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[23:40] <kris159 (Power User) has entered the room>
[23:40] <dsqtourny (Admin) has entered the room>
[23:40] kris159: So it's you and I on a vessel?
[23:40] dsqtourny: As ourselves or different characters?
[23:40] kris159: ()*
[23:40] kris159: (Different characters)
[23:40] dsqtourny: (Ok...)
[23:41] kris159: (Kortoris Phane, a Gammetan Navy, and DR. Tourny, the leader of a planet, ahve decided to come together ... to pirate!)
[23:41] dsqtourny: (Seems legit.
[23:41] kris159: (lol)
[23:41] kris159: (So. What's our ship?)
[23:41] dsqtourny: (I dunno.)
[23:42] kris159: (Okay, then)
[23:42] dsqtourny: (Are we independent or Gammetan?)
[23:42] kris159: (It's an armed freighter)
[23:42] kris159: (independant)
[23:42] dsqtourny: (Brb, finger-parsing)
[23:43] kris159: (Okay, we're between Andur and Alislore, which has a trade route going around a large very, very nebula. See
[23:43] kris159: *
[23:43] kris159: (are you male or female?)
[23:44] kris159: (I'm gonna randomize my gender)
[23:44] kris159: (...)
[23:44] kris159: (that sounded wierd)
[23:44] dsqtourny: (Nginx.)
[23:44] kris159: (What?)
[23:45] kris159: (I got male)
[23:45] dsqtourny: (That's what the 404 page says.)
[23:45] kris159: (lol)
[23:45] kris159: (Go to the second link I sent)
[23:46] kris159: (Are you male or female? can you see where we are yet?)
[23:47] dsqtourny: (I'm )
[23:47] kris159: (...)
[23:47] dsqtourny: (What?)
[23:48] kris159: (Why is she a pirate?)
[23:48] dsqtourny: (She was already a privateer.)
[23:48] kris159: (Not a pirate, though)
[23:48] dsqtourny: (You're right.)
[23:48] dsqtourny: (I CALL ONBOARD COMPUTER)
[23:48] kris159: (?)
[23:49] dsqtourny: (What grid box are we in?_)
[23:49] kris159: (K11)
[23:49] kris159: (Near the very center)
[23:49] dsqtourny: (Nice.)
[23:50] kris159: (Imagine a horizontal line crossing Alislore and a vertical line crossing "Andurian System")
[23:50] dsqtourny: (What kinds of aliens do we have living around here?)
[23:50] kris159: (Where those two lines cross, we are)
[23:50] kris159: (it's all human)
[23:50] dsqtourny: (That's so boring.)
[23:50] dsqtourny: (===OOOO!!!!)
[23:50] kris159: (no aliens? Storyline ruined.)
[23:51] dsqtourny: (I'm a robot. It's decided.)
[23:52] kris159: (Okay, hold on)
[23:55] kris159: (I'll be making up the whole national stuff, that deals with other nations getting involved or trade ships, but I don't want to be in control of this whole role play. When the mission is done, if we go on, I would like it if others would kind of take control and determine stuff)
[23:56] kris159: (You got that?!)
[23:56] dsqtourny: (SIR YES SIR)
[23:56] dsqtourny: (Take control and determine what stuff?)
[23:56] kris159: Like, what its like when we've done the mission
[23:57] kris159: As in, what the pirate compan'ys base is like, the people in control and who we deal with)
[23:57] kris159: ()*
[23:58] dsqtourny: (Oh.)
[23:58] kris159: (Preferably, I'll be in control of stuff like the cargo vessel and any national responses during the pirate mission (though you can say like a few people try to kill us during the time we're on the ship), but once we're done it'll be a joint effort, or you making stuff up.)
[23:58] dsqtourny: (Alright.)
[23:58] dsqtourny: (
[23:58] kris159: (So do you want to go?0
[23:59] dsqtourny: (Sure.)
[00:00] kris159: (So what kind of robot are you? Or would you like to make that up as we go alone?)
[00:00] kris159: (along*)
[00:00] dsqtourny: (I am from the planet of entirely mechanical beings.)
[00:00] kris159: (...)
[00:00] kris159: (Alright then.)
[00:01] dsqtourny: (This is already an established planet, it is referenced on Jen's page.)
[00:01] kris159: *The small vessel is sitting on the outskirts of a very thick and massive nebula, which the Alislore-Andur trade route wraps around*
[00:01] kris159: *There's a space station at the center of the trade route a few lightyears away*
[00:02] kris159: *We have a small sensor beacon outside the nebula, which can operate far better than our ship's sensors can due to the fact that we're in the nebula*
[00:02] dsqtourny: *looks KIND OF like *
[00:02] kris159: (lol)
[00:02] kris159: (Long legs short torso!)
[00:03] kris159: (Meh. Kinda)
[00:03] dsqtourny: (#comicbooks)
[00:03] kris159: *We're both sitting in the cockpit of the ship, with me clearly on the flight controls*
[00:03] dsqtourny: *has a low, vocoded and rumbly voice*
[00:03] kris159: *The ship looks slightly tattered, but is clearly of Andurian design*
[00:04] dsqtourny: REPORT: Ship's stabilizers are holding steady.
