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[03:56] dsqtourny: (Yaaayy)
[03:56] nagakrion: (CC meeting!)
[03:56] dsqtourny: (Oh boy.)
[03:56] dsqtourny: (What should I do?)
[03:56] nagakrion: (We could admit you to the CC)
[03:58] dsqtourny: (...)
[03:58] dsqtourny: (Yeah, but how would I find out about it?)
[03:58] kris159: (They occur every 2nd, 12th and 22nd.)
[03:58] nagakrion: (the news)
[03:58] dsqtourny: (The Hive wouldn’t know that.)
[03:58] dsqtourny: (Oh yeah, the news.)
[03:59] dsqtourny: *is watching the newly discovered holo news feed in my captain’s chair*
[03:59] kris159: (IDHAC what the CC meeting is about)
[03:59] dsqtourny: Reporter: Good evening Appearance. We are broadcasting live from the Capita Council meeting.
[03:59] nagakrion: (Orin, Risuk, Faretel hitting on someone)
[04:00] dsqtourny: ...
[04:00] kris159: Launa Carna (Andur (Chair Member (one of the two (so many parenthesis)))): The Capita Council meeting session on the 2nd of March, 2012, shall now intiate.
[04:00] dsqtourny: Well, I guess going to a meeting is less risky than weathering the Drakonian galaxy.
[04:01] nagakrion: (use brackets or squigly things {} )
[04:01] dsqtourny: Right Cmdr?
[04:01] dsqtourny: Cmdr: Right, sir.
[04:01] kris159: Launa Carna: Topics include the Drakonian Empire, and the ONP military exercise in close proximity to Derta.
[04:01] dsqtourny: *he doesn’t look up from what he’s doing*
[04:01] nagakrion: (How many delegates from each country are present?)
[04:01] dsqtourny: Engage the Tetustemusdemuguff drive. We’re crashing this party.
[04:01] kris159: (just the one)
[04:01] dsqtourny: Cmdr: That sire.
[04:01] dsqtourny: sir*
[04:01] dsqtourny: What?
[04:01] nagakrion: (Any aides/security?)
[04:01] kris159: (not in the room)
[04:02] dsqtourny: Cmdr: That party. This implies it is in the room.
[04:02] kris159: (Numberous ships surround the space station in neutral territory)
[04:02] dsqtourny: Oh. Alright, fine.
[04:02] dsqtourny: *the drive engages and the Hive rockets off to crash the CC meeting*
[04:03] nagakrion: *the Automata gaurds Faretel brought with her are chilling outside the room, making all the other gaurds/people feel awkward*
[04:03] dsqtourny: *awaiting a cue from those already participating to arrive*
[04:03] kris159: Fisrt, I would like to welcome a new member to the meeting. (s)he represents the Appearence Dominion.
[04:03] kris159: (Oh)
[04:03] kris159: (I thought we were already here)
[04:03] nagakrion: (Its part of the Empire of Drakonia)
[04:03] kris159: (I meant that)
[04:04] kris159: (I wasn't concentrating)
[04:04] nagakrion: (Just because the US delegate to the UN may be from texas, he doesnt say hes representing Texas)
[04:04] dsqtourny: (Yes he does.)
[04:04] nagakrion: (texas is a state, Kris)
[04:04] kris159: [04:03] kris159: (I meant that)
[04:04] kris159: (I wasn't concentrating)
[04:04] kris159: (As in, I wasn touch typing while reading something else)
[04:04] nagakrion: (States are regions with mini-governments, controlled by a central government)
[04:05] nagakrion: (Kind of like in your friend Canada)
[04:05] kris159: (You're really drilling the point in, aren't you)
[04:05] nagakrion: (IK, I'm just fucking with you)
[04:05] kris159: (Cease)
[04:05] kris159: (Unless you have condoms)
[04:05] dsqtourny: (^)
[04:05] kris159: (or I/you have a coil?)
[04:05] dsqtourny: (...)
[04:05] nagakrion: (Just take the pill, I hear socialized medicine covers the cost)
[04:05] dsqtourny: *the Hive approaches the meeting area*
[04:06] nagakrion: (*Kris puts a tesla coil in his vagina*
[04:06] kris159: (I prefer the term nationalized, but w/e)
[04:06] kris159: *Ships would intercept it, comming it*
[04:06] dsqtourny: *answers the comm without braking* Hello?
