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[23:32] <Today's Message: "For WBVDKT RPGing! .">
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[23:33] Reve (kris15999): (So)
[23:34] Reve (kris15999):
[23:34] Reve (kris15999): (relevant)
[23:34] Reve (kris15999): (did you try to get more ships?)
[23:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Yes, though I can't remember where we decided to have the... recruiters go.)
[23:35] Reve (kris15999): (Sjutnarevo ...)
[23:35] Reve (kris15999): (Off whom do you want ships?)
[23:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (... Oh, that's what i meant)
[23:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (IDK who we tried to recruit from.)
[23:35] Reve (kris15999): (...)
[23:36] Reve (kris15999): (We already recruited a load to retake the planets)
[23:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Risuk probably would've sent a small number of more ships.)
[23:36] Reve (kris15999): (Would you go out to get more?)
[23:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (...oh. Did we? I...forget.)
[23:36] Reve (kris15999): (We got 82 ships)
[23:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah yes, and Techa has...)
[23:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Techia*)
[23:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Fingers aren't wanting to hit the right keys.)
[23:37] Reve (kris15999): (Over 200, total)
[23:37] Reve (kris15999): (103+116+41+10+3)
[23:38] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Hmm...)
[23:38] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (In that case, we'd probably try to get reinforcements from anyone possible.)
[23:38] Reve (kris15999): (We tried all of my NPCs)
[23:40] Reve (kris15999): (lemme read logs)
[23:43] Reve (kris15999): (You went out to get a bigger force from those who have already contributed)
[23:43] Reve (kris15999): (Since they're our only allies)
[23:43] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah yes.)
[23:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I know Risuk would probably deploy at least 2 more ships.)
[23:45] Reve (kris15999): (i'll give you 15 more from ONP)
[23:45] Reve (kris15999): (Can you try to recruit your civs?)
[23:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Sure.)
[23:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I've got Intia, Orin, Risuk, Lorna...)
[23:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Intia's one of mine, right?)
[23:47] Reve (kris15999): (yes)
[23:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Robrilla as well.)
[23:47] Reve (kris15999): (Orin voted no to sending a peacekeeping force to Sjutnariva)
[23:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Mm, I know Orin would say no.)
[23:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Orin's an ass like that.)
[23:47] Reve (kris15999): (and given their proximity/affiliations, I don't think they would like to go upagainst the TEC)
[23:48] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Robrilla could send 2 heavy ships and around 8 support-type ships (corvettes), and Lorna could send one battleship.)
[23:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Hm. And then Risuk would deploy 2 heavy ships.)
[23:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (That's it.)
[23:51] Reve (kris15999): (okay)
[23:51] Reve (kris15999): 7:32 AM, August 15, 2012.
[23:52] Reve (kris15999): INT Dauntless' Bridge
[23:52] Reve (kris15999): JK
[23:52] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): The camera pans to show that the entire bridge crew has been murdered by a snail.
[23:52] Reve (kris15999): (whoops)
[23:52] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (JK.)
[23:53] Reve (kris15999): *some ...
[23:53] Reve (kris15999): (WAIt)
[23:54] Reve (kris15999): *Dauntless gets a communique, stating there are 113 ships heading for the planets*
[23:55] Reve (kris15999): *they are tasked with preparing a defense at Sjutnarevo*
[23:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (...Techian ships, right?)
[23:55] Reve (kris15999): (yes)
[23:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I believe we had Dauntless going to Rijinescio to try to liberate that planet, right?)
[23:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Along with a fleet of friendly ships.)
[23:56] Reve (kris15999): (that was 6 days ago)
[23:56] Reve (kris15999): (there are like 10 ships around Rjinescio and the rest around Sjutnarevo)
[23:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah, okay.)
[23:57] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless gets on comm with the friendly fleet*
[23:59] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: YNS Dauntless to all ships, inbound comms reporting enemy ships are incoming.
[00:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Prep combat stations. <Ships 1-4>, relocate to...
[00:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *What would be the far left of the main entry path for an enemy fleet*
[00:01] Reve (kris15999): (Do you wanna google docs it?)
[00:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *(Sure.)
[00:02] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Have you got one? If not, I've got an empty document)
[00:02] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): ( )
[00:02] Reve (kris15999):
[00:05] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Entry point will be from...)
[00:05] Reve (kris15999): (pending)
[00:05] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Okay. Shall I begin setting up?)
[00:06] Reve (kris15999): (sure)
[00:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (There.)
[00:10] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Issues movement orders* Everyone on a ready fleet comm station.
[00:11] Reve (kris15999): *everyone signs in*
[00:11] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (How long would it take for reinforcements from Sjutnarevo to arrive?)
[00:12] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (*is assuming we're at Rjinescio*)
[00:12] Reve (kris15999): (...)
[00:12] Reve (kris15999): (lol, Wolf)
[00:12] Reve (kris15999): (look at the middle of the planet, and the name of the drawing0
[00:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah. So we've got more than 10 ships.)
