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[02:28] kris159: (...)
[02:28] kris159: (wait)
[02:28] kris159: (I need to set up the doc. It's a requirement!)
[02:30] kris159:
[02:31] kris159: (START THE MEETING)
[02:31] kris159: (LOOK AT CURRENT EVENTS
[02:31] wolf802: *Observes Orin being Orin*
[02:31] bly1234: *bangs the gavel*
[02:32] bly1234: This meeting is now in session
[02:32] kris159: *which has made a return from hiatus since January*
[02:32] kris159: *march, sorry*
[02:32] bly1234: Chair Member Bly presiding
[02:32] kris159: Hyan Fi: Peh.
[02:32] Bly (bly1234): You don't coun
[02:33] Bly (bly1234): Don't make me hit you with my gavel.
[02:33] kris159: Hyan Fi: T
[02:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Can we get on?
[02:33] Bly (bly1234): The Orin ambassador is named Orin?
[02:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Glare*
[02:33] kris159: Kalorus Prane: Why don't we get ...
[02:33] kris159: Kalorus Phane: OFF?
[02:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: ...
[02:33] kris159: Prane*
[02:33] Bly (bly1234): ...
[02:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Risuk attempts to hold back a laugh*
[02:33] Bly (bly1234): Right then
[02:34] Bly (bly1234): What would you all like to discuss
[02:34] Bly (bly1234): I'm all ears.
[02:35] kris159: Sjutnarevo (guest): *turns on request to speak*
[02:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Hides the words with a cough* How you suck.
[02:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Waaait. Guests are allowed...?)
[02:35] kris159: (YES)
[02:35] Bly (bly1234): (*throws the gavel at the Orin ambassador*)
[02:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): (So Yulair could observe the meeting?)
[02:35] kris159: |(Well, he requested to be a guest again)
[02:35] nagakrion: (so is some Yularian dude there?)
[02:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): (IDK yet.)
[02:35] kris159: (No, you only get granted a request if you have a propolsa)
[02:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): (It depends if--)
[02:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): (So I guess Yulair is not present.)
[02:36] nagakrion: (Is there a live stream of the conference?)
[02:36] Bly (bly1234): What is your request?
[02:36] kris159: (Sure, why not)
[02:36] nagakrion: (like )
[02:36] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Sjutnariva has declared independence over the planets SJutnarevo and Rjinescio.
[02:36] Bly (bly1234): (This type of C-Span would actually be fun to watch)
[02:37] kris159: Sjutnariva: We represent the majority of the Sjutnarevo people, who were conquered by the Techians in late 2009.
[02:37] kris159: ( !)
[02:37] kris159: (ABC Capita Council? Appearence Broadcasting Corporation?)
[02:38] kris159: (anyway)
[02:38] kris159: Sjutnarivan: We basically autonomy already, and we know that over 50% of members in this council recognize this.
[02:38] kris159: Sjutnarivan: The Techians, however, refuse to.
[02:39] kris159: Sjutnarivan: They sieged our two planets a few days ago, destroying all our naval capabilities.
[02:39] kris159: Sjutnarivan: We're defenseless to their merciless subjugation.
[02:39] nagakrion: (Krosov siege frigate!)
[02:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Coughs* Deal with it.
[02:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Risuk glares at him*
[02:39] kris159: Sjutnarivan: We're on the brink of Civil War.
[02:40] Bly (bly1234): *bangs gavel*
[02:40] Bly (bly1234): Don't make me come over there, Orin.
[02:40] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Need I remind you that the second mandate of the Capita Council's Peacekeeping Force is to prevent civil wars from occuring, and "keep the peace"
[02:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): *He looks at Bly as if he doesn't know what he's talking about*
[02:40] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Yet the Capita Council is yet to discuss such action.
[02:41] kris159: Sjutnarivan: I propose that you begin discussing the possibility of a peacekeeping force.
[02:41] nagakrion: *Faretel presses the "Put me on the speakers list" button*
[02:41] Bly (bly1234): *notes that*
[02:42] kris159: Sjutnarivan: *turns off "I'm speaking"*
[02:42] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Thankyou.
[02:42] Bly (bly1234): Would anyone else like to speak to this matter?
[02:42] nagakrion: (Anyone else on the list?)
