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[19:53] <kris159 (Power User) has entered the room>
[19:53] <nagakrion (Admin) has entered the room>
[19:53] <Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
[19:54] Bly (bly1234): (errr)
[19:54] kris159: *Bazanian, BlyDonian, Fzanti, Jankan, Kadan, Qantish and Techian ships are over Derta, with 1 ship each from Andur and Appaloutio*
[19:55] nagakrion: (Why am I here? drakonia don't care, just like the honey badger)
[19:55] Bly (bly1234): (what about Gammeta?!)
[19:55] kris159: (They're not going)
[19:55] Bly (bly1234): (*punches Gammeta*)
[19:55] kris159: (You're not allows!)
[19:55] kris159: (allowed*)
[19:55] kris159: (It's against our trade agreement)
[19:55] Bly (bly1234): (oh)
[19:55] Bly (bly1234): *calls General Q'slaska*
[19:55] kris159: (I mean, you're not allowed to be upset)
[19:56] kris159: Q'slaska: ...*responds* Yes/
[19:56] Bly (bly1234): Hello General
[19:56] Bly (bly1234): It's President Bly
[19:56] kris159: Q'slaska: Hello. It's good to speak wiht you.
[19:56] Bly (bly1234): May I speak with General Trosco?
[19:56] kris159: Q'slaska: Sure. I'm over Yulair right now ...
[19:56] Bly (bly1234): I know
[19:56] Bly (bly1234): Could you transfer me please?
[19:57] kris159: Q'slaska: ... Couldn't you just comm Teredona I by yourself? *comms them*
[19:57] Bly (bly1234): No.
[19:57] Bly (bly1234): I lost their hailing frequencyy
[19:57] kris159: Q'slaska: ... Right
[19:57] kris159: Trosco: *answers* Yes?!
[19:57] Bly (bly1234): Hello, General
[19:58] kris159: Trosco: Hi.
[19:58] Bly (bly1234): We need your help.
[19:58] kris159: Trosco: With?
[19:58] Bly (bly1234): We're currently over Derta
[19:58] Bly (bly1234): BlyDonian forces have rendevouzed with other vessels from the Capita Council.
[19:58] kris159: Trosco: ...
[19:58] Bly (bly1234): We intend to cease the drills occurring close to the planet and end hostilities
[19:59] kris159: Trosco: I know. We're not attending.
[19:59] Bly (bly1234): Since Gammeta is a chair member of the Capita Council, it would make sense for at least one of their vessels to attend
[20:00] kris159: Trosco: It's not in my civ's interests to put my forces at risk.
[20:00] Bly (bly1234): At least a sole representative?
[20:00] Bly (bly1234): (Send Kortoris!)
[20:00] kris159: Trosco: ... Who did you have in mind?
[20:00] Bly (bly1234): Errr
[20:00] Bly (bly1234): Ambassador Krane perhaps
[20:01] kris159: Trosco: Really?
[20:01] Bly (bly1234): Maybe General Q'slaska or one of his senior officers
[20:01] kris159: Trosco: Ah. I see.
[20:02] kris159: Trosco: He will be onboard your lead ship?
[20:02] Bly (bly1234): Yes
[20:02] Bly (bly1234): I shall bring him onboard the Excalibur
[20:02] kris159: Trosco: Alright.
[20:02] Bly (bly1234): Perhaps Ambassador Krane as the diplomatic advisor and a senior officer from the Devlabordich
[20:02] nagakrion: (Bly, you're leading this personally?)
[20:03] kris159: Trosco: No, Krane is Hydephiilan. We can't risk him.
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): (no)
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[20:03] nagakrion: (Don't be racist, kris)
[20:03] kris159: (lol)
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): Does Gammeta have -any- diplomatic advisors?
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): in the Appearence at this time?
[20:03] kris159: Trosco: Nope.
[20:03] Bly (bly1234): Maybe you should come
[20:03] kris159: Trosco: Jokes. We do, but they're boring.
[20:03] kris159: Trosco: Actually, we'll send one.
[20:04] kris159: Trosco: And the office.
[20:04] kris159: r
[20:04] Bly (bly1234): Why don't you come?
[20:04] kris159: Trosco: ...
[20:04] kris159: Trosco: Because I'm in such a high position.