[00:13] Reve (kris15999): (83)
[00:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (*Thought Dauntless was at Rjinescio*)
[00:13] Reve (kris15999): (Oh0
[00:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (That's fine.)
[00:13] Reve (kris15999): (You went there, then rallied more allies, then came back)
[00:13] Reve (kris15999): (to Sjutnarevo)
[00:14] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah, okay.)
[00:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I have no idea what any of that said. :P)
[00:15] Reve (kris15999): (lol)
[00:15] Reve (kris15999): ("You can label shapes. OMG)
[00:16] Reve (kris15999): ("This is useless to us, though")
[00:16] Reve (kris15999): ("Double click")
[00:16] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Oohh.)
[00:16] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I see it kind of fails though.)
[00:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (So much flipping facepalm. Are you going to be able to be on in like... A bit less than 30 minutes?)
[00:19] Reve (kris15999): (Yes)
[00:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I've got to go AFK for around 20.)
[00:20] Reve (kris15999): (ok)
[00:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Soz.)
[00:20] Reve (kris15999): 9NP0
[00:20] Reve (kris15999): (Shift damnit)
[00:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Be back soon.)
[00:20] Reve (kris15999): (okay)
[00:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): B*ALRUG)
[00:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Back.)
[00:41] Reve (kris15999): (Well)
[00:42] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Sorry about the wait.)
[00:42] Reve (kris15999): (Llew)
[00:42] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Swell.)
[00:42] Reve (kris15999): (So)
[00:43] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Commence teh firings?)
[00:43] Reve (kris15999): (Let's not Google Drawings)
[00:43] Reve (kris15999): (Let's do it raw)
[00:43] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (*Removes protective gear)
[00:44] Reve (kris15999): (Right)
[00:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I couldn't resist.)
[00:44] Reve (kris15999): (all forces are together)
[00:44] Reve (kris15999): (blah)
[00:45] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (You mean grouped together or in their positions an' stuff?)
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): (Grouped together)
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): (The defensive satellites ... also together)
[00:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Okay.)
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): (but fuirther away)
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): Techian Officer: Exiting hyperspace in 5.
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): TO: 4
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): TO: 3
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): TO: 2
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): TO: 1
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[00:48] <Today's Message: "For WBVDKT RPGing! .">
[00:48] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (WB.)
[00:48] Reve (kris15999): (Timing)
[00:48] Reve (kris15999): 
[00:46] Reve (kris15999): TO: 1
[00:48] <The room title is now "the appearance realm">
[00:48] Reve (kris15999): (Gimme chatlog?0
[00:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless stays at its position for the moment*
<Reve (kris15999) has left the room>
<Reve (kris15999) (Power User) has entered the room>)
[00:49] Reve (kris15999): *the fleet drops out*
[00:49] Reve (kris15999): Grand Admiral Ridina: *comms the enemy fleet*
[00:50] Reve (kris15999): *audio comm*
[00:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless responds*
[00:50] Reve (kris15999): GAR: *a strong, female voice* This is Grand Admiral Ridina, of the Techian's newly-constructed third fleet. Prepare for battle.
[00:51] Reve (kris15999): *the fleet's craft are launched, shields are raised, and weapons charged*
[00:51] Reve (kris15999): *after a few seconds, the fleet begins moving foward, in 4 distinct groups*
[00:51] Reve (kris15999): *well, kind of distinct*
[00:52] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless: *Off of the TEC comm, to the allied fleet* *Issues...similar movement orders as earlier?*
[00:53] Reve (kris15999): GAR: I have established a communication so that I may hear your retreat or surrender announcement when you are ready.
[00:54] Reve (kris15999): GAR: *turns microphone to enemy comm off* Fire missiles. Keep craft close.
[00:54] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless: *To the Techians* Very well.
[00:54] Reve (kris15999): *Over 200 missiles eject from the fleet, heading towards the enemy fleet while the Techian fleet heads in the same direction*
[00:54] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Bridge to hangar.
[00:54] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: We fight to the death?
[00:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Shields to full, defensive weapons fire at will.
[00:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: We fight till we win. Bridge to hangar, launch all craft but keep them in combat formation around the ship. Engagement orders against missiles if possible.
[00:56] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Contact the satellites, tell them to fire.
[00:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Daunltess to all ships, open fire when the enemy is within range. Hold your ordered positions.
[00:56] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Fleet, make sure ships stay clear of the satellite's fire line.
[00:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless*
[00:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless: Hopefully we can split them into separate groups.
[00:56] Reve (kris15999): *Missiles and lasers begin firing from most of the allied ships*
[00:57] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless would open fire with its long-range main batteries (16 guns)*
[00:57] Reve (kris15999): (Can you supply battle music?0
[00:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Hrm...)
[00:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): ( )
[00:59] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (That's what I'm listening to. It's not upbeat but it's got a dramatic feel, especially at the main chorus line at 2:07.)
[00:59] Reve (kris15999): (okay)
[00:59] Reve (kris15999): *The enemy fleet is 50% closer than it was when it arrived*
[00:59] Reve (kris15999): *As the satellite is primed for firing, missiles become less frequent*
[00:59] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Fire!