[02:42] kris159: (no)
[02:42] nagakrion: Faretel: *stands*
[02:42] Bly (bly1234): *lights up Faretel's thing*
[02:43] nagakrion: (Nly would do that)
[02:43] kris159: (lol!0
[02:43] Bly (bly1234): (He's deep undercover, he was really Ming)
[02:43] nagakrion: Faretel: Why should the Council concern itself with such matters? It's a civil war, let the TEC deal with its own problems
[02:44] nagakrion: (*Nly leads a civil war and kills billions for Faretel*)
[02:44] Bly (bly1234): *a few of the EML and ONP members nod*
[02:44] kris159: (HEY! EML IS NEUTRAL!)
[02:44] nagakrion: Faretel: The Council represents international peace, not stepping in when a nation is too weak to keep its populace in line
[02:45] kris159: (Plus, ONP would be for it, since it's against the imperials)
[02:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm just laughing at how Yulair would instantly step up to help Sjutnarivan out and make sure that everything was kept in order there.)
[02:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): (It'd be like, "IDGAF what the CC says, we'll help.")
[02:46] Bly (bly1234): (The Bly Machine would be there for it's famous lounge)
[02:46] Bly (bly1234): (many a treaties were solved in the Bly Machine lounge)
[02:46] kris159: Sjutnarivan: That's why the CCPF was set up, to keep peace.
[02:46] nagakrion: Faretel: We do not, and should not, involve ourselves within sovreign nations
[02:46] Bly (bly1234): Hey, Sjutnarivan, you don't have permission to speak.
[02:47] kris159: (it's a discussion, she asked a question)
[02:47] kris159: Sjutnarivan: What's more peaceful? Oppressive imperials slaughtering democratic subjects, or an international peacekeeping force keeping the peace?
[02:47] nagakrion: Faretel: This is an internal matter, the TEC has its own military. The CCPF exists because the Risuk were too weak to exterminate the Orin in the last war
[02:47] Bly (bly1234): (*hits Heroi with the gavel*)
[02:48] Bly (bly1234): *Faretel wonders why nobody voted for Drakonia as a chair member*
[02:48] nagakrion: Faretel: It is to keep peace between nations, not to involve itself in internal matters
[02:49] nagakrion: Faretel: This requires a police action by the TEC, nothing more
[02:49] nagakrion: (lol bly)
[02:49] kris159: Sjutnarivan: We are a nation.
[02:49] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Over 50% of the members in this council recognize us as independant. We could join if we wanted.
[02:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Lolling.)
[02:49] nagakrion: Faretel: Then act like it and fight your own battles
[02:49] kris159: Sjutnarivan: You don't seem to understand the concept of this council.
[02:50] kris159: Sjutnarivan: One of them is to stop larger nations taking advantage of smaller ones.
[02:50] Bly (bly1234): Not really.
[02:50] nagakrion: (*imagines all council seats being made of space plastic, Faretel's is made of skulls*)
[02:50] kris159: Sjutnarivan: What are we, then?
[02:50] Bly (bly1234): A bunch of ambassador NPC's that are talking to a few of the big league civ's.
[02:50] nagakrion: Faretel: This council keeps the Appearance from dissolving into total war, and lately it's been doing quite poorly
[02:51] kris159: Heroi: Really? Orin-Risuk, East-West tudia, Nonan-Bazanian?
[02:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: War has been quite a plague if I may say so.
[02:51] kris159: Heroi: The only active war is Sjutnarevo, and it's only just started.
[02:51] Bly (bly1234): Hey, we're in a war here.
[02:51] nagakrion: Faretel: Blydonia's begun another conquest
[02:52] nagakrion: Faretel: Terrorists are blowing up luxury ships
[02:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: While I disagree with Miss Faretel about assisting nations, I agree that war has been quite an issue.
[02:52] kris159: Andur: Pirates are ravaging, too.
[02:52] Bly (bly1234): Bion Federation: Smugglers are a plague to our civilization and way of life.
[02:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: *Under his breath* It makes me wonder if that Princess whatever was on to something...
[02:54] nagakrion: Faretel: Now, if I were to commit a crime on Drakonian soil, hoarding rationed goods for example, and I were to declare myself an independent country, would the Council have any right to intervene? Of course not, that would be ludicrous (spelling?). The current sjutnarevo "crisis" is merely my hypothetical example on a larger scale
[02:55] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Over 50% of the Capita Council wouldn't deem you independant.