[00:04] kris159: *has a strong, low pitched and gritty voice*
[00:04] kris159: *two prominent beeps come from the console*
[00:05] dsqtourny: *looks*
[00:05] kris159: *I get up from my slouched position, attentively* We've got a contact. Fire up the hyperdrive.
[00:05] kris159: *A high-pitched charging noise begins*
[00:06] dsqtourny: *does so*
[00:06] dsqtourny: Hyperdrive is firing up.
[00:06] kris159: *it's done. We enter hyperspace*
[00:06] kris159: 20 seconds ...
[00:07] dsqtourny: *there's some other tech guy who's sitting around doing something*
[00:07] kris159: ... It's been a long time since I've done this.
[00:07] kris159: *the ship drops out*
[00:07] kris159: Get the interdictor flied online.
[00:07] kris159: ... prepare for combat.
[00:08] dsqtourny: Weapons armed.
[00:08] dsqtourny: Interdictor field charging.
[00:08] dsqtourny: It is done.
[00:08] dsqtourny: (Is this a particular model of ship?)
[00:08] dsqtourny: (Or has it yet to be formally designed?)
[00:08] kris159: (The latter)
[00:08] kris159: *Momentarily, a long, thin ship with what looks like carriages drops out of hyperspace.*
[00:08] dsqtourny: *goes to man a turret*
[00:09] kris159: *The flash of it is broguht to our eyes, but the ship is hardly seeable from this distance*
[00:09] kris159: Keep the interdictor online. We're going in. *Charges at the cargo vessel*
[00:09] <padawanfighter (Moderator) has entered the room>
[00:10] dsqtourny: *the cockput for the turret is directly visible from where Kris (?) is*
[00:10] padawanfighter: (I don't want this to be -my- character, if you know what I'm saying)
[00:10] dsqtourny: cockpit*
[00:10] dsqtourny: (We do.)
[00:10] kris159: (Yes, you can be a blank one)
[00:10] padawanfighter: (Okay)
[00:10] kris159: (well, a new person I guess)
[00:10] dsqtourny: Awaiting signal t ofire, Captain.
[00:10] dsqtourny: to*
[00:10] kris159: Fire all you've got.
[00:11] dsqtourny: *grasps the controls and unloads*
[00:11] kris159: *Makes sure we do loops around the ship*
[00:11] padawanfighter: (Wait, can I pick my role in this band of merry men or is it set in stone?)
[00:11] kris159: <Padawan>, get the boarding gear ready.
[00:11] kris159: (Well ... we're doing kind of a ...)
[00:11] dsqtourny: *the turret is firing at maximum speed but every one of my shots is still carefully aimed*
[00:11] kris159: (small-scale RPG, on a pirate ship)
[00:11] dsqtourny: (I don't think it's set in stone.)
[00:11] padawanfighter: Docking mechanisms are go!
[00:12] kris159: *The lasers explode on the shield of the vessel*
[00:12] kris159: *its engines glow, and it begins to move away, albeit slowly*
[00:12] dsqtourny: WARNING: Vessel is shielded.
[00:13] kris159: Don't worry, shields on the enemy are weak. They don't expect us.
[00:13] kris159: *the shield begins to flash, and a few shots are let in to explode on the surface*
[00:13] kris159: hull of the ship*
[00:13] dsqtourny: Shields are breached.
[00:13] kris159: *A very small rotable cannon on the top of the ship begins firing shots at us*
[00:14] kris159: *Our ship shakes as the shields are hit*
[00:14] kris159: Fire on that turret!
[00:14] dsqtourny: It is done.
[00:14] padawanfighter: <Kris>, something's wrong with our port turrets!
[00:14] kris159: What is it?
[00:14] kris159: Find out and fix it!
[00:14] padawanfighter: Oh, here's the problem.
[00:14] padawanfighter: It's gone.
[00:14] dsqtourny: *head swivels around to look at the other side of the ship*
[00:14] padawanfighter: That's gotta hurt...
[00:14] kris159: *The enemy cease's fire, and the ship comes to a stop*
[00:15] kris159: Cease fire!
[00:15] padawanfighter: We can still retreat...right?
[00:15] dsqtourny: *instantly stops firing*
[00:15] kris159: (We just won. It was just a cargo vessel)
[00:15] kris159: *Starts navigating our ship next to theirs, preparing to dock*
[00:15] padawanfighter: (Oh)
[00:16] kris159: *our ship is around the same width, but much shorter in length, due to the carriages the cargo vessel holds*
[00:16] padawanfighter: We haven't done anything to their comms array. I can fix that...*jams the sensors*
[00:16] kris159: Attack the boarding lock.
[00:16] dsqtourny: *rotates turret and shoots the locking mechanism*
[00:17] kris159: They probably got a comm out as soon as they were fired on, in which case we've got 30 minutes.
[00:17] kris159: I said attach, damnit!
[00:17] padawanfighter: Oh, dangit.
[00:17] kris159: (he didn't, I know)
[00:17] kris159: cease fire!
[00:18] dsqtourny: *has already*
[00:18] padawanfighter: *attaches the docking module to the port*
[00:18] kris159: *The boarding corridor is extended from our ship and attaches to theirs*
[00:18] dsqtourny: Docking procedure complete.