[01:00] Reve (kris15999): *two very long dark yellow projectiles eject from both sides of the allied fleet*
[01:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: [Galactic] North group, damage reports to you and enemy fleet?
[01:00] Reve (kris15999): *they impact perfectly the same Techian battleship, and weaken its shields considerably*
[01:01] Reve (kris15999): *hull explosions occur as some of the projectile got through the failing shields*
[01:01] Reve (kris15999): North group: minimal to both sides.
[01:01] Reve (kris15999): North group: Wait 'till it's point-blank.
[01:01] Reve (kris15999): North group: then the casualties will mount.
[01:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Understood. Everyone hold positions.
[01:02] Reve (kris15999): *A constant salvo of much smaller projectiles are also firing from the satellites*
[01:02] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: North and South groups, once the enemy fleet has passed the majority of your formation, see if you can safely wrap yourself around their rear section.
[01:02] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Hopefully we can herd them into a tight killzone.
[01:03] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: ETA to point-blank is in 4 minutes.
[01:03] Reve (kris15999): Lunoric commander: their battleships will fire their heavy long-range guns before then.
[01:04] Reve (kris15999): Lunoric commander: Don't prioritize missile defense.
[01:04] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): ( That's awesome battle music.)
[01:05] Reve (kris15999): (oaky)
[01:06] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Checks scans for the friendly/enemy fighter and bomber ratios*
[01:06] Reve (kris15999): GAR: Order all craft to charge.
[01:06] Reve (kris15999): GAR: Fire the quads.
[01:06] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Incoming
[01:06] Reve (kris15999): manaki Commander: Brace.
[01:06] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Pulse the shields at impact.
[01:06] Reve (kris15999): *all 4 battleships fire their 3 quad-barrel long-range batteries*
[01:07] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: Yes, ma'am.
[01:07] Reve (kris15999): *impact would occur within seonds*
[01:07] Reve (kris15999): *well*
[01:07] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Bridge to combat deck, all batteries prepare for broadside salvos.
[01:07] Reve (kris15999): ManakI Commander: Point-blank, now!
[01:07] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *A few tense moments of silence*
[01:07] Reve (kris15999): *the tip of the two fleets cross*
[01:07] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: Combat deck to bridge, all cannons prepped to fire!
[01:07] Reve (kris15999): *craft engage, absolute chaos*
[01:08] Reve (kris15999): *TEC battleships stay on the outskirts*
[01:08] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless opens up a broadside with around 120 fairly heavy ship-to-ship cannons*
[01:08] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Dauntless, fire on the weakened battleship!
[01:08] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The rounds explode in the largest grouping of enemy ships, causing explosive shrapnel to hit the Techian ships*
[01:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: Shells spent, reloading!
[01:09] Reve (kris15999): *the first techian ship falls, but a Zubadan and manaki ship have already fallen*
[01:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: Batteries armed. Fire!
[01:09] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Satellite prepped. Both will fire when you do.
[01:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *10 cannons immediately send their projectiles towards the battleship*
[01:10] Reve (kris15999): *The satellites cease small-gun firing, and fire their main battery*
[01:10] Reve (kris15999): *one satellite impacts and rips through the back of the ship, the shield fails*
[01:10] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Now the entirety of Dauntless' broadside cannons are firing separately for a consistent attack towards enemy ships*
[01:10] Reve (kris15999): *the other projectile veers in to a small TEC ship, causing it to explode instantly*
[01:11] Reve (kris15999): *the enemy fleet is now completely point-blank with the allied fleet*
[01:11] Reve (kris15999): *2 kandans, 1 Robrillan explodes*
[01:11] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Man, this Two Steps From Hell makes this intense.)
[01:11] Reve (kris15999): (indeed)
[01:12] Reve (kris15999): *4 more Techian ships are down*
[01:12] Reve (kris15999): (PAUSE)
[01:12] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (PAUSE.)
[01:12] Reve (kris15999): (I can't keep track. i'm google docing it)
[01:12] Reve (kris15999): (track of casualties*
[01:12] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (lol, alright.)
[01:13] Reve (kris15999):
[01:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): ( Just for reference if need be.)
[01:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Though it's not finished that shows where the main batteries and broadside cannons are)
[01:16] Reve (kris15999): (Wow. Awesome)
[01:16] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (It was surprisingly difficult to make it that far with the design.)
[01:17] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (With tanks or trucks or whatever, I know where parts need to be because I've seen them and I can have references. Fenders, hoods, tires, axles, etc)
[01:17] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (With this, there was nothing to reference so it was... A tad challenging trying something so new at first... But anyway.)
[01:17] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (TY.)
[01:18] Reve (kris15999): (I forgot the total "82" included Sjutnariva's rebel ships that were destroyed ...)
[01:18] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (So how many do we have?)
[01:19] Reve (kris15999): (630
[01:19] Reve (kris15999): (63)
[01:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I'll go with 630.)
[01:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Alright, 63.)
