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[02:51] Melosevic (kris159): *6:45 yestermorning (1:45 your time)*
[02:52] Melosevic (kris159): *The SJutnariva shuttle drops out of hyperspace over Bor Dan Dar III, the Risuk capital*
[02:52] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (<.<)
[02:52] Melosevic (kris159): *The shuttle comms the planet*
[02:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The comm is transferred to a command cruiser*
[02:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: RCV Mjolnir, request identification and statement as to your purpose here.
[02:53] Melosevic (kris159): Greetings, this is Melosevic, Secretary of the Sjutnarivan State. I'm here for our scheduled audience with your administration.
[02:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Silence for a few moments*
[02:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: RCV Mjolnir rogers. You may proceed. *Coordinates for a landing place on the planet are given*
[02:54] Melosevic (kris159): Thankyou. Melosevic out *turns off comm*
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[02:55] Melosevic (kris159): *the ship begins accelerating to the planet*
[02:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): Melosevic (kris159): Punch it.
Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *stands around guarding something*
Wolf82 (wolf802): *The coordinates lead to a governmental section of the capital city.*
[02:55] Melosevic (kris159): (2 AM every day.)
[02:56] Melosevic (kris159): (Internet: Go to bed *turns off*)
[02:56] Melosevic (kris159): (me: No!)
[02:56] Melosevic (kris159): (Internet: *turns back on* Fine.
[02:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): (*lol)
[02:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): (>.>)
[02:57] Melosevic (kris159): *A few minutes later beacuse I'm too lazy to wait, the ship lands on the planets*
[02:57] Melosevic (kris159): *ont he docking platform*
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (The ship lands on the planets*)
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Lands on the planets*)
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (the planets*)
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (planets*)
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (WHAAAAT.)
[02:57] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (planet*)
[02:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): (:P)
[02:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The docking platform begins moving inwards towards the main building*
[02:58] Melosevic (kris159): *The shiny black shuttle's boarding ramp emerges, and out comes a delegation of 5 diplomats, two guards, and Melosevic himself*
[02:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The shuttle is brought into the building via a semi-hidden doorway large enough for a fair-sized shuttle. The platform is then brought down to ground-level*
[02:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Guards and 2 diplomats meet the entourage*
[03:00] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *looks upon the entourage*
[03:00] Melosevic (kris159): Good evening. I am Melosevic, Sjutnarivan Secretary of State.
[03:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): Diplomat: *Offers a hand to Melosevic* Dodson. Peter Dodson. *Gestures to the other man* My partner, Marian Fedara.
[03:00] Melosevic (kris159): *shakes hand, and smiles*
[03:00] Melosevic (kris159): Nice to meet you.
[03:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marian: Everyone just calls me Marty.
[03:00] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): -.^?
[03:00] Melosevic (kris159): Hi Marty.
[03:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: And you. Right this way. *He shows them towards a doorway leading to a hall*
[03:01] Melosevic (kris159): (*Wolf's PM window* [02:55] <This user is now online>)
[03:01] Melosevic (kris159): (Thanks for the update, Xfire)
[03:01] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *stands aside for the entourage to pass*
[03:01] Melosevic (kris159): *follows, followed by my 2 guards then the delegation*
[03:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They walk through several halls and appear quite formal. Any friendliness save for the original meeting seems to have dissipated.*
[03:02] Melosevic (kris159): Am I meeting with your national leader?
[03:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sometimes, other Risuk officials shoot bad-tempered glares at the delegation*
[03:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: We'll see.
[03:03] Melosevic (kris159): ... Very well.
[03:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They soon enter a meeting room. 2 of the 4 guards go in. The other 2 stand guard outside*
[03:04] Melosevic (kris159): (The beast hath retreated!)
[03:04] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *goes in*
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The diplomats enter and sit at the table*
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): *One of the guards promptly locks the door once the delegation is all inside*
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Both of the diplomats relax into their chairs after having been in tense postures*
[03:05] Melosevic (kris159): *sits in a chair*
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Now that we're in the safety of a private space...
[03:05] Melosevic (kris159): *leaves my breifcase resting on the chair beside me*
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Let's get down to business.
[03:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: You spoke with a Richard previously... Yes?
[03:06] Melosevic (kris159): Yes.