[20:04] Bly (bly1234): Don't be such a pansy, General
[20:04] kris159: Trosco: *Laughs softly* It's not my place, President.
[20:05] Bly (bly1234): Who will you be sending?
[20:05] kris159: Ambassador Dineax and Colonel Phane.
[20:05] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[20:05] Bly (bly1234): Are you sure you can't send Ambassador Krane?
[20:05] kris159: Yes.
[20:05] kris159: Trosco: *
[20:06] kris159: Trosco: I'm sure I can't.
[20:06] kris159: Trosco: It's not my place to decide, since he's the Hydephiilan Senate's diplomat.
[20:06] nagakrion: (Gaaaaay!)
[20:06] Bly (bly1234): He's the Gammetan Representative to the Capita Council
[20:06] kris159: Trosco: And if you get in to combat, captured or destroyed?
[20:06] Bly (bly1234): He'll be safe with us
[20:07] nagakrion: (You die in battle, like a Drakonian would)
[20:07] kris159: Trosco: Sorry, Bly.
[20:07] Bly (bly1234): The Excalibur is currently holding the President of BlyDonia
[20:07] Bly (bly1234): It will be heavily guarded.
[20:08] kris159: Trosco: Bly, it's not my place to decide.
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): That's fine
[20:08] kris159: Trosco: Anything else?
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): I'll be fine with Ambassador Dineax.
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): and Colonel Phane.
[20:08] kris159: Trosco: Very well.
[20:08] nagakrion: (Bly doesn't know the meaning of the word "no")
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): Thank you, General.
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): (I do)
[20:08] kris159: Trosco: Goodbye.
[20:08] kris159: *Two shuttles depart, one from Yulair and another from Teredona I*
[20:08] Bly (bly1234): (But my character is indifferent towards Trosco at the moment)
[20:09] nagakrion: (Supreme Minister chick: No, I don't want to have sex in the middle of the CC meeting!
[20:09] Bly (bly1234): (>.>)
[20:09] Bly (bly1234): (She's dead.
[20:09] Bly (bly1234): That was fast.
[20:09] nagakrion: (You gave her the Hiv)
[20:10] kris159: (Did you know some Africans beleive having sex with children makes HIV/AIDS go away?)
[20:10] nagakrion: (Ohgod.)
[20:10] Bly (bly1234): (...)
[20:10] nagakrion: (Thats terrible)
[20:10] kris159: (Indeed(
[20:10] Bly (bly1234): Welcome aboard Ambassador Dineax and Colonel Phane
[20:11] kris159: Phane: Thankyou.
[20:11] nagakrion: (IDK if I'm any better, my first reaction was a racist comment about Africans' intelligence)
[20:11] kris159: Dineax: *approaches Bly and puts out hand* It's a pleasure to finally meet you, sir.
[20:11] Bly (bly1234): *takes hand*
[20:11] kris159: Dineax: LET GO OF ME, PERV!
[20:11] nagakrion: (LOL!)
[20:11] Bly (bly1234): Oops!
[20:11] kris159: Dineax: It's ok.
[20:12] Bly (bly1234): Were you abused as a child?
[20:12] kris159: Dineax: Why would I tell you?
[20:12] Bly (bly1234): I don't know
[20:12] Bly (bly1234): Anyway, let's focus
[20:12] Bly (bly1234): We're currently over DERTA.
[20:12] kris159: Phane: ...
[20:12] nagakrion: (South park is back and I didn't know!)
[20:13] kris159: Dineax: I'm female, by the way *looks at everyone* ... Just incase you didn't notice.
[20:13] Bly (bly1234): I did not know.
[20:13] nagakrion: (Faretel will get drunk and hit on her)
[20:13] Bly (bly1234): Anyway, Ambassador, you'll be representing Gammeta during this.
[20:14] kris159: Dineax: Isn't that my job?
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): Is it?
[20:14] kris159: Dineax: ...
[20:14] kris159: Dineax: Yes, it is.
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): Oh, good
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): Then we have the right person here.
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): Unfortunately, I'm not incharge
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): I don't know who is in charge
[20:14] Bly (bly1234): I guess the TEC.
[20:15] Bly (bly1234): >.>
[20:15] Bly (bly1234): That was bossy.
