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This is a chatlog of October 17, 2012. See category:chatlog of 2012 for chatlogs in the same year, and category:chatlog of 2012/10 for chatlogs in the same month.

[21:24] Reve (kris15999): (Say if you want a role)
[21:24] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Hmm... Probably not)
[21:24] Reve (kris15999): (okay)
[21:24] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I would, but I need to go soon so I don't want to have to just drop it all of the sudden.)
[21:25] Reve (kris15999): (alright)
[21:28] Reve (kris15999): *17:39, August 16, 2012. 9 minutes after the declaration of war*
[21:28] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 commander: All ships, sign in.
[21:28] Reve (kris15999): "Warrior 1 signing in"
[21:29] Reve (kris15999): "Warrior 2 signing in"
[21:29] Reve (kris15999): Warrior 3 signing in"
[21:29] Reve (kris15999): "Warrior 4 signing in"
[21:29] Reve (kris15999): "Xup 1 signing in"
[21:29] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: We've been training in case this happened, and it seems it finally has.
[21:30] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: All ships, prepare to phase space. Do not inform the planet below; you may blow our surprise.
[21:31] Reve (kris15999): *the 6 ships begin charging their drives*
[21:31] Reve (kris15999): *the ships enter phase space, and drop out almost immediately*
[21:31] Reve (kris15999): *they went from Kjil to Filisi*
[21:32] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Open shields, charge at the enemy, do not activate your weapons.
[21:32] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Prepare craft for deployment.
[21:33] Reve (kris15999): *the ships approach the lunorics, who are all grouped together*
[21:34] Reve (kris15999): Officer: Sir, Lunorics are charging weapons.
[21:34] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Prepare for combat. Charge weapons. *the lights change to red*
[21:34] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Fire when ready.
[21:35] Reve (kris15999): *missiles and lasers eject from the Techians*
[21:36] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Officer, prepare the craft for launch. When we reach point blank, fire them all out of their tubes.
[21:36] Reve (kris15999): *The Lunorics launch craft*
[21:37] Reve (kris15999): *The Lunrocis too fire all they have, though hardly any ordnance hits on either side due to the distance*
[21:37] Reve (kris15999): *missiles that do get to the enemy are usually taken down by anti-missile*
[21:37] Reve (kris15999): *the ships are almost at point-blank*
[21:38] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Warriors, use synchronized firing for maximum effect.
[21:38] Reve (kris15999): *the Warrior ships, all armed with two forward-facing heavy laser cannons, stop their engines, remaining in motion, and fire all of their cannons at the same time on a single destroyer*
[21:39] Reve (kris15999): *the Lunoric force consists of one frigate, 2 destroyers and 3 corvettes*
[21:39] Reve (kris15999): *they reach point-blank*
[21:39] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Deploy the craft!
[21:39] Reve (kris15999): *Craft begin ejecting at max-speed out of launch tubes on the bottom of the TX-6*
[21:39] Reve (kris15999): *they try to form up as quickly as possible, but Lunoric fighters immediately engage*
[21:40] Reve (kris15999): *the destroyer is destroyed. Irony*
[21:40] Reve (kris15999): *the lunoric fighters are quickly distracted by missiles from the single Xur*
[21:40] Reve (kris15999): Xup*
[21:41] Reve (kris15999): *it has four missile batteries, and switches between fast, visible missiles and slow, stealthy missiles to confuse craft*
[21:42] <A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802) has left the room>
[21:42] <A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
[21:42] Reve (kris15999): *1 destroyer, 3 frigates and 6 corvettes, sorry*
[21:42] Reve (kris15999): Officer: Shields down to 75%, sir!
[21:42] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Stay in there.
[21:43] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: We'll make them retreat. All Warriors, sync fire again!
[21:43] Reve (kris15999): *They line up slowly, and take the shot at a frigate. It is destroyed*
[21:43] Reve (kris15999): *Moments after, a bomber gets through to the Xup, and it is disabled*
[21:43] Reve (kris15999): *the quad-barrel AA gun on the cruiser quickly destroys the bomber*
[21:44] Reve (kris15999): *A Lunoric corvette is destroyed*
[21:45] Reve (kris15999): *A flash of light. The Xup is destroyed*
TX-6 C: Get the Jankans over here.
[21:45] Reve (kris15999): officer: *starts to, but suddenly stops* Sir, they've retreated.
[21:45] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Where the hell to?!
[21:45] Reve (kris15999): Officer: Back to Janka, probably. They're next door to Manaki, afterall.
[21:46] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Cowards.
[21:48] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Warriors, sync fire on that frigate!
[21:49] Reve (kris15999): *A warrior explodes, shortly after letting out a synchronized salvo on to a Lunoric frigate,d estroying it*
[21:50] Reve (kris15999): *The remaining frigate turns to the Techian cruiser*
[21:50] Reve (kris15999): *after a short, sharp light, a large green beam ejects from the frigate, and hits the cruiser's shield*
[21:51] Reve (kris15999): *the frigate explodes just as the beam stops firing**
[21:51] Reve (kris15999): *sparks go off int he bridge* Officer: Sir, shields down to 10%!
[21:51] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: All ships, concentrate fire on my target!
[21:52] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Sync fire with me, Warriors!
[21:52] Reve (kris15999): *the three frigates, and the four rotable heavy cannons on the cruiser, fire at the same point on a corvette, and destroy it*
[21:55] Reve (kris15999): *another corvette is destroyed*
[21:55] Reve (kris15999): *the shields on the cruiser fail*
[21:56] Reve (kris15999): *the corvettes begin retreating*
[21:56] Reve (kris15999): *the Techian ships let them*
[21:56] Reve (kris15999): *they all cease fire*
[21:57] Reve (kris15999): Officer; Sir, we've lost our engines and sensors.
[21:58] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Phase drive?
[21:58] Reve (kris15999): Officer: We can't get very far with it.
[21:58] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Take us back to Kjil. We'll do repairs there.
[21:59] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: One of our warriors has lost phase drive.
[21:59] Reve (kris15999): TX-6 C: Get them repaired here. They're still Orin.
[21:59] Reve (kris15999): *last message but one* Officer:*

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