[03:06] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (*they make electronic cigarettes*)
[03:06] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (*THIS is a step forward in medicine*)
[03:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): (*They've been around for like 5 years... >.>*)
[03:07] Melosevic (kris159): (How about we take a step forward in our ability to think, and stop smoking.)
[03:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Majority of the population: Nah.)
[03:07] Melosevic (kris159): He suggested hiring the Yulairians.
[03:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Ah. Good on him... At least, Marty and myself think so.
[03:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: If you haven't noticed, Yulair is a...sensitive subject 'round here after the war.
[03:08] Melosevic (kris159): I noticed. He exaggerated their power; they have one ship, we have two planets.
[03:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: Orin-Risuk war that is. Forgot you weren't involved.
[03:09] Melosevic (kris159): Some of our ships were involved in the battle of Act.
[03:09] Melosevic (kris159): Our as in, ones which would otherwise be near Sjutnariva.
[03:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: Were they? Ah. Didn't know. All of it was absolute hell in a handbasket.
[03:10] Melosevic (kris159): *does the breathe laugh*
[03:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Anyway. Talk to us. What're you here for exactly? I know the basic run-down, but would you care to expand?
[03:11] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *realizes I have been gripping my weapon tightly ever since Yulair was mentioned*
[03:11] Melosevic (kris159): We hired the Yulairians with the ... impression that they'd be able to protect our two planets until we got our forces up and running.
[03:11] Melosevic (kris159): Well, we got that impression from Richard.
[03:11] Melosevic (kris159): one ship, though, is not enough to protect two planets.
[03:11] Melosevic (kris159): No matter how powerful it is.
[03:12] Melosevic (kris159): We signed a deal on Thursday, and they were immediately hired.
[03:12] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (It is if it's a Hive)
[03:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both force themselves to not chuckle*
[03:12] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (Actually.)
[03:12] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (It's not fast enough.)
[03:12] Melosevic (kris159): We hitched a ride with them back to Sjutnarevo, but we were intercepted by a blockade. 
[03:12] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (Or rather, can't turn fast enough.)
[03:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: Yulairians'll surprise the hell out of you with what they can do with a flight group of run down fighters.
[03:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Run down?
[03:13] Melosevic (kris159): We're dealing with the biggest empire in the known galaxy here, though, versus a single ship.
[03:13] Melosevic (kris159): I now seek to enlist the help of other civilizations, either to be prepared to defend our planets once hostiles have left, or ... to launch an assault against the blockade.
[03:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: 4th week of Alislore rolled 'round, they were so broke they couldn't repair their ships, so they had to jerryrig 'em. They still hammered those Orin bastards every day, all day.
[03:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Right, understandably. I remember hearing about you asking the CC Council for help.
[03:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Luckily, most of Risuk would be more than willing to help out. But here's the issue: After the war, there's not a lot of our fleet left we can spare.
[03:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: Not without seriously forcing the more stubborn higher-ups to budge, at least. They're... Ship hoarders you might say.
[03:16] Melosevic (kris159): Well, every little helps. Plus, we may have much more powerful reinforcements to come yet.
[03:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Here, I tell you what. You give me the information on where you want these ships and I'll work some magic. I could probably get a battle squadron out today. 5 ships, with more to come in the next week or so. I just need to grease some of the ranking officers a bit to agree to send more ships in.
[03:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Once the first squadron meets in friendly territory, the papers'll be signed. 
[03:18] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): ("Grease"?)
[03:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): (... Barter with more or less.)
[03:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: What do you say?
[03:19] Melosevic (kris159): We want to retake Sjutnarevo first, our capital. You must understand that any engagement of the blockade may result in the rest of the blockade attacking you. That's 20 high-tech ships.
[03:19] Melosevic (kris159): We want you to wait to see if we can get other allies to help.
[03:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: That works. Do you have the official documents for an agreement to assist?
[03:20] Melosevic (kris159): Yes.
[03:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: That'll give us time to muster some more battle squadrons.
[03:20] Melosevic (kris159): *sets breifcase on the table, opens it*
[03:20] Melosevic (kris159): *pulls out some documents, and slides them across, a pen attached*
[03:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): *He looks over the document and then signs it accordingly and then passes it back*
[03:21] Melosevic (kris159): Okay.