[20:15] Bly (bly1234): *the BlyDonian Fleet follows*
[20:15] kris159: Isn't that -his- job?
[20:15] nagakrion: (Can I RPG as a smaller civ's ship so I have something to do?)
[20:15] kris159: Or her (Dineax*)
[20:15] kris159: (Sure)
[20:15] kris159: (Kada, if you want
[20:15] Bly (bly1234): *The Bion's are there too*
[20:15] kris159: (BAzania, actually. They're the ones who own Derta)
[20:15] nagakrion: (Sure, anything specific about them? Like technology type/level)
[20:16] kris159: (Nope. =))
[20:16] nagakrion: (military doctrine, names)
[20:16] kris159: (lol)
[20:16] kris159: (Name of the Commander is ... Admiral Fayimu)
[20:17] nagakrion: (An admiral leading one ship?)
[20:17] kris159: (They use standard weapons, such as lasers and missiles)
[20:17] kris159: (He's leading the one ship, but also the fleet)
[20:17] kris159: (his fleet)
[20:17] nagakrion: (Kada sent an entire fleet? too much. One ship, with it and its commander named)
[20:17] kris159: (Actually, he'd lead the whole fleet, since he's the prominent beligerent in the conflict)
[20:18] kris159: (This admiral is Bazanian, and they're the ones who own Derta, so they sent a lot of their fleet. I meant they're incharge of the CC fleet)
[20:18] nagakrion: (Can I have a smaller task, I meant)
[20:18] kris159: (No, you'll get this task!)
[20:19] nagakrion: (Ok :/ )
[20:19] kris159: (Do you want it? We have no one as it, and it would be nice to have someone represent a high position)
[20:19] nagakrion: (I'll do it)
[20:19] kris159: (You can be as agressive as you like - you're the ones being threatened by the exercises)
[20:19] nagakrion: (But isn't the TEC in command?)
[20:19] kris159: (I changed my mind)
[20:19] Bly (bly1234): (I guess Bazania is)
[20:19] nagakrion: (I see)
[20:20] kris159: *The fleet drops out a few thousand kilometers away from the exercise*
[20:20] kris159: *There's a prominent star in the background, as the fleet is near a star system*
[20:20] nagakrion: *Fayimu gets on the peacekeeping fleet channel* All ships sound general quarters and prepare to attack.
[20:20] Bly (bly1234): Admiral.
[20:20] nagakrion: (Kris is inspired by SOASE, just like how I was inspired by ME?)
[20:20] kris159: *The military exercisers continue to exercise as per)
[20:21] Bly (bly1234): Perhaps we should try to negotiate them
[20:21] kris159: (No, they're exercising right next to the Trinia system, which the Nonans colonized a few days ago)
[20:21] Bly (bly1234): (Naga: Impossible! Open fire!)
[20:22] nagakrion: Fayimu: Diplomacy has failed. But you're the expert, if you think we can handle this peacefully, go ahead.
[20:22] kris159: (They're not in the system, about 1/10th of the way from Trinia to Derta)
[20:22] Bly (bly1234): All craft, approach the exercisers but maintain a safe distance from their vessels
[20:23] nagakrion: Fayimu: All ships follow his lead, for now.
[20:23] kris159: *A Manaki vessel comms the fleet*
[20:23] nagakrion: *It is directed to Bly*
[20:23] Bly (bly1234): Reply on the main frequency
[20:24] Bly (bly1234): Reply on our frequency
[20:24] Bly (bly1234): *answers*
[20:24] kris159: Manaki commander: We demand to know why you've encroached upon our ally's territory.
[20:24] Bly (bly1234): We represent the Capita Council. Your forces are to disperse immediately.
[20:25] nagakrion: *the Kadan (right?) ships launch a few strike craft*
[20:25] kris159: Manaki commander: You have no say as to how our forces practice in our own territory!
[20:25] Bly (bly1234): (Not kandan, you're the Bazanian)
[20:25] kris159: (Bazanian, but they're botht heir)
[20:25] kris159: (they're both there*)
[20:25] kris159: *All civs in the peacekeeping force have launch their craft*
[20:25] nagakrion: (Oh)
[20:26] Bly (bly1234): You are in close proximity to Derta, and have kept getting closer.
[20:26] Bly (bly1234): You are to disperse immediately.