[00:19] kris159: *Gets from my pilot seat, and grabs a few tools*
[00:19] dsqtourny: *gets out of the cockpit, ranged laser weapon spins out of my right arm*
[00:19] dsqtourny: *pushes some buttons on it*
[00:19] kris159: *Throws a personal shield generator at you both*
[00:19] kris159: *Throws a rifle at <Padawan>*
[00:19] dsqtourny: *takes it and activates it*
[00:19] kris159: (Should we make up names for each other?)
[00:19] kris159: *activates mine*
[00:19] dsqtourny: (Uh.)
[00:20] kris159: *picks up rifle*
[00:20] padawanfighter: *cocks rifle*
[00:20] dsqtourny: (I've got a name, you just have nicknames off.)
[00:20] kris159: (Okay, next time you would say one of our names, just say a name and that'll be it)
[00:20] kris159: (Oh0
[00:20] kris159: (Whoops)
[00:20] padawanfighter: *examines*
[00:20] Orkin (padawanfighter): Hrmph!
[00:20] Orkin (padawanfighter): *unloads and reloads with explosive ammunition*
[00:20] kris159: *Starts walking to the docking lock*
[00:21] Orkin (padawanfighter): (I keep working on a name :P)
[00:21] kris159: *We arrive at the docking lock*
[00:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Life sensors indicate a standard crew is on board.
[00:21] kris159: *presses a series of buttons to unlock the door, but it doesn't unlock*
[00:21] kris159: *stops working* *quietly:* There's gonna be enemies right outside here.
[00:22] Orkin (padawanfighter): ...
[00:22] kris159: Get ready to fire on them.
[00:22] kris159: *pushes the final button. Steam begins emitting, dramatically, from around the door*
[00:22] Orkin (padawanfighter): <Kris>, you gotta learn to just push on through. *pushes button, door detonates*
[00:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *raises arm weapon*
[00:22] kris159: *the door slowly opens from a crack through the middle. In their bright corridors compared to ours, no one is in site*
[00:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the explosion and shrapnel hit our shields*
[00:23] kris159: (...)
[00:23] kris159: (okay, explosion then)
[00:23] kris159: *the smoke clears, and no one is in site*
[00:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (It wasn't -my- idea.)
[00:23] Orkin (padawanfighter): *fires explosive ammunition at the smoke, howling crazily*
[00:23] kris159: *pushes ... "Drimmy" to the front, implying for him to proceed first*
[00:24] Orkin (padawanfighter): (Drimmy?)
[00:24] kris159: (Drimmy)
[00:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *elbows him*
[00:24] Orkin (padawanfighter): (Thought I'd be Dren for adrenaline, but Drimmy is great too)
[00:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *indicating that he is shooting at nothing*
[00:24] Orkin (padawanfighter): WOOO--Oh.
[00:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I like Dren better.)
[00:24] kris159: (Dren, then)
[00:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Element of surprise, failed.
[00:24] kris159: (My nickname for you is stilll Drimmy, though)
[00:25] kris159: Surprise, huh.
[00:25] kris159: Go, damnit.
[00:25] Orkin (padawanfighter): We struck fear into them, though. That's what counts!
[00:25] Orkin (padawanfighter): What's our strategy for this old hulk?
[00:25] kris159: *looks to Lutron, then back foward*
[00:25] kris159: *pushes myself to the front, and starts walking slowly with my rifle aimed*
[00:26] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *follows*
[00:26] kris159: *steps through in to their ship*
[00:26] kris159: *Two men from the end of the corridor emerge from both sides, and fire on us with their laser weapons. There's no cover*
[00:26] kris159: *I quickly fire back, taking down 1 of them in my first few shots*
[00:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *hits the other one with a laser*
[00:27] kris159: *Lowers weapon as the shots cease, and begins walking forward much faster than before*
[00:27] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *Scurries to the side where the other one fell back, jumps on top and shoots him in the back*
[00:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): More men are coming.
[00:28] kris159: How many?
[00:28] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Seven.
[00:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): I got it!
[00:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Hold on!
[00:28] * Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter) reaches into his backpack for a remote detonator
[00:28] kris159: We've got to move quickly. My guess is they sent a distress signal as soon as they came out of hyperspace; Andur fast response cruisers will be here in around 20 minutes.
[00:28] kris159: (30*)
[00:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *places it on the floor in a place where it is inconspicuous*
[00:29] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): I also got two smoke grenades, just in case.
[00:29] kris159: That's nice.
[00:29] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Considering the air in here though...
[00:30] kris159: (We're at a T intersection. The left branch has another T section)
[00:30] kris159: *We hear the men approaching, their footsteps getting louder*
[00:30] kris159: *wispsers* Fall back!
[00:30] kris159: Get that det ready!
[00:30] kris159: *falls back behind the wall*
[00:30] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *prepares det*
[00:30] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *steps back*
[00:31] kris159: *They heard us. They start running towards us*
[00:31] kris159: *I pearch my head around the corner, and see them coming towards us*
[00:31] kris159: *One of them sees me, and fires on me. I immediately put my head back, and duck somewhat*
[00:31] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *has his hand on the det*
[00:31] kris159: *Fires a few shots around the corner, then falls back further, dragging Dren with*
[00:32] kris159: Lutron*
[00:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Pearch?)