[03:21] Melosevic (kris159): Congregate your forces when ready between Clailustra and <bottom Risuk colony>
[03:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Will do. Glad we could do business here.
[03:22] Melosevic (kris159): Do you have a full holographic communicator I can use? (the expensive ones that make you look real)
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Marty shifts about in his chair and rummages in his jacket pocket. He then pulls out a holographic communicator and passes it to Melosevic*
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: That'll do you. It's my personal one, but I can get a new one today and get it set so none of my messages are sent to yours.
[03:23] Melosevic (kris159): *It would probably be one you have to stand on, that you can't carry round*
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: That way, you've got contact info for the only people you would do any good talking to.
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ohh.)
[03:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Then scratch that.)
[03:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Contact the RCV Killian on your way out. They should be able to provide you one.
[03:25] Melosevic (kris159): Is that a ship? 
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: Yeh. Risuk Combat Vessel is the Navy's ship ID.
[03:25] Melosevic (kris159): *gentle smile* Thankyou.
[03:25] Melosevic (kris159): *collapses breifcase, and stands up*
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): Marty: "Navy" looks a bit odd when half of your civilization is a trade corporation.
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They stand and nod*
[03:26] Melosevic (kris159): Good bye.
[03:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Good day.
[03:26] Melosevic (kris159): *walks up to the door, and looks at the guards*
[03:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They stand tall and still*
[03:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): Guard: Oh. Right.
[03:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Peter: Knuckleheads.
[03:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): *As the guard unlocks the door, he looks back to Peter*
[03:27] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *fumbles with the lock*
[03:27] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (*poisongaslol*)
[03:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Guard: 14 hours on the job doesn't do well for my beauty sleep, you know.
[03:27] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): *gets it open, and stands aside*
[03:28] Melosevic (kris159): *smiles and blinks, as if to silently laugh*
[03:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The door opens. The 2 guards outside stand at attention and gesture for the delegation to follow them back to the shuttle*
[03:28] Melosevic (kris159): *walks out with the delegation and guards*
[03:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): *More suspicious glances and hard stares as some officials pass. Soon, they're back at the shuttle*
[03:28] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (So Melosevic is part of Clailurstra?)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (We don't need to RPG the hologram thing)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (No, he's Sjutnariva)
[03:29] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (Then why is Clailurstra in play.)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (RPG DONE UNLESS YOU HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (They're not)
[03:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Anope.)
[03:29] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (w/e)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (Where did you get that they were "in play"?)
[03:29] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (They were mentioned.)
[03:29] Melosevic (kris159): (oh)
[03:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Probably because we meet just galactically north of the planet.)
[03:30] Risuk Guard (dsqtourny): (Yeah, I figured that out.)
[03:30] Melosevic (kris159): (I said meetin inbetween the bottom Risuk planet and Clailustrua, because that's surrounded by allied territory)
[03:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Plus, Dauntless is meant to go there.)
[03:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): (...Shall we bail out so you can log?)
[03:32] Melosevic (kris159): (sure)
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[17:55] kris159: (*Tourny spends his life in this room*)
[17:55] dsqtourny: (Darn right.)
[17:56] dsqtourny: (Hmm)
[17:56] dsqtourny: (Should I pull a Wolf an jump forward in time dramatically, or stay with continuity?)
[17:57] kris159: (Why?)
[17:57] dsqtourny: (Idk!)
[17:59] kris159: [02:32] kris159: Well, what mission did he give us? When is it, and what are we doing? TLutron?
[02:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We are to head back to Andurian (?) airspace and perform a similar mission.
[18:00] dsqtourny: (What's so confusing about Andur?_
[18:00] kris159: (I think you didn't know if you spelt/said it right)
[18:01] dsqtourny: (Oh.)
[18:01] dsqtourny: *we are on the bridge of our ship, which I don't believe has a name*
[18:02] kris159: (MAKE A NAME.)
[18:02] dsqtourny: (This is going to take some creative mana.)
[18:03] kris159: (brb)
[18:03] kris159: (drank)
[18:04] dsqtourny: (*jumps as high as I can*)
[18:04] dsqtourny: (*hits my head on the cieling*)
[18:04] dsqtourny: (The Insincere?)