[04:06] kris159: Commer: G'day. I'm commer.
[04:07] kris159: Commer: What're you doing here? This isn't your place, silly.
[04:07] dsqtourny: ...What?
[04:07] kris159: Commer: There are some important people here. If you don't stop, we'll fire.
[04:07] nagakrion: *the Drakonian heavy cruiser Fatum Malleos hangs in space nearby the meeting, dwarfing the other ships(
[04:08] dsqtourny: (Out of curiosity, does it also dwarf the Hive?)
[04:08] kris159: *Hey*
[04:08] kris159: *Don't make up actions for other players!)
[04:08] kris159: (It can't due to the 20 km limit which si still stupidly in place)
[04:08] dsqtourny: Cmdr, turn off the Tetustemusdemuguff drive.
[04:08] nagakrion: (Its about 10km)
[04:08] dsqtourny: (*breaks that rule anyway*)
[04:08] kris159: (In effect, the most powerful ship would be a cube)
[04:08] kris159: (A big cube)
[04:08] nagakrion: (borg...)
[04:08] dsqtourny: (WE ARE THE BORG)
[04:09] kris159: (...)
[04:09] dsqtourny: (lol!)
[04:09] dsqtourny: *the drive powers down slowly, reflecting the attitude of the ship*
[04:09] dsqtourny: Our drives are powering down, Commer.
[04:09] kris159: Commer: Where art thou?
[04:09] dsqtourny: What?
[04:09] dsqtourny: What do you mean?
[04:09] kris159: Commer: Where are you?
[04:09] dsqtourny: Where are we?
[04:09] nagakrion: (Drakonian warships top off at around 50km, anything bigger isnt too practical)
[04:09] kris159: Commer: In space. I have no idea.
[04:10] dsqtourny: How could you be coming us if you didn’t know where we were?
[04:10] kris159: (It's really hard when your ship turns and breaks in half because it's so large)
[04:10] kris159: Commer: ULCS.
[04:10] dsqtourny: ...
[04:10] kris159: Commer: Unknown location communication systems.
[04:10] dsqtourny: TFBW?
[04:10] dsqtourny: Oh.
[04:11] kris159: *All the ambassadors have arrived*
[04:11] dsqtourny: Well, I believe I’m approaching the location of the Capita Council meeting.
[04:11] kris159: Carna: Faretel (I assume), you have the floor.
[04:11] kris159: Commer: Indeed you are. Why?
[04:11] dsqtourny: *the Hive continues to approach its destination despite decelerrating*
[04:11] dsqtourny: Because I want to go there.
[04:12] dsqtourny: I’m with Drakonia.
[04:12] dsqtourny: I was personally invited.
[04:12] kris159: Commer: The area is restricted access. You're on the restricted list.
[04:12] kris159: Commer: Oh. 
[04:12] nagakrion: Faretel: Thank you. *nods to Carna and stands*
[04:12] kris159: Commer: *reads list* "Everyone except those invited."
[04:12] kris159: Commer: Very well.
[04:12] dsqtourny: (rotfl!)
[04:12] kris159: Commer: Proceed.
[04:12] dsqtourny: Thanks. Have a nice day, Commer.
[04:12] nagakrion: Faretel: We have other matters to attend to, so I shall be brief.
[04:13] dsqtourny: *arrives at the meeting location*
[04:13] dsqtourny: (What is it?)
[04:13] kris159: (A space station)
[04:13] kris159: (in empty space)
[04:13] kris159: (Somewhere in the core of the galaxy)
[04:14] nagakrion: Faretel: On behalf of the Empire of Drakonia, I would like to thank the members of the Capita Council for allowing us to settle in your galaxy.
[04:14] dsqtourny: *comms the station*
[04:14] kris159: Station commer: This is CCHQ. Proceed.
[04:14] dsqtourny: Are we supposed to send a shuttle or just dock?
[04:14] kris159: Station commer: Ok. Enough charisma practice. *answers comm*
[04:14] dsqtourny: This is my first time.
[04:14] nagakrion: Faretel: I look forward to many years of peace and prosperity brought about by this Council. Thank you.
[04:14] nagakrion: *she sits down*
[04:14] kris159: Station commer: This is CCHQ, please proceed.
[04:14] nagakrion: (shitty speech)
[04:14] dsqtourny: *repeats last phrase*
[04:15] dsqtourny: *and the one before that*
[04:15] kris159: SC: Send a shuttle.