[02:55] nagakrion: (I want to say "Slutnarevo")
[02:55] kris159: (lol)
[02:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I keep ending up thinking "Sargento." >.>)
[02:55] Bly (bly1234): That's only 50%.
[02:55] nagakrion: Faretel: Yes, but even if they did, it would still be a rediculous example.
[02:55] Bly (bly1234): That's not the entire Council.
[02:56] nagakrion: Faretel: Still, you avoid the main point
[02:56] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Our fleet is nothing, and for a few sensetive months we will have no navy because the Techians destroyed it. We're asking that the Capita Council put ships over our planets to keep us from being slaughtered; is that too against this council's concept? I'm sure we could get anti-imperial help elsewhere ...
[02:57] Bly (bly1234): We're not putting vessels over your planet. It's Techian space and they're allowed to do what they will with it.
[02:57] nagakrion: Faretel: Exactly. Invading Techian space would bring more war, which I doubt this council wants
[02:58] kris159: Hyan Fi: I'm sure discussions have stagnated. We should intiate a vote instead of the big-mouths controlling the verdict. Votes yes, no, or abstain for some kind of peacekeeping force over Sjutanrevo and Rjinescio.
[02:58] Bly (bly1234): If you'd like to start a war by contracting civilizations like Manaki to protect you, then we'll hold you responsible.
[02:58] Bly (bly1234): Hey, Hyan, you're not a real chair member.
[02:58] kris159: (yes he is)
[02:59] Bly (bly1234): (I know)
[02:59] kris159: (use the doc to vote)
[02:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm kind of hoping that this fails...)
[03:00] Bly (bly1234): (it will)
[03:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait. Is the Sjutanrevo rep actually here, or hologramming?)
[03:01] kris159: (here)
[03:01] kris159: (Naga, vote?)
[03:02] kris159: (I just realized)
[03:02] kris159: (Sjutnarevo could be like Cuba for the ONP)
[03:02] nagakrion: (I voted for Bazania cause it lined up with my name)
[03:02] kris159: (lol)
[03:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): (So... I guess no forces for Sjutanrevo.)
[03:03] kris159: (Is BlyDonia trying to get on Techia's side, or are they genuinely not liking the prospect?)
[03:03] nagakrion: (Passed? FALSE)
[03:03] kris159: (FALSE)
[03:04] kris159: Hyan Fi: The vote has failed.
[03:04] Bly (bly1234): (we just don't like the prospect)
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Risuk sighs*
[03:04] kris159: Sjutnarivan: Thankyou for your time.
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Hah.
[03:04] nagakrion: *Faretel looks pointedly at Slutnarivian before sitting down*
[03:04] kris159: Sjutnarivan: We shall take time to consider our position ... at least, what time we have left.
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: *Stands*
[03:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: I'm going to excuse myself early. Thank you, gentlepeople.
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): Have a nice day.
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Cough* Faggot.
[03:05] kris159: (oh wow)
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): Wait, can he do that?
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): *takes out Capita Council Rule Book*
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): *He fumbles about with his briefcase and files*
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): Hey, buddy.
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): You have to stay the entire time
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Or, you know what, NVM, I'll let him stay.)
[03:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Does it honestly say that?)
[03:05] kris159: (No)
[03:05] kris159: (but I haven't written that part yet)
[03:05] Bly (bly1234): Unless, and I quote, "Illness, family emergency, and or death".
[03:06] kris159: (But it's true)
[03:06] kris159: (So stay)
[03:06] kris159: (You would have to supply a substitute)
[03:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): *He sits back down*
[03:06] Bly (bly1234): You don't look sick, you didn't get a comm, and you just sat down so you're still alive.
[03:06] nagakrion: (I just put like a GB of audiobooks on my phone!)
[03:07] kris159: (lol)
[03:07] Bly (bly1234): What else should we discuss?
[03:08] kris159: West Tudian: Oh, how about the 2000 or so classified documents being leaked?
[03:08] nagakrion: Faretel: I would like to note Blydonia's naivete (spelling?) in its current conflict
[03:08] Bly (bly1234): (BlyDonia's what?)
[03:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Did Sjutanrevo leave?)
[03:08] nagakrion: (Being naive)
[03:08] kris159: (spelling is a yes!)