[01:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Well, is that including casualties so far?)
[01:20] Reve (kris15999): (no)
[01:20] Reve (kris15999): (the counts are highlighted in the google doc)
[01:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah, I see.)
[01:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (They out number us pretty much 1-2...)
[01:20] Reve (kris15999): (lol)
[01:21] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Are there any ships that aren't atmospherically capable?)
[01:21] Reve (kris15999): (I wouldn't imagine so)
[01:22] Reve (kris15999): *UNPAUSE* 
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (UNPAUE.)
[01:22] Reve (kris15999): *About 30 ships drop out of hyperspace*
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (And UNPAUE.)
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (*...)
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (And UNPAUE
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): sss
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): S
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (WTF?)
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (UNPAUSE...)
[01:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (That was weird.)
[01:22] Reve (kris15999): *they're ground transports, and they begin approaching the planet slowly, staying clear of the battle*
[01:23] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: How many ships here have troops stationed onboard?
[01:23] Reve (kris15999): *A Manaki and Kandan ship explodes*
[01:23] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: None.
[01:23] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Sjutnarevo still has its own ground force, however.
[01:23] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: They just need to hold out until we can get our own.
[01:24] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The CO checks the count of Sjutanrevo's ground forces, and tries to compare the possible size of Techia's invasion force*
[01:24] Reve (kris15999): *probably 5 million/15 million*
[01:24] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Well shit. :P)
[01:24] Reve (kris15999): (lol)
[01:25] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Any ships with ground forces stationed onboard I want to have pull back to Dauntless' location immediately. All other ships hold your ground and keep firing.
[01:25] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *off the comm* If we can't hold them off up here, we'll hold them off down there.
[01:26] Reve (kris15999): *2 friendly ships blow*
[01:26] Reve (kris15999): *1 tec*
[01:26] Reve (kris15999): *one satellite rips through a transport, the other attacks anotehr battleship*
[01:27] Reve (kris15999): *The damage done is bad compared to the last ship, whose shields were optimized*
[01:27] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Broadsides hold fire and prepare for a single concentrated salvo on the battle.
[01:27] Reve (kris15999): *said battleship begins retreating*
[01:28] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless' main broadsides stop firing*
[01:28] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *After about 20 seconds, the entire side opens fire on the area of the battleship*
[01:29] Reve (kris15999): *The Lornan battleship intercepts and kills the enemy battleship*
[01:29] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: 2 of 4 battleships down, but there's tons of smaller ships.
[01:29] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Secondary superstructure batteries open fire on all ground transports.
[01:29] Reve (kris15999): *the ground transports begin dispersing in to groups*
[01:29] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Main battery 1 assist in firing solutions on the ground transport. 20% of broadside guns open fire on the ground transports as well. The rest, continue to fire on the fleet.
[01:29] Reve (kris15999): *groups of 5, 6 groups in total*
[01:30] Reve (kris15999): *One battleship begins chasing Dauntless, its missiles and quad-barrels blazing*
[01:30] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Dauntless to all ships. Whenever you can, concentrate fire on the ground transports. If we can inflict enough casualties that'll do us a lot of good in the long run.
[01:30] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: Ma'am?
[01:31] Reve (kris15999): *4 more allied ships destroyed, 2 techians*
[01:31] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Face the left (unfired so far) side of the ship to that ship. Shields to max on their angle of attack.
[01:31] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Left combat deck prepare for concentrated broadside.
[01:31] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Combat deck: Guns loaded and ready.
[01:32] Reve (kris15999): *a mix of fighters and bombers fire upon the dauntless*
[01:32] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless continues to turn*
[01:32] Reve (kris15999): *the eight rotable laser cannosn of the BB would also fire*
[01:32] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Fighters intercept, bombers in support.
[01:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The fighters would move to engage the fighters and bombers. Yulairian bombers are armed with a payload of around 20 anti-craft missiles*
[01:33] Reve (kris15999): *3/1 friendly/enemy deaths*
[01:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (40% of the bombers are, rather)
[01:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: 20 seconds till optimal firing position.
[01:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: Shields weakening.
[01:33] Reve (kris15999): *the techian craft are overwhelmed, being of old design*
[01:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (3/1 friendly/enemy in the fighter engagements or total?)
[01:34] Reve (kris15999): (in the main ship-to-ship battlespace*
[01:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Ah, oaky.)
[01:34] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Dauntless, watch your back.
[01:34] Reve (kris15999): *Energy readings of the satellites are hightening*
[01:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Roger.
[01:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Main battery officer: Batteries in firing range.
[01:35] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: If both cannons fire on the exact same location of the shield, a lot will get through.
[01:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Main batteries open fire on the battleship.
[01:35] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Firing now.
[01:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The 4 main batteries open fire with their heavy rounds*
[01:35] Reve (kris15999): *The satellites stop their small-guns, and fire their projectiles*
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Officer: Enemy rounds breaking through the shields.
[01:36] Reve (kris15999): *it's a direct and almost precise hit. A quarter of damage is dealt to the hull, and the techian BB's bridge is destroyed*
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *There are some Technican round impacts on the hull*
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Broadside fire.