[04:15] dsqtourny: Ok...
[04:15] kris159: SC: THe meeting is in already session ...
[04:15] dsqtourny: Look, we had problems with traffic, alright?
[04:15] nagakrion: (any reactions from the crowd, or are they all scared?)
[04:16] kris159: Carna: It's good to see that you've already sorted out a potential territory dispute in such a short period of time. Welcome to the Council.
[04:16] kris159: (The bigguns don't like you. The small ones may be scared)
[04:16] dsqtourny: The K1 sector had that wierd festival thing going on.
[04:17] kris159: SC: ...
[04:17] dsqtourny: You know how it is.
[04:17] nagakrion: *Faretel surveys the other delegates, giving them an unsettling glare*
[04:17] kris159: SC: ... Yes ... 
[04:17] kris159: Carna: Now, our second order of business is the seemingly ongoing Derta dispute.
[04:17] dsqtourny: Cmdr, I’m going to go take a shuttle over. Park the ship.
[04:17] dsqtourny: Cmdr: Yessir.
[04:17] dsqtourny: Hive out, SC.
[04:18] dsqtourny: *ends comm*
[04:18] dsqtourny: *goes down to the shuttle bay and takes a shuttle over*
[04:18] kris159: Carna: Manaki, Kandan and Nonan are exercising their navies unsettlingly close to Derta for a second time in a month.
[04:18] dsqtourny: *begins making my way to the meeting room*
[04:18] kris159: Carna: The Kada ambassador wishes to make a proposal.
[04:19] dsqtourny: *eventually arrives at it*
[04:19] dsqtourny: *walks in?*
[04:19] kris159: Prane: The military exercise is obviously a saber-rattling device. It is not coincidence that it is occuring this close to Derta, it is intentionally threatening. I propose that we denounce the exercise in the hopes that they will ce--
[04:19] kris159: Carna: ... Hello? *confused*
[04:19] dsqtourny: Hi.
[04:19] kris159: Carna: Who are you?
[04:20] dsqtourny: My name is DR. Tourny and I’ve never been here before.
[04:20] dsqtourny: Do I just find an empty seat?
[04:20] kris159: Carna: ... Of the Tournan hive?
[04:20] nagakrion: *faretel faintly recognizes T, but glares at him all the same*
[04:20] dsqtourny: Yes.
[04:21] kris159: Carna: ... take a seat, though note you have no stance in voting.
[04:21] dsqtourny: *sits down somewhere*
[04:21] kris159: Carna: ...
[04:21] kris159: Carna: *Seats myself* Please, Ambassador Prane. Continue.
[04:22] kris159: Prane: ... I propose that we denounce the military exercizes, in the hopes that they will stop.
[04:22] dsqtourny: (Should I refrain from idling?)
[04:22] kris159: (IDM)
[04:22] kris159: (I'm jsut doing this as a space-filler)
[04:22] kris159: (I honestly have no storyline prepared)
[04:23] dsqtourny: *nods to the people I sit next to*
[04:23] kris159: (Does anyone want to do anything other than this CC meeting?0
[04:23] dsqtourny: (I just thought people might not want the meeting cluttered with meaningless shit.)
[04:23] kris159: (An uncensored swear word from Tourny!)
[04:24] nagakrion: (Orin-Risuk!)
[04:24] kris159: (We need Wolf)
[04:24] dsqtourny: (afk for a bit)
[04:24] kris159: Prane: And if this does not succeed by the next meeting, we send an ultimatum, threatening a peace-keeping force.
[04:25] kris159: Carna: A vote shall now be held on denouncing the exercises.
[04:25] kris159: (Hold on while I prepare people's opinions)
[04:26] nagakrion: (*should have sent Ming, she'd have delivered an amazing drunken rant for the speech*)
[04:26] kris159: (lol)
[04:26] kris159: (Drunken?)
[04:26] nagakrion: (yeah, shes an alcoholic
[04:26] kris159: (As in, before she died?)
[04:26] nagakrion: (Yeah)
[04:27] nagakrion: (She was on her 2nd artificial liver)
[04:27] kris159: (lol!)