[03:08] nagakrion: (Yes, Faretel tripped him on the way out and everyone laughed)
[03:08] Bly (bly1234): (*claps for Naga*)
[03:08] kris159: (no, they stayed to observe)
[03:09] kris159: (They can't participate in discussions ,though)
[03:09] Bly (bly1234): *at a home on BlyDonia Prime*
[03:09] kris159: (SHUT UP AND CONTINUE)
[03:09] Bly (bly1234): Family: *is watching ABC Capita Counciil*
[03:09] Bly (bly1234): *they're laughing*
[03:09] nagakrion: (Bly has a family?)
[03:09] Bly (bly1234): (It's not my family)
[03:09] nagakrion: (I thought they were dead)
[03:09] Bly (bly1234): (It's a random family)
[03:09] kris159: (BlyDONIA has a family?)
[03:09] kris159: (I thought they were all sluts and man whores)
[03:10] Bly (bly1234): (Not anymore)
[03:10] Bly (bly1234): (now we're a respectable society)
[03:10] nagakrion: (Yes, much reproduction has left everyone related)
[03:10] nagakrion: (lol!)
[03:10] Bly (bly1234): What about those documents?
[03:10] kris159: West Tudian: We should do something about them, perhaps.
[03:11] Bly (bly1234): what?
[03:11] kris159: West Tudia: Burn them?
[03:11] nagakrion: Faretel: Find and kill whoever's releasing them
[03:11] Bly (bly1234): ......they're online
[03:11] kris159: West Tudia: Or raid the perpetrators. 
[03:11] Bly (bly1234): *takes out a computer*
[03:11] Bly (bly1234): *burns it*
[03:11] nagakrion: *the sprinklers stop the fire*
[03:11] Bly (bly1234): That's the effect of what you just asked us to do, Ambassador.
[03:11] kris159: West Tudia: Do an ISP block like the UK did on TPB?
[03:12] nagakrion: (I rememebered the epic sprinklers!)
[03:12] Bly (bly1234): What's the UK?
[03:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: United Klingons, I believe.
[03:12] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[03:12] kris159: (i was joking ...)
[03:12] kris159: (*NVM*)
[03:13] kris159: West Tudia: We could order a block on access to their medium, or raid them.
[03:14] kris159: *was looking through the HTML on the google docs page*
[03:14] kris159: *found this: "waffle-formula-container" *
[03:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL)
[03:14] Bly (bly1234): That's up to the individual government's
[03:15] Bly (bly1234): Where are they based?
[03:15] kris159: West Tudia: ...
[03:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait a sec.)
[03:15] kris159: West Tudia: East Tudia.
[03:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (BlyDonia was going to take down the CC??)
[03:15] Bly (bly1234): (yeah)
[03:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Fascinating.)
[03:15] kris159: (What?)
[03:15] nagakrion: (unsurprising)
[03:15] Bly (bly1234): East Tudia, what say you.
[03:16] Bly (bly1234): Wake up. *bangs gavel*
[03:16] kris159: East Tudia: Doing a raid would be against freedom of expression.
[03:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): (The question I have is... Who are they sending in to gain that information?)
[03:17] kris159: (Spies and bribing politicians)
[03:17] kris159: (TEH BABEH)
[03:17] kris159: (IT'S CRYING!)
[03:17] Bly (bly1234): If you'd really like to take care of it, just send in a small special forces team.
[03:17] Bly (bly1234): Next topic.
[03:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Are --
[03:17] kris159: Hyan Fi: No
[03:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Excuse me, Supreme Leader.
[03:17] kris159: Hyan Fi: This needs to be sorted now.
[03:17] Bly (bly1234): Nobody asked you.
[03:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Are you implying we -kill- the people who are leaking the information?
[03:17] nagakrion: Faretel: Freedom of expression is a weakness
[03:18] nagakrion: Faretel: Are you retarded? *stewie voice*
[03:18] Bly (bly1234): I didn't imply anything.
[03:18] nagakrion: (jk on the last bit)
[03:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Alright then.
[03:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Perhaps we shouldn't do anything - it seems that them giving out some dark secrets really puts everyone in their true light. *He glares to the people who planned to attack Orin*
[03:19] Bly (bly1234): Well Ambassador Fi?
[03:19] Bly (bly1234): Do -you- have anything to add?