[00:32] kris159: (Perch*)
[00:32] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Cap'n Perch!)
[00:32] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Wait, Kris is Perch right?
[00:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Greater speed is required, Captain.
[00:32] kris159: (I don't think so, but w/e)
[00:32] kris159: Throw the det!
[00:33] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *activates det*
[00:33] kris159: Throw it!
[00:33] kris159: (wait)
[00:33] kris159: (is a nade or a ... remote explosive?)
[00:33] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Remote explosive)
[00:33] kris159: (oh)
[00:33] kris159: *5 of the 7 are taken out*
[00:34] kris159: *pops around the corner, with my rifle firing fully automatic*
[00:34] kris159: *two or three shots are returned, but they quickly cease as I hit them through the smoke*
[00:34] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *walks around the corner, rifle ready to shoot whoever Kris misses*
[00:34] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the smoke does not impede my vision*
[00:35] kris159: We've got to move quickly. Lutron, get the cargo transport vehicle and start shipping cargo. Drimmy, let's go to the cockpit.
[00:35] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Ayesir!
[00:35] kris159: *starts jogging, rifle ready*
[00:35] kris159: That's probably all the resistance we'll have. At least, infantry-wise.
[00:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *turns and heads back to the ship?*
[00:35] kris159: (yse)
[00:35] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Cargo transport vehicle?)
[00:36] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Oh, our ship)
[00:36] kris159: (Getting something to ship cargo from their vessel to ours)
[00:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (( )
[00:36] kris159: *as we're going* I don't have a clue how we're going to get all this cargo on our ship.
[00:36] kris159: (lol!)
[00:36] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (ROFL)
[00:36] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *It actually is a dolly of sorts*
[00:37] kris159: *A really big one?*
[00:37] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *Yeah*
[00:37] kris159: *that moves on its own?*
[00:37] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it's like a segway/dolly with a large bin in the front*
[00:38] kris159: They gave us the wrong intel. We were supposed to be dealing with a small cargo vessel, not a freaking carriage freighter. 
[00:38] kris159: *We come up to the door to the cockpit*
[00:38] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): More loot, though!
[00:38] kris159: Take hostages, don't fire.
[00:39] kris159: *opens door, and aims rifle*
[00:39] kris159: *the controls are deserted*
[00:39] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (BRB)
[00:39] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Someone can take over for my place)
[00:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *finds the cargo room and begins loading the bin*
[00:39] kris159: *it's a spherical room half-popping out of the ship, with the front almost completely glass*
[00:39] kris159: Dren: ...
[00:39] kris159: Dren: Well.
[00:40] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (I'm the tech/engineering guy, but i'm also squirrely and trigger-happy)
[00:40] <Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter) has left the room>
[00:40] kris159: *radio* Lutron, can you tell me where the crew of this ship are?
[00:40] kris159: Because they're certainly not here.
[00:41] kris159: Dren: *starts looking out of the numerous doors from the command room*
[00:41] kris159: ...
[00:41] kris159: Lutron?
[00:41] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *returning over the radio, the non-subwoofing speakers as well as the interference make my voice a bit difficult to make out*
[00:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Scanning...
[00:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Crew not found.
[00:42] kris159: Dren: What about the turret?
[00:42] kris159: *just hears "not fou"*
[00:42] kris159: Not found?
[00:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Correct.
[00:43] kris159: The turret was probably automated.
[00:43] kris159: Hmm.
[00:43] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *finishes loading the first batch and returns to the ship with it*
[00:43] kris159: Well, that doesn't matter. We've got 15 minutes to get as much cargo as we can. Let's go.
[00:43] kris159: *Dren and I start running back to our ship*
[00:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *before I head back out, I activate a small droid to drive another dolly*
[00:44] kris159: *gets a bleep from my wrist device*
[00:44] kris159: *prompty look at it*
[00:45] kris159: We've got incoming Andurians 10 minutes.
[00:45] kris159: Great.
[00:45] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the two of us go back onto the cargo ship*
[00:45] kris159: *starts sprinting*
[00:45] kris159: *we arrive back at our ship, and start with our own dollys*
[00:47] kris159: (So are you going to include any character sin this?)
[00:47] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (?)
[00:48] kris159: (like, ones that you've already made. Do you plan to try to?)
[00:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the droid and I arrive again, and prepare to head back out*
[00:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Possibly.)
[00:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Probably.)
[00:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (But idk if they'll be on the crew.)
[00:48] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Lutron is heavily based on ERBaS.)
[00:48] kris159: *us two arrive at the cargo area*
[00:49] kris159: (lol 4mbSVG)
[00:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Captain, prepare the ship.
[00:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We will get the last of the cargo.
[00:49] kris159: ... Alright. Can you handle two dollies each?
[00:50] kris159: *walks out when you're done saying what you're saying*
[00:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...
[00:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): No.
[00:51] kris159: ...
[00:51] kris159: ...
[00:51] kris159: Okay, then, we're staying.
[00:51] kris159: *starts loading up*
[00:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *heads out with the droid again*
[00:52] kris159: *starts heading back*
[00:53] kris159: *as we walk through the door to our ship, an alarm goes off*
[00:53] kris159: That's timing. *drops the cargo where it is, and starts running to the cockpit*
[00:53] kris159: Drimmy, Lutron, man the turrets!