[18:05] kris159: (Why do ship names always have to be adjectives?)
[18:06] dsqtourny: (What, you want it to be Howard?)
[18:06] kris159: (The Howard)
[18:07] dsqtourny: (It's settled then.)
[18:07] dsqtourny: *we are on the bridge of the Howard*
[18:08] kris159: What's our Mis-
[18:08] kris159: (What's my name?)
[18:08] dsqtourny: (Captain Perch.)
[18:08] dsqtourny: (I have no recollection of the first name.)
[18:09] Perch (kris159): What's our mission, Lutron?!
[18:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We are to head back to Andurian airspace and steal more --*chatlog searching*
[18:10] Perch (kris159): (granulized jurbitrum dilute)
[18:11] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We are to head back to Andurian airspace and steal more granulized jurbitrum dilute for Mr. Geoffrey.
[18:11] Perch (kris159): Alright.
[18:11] Perch (kris159): Where abouts?
[18:12] Perch (kris159): ( )
[18:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Is the Appearance map canon?)
[18:12] Perch (kris159): (ye)
[18:12] Perch (kris159): (Andur is the dark blue to the right of the large turquoise
[18:12] Perch (kris159): )
[18:13] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (There should be sub-maps.)
[18:13] Perch (kris159): (There are cropped verisons, but they are mostly for membership of coalitions or wars)
[18:14] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yeah, but I can't give a Lutron-esque rendition of the area without a more fine coordinate system.)
[18:14] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh well.)
[18:14] Perch (kris159): (Each grid square is 200x200 pixels, jsut say that)
[18:15] Perch (kris159): (like G5, 0<x<200 0<x<200
[18:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Sector K10, subsector L15.
[18:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I could convert that into coordinates at length)
[18:17] Perch (kris159): (... that would be nice)
[18:17] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Each sector is 200x200?)
[18:18] Perch (kris159): )(Yes)
[18:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh god. I just realized that the whole Appearence would be spinning in reality.)
[18:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (That probably doesn't help coordinate systems.)
[18:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Though, if everything is spinning, then nothing is spinning.)
[18:21] Perch (kris159): (It spins really slowly)
[18:24] Perch (kris159): (where approx?)
[18:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (almost got it)
[18:25] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (measured from the top left corner?)
[18:25] Perch (kris159): (yeS)
[18:26] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Sector K10: 115,145.
[18:26] Perch (kris159): (Though the exact coordinate you give will be 35 light years across)
[18:26] Perch (kris159): (okay)
[18:28] Perch (kris159): ... *starts getting restless* ETA?
[18:28] Perch (kris159): *snappy*
[18:29] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Law enforcement will likely be alert in the area, however they will also be gathered at our last looting place.
[18:29] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Estimated arrival in 2 minutes.
[18:30] Perch (kris159): ("Exports: Minerals (all Andurian planets, primarily Tyiani)" --Baldni page. Good choice)
[18:31] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (...)
[18:32] Perch (kris159): *the beep sounds* *sits up* Here we go.
[18:32] Perch (kris159): *the ship drops out of hyperspace* Fire!
[18:32] Perch (kris159): *powers up the engines and begins to approach the ship at high speed*
[18:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *opens fire on the first ship I locate*
[18:32] Perch (kris159): (there's more than one?!)
[18:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I don't know.)
[18:33] Perch (kris159): (just one then)
[18:33] Perch (kris159): *I start circling the stationary ship*
[18:33] Perch (kris159): *the target ship's shields flash, and a few small explosions occur on its hull*
[18:34] Perch (kris159): *computerized voice* target engines offline
[18:34] Perch (kris159): Cease fire, prepare to board.
[18:34] Perch (kris159): *stops circling, and approaches the ship's hull*
[18:34] Perch (kris159): *it's a ship a little bit larger and more modern-looking than oures*
[18:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *snorts at the sound of the computerized voice*
[18:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *ceases fire*
[18:35] Perch (kris159): *docks with it*
[18:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *rises from my seat and goes to the door*
[18:36] Perch (kris159): *puts everythig on stand-by, and jumps up*
[18:36] Perch (kris159): *joins Lutron after getting a weapon*
[18:36] Perch (kris159): *and shield batteries*
[18:37] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Multiple heat signatures detected on the opposite side of the door.
