisasaurus (kris159): (?)
[18:43] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (What should we do?!)
[18:44] Krisasaurus (kris159): (that terrorist thing?)
[18:44] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Alright)
[18:44] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *A Bion Federation trade convoy is en route to Techia carrying various non-military related supplies, it is being escorted by Bion Ships*
[18:45] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Captain Flakus is in command*
[18:46] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Steady as she goes!
[18:48] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *the ship continues*
[18:50] Krisasaurus (kris159): (...)
[18:50] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Yes)
[18:51] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (I'm controlling the Bion...)
[18:51] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (I'd assume you're the terrorists)
[18:51] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I don't know what's going to happen)
[18:51] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Neither do I)
[18:51] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Okay)
[18:52] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Can we get rid of the Bion ships?)
[18:52] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Sure.)
[18:52] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: *is recalled*
[18:52] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Bion convoy going through hyperspace*
[18:52] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Suddenly, all ships de-jump part-way through their journey*
[18:53] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *the crew lurch forward, off guard, some fall down*
[18:53] Krisasaurus (kris159): *interdictor would be detected by the Bion ships, though its location would not*
[18:53] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Mlakus: Status report.
[18:54] Krisasaurus (kris159): *scruffy-looking pirate-ish ship drops out of hyperspace around the 7(?)-ship convoy*
[18:54] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Mlakus: Pirates!
[18:54] Krisasaurus (kris159): *immediately bursts superior sub-lights, activates shields and weapons*
[18:54] Krisasaurus (kris159): *targets one of the medium-sized ships: Not too big to battle, but not too small to carry insufficient cargo*
[18:54] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Mlakus: Raise shields! Get Bion Fleet Command online!
[18:55] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it quickly fires a burst of lasers at a single ship, some might penetrate before the shield is raised*
[18:56] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Sir, Vessel #4 is hit.
[18:56] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: Damage?
[18:56] Krisasaurus (kris159): Officer: Broadcasting. Mission details say the nearest Bion contingient is over a day away.
[18:56] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it continues firing a burst of lasers at vessel 4, trying to penetate its shields*
[18:56] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Communications Officer: Bion Fleet Command acknowledges but says they're unable to provide support.
[18:57] Krisasaurus (kris159): *its laser fire is skewed towards the rear of the ship, in the hopes that when the shield weakens, lasers might hit the engines*
[18:57] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it continues doing loops around the ship, despite a lack of enemy fire*
[18:57] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Vessel 4's engines are about to be penetrated.
[18:57] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: Are our weapons online?
[18:58] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Trade ships have weapons?)
[18:58] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Barely, we diverted them to the shields.
[18:58] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (THere's one military vessel)
[18:58] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (There always has to be)
[18:58] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I thought I got rid of them?)
[18:58] Krisasaurus (kris159): (That would be a bit expensive)
[18:58] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (The Bion's way of life revolves soley around trading)
[18:59] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Can we use another civ, then?)
[18:59] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Sure)
[19:00] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I was just planning on using this small terrorist ship to drop off some terrorists)
[19:00] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Actually, the Military Vessel won't be there)
[19:00] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Okay)
[19:00] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (It's just a regular trade vessel)
[19:00] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Sir, we don't have weapons!
[19:00] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: Oh, I forgot. I'm commanding a trade ship!
[19:01] Krisasaurus (kris159): Officer: *throws empty packet of food at Mlakus for his insolence*
[19:01] Krisasaurus (kris159): *even though its not insolence*
[19:01] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: BionCommand is going to be so pissed.
[19:02] Krisasaurus (kris159): *when the trade ship's shields are penetrated and their engines are offline, the interdictor would be turned off*
[19:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Vessel #4 is inoperable*
[19:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: We must leave immediately!
[19:02] Krisasaurus (kris159): *interdictor turns the fuck off*
[19:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: What about Vessel 4?
[19:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Mlakus: It's crippled, we must save the rest of the cargo.
[19:02] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the pirate ship begins approaching vessel 4 slowly and comms it*
[19:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *The rest of the Bion Convoy leaves*
[19:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Comms Officer: We're being hailed!