[04:28] nagakrion: (having a stable relationship with Faretel helped, before that she was a train wreck)
[04:28] nagakrion: (But Drakonian culture rewards crazy-bitch-ness)
[04:28] kris159: Alsoras	Abstain
Andur	Yes
Appaloutio	Yes
Atalant	Abstain
Bion		Yes
BlyDonian	Yes
East Tudia	Abstain
Fzanti	Yes
Gammetan	Abstain
Hzian		Abstain
Iaondi	No
Jankan	Yes
Kada		Yes
Klaorus	Abstain
Lisianti	Abstain
Lonur		Abstain
Lunor		Abstain
Manaki	No
Nonan	No
Retathon	Abstain
Techia	Yes
Unidia	Abstain
West Tudi	Abstain
Wringon	Abstain
[04:28] kris159: (I got that concept, yes ^^)
[04:28] kris159: (Now you vote!)
[04:29] nagakrion: *Faretel votes to abstain*
[04:29] kris159: Carna: Eight versus three
[04:30] kris159: Carna: That exceeds the 66% threshold for denouncing.
[04:30] kris159: Carna: The denouncement shall be sent, representing the Capita Council.
[04:31] kris159: (Wait)
[04:31] kris159: 16-4* (chair members represent 5 votes)
[04:35] nagakrion: (Now I want to do some Charlie Sheen-esque interview with Ming, a flashback to the Ichiri war)
[04:35] kris159: (Shoot)
[04:36] kris159: (It will be entertainment until Wolf arrives)
[04:36] kris159: (Which could be a few hours, give or take a few days)
[04:37] nagakrion: (Or maybe the Drakonian-Yulair war)
[04:39] wolf802: (Okay, so...)
[04:39] wolf802: (To avoid this dragging on, I'll sum up the next few bits.)
[04:40] wolf802: (While this meeting is going on, Leena and company again attempt to escape, with success.)
[04:41] kris159: (... escape where?0
[04:41] wolf802: (Through quick-wits, they manage to get to the hanger.)
[04:42] wolf802: (They're captured, again, the colonel harrasses them and lines them up for execution this time, no questions asked.)
[04:43] kris159: (How?0
[04:43] wolf802: (Now, your turn: Does a Yulairian-allied diplomat (from another civ or something) try to free the Yulairians and come across the scene, or does one of the members of the Risuk army attempt to intervene?)
[04:43] wolf802: (As in, come to negotiate releasing Dauntless and then seeing what was going on in the hanger.)
[04:44] nagakrion: (If you can offer something good, Drakonia will send a special ops team and slaughter every single Risuk there)
[04:44] wolf802: (Flip a coin, make a choice, or I'll choose.)
[04:45] wolf802: (Either of you can answer. I'll just roll with whatever you say.)
[04:45] nagakrion: (I made my offer)
[04:45] kris159: (Yulairain-allied)
[04:45] kris159: (Because didn't the Risuk and Orin turn against he Yulairains)
[04:45] kris159: ?)
[04:45] wolf802: (That won't work since Yulair's more or less a Risuk prisoner right now.)
[04:45] wolf802: (Indeed.)
[04:46] wolf802: *A diplomat (from where? BlyDonia? Gammeta?) strolls along with a group, in passing he looks through doorways to the hanger and sees Yulairian personnel being harrased and having guns aimed at them, a Risuk colonel shouting violently*
[04:46] wolf802: (Either of you want to play the part of the diplomat?)
[04:46] kris159: ( )
[04:46] kris159: (BlyDonia)
[04:47] kris159: (Naga, do you want to?)
[04:47] kris159: (I will if you don't)
[04:47] nagakrion: (I suck at RPGing)
[04:47] wolf802: (I disagree, but, if you don't want to...)
[04:47] kris159: (Dewit, Naga)
[04:48] kris159: (It will be exciting to see you roleplay as your enemy)
[04:48] kris159: (I was just about to start, then I thought of that)
[04:48] nagakrion: Diplomat: *sees the Yularians about to be executed*
[04:48] wolf802: (Naga: ... Nah. Just kill 'em.)
[04:48] nagakrion: (Is there any sort of Geneva Convention equivilant?)
[04:48] wolf802: (Risuk: Yay. *Pew pew*)
[04:48] kris159: (Not -yet-, heh)
[04:48] wolf802: (...Probably, considering that's how I plan to end the war.)
[04:48] wolf802: (It's not on the wiki, but it exists.)