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: Batteries!
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: FIRE!
[01:36] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Keep that ship alive, we can board it!
[01:36] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: If we win this, that is ...
[01:36] Reve (kris15999): *5/2 deaths*
[01:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: Hold!
[01:37] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *10 of the batteries would have fired*
[01:37] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Good call, Manaki.
[01:37] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Just disable it, then take care of the other ships.
[01:37] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: CD, reload with scrambler and ion rounds.
[01:38] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): CD Officer: Roger. ET one minute.
[01:39] Reve (kris15999): *without the majority of their capital ships, the techian ships lose their support and coordination*
[01:39] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Dauntless to fleet. How is everyone holding up?
[01:39] Reve (kris15999): *1/5 deaths*
[01:39] Reve (kris15999): manaki Commander: Casualties are high.
[01:39] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: This battle will be done within the hour.
[01:39] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: With us on the winning side we hope...
[01:40] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Two Steps From Hell music makes this so awesome.)
[01:40] Reve (kris15999): (IK!)
[01:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Yulairian Flight Command: Flight command to all ships, how many fighters and bombers can you spare for a pass against their ground transports and support ships?
[01:41] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Techian frigates don't have rotable cannons. If we can get those caps killed, we can easily out-maneuver the smaller ones.
[01:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The ion and scrambler rounds fire on the damaged battleship*
[01:42] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: We'll send 75% of Manaki's. These craft are old, easy to take care of!
[01:42] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: One BB left, and it's in the main battle.
[01:42] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Flight Command: Roger, form on our lead.
[01:42] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Other than that almost-disabled one.
[01:42] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Order the craft out.
[01:42] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *A-22s and AS-25s begin to maneuver for the main Techian fleet*
[01:42] Reve (kris15999): *the craft begin dispersing towards Yulairian craft*
[01:43] Reve (kris15999): *3/9 deaths*
[01:43] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Risuk begins deploying some of its fighters and bombers to assist*
[01:44] Reve (kris15999): *the BB that chased Dauntless' shields, engines and weapons are now inactive.*
[01:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Dauntless to Risuk Battlecruiser.
Risuk CO: Yes?
Dauntless CO: Form up a ship's width away on us.
[01:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Risuk CO: Yes ma'am.
[01:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: It's time to take out that last battleship.
[01:45] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Prepare your right side cannons, Risuk. Combat deck, prep left side.
[01:45] Reve (kris15999): *the two satellites fire on smaller ships, both scoring 3 kills combined.*
[01:45] Reve (kris15999): *1 allied explosion*
[01:45] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless' forward shields intensify. The engines light up*
[01:45] Reve (kris15999): *the last BB's shields are at 60%, lowering gradually*
[01:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuk battlecruiser passes over Dauntless and forms up where it was instructed. They both make their way straight for the Techian battleship*
[01:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless gets on a comm with GAR*
[01:46] Reve (kris15999): *missiles from the surface, which only just begun firing, destroy two ships*
[01:46] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: This is Dauntless.
[01:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: I'm going to give you the chance... Stop this.
[01:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: There is no use in seeing more bloodshed for the cause of trying to please greedy government officials who don't care for the lives of good, average people.
[01:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: People like you and I... People like those down on the surface.
[01:48] Reve (kris15999): GAR: I am nothing like those on the surface ... or you.
[01:48] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless and the Risuk battlecruiser would engage their main thrusters and race towards the battleship*
[01:48] Reve (kris15999): GAR: I will die on my maiden voyage if I have to.
[01:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Sighs* Godspeed.
[01:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless closes the comm*
[01:49] Reve (kris15999): *2/14 casualties*
[01:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Flight Command: Alright, we're coming within firing range for the heavy bombers. Watch for interceptors.
[01:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (What would you reckon the ETA until Dauntless gets next to the battleship would be?)
[01:50] Reve (kris15999): *the TX-5s frigates, of which there are probably 3
[01:51] Reve (kris15999): 0, would be able to put a considerable amount of the craft down relatively quickly*
[01:51] Reve (kris15999): (like a minute)
[01:51] Reve (kris15999): *The ground force is routed, consisting only of 4 ships*
[01:51] Reve (kris15999): *it enters hyperspace*
[01:51] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Flight Command: Boom and zoom everyone, get in and fire and then get out of there.
[01:52] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (This is intense.)
[01:52] Reve (kris15999): *one satellite takes out a frigate, the other fires on the main BB, whose shields are now at 20%*
[01:53] Reve (kris15999): *3/11 deaths*
[01:53] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Once Dauntless and the Risuk ship get close enough, they slow themselves to make a relatively slow flyby past the battleship*
[01:54] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: *is firing on the BB from slightly above but far from the point-blank battle*
[01:54] Reve (kris15999): *projectiles begin peircing GAR's shield*
[01:54] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The two ships' noses would now be just about to pass the battleships' nose?, with both ships on either side of the Techian vessel*
[01:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The left side main batteries of Dauntless would open fire as the ships slowly pass. The Risuk ship's right side medium rotational guns would fire*
[01:56] Reve (kris15999): *the ship's shield completely fails, and the hull begins ripping up*
[01:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Combat deck...