[00:54] kris159: *arrives, and charges shields, weapons, and engines*
[00:54] kris159: *detaches docking lock*
[00:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh, you meant none of us were going back to the ship, not you were staying to help.)
[00:55] kris159: (what?)
[00:55] kris159: (I thought ...
[00:55] kris159: (Oh)
[00:55] kris159: (I thought that conversation was happening in the enemy's cargo hold)
[00:55] kris159: (Well, it doesn't matter)
[00:56] kris159: *We're in our ship, let's say, and there's a lot of cargo hanging around in our corridors*
[00:56] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh.)
[00:56] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Ok.)
[00:56] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *jumps off the Dolly and mans the turrets*
[00:56] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the droid continues messing with the onboard cargo*
[00:56] kris159: *Three flashes occur as 3 andurian fast response cruisers drop out of hyperspace*
[00:56] kris159: *they comm us*
[00:57] kris159: Weapons are fully charged. Charging hyperdrive.
[00:57] kris159: *sub-lights away from the enemy cargo ship, and somewhat towards the Andur cruisers*
[00:57] kris159: Hyperdrive charged. Engaging ...
[00:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Enemy ships are opening fire.
[00:57] kris159: *pushes the engage button multiple times*
[00:58] kris159: They're interdicting. Open fire!
[00:58] kris159: *The cruisers begin firing missiles from the center and lasers from the sides*
[00:58] kris159: *many of them hit, but as we start sub-lighting away, they begin to miss very frequently*
[00:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *opens fire*
[00:59] kris159: We're not gonna be able to lose those damn cruisers in sublight!
[00:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *gets up, pushes the tech out of the way*
[00:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *sits down and starts pushing buttons rapidly
[01:00] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Attempting to override their inderdictor field using our comms array.
[01:00] kris159: *swerves to avoid lasers, but many missiles hit*
[01:00] kris159: Whatever you're doing, do it freaking quickly.
[01:00] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *fingers are barely visible*
[01:00] kris159: Shields at 50%
[01:00] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the hyperdrive sputters several times*
[01:01] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Their signal is too powerful. Reccomend diverting power from weapons and shields to amplify our counter-signal.
[01:01] kris159: *is clearly concentrating very hard on maneuvering the ship*
[01:02] kris159: *looks to you somewhat for a split second* Whatever!
[01:02] kris159: Do it!
[01:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *does it*
[01:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *nothing happens for a second*
[01:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *then the hyperdrive bursts on and we shoot away*
[01:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Statement: I -hate- interdictors.
[01:03] kris159: *Sits back on my chair, running my hands through my hair in shock* Wow.
[01:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...*
[01:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *reallocates power as it was and gets out of the tech's seat*
[01:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *picks him up and plops him in it*
[01:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *goes back to whatever position I am*
[01:04] kris159: Great job, Lutron.
[01:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Gratitude received and reciprocated, Captain.
[01:04] kris159: Thankyou. 
[01:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Dren: *is snorting fuel or whatever he does in his spare time*
[01:05] kris159: We're coming up on Arhedinia now. How much of their cargo did we get?
[01:05] kris159: (lol!)
[01:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Where the heck is Arhedinia?)
[01:05] kris159: (The pirate base world)
[01:05] kris159: (just made it up)
[01:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Oh, I see, it's not on the map.)
[01:06] kris159: (it's probably just a sterile planet with the single base on it)
[01:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Approximately 55%, Captain.
[01:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *says this with some bitterness*
[01:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Hyperdrive disengaged, proceeding with sublight engines.
[01:08] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *Below on Arhedinia is a bustling space port, deprecated as it may look*
[01:09] kris159: (sorry)
[01:09] kris159: (had to go. I'm back now)
[01:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it was haphazardly constructed after the Tournans drove the pirates out of Ithaka station last year*
[01:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *or was that two years ago*
[01:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *idk*
[01:09] kris159: (lol)
[01:09] kris159: ("I only created the article so Kris would have more redlinks")
[01:10] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (woo!)
[01:10] kris159: (I remember you saying something like that when you made it)
[01:10] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (lol, sounds like me.)
[01:10] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *engages in a landing pattern*
[01:11] kris159: *approaches, and is video commed*
[01:11] kris159: Here we go. *accepts*
[01:11] kris159: Figure: State you purpose!
[01:11] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it's a blatant fabrication of a man in a military-looking uniform*
[01:11] kris159: *sends code* We're bringing back cargo from a special little mission.
[01:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Man: Proceed to docking bay three.
[01:12] kris159: Very well.
[01:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *begins doing so*
[01:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *wait I'm not the pilot, whoops*
[01:12] kris159: *shoves Tourny aside*
[01:12] kris159: *begins doing so*
[01:13] kris159: *we pass through the shield*
[01:13] kris159: Begin landing procedures.
[01:13] kris159: Wait, is that me? I don't know.
[01:13] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *Dren would do this*
[01:14] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *except he's high right now so I help him*
[01:14] kris159: (loL)
[01:14] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Landing mechanisms engaged.
[01:14] kris159: Touch down *we touch ... down*
[01:15] kris159: *turns the vessel's main systems off, and gets up*
[01:15] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Do ships even land?)