[03:19] kris159: Hyan Fi: East Tudia, how would you feel on a CC raid?
[03:20] kris159: East Tudia: That's not a possibility.
[03:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: And I'm sure if your old documents about the slaughters you commited were released, you'd want them gone as well.
Orin: It seems that it no longer matters - anything we've -rightfully- done in the past has already been made public.
[03:20] kris159: Hyan Fi: We could block access to the site, and introduce laws to make giving in to bribes on leaking information a high treason.
[03:21] nagakrion: Faretel: It isn't already?
[03:21] Bly (bly1234): The Capita Council is not a law making entity.
[03:21] nagakrion: Faretel: That's a problem right there
[03:21] kris159: Hyan Fi: Indeed.
[03:21] kris159: Hyan Fi: The Capita Council is what we make it.
[03:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: I say we vote.
[03:21] Bly (bly1234): On what?
[03:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Between doing nothing or raiding or blocking access.
[03:21] kris159: East Tudia; You cannot raid.
[03:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: I personally don't see how the last option will hold long.
[03:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Coughs* *States clearly* I'm sure you could if you knew who to hire.
[03:22] kris159: East Tudia: We know who to hire. We will not hire them, and we will not allow anyone to raid them; it is against our fundamental freedom of expression.
[03:22] nagakrion: Faretel: You neglect the issue of locating the perpetrators
[03:22] kris159: Hyan Fi: Exactly.
[03:23] kris159: Hyan Fi: A block is more efficient and easier to put in place.
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: I must say, it seems that this is a case no one can rightly agree on. There are too many ifs and too many morals that conflict it seems.
[03:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: What's to stop them from simply finding new places to post their information?
[03:24] kris159: Hyan Fi: In order for people to access the site, they need a web address. they publisht he web address.
[03:24] kris159: Hyan Fi: So we block all the web addresses.
[03:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: What if this turns into a cyber war and they find ways to bypass your blockages?
[03:24] nagakrion: (Backtrace em)
[03:25] kris159: Hyan Fi: If a cyber war is necassery, then so be it. This is not something we can leave to develop.
[03:25] Bly (bly1234): (Send the cyber police after them, they dun goofed)
[03:25] nagakrion: (Bly gets it!0
[03:25] Bly (bly1234): (lol)
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Perhaps.
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: So what are we going to do?
[03:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Vote?
[03:26] Bly (bly1234): Nothing, and hope it goes away.
[03:26] nagakrion: Faretel: That's worked well in the past, Supreme Leader. Remember the Ichiri?
[03:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: We're having complaints of wars, yes?
[03:26] Bly (bly1234): ...
[03:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Many of the leaked plans involve attacks. Attacks that are now foiled.
[03:26] Bly (bly1234): Shush.
[03:27] kris159: (OHSHIT)
[03:27] kris159: (I just told Blax we're RPGIng)
[03:27] kris159: (he might want in)
[03:27] nagakrion: (Kris, what will you say?)
[03:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: In a sense, they're keeping the peace by releasing this information. They're forcing us to abandon plans of combat.
[03:27] Bly (bly1234): (*sound the alarm*)
[03:27] kris159: (He's disinterested)
[03:27] nagakrion: (We shall meet the heretic with bolter and chainsword and banhammer!)
[03:27] kris159: (Because I said WBVDKT)
[03:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Does anyone agree?
[03:28] Bly (bly1234): I guess.
[03:28] Bly (bly1234): I'd still keep the plans anyway, I'd simply modify them
[03:28] nagakrion: Faretel: Yes, if someone's leaking your information it does not bode well for internal security
[03:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: With the threat of information being leaked, combat plans must not only be kept to a minimum, but avoided if at all possible.
[03:28] kris159: Hyan Fi: Things stay classified for a reason, and it's not just war plans.
[03:28] nagakrion: Faretel: No plans? No wonder you lost the war
[03:28] kris159: Hyan Fi: Terrorists could get hold of key positions, and target them.
[03:29] nagakrion: (Like Hyan's surprise birthday party for Fin Asura, ruined by Appearance leaks)\
[03:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Miss Faretel, you yourself have already said that war is plaguing the appearance and should come to a stop.
[03:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Terrorists are easier to deal with than full-scale wars, however.