[19:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Oh my.
[19:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Answer.
[19:04] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Comms Officer: *answers!*
[19:04] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: *audio only* Prepare to be boarded. *shuts off comm*
[19:04] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Well...
[19:04] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: It's been great knowing you guys.
[19:04] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Comms Officer: Sir, you're supposed to provide morale!
[19:04] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the pirate ship docks with vessel 4*
[19:05] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: They've docked with us.
[19:05] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the vessel clunks and vibrates as the docking ends*
[19:05] Krisasaurus (kris159): *shakes, not vibrates*
[19:05] Krisasaurus (kris159): *words escape me*
[19:05] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Get me Captain Dlakus! He needs to hurry.
[19:05] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: He's a day away, sir.
[19:06] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Damn the fact that there's only 26 ships in the Bion Navy!
[19:06] Krisasaurus (kris159): (over*)
[19:06] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: If only I was in my military vessel.
[19:06] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Damn pirates, with their pirating.
[19:07] Krisasaurus (kris159): *10-or-so pirates bust open the airlock, with full armor semi-space suits and weapons*
[19:07] Krisasaurus (kris159): *they would throw grenades in to the opening corridor to disperse any opposition*
[19:07] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *they're met by crewmembers with small arms*
[19:07] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *and small guns to match the small arms*
[19:07] Krisasaurus (kris159): (lol!)
[19:08] Krisasaurus (kris159): (arms = weapons or arms, guns = biceps or armaments)
[19:08] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (IDK)
[19:08] Krisasaurus (kris159): (both)
[19:08] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (I know)
[19:08] Krisasaurus (kris159): (small weapons, arms, biceps and weapons)
[19:08] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (I thought you would seize that sentence so I capitalized upon it before you could)
[19:09] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: We're being overrun!
[19:09] Krisasaurus (kris159): (How did you capitalize?)
[19:09] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (By making that joke)
[19:09] Krisasaurus (kris159): *they would fare as little resistance to the shielded pirates with rifles*
[19:09] Krisasaurus (kris159): (oh)
[19:09] Krisasaurus (kris159): (i get it)
[19:10] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember2: And I was only three days away from retirement! *Dies*
[19:10] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I didn';t actually notice the pun at first)
[19:10] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Neither did I until I said it)
[19:10] Krisasaurus (kris159): *any onboard cameras would be shot on sight*
[19:10] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Curse these small arms!
[19:10] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember3: *smugly* Which ones?
[19:11] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember3: *is shot*
[19:11] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the pirates split up in to 3, 3 and 4 to search the ship, while a contingient of a further 6 secure the airlock*
[19:11] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (*Darth Vader storms onto the ship*)
[19:12] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember: Retreat to Rally Point 2!
[19:12] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *More crewmembers arrive at Rally Point 2*
[19:12] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Pirates commander storms on to the ship in a noticeably-different helmet and suit, with some sort of lightsabre-resembling item in his hand*
[19:13] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *The Crewmembers wait at Rally Point 2, which is halfway from the airlock to the bridge*
[19:13] Krisasaurus (kris159): *a group of 3 pirates arrives nearby rally point 2, and, from cover, demands they surrender their weapons*
[19:14] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: Give them no quarter, men!
[19:14] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember5: Don't you think we should surrender?
[19:14] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: You skipped Crewmember4.
[19:14] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember5: He died at Rally Point 1 1/2
[19:15] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate: We have a grenade prepared and are highly superior to you. Surrender now.
[19:15] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: We can't surrender.
[19:15] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember6: ...But why?
[19:15] Krisasaurus (kris159): *three unaimed shots are fired towards the rally point, as warnings*
[19:15] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: What happened to Crewmember5?
[19:16] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember6: He just surrendered.
[19:16] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Everyone but the Lieutenant and Crewmember1 surrender*
[19:16] Krisasaurus (kris159): *a further 3 arrive, from a different corridor direciton*
[19:16] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember1: Quickly! To Rally Point 3!
[19:16] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: There is no Rally Point 3.