[20:26] Bly (bly1234): As per orders of the Capita Council
[20:26] kris159: Manaki commander: We're less than a lightyear from Trinia VII, this is our territory.
[20:27] Bly (bly1234): This is not -your- territory
[20:27] Bly (bly1234): This is Nonan Territory.
[20:27] <nagakrion has left the room>
[20:28] Bly (bly1234): (Man down!)
[20:28] kris159: (Pause?)
[20:28] Bly (bly1234): (Shore)
[20:28] kris159: [20:28] ~iNaga Krion~: fucking itunes  just restarted my comp
[20:28] kris159: lol
[20:28] ~iNaga Krion~: pause for a few sec?
[20:28] kris159: We have
[20:31] <nagakrion (Admin) has entered the room>
[20:32] nagakrion: (>.>)
[20:33] Bly (bly1234): (What?)
[20:33] nagakrion: (Proceed?)
[20:33] kris159: (Oh)
[20:33] Bly (bly1234): (oh um)
[20:33] Bly (bly1234): This is Nonan Territory
[20:33] kris159: Manaki commander: We may do what we like with the Nonan's permission in their territory.
[20:34] Bly (bly1234): I have orders from the Capita Council
[20:34] Bly (bly1234): You are to disperse
[20:35] kris159: Nonan commander: *forces way in to the video comm, obviously being Nonan by uniform* We shall not disperse from our own territory.
[20:35] nagakrion: (What sort of food shall I order, Mexican or pizza?)
[20:36] nagakrion: Fayimu: *gets on the comm channel, voice only* Do not try us.
[20:36] Bly (bly1234): You have been ordered to cease your activities and drills
[20:36] Bly (bly1234): Or face the consequences
[20:37] kris159: Nona commander: We shall drill all we like -in our own territory-.
[20:37] Bly (bly1234): The Capita Council has ruled against this
[20:38] kris159: NC: The Capita Council has no say in our own territory. *Ends comm*
[20:38] nagakrion: Fayimu: *on peacekeeping fleet channel* History will remember that we gave them a chance.
[20:39] Bly (bly1234): *comms again*
[20:39] kris159: *The comm is ignored and the exercises continue*
[20:39] nagakrion: Fayimu: All ships prepare for combat.
[20:39] Bly (bly1234): The battle is yours to command, Admiral 
[20:40] nagakrion: Fayimu: You all know the plan. Proceed.
[20:40] Bly (bly1234): Bion Commander: What plan?
[20:40] nagakrion: *the strike craft fly towards the target and the larger ships start firing*
[20:40] Bly (bly1234): We never received a plan?
[20:40] Bly (bly1234): Sound Red Alert!
[20:40] nagakrion: Fayimu: Maybe you should have paid attention during the briefing, Bion scum.
[20:40] Bly (bly1234): TEC Commander: None of us got a plan.
[20:41] kris159: *Some of the enemy ship's shields are damaged already, but they stop firing at each other and instead fire at the oncoming shipos*
[20:41] nagakrion: Fayimu: It was availible digitally for over a week.
[20:41] Bly (bly1234): *the lights turn from a neutral white to a new red*
[20:42] nagakrion: Fayimu: target and destroy all hostiles. Keep your distance and let the strike craft handle the close combat.
[20:42] kris159: *The ONP ships gradually start retreating, but craft continue to engage*
[20:42] nagakrion: (For music, I recommend To the Enemy by Struck)
[20:43] nagakrion: (see what I did there?)
[20:43] kris159: (lol)
[20:43] nagakrion: (Seriously, I'm starting to like electronic music)
[20:44] nagakrion: fayimu: They're retreating, press the attack!
[20:45] <Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
[20:45] kris159: *The Zubadan ships begin powering their hyperdrives, their craft are recalled and they cease fire*
[20:45] nagakrion: (Are they on our side?)
[20:45] kris159: (no)
[20:45] nagakrion: (I see)
[20:46] nagakrion: (Whats the closest enemy system?)
[20:46] kris159: (Trinia)
[20:46] kris159: (Nonan's colonized it a few days ago)
[20:46] kris159: (It's 0.6 lightyears from this position, and that leaves about 5.4 lightyears to Derta)
[20:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Yulair would've already deployed its entire air force save for Dauntless' reserve fighters. Dauntless is staying within a ~3 minute jump distance*
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): (Wolf?)