[03:29] nagakrion: Faretel: I said that stopping war is the council's goal. I have no issue with war
[03:29] nagakrion: (She's drakonian, war fetish)
[03:30] Bly (bly1234): (She's actually a Yularian)
[03:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Then let it be our goal to simply do nothing. As I said, in a sense, this forces us to put aside plans on invasion and combat.
[03:30] nagakrion: (She never got along with Yularians and converted)
[03:30] kris159: Hyan Fi: It's much more than just war plans, sir/ma'am.
[03:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: And I think a bit of cooperation and trust among one another is just what this galaxy could use.
[03:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Then again... *Glares at Orin*
[03:30] nagakrion: *faretel laughs under her breath*
[03:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: *Cough* Yulairfag.
[03:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Pfft. Please. 
[03:31] nagakrion: ("fag" is technically right)
[03:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
[03:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The two look around at the other members awkwardly*
[03:32] nagakrion: Faretel: I would tell you to stop arguing and just fight it out, but neither of you are strong enough
[03:33] kris159: Hyan Fi: It is time to vote (MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BIT AT THE BOTTOM)
[03:37] kris159: (We're all lined up =D)
[03:37] kris159: Hyan Fi: The vote has passed.
[03:39] kris159: Hyan Fi: All nations are ordered to initiate a block on AppearenceLeaks, all sites supporting them or getting advertising money from them, and supporting them is punishable by life imprisonment.
[03:40] nagakrion: Faretel: And how is the Council to enforce this? Once again, it oversteps its bounds
[03:40] kris159: East Tudia: Exactly.
[03:40] Bly (bly1234): Agreed
[03:40] kris159: East Tudia: Are you going to kick us? It's your loss if you do.
[03:40] nagakrion: Faretel: Yeah, we really need more small, annoying nations
[03:41] kris159: Hyan Fi: Accessability has been significantly decreased – that was our target.
[03:41] kris159: ibility*
[03:42] kris159: Hyan Fi: Ms. Faretel, you attempted to intiate a new topic shortly after East Tudia. Would you like to continue?
[03:42] kris159: (BlyDonia-Suzu)
[03:42] kris159: (war)
[03:42] nagakrion: Faretel: Not a topic, merely a remark
[03:42] nagakrion: Faretel: If this war merits discussion, so be it
[03:43] kris159: Hyan Fi: Suzu is isolationist – if they lose they can't come crying to us.
[03:43] kris159: Hyan Fi: Has anyone got any other topics to discuss?
[03:44] nagakrion: (Faretel: I'm singl- *Nly jumps through the window*)\
[03:44] kris159: Hyan Fi: That concludes the meeting. The next meeting shall be on August 2, next thursday. Thankyou everyone.
[03:44] kris159: Hyan Fi: *bangs Bly's gavel (does this sound frisky?)*
[03:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): (... Somewhat.)
[03:45] nagakrion: (yes)
[03:45] nagakrion: (Will it light his thingy up?)
[03:45] kris159: (Oh how I hope Hyan Fi is not a man)
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): Wait.
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): Everyone
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): The meeting is back on.
[03:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: ... 
[03:45] kris159: Hyan Fi: Oh, you were sleeping. Sorry.
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): *bangs gavel*
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): Okay, now It's done
[03:45] Bly (bly1234): *Bangs gavel, ending it*
[03:46] Bly (bly1234): Don't touch my gavel, Ambassador. 
[03:46] nagakrion: (everyone should chill in groups for refreshments)
[03:46] Bly (bly1234): *sits with the Bion, Andur, and Hzia reps*
[03:46] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Risuk rep begins putting things in his briefcase. Once done, he follows Sjutenravo's rep*
[03:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): (What's their reps' name?)
[03:47] Bly (bly1234): (Sjutenravo)
[03:47] kris159: (IDK)
[03:47] kris159: (I'm not very good at making up slavic names)
[03:47] Bly (bly1234): (he's very patriotic)
[03:47] kris159: (So let's go with Melosevic.)
[03:47] kris159: (*that's a reference unless you don't know about the Yugoslav wars*)
[03:48] nagakrion: (Wasn't he a dick?)
[03:48] kris159: (Yes)
[03:48] kris159: (Serbian president that started the whole thing)
[03:48] kris159: (Dang serbians)
[03:48] kris159: (always startin' wars)
[03:48] Wolf82 (wolf802): (>.>)
[03:48] kris159: (lol)
[03:48] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Mr. Melosevic!