[01:15] kris159: (... this one does. 'Cause it's a bawss)
[01:15] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (SWBF2 just has them... go down...)
[01:15] kris159: (Go down?)
[01:15] kris159: (oh, lol)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yeah. You press the land button and the ship just lowers itself to the nearest surface.)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (No landing gear or anything.)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Wait, never mind.)
[01:16] kris159: (Speaking of, it would be cool if droid starfighters could land on the surface of vessels. They do that in the movie)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Some CIS ships do it.)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Ikr?!)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (And then walk around.)
[01:16] kris159: (or walk around inside the cockpit. That would be cool)
[01:16] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yes.)
[01:16] kris159: (Anyway)
[01:17] kris159: *The boarding ramp extends, and the exit door opens*
[01:17] kris159: *walks down to the bottom, presumably alone*
[01:17] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *might have gone with him*
[01:17] kris159: Bleak figure: Have you got the cargo?
[01:18] kris159: We got around half of the target ship's cargo, but the intel was wrong.
[01:18] kris159: Bleak figure: Only half?
[01:18] kris159: It was a carriage freighter; we had people to kill, 4 able bodies, and a bunch of ships to fight.
[01:19] kris159: Bleak figure: *narrows eyes, and motions for guards to recieve the cargo*
[01:19] kris159: *I stand with my hand resting on my sidearm*
[01:19] kris159: *Guards approach*
[01:19] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *is standing near the door with my weapon drawn, like a sentinel*
[01:20] kris159: Bleak figure: Have the cargo ready for inspection.
[01:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the droid has stacked the cargo neatly just near the exit door*
[01:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *would observe the guards menacingly as they enter*
[01:20] kris159: *As the guards approach, I move to one side of the thick ramp, and let them pass, keeping a watchful eye on them*
[01:21] kris159: (lolDo you want him in?)
[01:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ( Sure. )
[01:21] kris159: (He could be the pessimistic figure later on)
[01:21] kris159: (the antagonist, ratehr)
[01:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (THE EVIL PONY EMPIRE)
[01:22] kris159: *the two guards, after inspecting the cargo, look at each other*
[01:23] kris159: *Each aim their weapon at myself and Lutron*
[01:23] kris159: *gets pistol out and aims back*
[01:23] kris159: What!
[01:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *levels weapon back at him*
[01:24] kris159: Bleak figure: *stomps up to look at the cargo*
[01:24] kris159: Bleak figure: This is not the cargo we ordered.
[01:24] kris159: *more guards run over from behind*
[01:24] kris159: Bleak figure: What do you think you're doing?
[01:25] kris159: As I said, we had the wrong intel!
[01:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (We bring the wrong cargo, so he says "What do you think you're doing?"?)
[01:27] kris159: (wait)
[01:29] kris159: Bleak figure: We paid you upfront, and you give us the wrong cargo. You have some explaining to do. *The guards from behind surround us, and the 2 initial guards start to approach us*
[01:29] kris159: I already explained.
[01:29] kris159: Bleak figure: Not to me.
[01:30] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Perhaps you would like us to advise you on when it is safe to pay pirates up front and when it is not?
[01:30] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ...In terms of financial security.
[01:31] kris159: *puts weapon down*
[01:31] kris159: Then we shall explain.
[01:31] kris159: Bleak figure: Take them away.
[01:31] kris159: *They grab us both, and begin leading us out of the hangar*
[01:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Permission to resist?
[01:32] kris159: We can sort this with words.
[01:32] kris159: *winks*
[01:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *makes a really ugly snorting noise*
[01:32] kris159: *recoils a bit while they're pushing me*
[01:33] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (*isn't sure what that means*)
[01:34] kris159: *Anyway, we're dragged in to what looks like a prominent room*
[01:34] kris159: *The antagonist cheesily turns around in his swivel throne, and gets up*
[01:36] kris159: *This is the part where Tourny takes over?*
[01:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (I don't know!)
[01:36] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Wait, the bleak figure wasnt' the antagonist?)
[01:36] kris159: (not the -main- one)
[01:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Antagonist: So...
[01:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Antagonist: Perch, is it?
[01:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he walks around his desk carrying a file*
[01:41] kris159: Ytes.
[01:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *this is him *
[01:42] kris159: (lol!)
[01:42] kris159: (Future pirates: Nerds)
[01:43] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ( *his name is Mr. Geoffrey *)
[01:43] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Pleasure to meet you. *smiles and holds out hand*
[01:43] kris159: *shakes*
[01:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he extends his hand to me as well*
[01:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *looks down at it*
[01:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he awkwardly brings it back, then folds his fingers together*
[01:44] kris159: (OMG)
[01:44] kris159: (is he a comedian?)
[01:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (The character or the guy in the picture?)
[01:44] kris159: (picture)
[01:44] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (That's the librarian from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)
[01:45] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Remember that episode of Dr. Who with the bat people in the school?)
[01:45] kris159: (Is he got a britihs accent?)
[01:45] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Yes.)
[01:45] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (He played the head bat-alien-guy.)
[01:45] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ("Forget the shooty dog thing.")
[01:46] kris159: (I don't remember)
[01:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): ( )
[01:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Same actor.)