[20:47] nagakrion: Fayimu: Once we wipe out the enemies here, we need to eliminate the threat that Trinia poses.
[20:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes?)
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): (Has Yulair recolonized Yulair)
[20:47] kris159: *the two groups of ships collide for close-quarters combat*
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): Admiral Fayimu
[20:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): (No, it's going to.)
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): I must object.
[20:47] nagakrion: Farimu: Yes?
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): Our mandate from the Capita Council is to remove the exercisers
[20:47] nagakrion: Farimu: They are using bases there to support their fleet.
[20:47] Bly (bly1234): -Not- to open fire on their planets
[20:48] kris159: *5 more ships arrive, a mix of Manaki and Nonan*
[20:48] nagakrion: Farimu: By destroying the military facilities there, we will certainly stop the excersises.
[20:48] Bly (bly1234): Our job is not to attack their planets, only disperse this.
[20:48] kris159: *A flash of light emits as a Nonan ship blows*
[20:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I assume we've opened fire?)
[20:49] nagakrion: Farimu: Focus on the enemy fleet now. If you're squeamish, Blydonia has no need to attack Trinia.
[20:49] nagakrion: (of course)
[20:50] Bly (bly1234): The Capita Council has not mandated that we attack.
[20:50] nagakrion: (Is it Fayimu or Farimu?)
[20:50] kris159: (Fayimu)
[20:50] nagakrion: (Link me to the specific text of the resolution, please)
[20:51] kris159:
[20:51] kris159: ("if they did not cease their operations near Derta within the next 7 days, a peacekeeping force consisting of whoever would join it would be sent in the name of the Capita Council to disperse them manually. ")
[20:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Dauntless arrives on the outskirts of the battle*
[20:51] kris159: (I honestly don't mind what happens)
[20:51] kris159: (Personally)
[20:52] Bly (bly1234): (me either)
[20:52] kris159: *A Jankan ship blows*
[20:52] nagakrion: Fayimu: We need to destroy the facilities at Trinia to disperse their fleet, and that is within the CC's decision.
[20:52] Bly (bly1234): (Jankan Ships blow alright...crappy technology)
[20:52] kris159: (Let's say 70v50 ships)
[20:52] Bly (bly1234): BlyDonian forces will not continue on to Trinia. 
[20:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Gammetan ships are present?)
[20:52] nagakrion: *A Bazanian ship explodes*
[20:52] kris159: *The ONP ships begin dispersing relating to Trinia, getting out of its line of sight*
[20:52] nagakrion: (no, just some observers)
[20:52] Bly (bly1234): Bion Commander: Nor shall we.
[20:52] kris159: (No, Wolf, they're not)
[20:53] nagakrion: Fayimu: Why send ships if you weren't willing to support the CC mission?
[20:53] Bly (bly1234): We are supporting their mission
[20:53] Bly (bly1234): Which is to end the exercises.
[20:53] nagakrion: Fayimu: And we will do that by annihilating their presence here
[20:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Yulairian fighters slowly begin to pull back to the outskirts of the battle, near where observation ships and Dauntless are*
[20:54] kris159: *Despite the fact that the ships aren't cleared, massive projectiles fly through the battle from the direction of Trinia. Each hit would damage a ship a considerable amount*
[20:54] kris159: *Though there are only around 50 projectiles, with only about 15 hitting*
[20:54] Bly (bly1234): Your vessels may continue on, our vessels will remain here and stop these exercises.
[20:54] nagakrion: Fayimu: See? Those planetary defence guns are hurting us. We need to destroy them.
[20:55] nagakrion: *he ends the comm*
[20:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Dauntless contacts the lead BlyDonian ship*
[20:55] Bly (bly1234): Excalibur CO: *answers* Yes?
[20:55] kris159: *Two Fzanti ships explode, and another Janka*
[20:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless CO: YNS Dauntless to BDN Excalibur, requesting target read-outs and updated mission assignments, for both support ship and fighter squadrons. Sorry we're late.
[20:56] nagakrion: *10ish more Bazanian ships jump in*
[20:56] Bly (bly1234): We're targeting the vessels in front of us.