[03:49] kris159: Melosevic: Yes?
[03:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Hello. My name is Richard Killian. I represent Risuk, as I'm sure you know.
[03:49] nagakrion: *Faretel hangs out with Bly since Drakonia and Blydonia voted similar*
[03:49] kris159: Melosevic: Nice to meet you.
[03:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Listen - I'm sure you're disappointed and probably pretry frustruated that the vote didn't pass to assist you...
[03:50] Bly (bly1234): Hello, Ms. Faretel.
[03:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: I'm assuming you've heard of the recently ended war between Risuk and Orin? Battle of Alislore?
[03:50] kris159: Melosevic: Yes. Good job.
[03:50] nagakrion: Faretel: Hello, Supreme Leader Bly.
[03:50] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Junuka: Greetings.
[03:50] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Carna: Hello.
[03:51] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Hzia: Nice to meet you.
[03:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Well, thank you. Well, we had assistance in the war from a multitude of civilizations and companies. One of which included was... Yulair. Have you heard of them?
[03:51] Bly (bly1234): (Bion, Andur, and Hzian in order)
[03:51] kris159: (wait)
[03:51] kris159: (You lost that battle)
[03:51] nagakrion: (Hzia wouldn't say that!)
[03:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): (They may have lost the battle, but they won the war!)
[03:51] Bly (bly1234): (oh, it's an Empire)
[03:51] kris159: (Hzia wants to be your friend, Drakonia!)
[03:51] kris159: (Remember the deal?)
[03:51] nagakrion: (Because she/he met Faretel before)
[03:51] kris159: (They were very optimistic!)
[03:51] kris159: (oh)
[03:51] kris159: (Yes0
[03:52] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Hzia: Nice to see you again.
[03:52] kris159: (oh)
[03:52] kris159: Melosevic: Yes.
[03:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Should use the name.. >.>*)
[03:52] nagakrion: Faretel: Indeed.
[03:52] kris159: Melosevic: We fought the same war.
[03:52] Bly (bly1234): Hzia: I have momentary amnesia for a moment.
[03:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): (WHatevs.)
[03:52] kris159: Melosevic: The Kortorisan-TEC war, I mean.
[03:52] Bly (bly1234): Hzia: I have had that disease since I was a little boy.
[03:53] Bly (bly1234): I remember when this council could still do things effectively. Now it's all lost up in voting and burecracy.
[03:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Well, then I'm sure you're aware that they're rather keen on helping out civilizations that are pressed into wars they can't fight, or who have unstable governments and the like...
[03:53] nagakrion: Faretel: Indeed. the Ichiri Wars were glorious
[03:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Listen - They're small now. They've lost a lot of what they had. They can't cover much with just one ship and some fighters, but...
[03:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: When Risuk turned on them, I was one of the few who disobeyed my superiors and went on to assist Yulair to get out of the jam they were put into.
[03:54] kris159: Melosevic: I see.
[03:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: I saw them through until both the bastards who made the call to turn on them and Orin were brought down.
[03:55] Bly (bly1234): This is a shame.
[03:55] nagakrion: (How are Iron Man's suit and Sarah Palin's uterus similar?)
[03:55] nagakrion: (They both had Downey Juniors in them)
[03:55] Bly (bly1234): (...)
[03:55] Bly (bly1234): (*gets it*)
[03:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: I stood up for them for a reason. They may be small now, but they -will- put their heart and soul into the cause they agree to help.
[03:56] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Junuka: For members who have been in since nearly its inception, this is tough to see.
[03:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: They're all good people who only want to do what's best. They just want to help. And that new civilization they're with? They seem to be on to something about the fighting going on... Yulair and them obviously make a good team. I think that this could work well for both you and them.
[03:56] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Carna: Indeed.
[03:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: You should contact Yulair and inform them of what's going on. I guarnentee that they'll do anything they can to help. Even if they can't commit forces, they'll find someone who can.
[03:57] nagakrion: (*imagines the dudes dressed like hipsters* I was in the CC before it was cool!)
[03:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: And this could give Yulair a chance to prove to the big shots *he nods in the direction of reps for the TEC, BlyDonia, the Tudias, Gammeta, etc* that what that Princess said was true...