[18:37] Perch (kris159): *throws one at Lutron and ... that other guy*
[18:37] Perch (kris159): What else are we to expect.
[18:37] Perch (kris159): *DREN!*
[18:37] Perch (kris159): *that's him*
[18:37] Perch (kris159): *or drimmy*
[18:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yes!)
[18:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *approaches the door controls*
[18:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Are you prepared, Captain?
[18:38] Perch (kris159): Dren: *pushes self to front* let's get this party started, boys.
[18:38] Perch (kris159): Yep.
[18:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *pushes some buttons*
[18:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the door opens*
[18:38] Perch (kris159): *holds rifle up to shoulder*
[18:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *before it even finishes opening a hailfire of weapons fire rains down on us*
[18:39] Perch (kris159): *throws in a grenade as soon as the door opens even a little bit*
[18:39] Perch (kris159): *over the noise* COVER! 
[18:39] Perch (kris159): *fires and hides*
[18:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Voice: Grenade! Get down!
[18:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *explosion and screaming*
[18:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *stands around the edge of the door and fires at them from there*
[18:40] Perch (kris159): *Drem has been firing this whole time*
[18:40] Perch (kris159): *Dren**
[18:41] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *grabs a smoke grenade and tosses it through*
[18:41] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *blaster fire still comes through the smoke*
[18:41] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *gets down low and crouch-walks through the door*
[18:41] Perch (kris159): Dren: *leaves the door way, confidently, dodging a few of the lasers, and starts approaching through the smoke*
[18:41] Perch (kris159): *His weapon is -still- firing*
[18:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *grabs a guard by the front of his uniform and hoists him up*
[18:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *punches him in the face, knocking him out*
[18:42] Perch (kris159): Dren: *kills one of them*
[18:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *tosses him onto another*
[18:43] Perch (kris159): *The gunfire stops, and Perch kills the last*
[18:43] Perch (kris159): Dren: We got 'em, boss!
[18:43] Perch (kris159): Yeah yeah, let's just hurry up and get the cargo. Cruisers'll be here in no time.
[18:43] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): A distress signal has likely been sent out.
[18:44] Perch (kris159): I don't doubt it. Drimmy, stay here, me and Lutron will get started.
[18:44] Perch (kris159): *walks back, and deactivates my shield battery to recharge*
[18:44] Perch (kris159): Dren: Yes sir.
[18:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *hurries down the hall in the direction I think the cargo bay is*
[18:44] Perch (kris159): *gets some dollys ready*
[18:46] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *finds the cargo bay, but it is sealed with a bulkhead*
[18:46] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *examines it quizzically*
[18:47] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *attempts to push my fingers between the two parts of the bulkhead, but they are to wide*
[18:47] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *generates a tiny laser beam to try to widen the gap*
[18:48] Perch (kris159): *arrives at the bulkhead with two dollys* What's up?
[18:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): They have sealed the cargo bay.
[18:48] Perch (kris159): O::f course they have.
[18:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): It appears the door controls are behind this bulkhead.
[18:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *finishes lasering and tries again*
[18:48] Perch (kris159): Do you wanna blast it?
[18:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): I am not certain a blast will penetrate the door without also penetrating the rest of the structure.
[18:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *gets them in and pulls the two parts of the bulkhead apart slowly*
[18:50] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *makes a good-sized opening* Are you able to get through here?
[18:50] Perch (kris159): ... I can try.
[18:50] Perch (kris159): *goes in, head first*
[18:51] Perch (kris159): *a laser hits the door beside my head, and I quickly pull out* WHOA!
[18:51] Perch (kris159): *activates shield belt and gets rifle ready*
[18:51] Perch (kris159): *pokes it through the hole and fires a few shots off*
[18:52] Perch (kris159): *the fire stops*
[18:52] Perch (kris159): *looks through the hole again*
[18:52] Perch (kris159): ...
[18:52] Perch (kris159): *wispers* is there anyone there?
[18:54] Perch (kris159): *shoves Lutron* Lutron!