[19:16] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the six pirates throw their grenades after the surrendered arrive in cover*
[19:17] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmember1: Fuck! *is blown up*
[19:17] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *The Lieutenant dies too, probably*
[19:17] Krisasaurus (kris159): *probably*
[19:17] Krisasaurus (kris159): *pretty vital information*
[19:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): *after the sharpnel clears, 3 pirates rush the rally point, while a further 4 arrive to replace escorting the captives8
[19:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate: Did he die? 
[19:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate2: Look for his body!
[19:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate3: Their*, jackass.
[19:18] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *the Lieutenant died*
[19:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate: They're both dead.
[19:19] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *But he died doing what he loved*
[19:19] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Being a jackass*
[19:19] Krisasaurus (kris159): *they pull off their arms*
[19:19] Krisasaurus (kris159): *lol?*
[19:19] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *yeah*
[19:20] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Pirate: *smugly* Which arms?
[19:20] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the 4 pirates are now escorting all the hostages, and the six other pirates begin trying to locate the bridge*
[19:20] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Pirate2: *hits him*
[19:20] Krisasaurus (kris159): *meanwhile, 3 other pirates are searching the ship, and a further 3 are escorting pirate commander to the bridge assault*
[19:21] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *a second Lieutenant is at the bridge with a contingent of crewmembers*
[19:21] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: We mustn't surrender this position!
[19:21] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Crewmembers: Yes sir!
[19:21] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the ten pirates arrive. OH*
[19:21] Krisasaurus (kris159): *WHAT A NICE ROUNDED NUMBER*
[19:22] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate: *from cover* Surrender now! We are prepared to destroy this bridge!
[19:22] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: No! If you leave now, we promise to let you go.
[19:22] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: *presses a button on his item, and it flops down from its handle*
[19:22] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: I have a sjambok!
[19:22] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: Oh fuck! *surrenders*
[19:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the ten pirates storm the bridge, prepared to fire on any resistance*
[19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *There is none*
[19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Great job, Lieutenant.
[19:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): *they disarm the opponents*
[19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: But, he has a sjambok!
[19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: ...
[19:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: *Lashes Lieutenant* Good job, Lieutenant. 
[19:23] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Kris, that sounded so wrong)
[19:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Didn't it?)
[19:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): ("presses a button on his item, it flops down from his handle")
[19:24] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it's a sjambok that can straighten in to a staff*
[19:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (That's even worse)
[19:24] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it can erect in to a staff*. god, you're so perveted*
[19:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (lol)
[19:25] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commandered: You are now under our hostageness.
[19:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Oh yeah?
[19:25] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: *points around* All your hostage are belong to us.
[19:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Well, I have a blow up the engines button...oh wait, you already blew up the engines.
[19:26] Krisasaurus (kris159): *a further bunch of hostages are brought to the bridge*
[19:26] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: *lashes each one as they walk through the door, shouting "Naughty" each lash*
[19:26] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: What type of sick man are we dealing with?! What is your name?!
[19:27] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate Commander: Boksjam.
[19:27] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: No, it's pronounced box-yam, you xenophobes.
[19:27] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Commander Boksjam?!
[19:27] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: I've never heard of you, sorry.
[19:27] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate commander: I don't care! *whip*
[19:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Ow!
[19:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): *these lashes aren't hurting, mind. Everyone has thick clothes*
[19:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (well, they hurt a bit)
[19:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: My brother, Captain Zlakus, will be pissed off!
[19:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (they tickle the strong ones)
[19:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): *gives Zlakus 10 lashes*
[19:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *
[19:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: He's not even here!
[19:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Lightyears and lightyears away*
[19:29] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Then I was sjamboking thin air!
[19:29] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Zlakus: I feel as though someone is sjamboking me.
[19:29] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: And before you ask, there are twenty-six Captain's in the Bion Navy!
[19:30] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *Sjamboks Commander Lakus, the commanding commander*
[19:30] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: We're all related too, There's a corresponding letter from the alphabet, and then Lakus at the end.
[19:30] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Commander Lakus isn't even here either!