[01:56] Reve (kris15999): *techians begin retreating*
[01:57] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Takes a deep breath* Hold fire. Risuk follow order, engines halt.
[01:57] Reve (kris15999): *a continengent of 15 do*
[01:57] Reve (kris15999): *1/4 explosions*
[01:57] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The CO waits to see if the battleship ceases fire or continues to fire/attempts to retreat*
[01:58] Reve (kris15999): *the ship ceases fire, and its engines power*
[01:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Fire scrambler and ion rounds. Prepare stormtroopers.
[01:58] Reve (kris15999): *the engines explode, and the end 10% of the ship tears off from the main part**
[01:58] Reve (kris15999): *another 15 retreat*
[01:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuk ship opens fire with a small handful of ion rounds*
[02:00] Reve (kris15999): *0/5 deaths*
[02:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless begins reloading its batteries for disabling rounds*
[02:00] Reve (kris15999): *power signatures for the ship begin to rise*
[02:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The ships fire as many disabling rounds as they can*
[02:01] Reve (kris15999): *the ship pre-emptively self-destructs. it would not be a big explosion at all*
[02:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Dauntless CO collapses into a chair*
[02:01] Reve (kris15999): *50% of the ship would survive, which would then begin breaking up*
[02:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless opens a comm with the Techian fleet*
[02:02] Reve (kris15999): *0/4 casualties*
[02:02] Reve (kris15999): *the rest have begun retreating*
[02:02] Reve (kris15999): *the last ship departs*
[02:03] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Closes the comm out*
[02:03] Reve (kris15999): Manaki Commander: Unbe-freakin'-lievable.
[02:03] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Trying to contain the joy* Good job, everyone.
[02:03] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless: This one'll go down in the history books.
[02:04] Reve (kris15999): manaki commander: think of the repercussions. Jeez.
[02:04] Reve (kris15999): (We done, or do you want to board the BB?)
[02:05] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Board the BB)
[02:05] Reve (kris15999): (lol)
[02:05] Reve (kris15999): (you take all the allies. I'll be TEC0
[02:05] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (What's he mean exactly by the repurcussions?)
[02:05] Reve (kris15999): (politically)
[02:05] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless diverts course for the disabled BB*
[02:05] Reve (kris15999): (war declarations probable)
[02:06] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Techia's strong, yes, and they'll be back in force while we're weakened.
[02:06] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: If this does go public though, I think the biggest battle will be getting the public on our side.
[02:06] Reve (kris15999): Manaki: Will it? What did we do wrong?
[02:06] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Nothing, we're doing this for the right reasons.
[02:07] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: I have a feeling Techia will play dirty though.
[02:08] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Try to make us look like the bad guys, terrorists. We need to get the message across that we're defending against tyranny and supression, and we're withholding the structure of liberty and freedom when others wouldn't... Others like BlyDonia...
[02:08] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless positions itself over the BB and docks. It keeps the main boarding access closed though*
[02:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Stormtrooper platoon: Stormtroopers in position. We've got a Steel Ranger on entry point one and two, ready to breach.
[02:09] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuk battlecruiser docks on the opposite side and readies a few squads of troops*
[02:10] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Dauntless to fleet, we're breaching the BB now.
[02:10] Reve (kris15999): *the halls at the point of boarding would be clear*
[02:10] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Risuk breaches its side. Yulair breaches their side. A Steel Ranger, a heavily armed soldier in power armor leads the Yulairian charge on either side of the ship (nose and rear)*
[02:10] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Risuk breaches in the middle*
[02:11] Reve (kris15999): *most halls have numerous open doorways, though*
[02:11] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Steel Rangers would be carrying miniguns with grenade launchers in the center, they are the embodiment of OP*
[02:12] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Stormtrooper Squad Leader: No contact on the bow so far.
[02:12] Reve (kris15999): *when the troops are a few meters in, automatic defenses wouild emerge from the ceiling and begin shooting*
[02:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The infantry would take cover behind the Steel Rangers, the Rangers would fire their miniguns on the defenses*
[02:13] Reve (kris15999): *after that, marines would emerge and fire on the baorders while their backs are turned*
[02:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The infantry squads would deploy their squad MGs to supress enemy infantry*
[02:13] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Risuk would... Not be quite as badass and would take a few casualties*
[02:14] Reve (kris15999): *marines, seeing the lack of yulairain casualties, would rush out, closing as many doors as possible behind them*
[02:14] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Stormtrooper SL: Report.