[01:49] kris159: (ohh)
[01:49] kris159: (no, it's not who I'm thinking of)
[01:49] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I understand there's been a bit of a... misunderstanding in regards to our agreement.
[01:49] kris159: (Hugh Griffiths, I think is the guy I was thinking of)
[01:50] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (lol!)
[01:50] kris159: (why is that funny?0
[01:50] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Because of the first google images result.)
[01:50] kris159: (...)
[01:51] kris159: (Okay, not him)
[01:51] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Would you care to explain?
[01:52] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he walks slowly over to the front of his desk and sits down, folding his arms*
[01:52] kris159: You gave us the wrong intelligence.
[01:52] kris159: We got cargo, but it's not the right cargo.
[01:52] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: ? *looks in the file he's holding, then looks back up, then looks back in a couple of times*
[01:52] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I see...
[01:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: So you're telling me... that you have not brought back any granulized jurbitrum dilute?
[01:54] kris159: Yes.
[01:54] kris159: It's all ... not that.
[01:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I see... 
[01:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he looks pensive*
[01:54] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he eyes his guards*
[01:55] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: What -did- you bring back?
[01:55] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the guards are all thuggish compared to this apparently civil man, and they are waiting for his cue to crush us*
[01:56] kris159: Food synthesis components.
[01:57] <Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter) (Moderator) has entered the room>
[01:57] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Back)
[01:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: *looks at him strangely* Food synthesis components.
[01:57] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (What's going on?)
[01:57] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: -Food- synthesis components.
[01:57] kris159: Components for ... food synthesi machinery.
[01:59] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (What's going on?)
[01:59] kris159: (What's going on?)
[01:59] kris159: (We got the cargo, it's the wrong cargo)
[01:59] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (We've been taken for questioning.)
[01:59] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Where am I?)
[02:00] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Do you know if there was any of the proper cargo on board?
[02:00] kris159: (Either on the ship, being kept in and restircted from controls by guards, or with us, being questionned)
[02:01] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Hmm.)
[02:01] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *he paused between the and proper*
[02:01] kris159: There was no time, given the quickness of the Andur cruisers.
[02:02] kris159: We got half the cargo, and logically it's all the same.
[02:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: ... Are you new to this, Mr. Perch?
[02:02] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (I got tranquilized :P)
[02:02] kris159: Why?
[02:02] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Well, last I checked, ships are capable of carrying different more than one kind of cargo.
[02:03] kris159: The guards checked our cargo. Ask them.
[02:03] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: And theoretically you would locate the correct ones before just dragging everything on to the ship in the event of a time restraint.
[02:04] kris159: Theoretically you would give us the correct intel.
[02:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: What was wrong with our intel?
[02:04] kris159: We got the wrong ship.
[02:04] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Oh?
[02:05] kris159: Oh.
[02:05] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Where's Lutron?)
[02:05] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: *points to the Bleak Figure* Mr. Figure, would you mind going and actually opening the boxes?
[02:05] kris159: ('Ere with)
[02:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: What lead you to believe that it was the incorrect ship?
[02:06] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Oh wait, we didn't get captured?)
[02:06] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the Bleak Figure narrows his eyes and reluctantly goes out of the room*
[02:07] kris159: The incorrect cargo and our small size cargo hold relative to ours. We gave you our ship's spects, yet you gave us a target with well over the cargo hold we had.
[02:07] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Our small size cargo hold relative to ours.)
[02:07] kris159: (relativetotheirs*
[02:08] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Really? Interesting...
[02:08] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I will have to... look into this.
[02:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I sent Mr. Figure to open the crates because considering the price of the dilute they may have been... "mislabeled".
[02:09] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Okay, so we weren't captured by the enemy. I'm well awake.)
[02:09] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: In any case, this was clearly a mistake on our part, and we're all pirates here, right?
[02:10] kris159: ... *reluctantly* Right.
[02:10] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): 'Cause a pirate is free!
[02:10] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): That's what they told me in the brochure anyway.
[02:10] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: *nods* I'm sure we can get one of our captive Omkom scientists to make these synthesis materials worth our while. 
[02:11] kris159: (lol nice context)
[02:11] kris159: ... So.
[02:11] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I'm afraid I will have to take back 25% of your pay, but you are free to go with the remaining 75%.
[02:12] kris159: Very well.
[02:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: Not as punishment, but because we currently cannot afford such a large setback in the budget.
[02:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: We have more... hopefully correct intel on where to find some of the dilute.
[02:12] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: *hands him a datapad*
[02:13] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I trust you would be willing to retrieve it for us?
[02:13] kris159: We shall try.
[02:13] kris159: I'm assuming ... no upfront payment?
[02:13] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Hey, our ship's still busted up. We need our port cannons and wing fixed.
[02:16] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (>.>)
[02:16] kris159: (<.<)
[02:17] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: I'm afraid not.
[02:17] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: You are free to return to your ship. 
[02:18] kris159: Thankyou. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
[02:18] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *gets up*
[02:19] kris159: *we depart*
[02:19] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Geoffrey: *as we walk out* Oh, and, nice flying back there, Mr. Perch.
[02:19] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Look boss, we can't do anything 'fore we get our ship fixed.
[02:19] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the door closes*
[02:19] kris159: We got 75%, we'll find a way.