[18:54] Perch (kris159): *someone pokes their weapon through the hole*
[18:54] Perch (kris159): *looks down at it slowly*
[18:55] Perch (kris159): *tugs on the rifle, shoves it back, then pulls it out of the hole*
[18:55] Perch (kris159): *shoots the guy on the other side with my own rifle*
[18:55] Perch (kris159): ... There's that then. *looks first, then starts clibming through*
[18:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (sorry, back)
[18:57] Perch (kris159): *gets through*
[18:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (there's another door behind the bulkhead with the controls)
[18:58] Perch (kris159): Alright, the door controls are here.
[18:58] Perch (kris159): ... which one do I press?
[18:58] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Press red, green, blue, then the other blue.
[18:59] Perch (kris159): *presses them*
[18:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the bulkhead lifts*
[18:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Now press red, red, blue, other blue, green.
[19:00] Perch (kris159): *presses them* 
[19:00] Perch (kris159): *shakes head* I don't know if we'll even be able to get two hauls at this rate.
[19:01] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it opens*
[19:01] Perch (kris159): FInally!
[19:01] Perch (kris159): *runs through*
[19:01] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Get the cargo.
[19:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): I will accumulate more time.
[19:02] Perch (kris159): ... how?
[19:02] Perch (kris159): *starts loading it, checking it first*
[19:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): By misleading the authorities.
[19:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *retreats back to the ship*
[19:03] Perch (kris159): ...
[19:03] Perch (kris159): Get drimmy up here!
[19:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *sends Drimmy there*
[19:03] Perch (kris159): *finishes loading the first haul, and pushes my dolly back*
[19:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *analyzes the distress beacon's code*
[19:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *also sends the cargo robot*
[19:04] Perch (kris159): Drimmy: *arrives* What can I do for y', sir?
[19:04] Perch (kris159): Get loading, Lutron's got our back.
[19:04] Perch (kris159): Dren: Yes sir! *starts loading*
[19:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *james the distress signal*
[19:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): jams*
[19:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *grabs a spare comms device*
[19:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *rigs it to broadcast the same signal*
[19:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *goes back onto the cargo ship*
[19:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *begins searching for the escape pods*
[19:06] Perch (kris159): *Dren and I return to our ship, with a full load, drop it off near the door, and begin running back with the dollies*
[19:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *is met with some opposition, but eventually I find them*
[19:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *activates one of them, and loads the comms device onto it with the distress signal broadcasting*
[19:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *closes the hatch and launches the pod*
[19:08] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *watches it go for a few seconds before I turn and head  back to help*
[19:09] Perch (kris159): *has the second haul ready, and starts heading back*
[19:10] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *passes Perch with a dolly*
[19:13] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *returns with a load of cargo*
[19:13] Perch (kris159): *The Andurian Cruisers drop out of hyperspace near the pod*
[19:14] Perch (kris159): *there's only 2 of them, though*
[19:15] Perch (kris159): *The Andurian Cruisers can see our ship attached to this one?*
[19:15] Perch (kris159): *runs back to the bridge*
[19:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the Andurian Cruisers are momentarily kept at bay by the pod before they change course*
[19:17] Perch (kris159): I'm not chances it *gets on radio* get back here, -now-! They're here.
[19:18] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Acknowledged.
[19:18] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *returns to the bridge*
[19:19] Perch (kris159): *the ANdurian ships comm us*
[19:19] Perch (kris159): Seal the doors, get to your turrets!
[19:19] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *gets to my turret*
[19:19] Perch (kris159): Dren: *closes the doors*
[19:20] Perch (kris159): Don't fire. Don't even move it once you're in it.
[19:21] Perch (kris159): *starts the emergency hyperdrive*
[19:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *doesn't*
[19:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Because using the normal hyperdrive is too mainstream.)
[19:22] Perch (kris159): ;) *we accelerate amazingly quickly from the target ship, and blast between the two Andurian in to the hyperspace window*
[19:22] Perch (kris159): Good job. We were gone before they could even identify us.
[19:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Andurian Officer 1: Did you get their license plate number?!
[19:23] Perch (kris159): (lol)
[19:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Andurian Officer 2: *shows picture*
[19:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it's just kind of a vague smudge*
[19:23] Perch (kris159): (lol!)
[19:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I have to go mow the lawn.)
[19:24] Perch (kris159): (LATER GOOD RPG)
[19:24] <kris159 has left the room>
[19:24] <dsqtourny has left the room>

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