[02:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *There's a wounded soldier and one took a shot to the chest, though was saved by the underarmor*
[02:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *One of the stormtroopers begins to help the wounded back to the entry point, while the squads progress. The Risuk squad would continu without sending their wounded back yet*
[02:15] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They'd instead leave the wounded*
[02:16] Reve (kris15999): *risuks encounter dug-in marines*
[02:16] Reve (kris15999): *meanwhile, the opening and closing of doors begins getting closer*
[02:16] Reve (kris15999): *to the Yulairians*
[02:16] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuks would take cover behind any turns in the halls*
[02:17] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Yulairians would ready their MGs and get into a defensive position as the Steel Ranger reports incoming on his scanner*
[02:18] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *A Risuk squad member would throw a grenade into the enemy hall*
[02:18] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuk squad leader would check the corner to assess the defenses*
[02:18] Reve (kris15999): *a loud door closing can be heard immediately next to the Yulairians*
[02:19] Reve (kris15999): *it's just lightly-armored marines with basic rifles, and some small shields for prosing*
[02:19] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Steel Ranger would turn and likely make a mess of the squad with his minigun*
[02:20] Reve (kris15999): *, that was a the risuks*
[02:20] Reve (kris15999): 8the yulairians are alone*
[02:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Oh.)
[02:20] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (lolz)
[02:21] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Risuks take out a disposable shield barrier, only good for a few seconds of protection for about 2 men*
[02:21] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They activate it and 2 men enter the hall. One is holding the shield, the other opens fire*
[02:21] Reve (kris15999): *air begins venting quickly from the yulairian halls and the hall immediately next door, where the Techians are*
[02:21] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Stormtrooper SL: Masks.
[02:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Yulairians quickly remove a canister from their field gear and remove their helmets*
[02:22] Reve (kris15999): *the door smashes open, and from the articial smoke, space troopers emerge*
[02:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They pull a tight hoody over themselves and apply the masks*
[02:22] Reve (kris15999): *gravity is removed, and the space troopers are getting around quickly*
[02:22] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Steel Ranger would open fire, unphased as he is completely armored*
[02:22] Reve (kris15999): *they would get the chance to melee some of the close Yulairians*
[02:23] Reve (kris15999): jetting around quickly*
[02:23] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Yulairians would do their best to quickly combat the enemy melees and then reapply their helmets and apply tight gloves*
[02:23] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They would assist the ones who aren't fully geared yet&
[02:24] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Soon enough, the majority of the squad is now wearing airtight masks. The Steel Ranger is holding off firing too much to prevent ripping the halls apart and possibly collapsing the ceiling. He does what he can as the squad engages in melee combat*
[02:25] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Anyone who gets close to the Ranger would likely have their skull bashed in however*
[02:25] Reve (kris15999): *one of the troopers stays close tot he Yulairians, while the other ones pull back and cclose the door*
[02:25] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *One of the squad members would try to disable the enemy trooper, but not kill*
[02:26] Reve (kris15999): *their suit begins making a bleep, getting quciker and quicker over 10 seconds*
[02:26] Reve (kris15999): *it would explode*
[02:26] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The squad attempts to pull away*
[02:26] Reve (kris15999): *the other space troopers dig in in the halls later on*
[02:26] Reve (kris15999): *the marines on the risuk side are being dominated*
[02:26] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Steel Ranger would've stepped forward to attempt to take the blunt of the blast. 2 squad members are rather heavily injured, with another being minorly*
[02:27] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Tell me if I'm making my side too OP or anything, though given the Steel Ranger is kind of meant to be)
[02:27] Reve (kris15999): (There's always 1)
[02:27] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The squad begins tending to the wounded.*
[02:28] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Now, for the Risuks...)
[02:28] Reve (kris15999): *the risuks are currently around 50% of the way to the bridge, whereas the Yulairians are still at around 20% if they have been stuck where they were*
[02:29] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The squad sends their wounded back with one man . The remainder of the squad (4 men, MG and Steel Ranger) continue on*
[02:30] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Steel Ranger takes point with the MG at the rear, facing behind*
[02:32] Reve (kris15999): *the forces are all ordered back to the bridge*
[02:32] Reve (kris15999): *gun fire can still be heard, however*
[02:32] Reve (kris15999): *as the Risuks and Yulairians may advance, they see gunshots on the walls. Some parts may be caved in, though diversions would be abundant*
[02:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They would do their best to quickly get around and obstacles and to group up at the bridge*
[02:33] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (any*)
[02:33] Reve (kris15999): *the bridge doors are locked, and are one of the thickest on the ship*
[02:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *All 3 squads (Risuk and 2 Yulairan) group up outside the bridge then (?)*
[02:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Would one be able to hear voices through the bridge doors?)
[02:34] Reve (kris15999): *try to blast it open?*
[02:34] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Not yet.)
[02:34] Reve (kris15999): *the room inside is silent*
[02:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: *Speaks with a very deep, low and gravelly voice through his...speaker thing in this helmet which I've forgotten the name of*
[02:35] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: Dauntless. Activate a comm between myself and the bridge of the ship.
[02:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Dauntless would do so if at all possible*
[02:36] Reve (kris15999): *the comm is answered*
[02:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: I will not drag this out.
[02:36] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: We can rip this bridge from its superstructure and take the ship to repair it with no resistance.