[03:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: And to prove that they -can- make a difference.
[03:58] Bly (bly1234): (Tudia is hardly a big shot)
[03:58] kris159: Melosevic: We know somewhere we can get help already, though this would help out a lot – I don't want my civilization falling to ONP integration simply because we want independence.
[03:58] Bly (bly1234): (We could take them over anytime we want)
[03:58] kris159: (And Gammeta will!0
[03:59] nagakrion: (Greater Appearance Co Prosperity Sphere)
[03:59] kris159: (The Gammetan Empire shall rise!)
[03:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Contact them - trust me. It'll be good for you, and them.
[03:59] kris159: Melosevic: Thankyou.
[03:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: Good luck to you. *He nods and walks off*
[03:59] Bly (bly1234): (Carna is a lady)
[03:59] Bly (bly1234): (She was actually a chair member at one poin)
[04:00] Bly (bly1234): (g2g)
[04:00] kris159: (bye)
[04:00] nagakrion: (bye)
[04:00] <Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
[04:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris, want to contact Yulair now or later?)
[04:00] nagakrion: (Faretel's gonna make that awkward)
[04:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Totally awkward.)
[04:01] kris159: (LateR)
[04:01] kris159: (i've got to wiki this before I forget)
[04:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay.)
[04:01] nagakrion: (Kris, why did Princess Diana cross the road?)
[04:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tonight do you reckon?)
[04:01] kris159: (To get the chicken?!)
[04:01] nagakrion: (She wasn't wearing her seatbelt)
[04:01] kris159: (No)
[04:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL)
[04:01] kris159: (lol!)
[04:01] kris159: (LOL!)
[04:01] nagakrion: (What do Pink Floyd and Princess Di have in common?)
[04:01] nagakrion: (Their last big hit was the wall)
[04:01] kris159: (are you getting these from reddit?!)
[04:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
[04:02] nagakrion: (Yes, did you see the thread?)
[04:02] kris159: (No)
[04:02] kris159: (I can just tell)
[04:02] nagakrion: (lol)
[04:02] kris159: (*that wasn't sarcasm, btw, just incase you got that impression*)
[04:03] nagakrion: (the CC page lacks a list of reps)
[04:03] kris159: (it's not linked)
[04:03] kris159: ( )
[04:03] kris159: *
[04:04] kris159: (MY GOD I MISS FLEXIBLE WIDTH)
[04:04] kris159: (none of the tables look right)
[04:04] nagakrion: (Why not leave a redirect?)
[04:04] kris159: (IDK)
[04:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (FYI, I'm not trying to promote Yulair in a GodMode or MetaGaming kind of way.)
[04:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (There are portions of Risuk staff who strongly support them and their cause.)
[04:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I saw that oppurtunity and just thought it was too good to pass up to not have him mention contacting Yulair.)
[04:06] kris159: (Aww. I feel like all these scenarios I'm creating are actually useful, now)
[04:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): (They are. Storylines abound!)
[04:06] nagakrion: (what scenarios?)
[04:06] kris159: (all the wars and disputes)
[04:07] kris159: (What do you think I should call a page that detials BlyDonian anti-imperial crusades?)
[04:07] kris159: (Like, they had at least 4 anti-imperial wars in 2010)
[04:07] kris159: (I need to group them, and I want to create a page for them)
[04:07] nagakrion: (Blydonian crusades)
[04:08] kris159: (Just crusades, no anti-imperial?)
[04:08] kris159: (JW, not supporting the anti-imperial)
[04:08] kris159: (just wonder if it sounds ... right)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (BlyDonian Anti-Imperialism Crusades or BlyDonian Crusades Against Anti-Imperialism.)
[04:08] kris159: (against imperialism* YOU IDIOT!)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (BlyDonian crusades sounds too much like Knights of the Round Table murderi--)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I mea--)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): ((*)#&%$)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm tired.)
[04:08] kris159: (lol)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL)
[04:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (That was funny.)
[04:15] kris159: (Congrats on the first CC meeting done in collaboration with Google!)
[04:16] kris159: (NOW GET OUT SO I CAN CHATLOG)
[04:16] wolf802: (... OKay...)
[04:16] <wolf802 has left the room>
[04:16] kris159: (Nsgs?)
[04:17] <nagakrion has left the room>
[04:17] <kris159 has left the room>

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