[20:56] Bly (bly1234): (brb)
[20:57] nagakrion: Fayimu: Continue to the planet!
[20:57] kris159: *7 more ships have exploded, 5 of them ONP*
[20:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Understood. We are re-arming our fighters and continuing into the battle after their re-deployment.
[20:57] kris159: *The turret projectiles stop coming, and the ships reengage at close ranges*
[20:57] nagakrion: *a planetary defence beam, on a large orbiting platform, shoots at and disables a Bazanian craft*
[20:58] kris159: (We're far away from the planet, BTW)
[20:58] kris159: (Like 0.6 light years)
[20:58] kris159: (Well, the battle/exercise was)
[20:58] nagakrion: *We're closing though*
[20:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Listening to The Battle of Hoth while this is going on is so epic.*
[20:58] kris159: (Ah)
[20:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )*
[20:58] nagakrion: *but NVM on the planetary defence stuff*
[20:58] kris159: (You'd have to hyperspace to get there within today)
[20:58] kris159: (OTherwise it would take weeks)
[20:59] kris159: *13 more ONP ships arrive*
[20:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters re-deploy, and escort Dauntless into the midst of the battle*
[20:59] nagakrion: Fayimu: All Bazanian ships, prepare to execute Plan 336C.
[20:59] nagakrion: Fayimu: I trust the others can handle the ONP.
[20:59] kris159: *one of them is a super-heavy battleship, with similar but weaker guns to those fired in to the battle from the planet*
[21:00] kris159: *It's now around 58v75*
[21:00] kris159: *ONPvCC*
[21:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters break formation and engage hostile craft, or work on destroying support ships and light to medium ships, while Dauntless engages the super-heavy, moving at a fast speed.*
[21:02] kris159: *The Manaki superbattleship fires a salvo of those planet-fired weapons at the Excalibur, with great accuracy*
[21:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Once Dauntless makes a pass, it would circle around and join up with the main CC formation*
[21:03] kris159: *One Kandan, three Lunoric (ONP), one TEC and three Jankan (CC) ships blow*
[21:04] nagakrion: *The Bazanian flagship and about 2/3 of the Bazanian fleet jumps, one is destroyed while trying to jump*
[21:05] kris159: *The Bazanians contributed 39 ships, so 13 stay*
[21:05] nagakrion: (How long would it take to jump to the planet?)
[21:05] kris159: (Not very long at all)
[21:05] kris159: (A minute, max)
[21:05] kris159: (It's less than a lightyear away)
[21:06] nagakrion: *A larger fleet of Bazanians, including the ones from before, numbering about 80, appear at Trinia*
[21:06] kris159: *Bazanian ground force-transports ships are deployed from Derta*
[21:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Dauntless contacts a command ship (That's active. >.>)*
[21:06] Bly (bly1234): *Replies*
[21:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless CO: Dauntless to command, where are those Bazanian ships going?
[21:07] nagakrion: *the fleet starts bombarding Trinia and transports start appearing*
[21:07] Bly (bly1234): I don't know.
[21:07] kris159: *The Manaki superbattleship takes out another 7 ships with its supercannons. Super, init?*
[21:07] kris159: *Zubada ships engage the Bazanians*
[21:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless CO: ... Roger.
[21:07] kris159: *Some reserve Kandan, Manaki and Nonan ships do, too*
[21:07] nagakrion: (a Drakonian cruiser would probably ram it without a second thought)
[21:08] kris159: (Shields would cancle out the cruiser if they were weaker)
[21:08] kris159: (but ... lots of damage nonetheless)
[21:08] Bly (bly1234): *the BDN Vicious explodes*
[21:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Yulairian flight command (flight leader) contacts Excalibur*
[21:08] nagakrion: (Depends on the size of the cruiser)
[21:08] Bly (bly1234): *replies* Yes?
[21:08] kris159: *ONP: 15 ships withdraw, and another 8 are dead*
[21:09] nagakrion: *Trinia's defenses havent had the time to be fully built, so they're being destroyed quickly*
[21:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): YFC: Yulairian Flight Commander to Excalibur, is there a way our fighters can take out that super-heavy? Access points to critical systems that you are aware of? Over.
[21:10] nagakrion: (Shouldainstallednetworkcentricairdefencelol!)
[21:10] Bly (bly1234): We're not sure.