[02:20] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Oy...
[02:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the space port would be equipped with refueling and repair stations*
[02:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *walks stoically with them*
[02:20] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *some guards push past us with some other "employee" in tow*
[02:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *they go into Geoffrey's office*
[02:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *we enter the hangar*
[02:21] kris159: ...
[02:21] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *guards can be seen carrying the boxes off the ship*
[02:21] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *arrives at the repair station
[02:22] kris159: This was wierd. We got off easy.
[02:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Indeed.
[02:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Trust levels are low.
[02:22] kris159: It's piracy, what do you expect?
[02:22] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): He is too.... business-man.
[02:23] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): We need our port wing patched up, the arodine casing redone and a brand new set of Hero IX particle guns. Not to mention some wiring.
[02:23] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the repair crew is a bunch of gremlins*
[02:23] kris159: What's wrong with that?
[02:23] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Got all that guys?
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Business men are worse than pirates.
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *there are also some larger things there for carrying stuff*
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *they nod*
[02:24] kris159: ...
[02:24] kris159: I guess.
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *a human walks over and tells him the price*
[02:24] kris159: They're more ...
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it's kind a bit high*
[02:24] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (...)
[02:25] kris159: ... strategic and clever.
[02:25] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *it's a bit high**
[02:25] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Precisely.
[02:25] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Hey, we're pirates. We can get the money...
[02:25] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Can we make installments?
[02:25] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: Look, I just work here, ok, I don't know any of that complicated stuff.
[02:25] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Installments? Layaway?
[02:26] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: Oh!
[02:26] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Yeah.
[02:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: I suppose, but the boss doesn't like it if you get off without paying the majority of the price...
[02:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: *pushes some buttons* Name?
[02:27] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Ey, he trusts us, right?
[02:27] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *looks around* Right?
[02:27] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Uh, Teki.
[02:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: ...
[02:27] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: This says you have three un-paid installments.
[02:27] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Ah ha
[02:27] kris159: (lol!)
[02:28] kris159: DRIMMY
[02:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): It must be a glitch.
[02:28] kris159: GET IN THE GOD DAMN SHIP.
[02:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): A--aye sir.
[02:28] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: I suppose I can allow another one, but you'd better pay up soon.
[02:28] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *the gremlins have repaired the ship*
[02:28] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *gets in the ship*
[02:28] kris159: You already —
[02:29] kris159: Did you just ...
[02:29] kris159: I'm not sure this is the best place to get repairs.
[02:29] kris159: *walks over to guy* So ... what am I paying?
[02:30] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: 302 credits.
[02:30] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: You owe us 720.
[02:30] kris159: Hey! *points* Teki owes you that. Not me.
[02:31] kris159: I'm paying 302, now. *pays*
[02:31] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Human: Whatever, man. Thanks!
[02:31] kris159: It's been good doin' business.
[02:31] kris159: *walks off*
[02:31] kris159: Are we  ...
[02:31] kris159: *retracts boarding ramp*
[02:32] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *looks at him*
[02:32] kris159: Well, what mission did he give us? When is it, and what are we doing? TLutron?
[02:33] kris159: (ENIAUCEJ F)
[02:33] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (D:)
[02:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We are to head back to Andurian (?) airspace and perform a similar mission.
[02:35] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): We have been given a time period of four days.
[02:36] kris159: Alright, then. We'd better get some repairs. *looks at gremlins* and someone to check if ... everything's ... still there.
[02:36] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Hey, uh, boss?
[02:36] kris159: Yes?
[02:36] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): I don't think they had all the parts in stock.
[02:37] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): We were supposed to have some Hero IX particle guns, they gave us Hero V. They have a tendency to overheat but if we go easy on them we should be fine.
[02:38] kris159: ...
[02:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): *presses some buttons*
[02:38] kris159: ...
[02:38] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Error: Only two of the cannons are model V.
[02:38] kris159: Alright, we'd better not go to Andur to get repairs.
[02:39] kris159: Set course for ...
[02:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Error: The others are III and VIII.
[02:39] kris159: (how many cannons do we 'ave?)
[02:39] kris159: ... hmm
[02:39] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Four.)
[02:39] kris159: Lopg.
[02:39] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Lopg?
[02:40] kris159: Lopg.
[02:40] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): Syntax Error.
[02:40] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *looks it up*
[02:40] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Oh.
[02:40] kris159: Set a course for the Lopg system.
[02:40] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Okay.
[02:40] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): *enters coordinates*
[02:41] kris159: *hyperspaces*
[02:41] kris159: *End credits? It's 2:40 AM*
[02:41] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Where you are?)
[02:41] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): (Alright)
[02:42] Lutron 4 (dsqtourny): (Ok.)
[02:42] kris159: I can only do this before the match tomorrow, or ...
[02:43] kris159: ... Monday. I don't care if I have to stay up so late that I fall asleep during the whole school assembly. It's the last day.
[02:43] kris159: ()*
[02:43] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Sure thing
[02:44] Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter): Sure.
[02:44] <Teki "Dren" Morik (padawanfighter) has left the room>
[02:45] kris159: (*glare*)
[02:49] <Lutron 4 (dsqtourny) has left the room>
[02:49] <kris159 has left the room>

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