[19:30] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: I've gotten used to sjamboking thin air, now.
[19:30] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Anyway.
[19:31] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain FLakus: You're a monster!
[19:31] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: You're now hostages. And we're going to use you as such.
[19:31] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: We don't negotiate with terrorists!
[19:31] Krisasaurus (kris159): *All pirates are now on the bridge*
[19:32] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *Sjamboks a button on the commander's seat, which deprives air to the rest of the ship minus the now-locked bridge*
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *everyone gasps*
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: I should have had that button removed!
[19:32] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Look at how refined I am at sjamboking.
[19:32] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Very well, we'll negotiate!
[19:32] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We're not negotiating with you, lowly traders.
[19:33] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Actually, I'm a military captain.
[19:33] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: I'm just assigned to trading missions.
[19:33] Krisasaurus (kris159): *The ship shakes and clunks as the pirate ship undocks with vessel 4, and goes in to hyperspace*
[19:33] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: After I accidentally ran over Commander Lakus' pet Zuba.
[19:33] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *Sjamboks Flakus' crotch* Shut up!
[19:33] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Ow!
[19:34] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: If only I was a woman!
[19:34] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Please note that an exponential graph could be created with the amount of times I sjambok your crotch and the likelyhood of you becoming infertile.
[19:35] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Shows what you know! I reproduce asexually.
[19:35] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: No we don't sir.
[19:35] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Hush Lietuenant! I'm bluffing.
[19:35] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *Sjamboks Flakus twice and Lieutenant once*
[19:35] Krisasaurus (kris159): shit
[19:35] Krisasaurus (kris159): (my mouth is bleeding badly)
[19:35] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (oh.)
[19:36] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (...)
[19:36] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Let's take five.)
[19:36] Krisasaurus (kris159): (it wasn't)
[19:36] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I just cut the roof of my mouth yesterweek and it randomly bleeds now and again)
[19:36] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (oh)
[19:37] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We shall now wait over 24 hours minus a few minutes for the bion navy to arreve.
[19:38] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Oh.
[19:38] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: We could always call them if you have demands.
[19:38] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: No.
[19:38] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Boksjam's helmet visor dims as he sleeps standing in his last pose*
[19:38] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: ...
[19:38] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Would anyone like dinner?
[19:39] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Lieutenant: Sir, the cook suffocated in the galley.
[19:39] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Boksjam's sjambok erects in to a staff, as he's no longer using it*
[19:39] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it's an anti-penis*
[19:39] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Flakus: Oh, that's right.
[19:40] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Brb)
[19:47] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (BacK)
[19:47] Krisasaurus (kris159): (WB)
[19:47] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Ty)
[19:47] Krisasaurus (kris159): (NP)
[19:47] Krisasaurus (kris159): *skip 24 hours to when the Bion navy arrives*
[19:48] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Captains Zlakus, Slakus, and Alakus arrive with their ships*'
[19:49] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *awakens from a 24-hour slumber*
[19:49] Krisasaurus (kris159): Pirate; They're here.
[19:49] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Wait for them to communicate with us.
[19:49] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Captain Zlakus hails them*
[19:50] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *answers*
[19:50] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Zlakus: You have declared war on the Bion Federation. Surrender immediately...please?
[19:51] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We have many hostages and a whole host of delicious cargo onboard. We are prepared to negotiate for their release.
[19:51] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Zlakus: What is it you desire?
[19:53] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We require the release of all prisonsers from the Boksjam Group from Bion, as well as seven times more cargo onboard this ship ...
[19:53] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Slakus: We'll need to contact our superiors.
[19:54] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Additionally, incase no one realized, we wish you to leave before these deliveries are made, and no direct access to this ship may be made.
[19:54] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Alakus: We wish to have a few hostages released, in a show of good faith.
[19:55] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We will release a single hostage, who was wounded about 24 hours ago and needs medical attention.
[19:55] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Alakus: Very well.
[19:56] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Alakus: We shall dispatch a shuttle with a medical team to rescue him. Please standby.
[19:56] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: No.
[19:56] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We'll use escape pods.
[19:56] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Captain Zlakus: Very well.