[02:37] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: I will vent you all into space if you do not open the bridge doors and surrender so that we make take the ship without resistance. Am I clear?
[02:37] Reve (kris15999): *Only breathing can be heard*
[02:38] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: Am I clear?
[02:38] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *He makes sure the revving of his minigun is heard over the comm*
[02:38] Reve (kris15999): *the doors open*
[02:39] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *He steps forward through the doorway while the squad stays back*
[02:39] Reve (kris15999): *The room is empty, other than the commander  sitting in his command chair, facing the door way.*
[02:39] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The second Steel Ranger holds with the squad*
[02:39] Reve (kris15999): *he pokes himself with an instrument he is holding*
[02:39] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: *Steps up towards the commander, his metal boots clanking very loudly*
[02:39] Reve (kris15999): *the commander tilts his head and presses the button*
[02:40] Reve (kris15999): *he explopdes, and his insides are scattered over the bridge*
[02:40] Reve (kris15999): *there's no explosion*
[02:40] Reve (kris15999): *just his insides*
[02:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Blood splatters over the Steel Ranger's armor, making his already daunting and intimidating appearance even moreso*
[02:41] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Ranger waits patiently*
[02:42] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The squad's members breathe heavily as they wait on point, ready for an attack*
[02:42] Reve (kris15999): *a voice sounds on the ship communication*
[02:42] Reve (kris15999): It is not the ship's structure and weaponary that make it special.
[02:42] Reve (kris15999): It is its systems.
[02:43] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The squad holds. The Ranger looks about the bridge but remains silent*
[02:43] Reve (kris15999): *after the sound of a transmition ending, there is nothing but silence*
[02:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Stormtooper SL: Squad to bridge... Are you picking up anything... Unusual?
[02:44] Reve (kris15999): *no*
[02:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Negative...
[02:44] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: My scans are not picking up any life signs nearby other than the friendly squads.
[02:45] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: *Moves towards the main control console of the bridge, looking for anything that might involve gassing the entire ship*
[02:46] Reve (kris15999): *there is nothing*
[02:46] Reve (kris15999): *everything is off*
[02:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Risuk SL: What do we do?
[02:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: Dauntless, send in a shuttle to extract the assault team.
[02:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The second Steel Ranger steps up to his partner*
[02:47] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: We will take the ship on our own instead of risk casualties.
[02:48] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *A shuttle disembarks from Dauntless to dock with the bridge*
[02:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *It soon docks with the bridge (?) and a team cuts through an entry point (?) to extract the squad (?)*
[02:49] Reve (kris15999): *(?)*
[02:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Just making sure all of that would be plausible.)
[02:49] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Or... Rather, would occur.)
[02:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *Once the squad leaves the ship, the two Rangers would begin looking over the bridge consoles.*
[02:50] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They would check to see if they could power up any of the ship's systems*
[02:51] Reve (kris15999): *they can power up everything except automatic weapon targetting and interdictors*
[02:52] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They power up any lights that weren't on and bring up scanners*
[02:54] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They activate the ship's engines but leave them to idle*
[02:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *They check the ship-wide scanners for any other life signs and begin attempting to get into the master computer to figure out what special systems the ship might have. They also attempt to trace the previous comm*
[02:55] Reve (kris15999): *systems past the basic level report an error, and request maintenance*
[02:55] Reve (kris15999): *there are no lief signs on board*
[02:55] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The Rangers are skilled technicans and begin to attempt to fix whatever needs to be fixed*
[02:55] Reve (kris15999): *there are very small signatures surrounding the hallways in the bridge*
[02:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Why do I keep thinking back to the old Ichiri Flagship ventures?)
[02:56] Reve (kris15999): (BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE!)
[02:56] Reve (kris15999): (oh, was I?)
[02:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I swores you was.)
[02:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (You, Tourny, Bly and I.)
[02:56] Reve (kris15999): (oh.)
[02:56] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (And Naga somewhat.)
[02:57] Reve (kris15999): *eventually, the ship would request several engine replacements*
[02:57] Reve (kris15999): *it would return this error every time anyone tried to interact with any system*
[02:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: Ranger to Bridge.
[02:58] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Bridge here, go ahead.
[02:59] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Steel Ranger: We are recieving errors when attempting to access the main ship systems. I am powering everything down, request we tow the ship to the surface for technicians to look at it in a more secure location.
[03:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Silence* Roger, Ranger Team.
[03:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): Dauntless CO: *Begins calling in support ships to assist towing the ship down*
[03:00] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *A shuttle makes its way back to the bridge to pick up the Ranger team*
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): (Can we finish? Something will happen with the ship, just after a long while)
[03:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (Sure.)
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): (well, after it's repaired/salvaged/whatever)
[03:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): *The ship is towed down to a secure location?*
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): *sure?!?!?!?!8
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): *CHATLOGTIME*
[03:01] A \/olks\/\/agen (wolf802): (I want to try something... I'm going to write out everything we just did in a book form because I feel like it.)
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): (You don't have to leave)
[03:01] Reve (kris15999): (okay)

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