[21:10] kris159: *another 9 CC ships are also deaD)
[21:10] Bly (bly1234): We're getting hammered.
[21:10] Bly (bly1234): *Over where the exercises are, it's largely TEC, Bion, BlyDonian, and the one Andur vessel*
[21:10] kris159: *With the battle being 31v42, around half losses, the ONP ships begin a full retreati*
[21:10] Bly (bly1234): *as well as the Dauntless*
[21:10] nagakrion: *some Bazanian troops are being dropped on the planet*
[21:11] kris159: *The planetary cannons would fire on the fleet, primarily the transports*
[21:11] Bly (bly1234): Sensors Officer:
[21:11] Bly (bly1234): Oops
[21:11] Bly (bly1234): Sensors Officer: Sir! Detecting missile lock!
[21:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): YFC: We roger that. *Switches over to Dauntless, though may still be audible to Excalibur* Dauntless, requesting observatory craft scan that super-heavy.
[21:11] Bly (bly1234): Admiral Komec: Launch countermeasures!
[21:11] Bly (bly1234): *countermeasures deployed, the Excalibur is not hit*
[21:11] kris159: *A few missiles are let out before the last ships retreat, as well as one superheavy projectile aimed at the Excalibur*
[21:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: Air Command to Observation, request close-range scan on super-heavy battleship.
[21:12] Bly (bly1234): Take evasive action!
[21:12] nagakrion: *the planetary force continues to land despite taking large casualties)
[21:12] Bly (bly1234): *The BDN Eager takes the shot for the Excalibur, exploding*
[21:12] kris159: *There are few vehicles on the planet, but quite a lot of infantry without proper support*
[21:12] nagakrion: *battle proceeds accordingly*
[21:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: Cancel scan, Observation.
[21:13] kris159: *Small ONP forces from Trinia are routed*
[21:13] Bly (bly1234): *Open Comm  with Dauntless, Andur, TEC, and Bion, the remaining civs*
[21:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: Fighters pull in and regroup.
[21:13] nagakrion: (Incl. Bazania?)
[21:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: (To Excalibur) Shall we follow the Bazanians in and attack the planet?
[21:13] kris159: (There are 10 Bazanian ships)
[21:13] Bly (bly1234): Negative.
[21:13] nagakrion: *those jump to Trinia*
[21:13] Bly (bly1234): (All other civ ships are over Trinia)
[21:14] kris159: (What other civ ships?)
[21:14] nagakrion: *orbital defense fire is hitting them*
[21:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: All due respect, why not?
[21:14] Bly (bly1234): *Bazanian, BlyDonian, Fzanti, Jankan, Kadan, Qantish and Techian ships are over Derta, with 1 ship each from Andur and Appaloutio*

[21:14] Bly (bly1234): BlyDonia refuses to initiate war with them, our mission is done.
[21:15] Bly (bly1234): TEC Commander: As the impartial Chair Council member, I must agree.
[21:15] kris159: *There are a few Kada and Jankan ships over Trinia, but the rest would not proceed*
[21:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dauntless: Understood and agreed.
[21:15] kris159: *Orbital defenses are destroyed*
[21:15] nagakrion: *A disabled Bazanian ship floats by the Excalibur, narrowly missing it*
[21:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters begin landing procedure*
[21:15] Bly (bly1234): *looks at it*
[21:15] nagakrion: *the remaining Bazanian ships focus on shelling the planet*
[21:15] Bly (bly1234): Tractor that vessel and start a landing party.
[21:15] Bly (bly1234): Admiral Komec: Yes sir!
[21:16] nagakrion: *it launches escape shuttles*
[21:16] Bly (bly1234): Begin bringing those escape pods aboard, have med teams standby
[21:16] nagakrion: *small secondary explosions start occuring all over the disabled ship*
[21:16] kris159: *The ONP ships retreat from Trinia*
[21:17] Bly (bly1234): Take evasive action
[21:17] Bly (bly1234): Move away from that vessel.
[21:17] nagakrion: *it explodes massively*
[21:18] Bly (bly1234): *the ship shakes*
[21:18] kris159: *The Andur ship blows*
[21:18] Bly (bly1234): Admiral Komec: Damage Report.