[19:56] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *points to direct pirates to escort the hostage to an escape pod*
[19:58] Krisasaurus (kris159): *he is launched from the escape pod*
[19:58] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Alakus' ship retreives him*
[19:59] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *he's presumably rescued and taken to sickbay*
[20:01] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: Okay...well, there's not many of your group in Bionese Prison.
[20:01] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: What, do you want me to demand more cargo as a counter?
[20:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: No.
[20:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: They're being released and processed.
[20:02] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Very well.
[20:02] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Captain Dlakus' convoy returns*
[20:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: The cargo convoy is en route back here. You must give them time.
[20:03] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Returns, but isn't here yet*
[20:04] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Deliver the prisoners in an empty escape pod.
[20:04] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Any other method of transport will result in the death of hostages.
[20:04] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: Very well.
[20:06] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Zlakus: You must give us time to transport them here from ou rprison planet.
[20:06] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We have plenty of time.
[20:06] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Alakus: Oh, good.
[20:08] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *TIME PASSES*
[20:09] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Captain Klakus' vessel arrives*
[20:10] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We shall be transporting the cargo on to our own vessels manually. Bring them in unarmed cargo ships and retreive their crews before you hand them over.
[20:11] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Additionally, Flakus will be the last hostage to be released.
[20:11] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We will release two of our fifteen hostages once the Boksjam Group prisoners are released.
[20:14] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I'm fine with skipping time to hurry this)
[20:15] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (oh)
[20:15] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Klakus' vessel releases the prisoners*
[20:15] Krisasaurus (kris159): *A hostage is used to enter the escape pod amongst the prisoners, with cameras attached all around his hea dfor the other pirates to look through*
[20:17] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *There's nothing bad*
[20:17] Krisasaurus (kris159): *the prisoners would be borught aboard should no irregularities be seen*
[20:17] Krisasaurus (kris159): *two hostages, probably the least important ones, are sent aboard the escape pod*
[20:18] Krisasaurus (kris159): *it is launched towards the Bion navy ships*
[20:18] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *They're picked up*
[20:19] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: We are going to call in our own cargo vessels to meet here with yours to transpor the goods.
[20:19] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: Please confirm.
[20:20] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Flakus: COnfirmed
[20:20] Blyasaurus (bly1234): Klakus: Confirmed.
[20:20] Krisasaurus (kris159): Boksjam: *waits for the Bion cargo vessels before calling his own*
[20:20] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *They arrive*
[20:21] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Boksjam's cargo vessels arrive*
[20:21] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Shuttles are exchanged from this ship to Boksjam's cargo vessels, they have some hostages onboard*
[20:22] Krisasaurus (kris159): *he uses hostages and escorts to carry goods from the Bion cargos hips to the Boksjam cargo ships*
[20:22] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I like Boksjam Group as a name)
[20:23] Krisasaurus (kris159): (There's gotta be some capturing of at least some pirate(s), so that Bion finds out they are Manaki)
[20:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (What?)
[20:24] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (oh)
[20:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *Are they all rescued?*
[20:25] Krisasaurus (kris159): *Do you want to hurry this up or shall we actually RP what happens?!*
[20:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *No lets*
[20:25] Krisasaurus (kris159): *no lets RPG?*
[20:25] Blyasaurus (bly1234): *yes*
[20:26] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Do you know how to capture one)
[20:26] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (yes)
[20:26] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Actaully, no)
[20:26] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Actually, yes)
[20:26] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (is Flakus ready to be transported out?)
[20:27] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I guess)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (You wanna RPG as the terrorists?)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (pirates?)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Boksjam?)
[20:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (No)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (oh =()
[20:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (I'll be Flakus)
[20:28] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Why?)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (I'm a little unenthused)
[20:28] Krisasaurus (kris159): (IDK why)
[20:29] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Same really)
[20:30] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Yes)
[20:30] Blyasaurus (bly1234): (Good RPGing)
[20:31] Krisasaurus (kris159): (Well done)
[20:31] Krisasaurus (kris159): (LOGGING NOW FOR FUCKS SAKE)

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