[21:18] nagakrion: (bazanian ships have light armour and rely on shields, so they have big reactors)
[21:18] kris159: *As well as two Fzanti*
[21:18] nagakrion: *another Bazanian ship, damaged in the blast, starts rescue procedures*
[21:18] kris159: Colonel Phane: *looks at space debris and shakes* What a disaster.
[21:19] Bly (bly1234): Engineering: We've lost all power to the impulse engines. We are manueverable only by hyperdrive.
[21:19] Bly (bly1234): Colonel Phane?
[21:19] Bly (bly1234): Where have you been this whole battle?
[21:19] kris159: Colonel Phane: Watching half a year's worth of arguments dissolve in to a battle.
[21:19] nagakrion: (Would it be characteristic of the Nonans to surrender?)
[21:19] kris159: (no)
[21:19] kris159: (Not on Trinia)
[21:19] nagakrion: (How poetic)
[21:19] nagakrion: (Ok, this will last a while)
[21:19] kris159: (They would fight, but they're weak because they have little vehicle support)
[21:20] nagakrion: (The Bazanians aren't going to take the Drakonian route and dump toxins all over the planet, so this will take a while)
[21:20] kris159: (You could, since it's just a rock planet with little/no atmosphere)
[21:21] nagakrion: (So toxins wouldnt work, they need air. if everyones just wearing space suits anyway its useless. And the Bazanians dont like slaughtering civilains as much as the Drakonians)
[21:22] kris159: (lol, ok)
[21:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Yulair leaveslololol (can't RPG now.)*
[21:23] Bly (bly1234): (ok)
[21:23] nagakrion: (I might Spore up some Bazanian ships)
[21:23] Bly (bly1234): This was ridiculous.
[21:23] Bly (bly1234): (Naga)
[21:24] Bly (bly1234): (would you like the Bazanians?)
[21:24] nagakrion: (nah)
[21:24] Bly (bly1234): (as a side-civ?)
[21:24] Bly (bly1234): (I have Bion and Andur)
[21:24] Bly (bly1234): (wolf has Yulair)
[21:24] Bly (bly1234): (And Kris has all other civs)
[21:24] nagakrion: (I prefer handling a little of everything. i was Blydonia as a diplomat, maybe I'll be TEC or Nonan [lolstarvation] next)
[21:24] <Wolf82 (wolf802) has left the room>
[21:24] kris159: (Naasad, you mean?)
[21:25] kris159: (^^)
[21:25] nagakrion: (I thought they were the same)
[21:25] kris159: Nope.
[21:25] kris159: Naasad is None's, Nonan is just a random NPC.
[21:25] nagakrion: (WTF!)
[21:25] kris159: was None's*
[21:25] kris159: ()*
[21:26] Bly (bly1234): Colonel Phane?
[21:26] Bly (bly1234): Who is None?
[21:26] Bly (bly1234): *pokes Ambassador Dineax* Wake up!
[21:26] kris159: (Kris159 said that!)
[21:26] kris159: Phane: ... What?
[21:27] Bly (bly1234): Never mind
[21:27] Bly (bly1234): Kris said that
[21:27] kris159: Phane: ... Who?
[21:27] nagakrion: (whom*)
[21:28] Bly (bly1234): ..
[21:28] Bly (bly1234): Wake up Ambassador!
[21:28] kris159: Dineax: I'm not asleep, Mr.
[21:28] kris159: Dineax: -You'-re asleep?
[21:28] kris159: (Naga, do you want to RPG the struggle/battle or not?0
[21:29] nagakrion: (Go ahead and finish it off, IDC who wins)
[21:29] kris159: (What do you do when you've scraped out all personel?)
[21:30] kris159: (Keep the base, salvage it and leave it, or destroy it?)
[21:30] nagakrion: (Build bases and naval support facilities)
[21:30] kris159: (Ok)
[21:30] <Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
[21:30] kris159: (*Narrows eyes at Naga*)
[21:30] nagakrion: (No!)
[21:31] kris159: ( =( )
[21:31] nagakrion: (TT sucks now)
[21:31] kris159: (lol)
[21:31] kris159: (I'm going to bed)
[21:31] kris159: (I just want to post the chatlog to insure it will not miss anything)
[21:31] nagakrion: (kk)
[21:31] <nagakrion has left the room>

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