[04:48] kris159: (I'm going to introduce a lot of international stuff via the CC soon)
[04:49] nagakrion: (*imagines the Drakonian reaction*)
[04:49] wolf802: (Rule #76, if it's not on the wiki, it still probably exists somewhere)
[04:49] kris159: (Like measurements, cosmography, and some kind of anti-war treaty, as well as official territories)
[04:49] nagakrion: Diplomat: *looks in the room*
[04:50] nagakrion: Diplomat: *stops, his entourage stops too*
[04:50] nagakrion: *the diplomat walks in*
[04:50] nagakrion: Diplomat: What are you doing?!
[04:51] wolf802: *The colonel seems to be focused on a medal Leena is wearing, spewing insults and vanities, going on about some old cult. Most of it sounds like blind rage speaking, or rather...yelling*
[04:51] wolf802: *He stops and looks at the diplomat, pistol tight in hand*
[04:51] nagakrion: (wait, I thought they were about to execute the Yularians)
[04:51] nagakrion: (not just yelling)
[04:51] wolf802: (Just about to.)
[04:51] nagakrion: (as in, does it look like it?)
[04:51] wolf802: (Very much so, and if not exeuction, extreme harrassment and abuse.)
[04:52] nagakrion: Diplomat: The war's over!
[04:52] wolf802: (Error-but I'll roll with it.)
[04:52] wolf802: (S'ok.)
[04:52] nagakrion: Diplomat: The Council just ratified the treaty, it'll be on the news by this afternoon!
[04:52] nagakrion: (its a bluff!)
[04:53] wolf802: Colonel: Not yet. So long as I'm here, that won't be happening. And these god damn rats, *he looks at the Yulairians with great discontent* aren't going to get their way.
[04:53] nagakrion: Diplomat: Thats a bad idea.
[04:53] wolf802: Colonel: Sergeant. *He turns to a soldier, his gun aimed at the Yulairians*. Fire on my mark.
[04:53] wolf802: Colonel: How do you plan to stop us, good sir? And why are you even here?
[04:54] wolf802: Colonel: Someone get this man out of my sight. He's of no concern.
[04:54] nagakrion: Diplomat: the CC has a fleet en route. Article IXI of the treaty calls for an international peacekeeping force to ensure peace.
[04:54] wolf802: Colonel: ... *Stiffens his stance*
[04:55] wolf802: Colonel: Sergeant... 
[04:55] nagakrion: Diplomat: The Blydonian 3rd Fleet, Gammetan Task Force Artolon, a techian battle group...
[04:55] wolf802: *The sergeant stands anxiously, gun raised*
[04:55] kris159: (Nice memory)
[04:55] nagakrion: Diplomat: I'm not privy to matters this secret, but I hear the Empire of Drakonia sent an entire Grand Fleet.
[04:55] wolf802: Colonel: Who are you, and who are you with?
[04:55] nagakrion: (I need a name!)
[04:55] wolf802: (Quasa Moto.)
[04:55] nagakrion: (Quasimodo?)
[04:56] wolf802: ('ve figured me out.)
[04:56] nagakrion: Diplomat: My name is Quasa Modo, I am a Blydonian diplomat representing the Capita Council
[04:56] wolf802: (Mention you working on releasing the Yulairians as well.)
[04:57] nagakrion: Diplomat: If you let me take the Yulairians away on my shuttle, I can alert the task force that you -are- loyal Risuk troops in compliance with the treaty
[04:57] wolf802: (*Naga's good at this*)
[04:58] nagakrion: Diplomat:If you don't, I'm not sure who'll be more angry: the Capita Council or your own superiors for violating this new treaty so soon
[04:58] wolf802: Entourage Guy: We're soon to be talking with your commanders to release Dauntless and its personnel to its rightful owners.
[04:58] nagakrion: (ty)
[04:58] wolf802: Colonel: *Scoffs* Them? They deserve no such freedom, their filthy ways and poor ethics... *He again looks at them disdainfully*
[04:59] wolf802: Leena: Because we have women in our military? Because we wear our uniforms with honor and pride, we're below you?
[04:59] nagakrion: Diplomat: Your personal views aren't relevant right now, I'm afraid. It will be much better for all of us if you just release the prisoners.
[04:59] wolf802: Colonel: You're below us because you involve yourselves with sick practices and those cults of yours. *He gazes at her medal*
[05:00] nagakrion: (Since the Diplomat is Blydonian, hes probably checking out Leena)
[05:00] kris159: (lol!)
[05:00] wolf802: (lolol)
[05:00] wolf802: *The colonel throws his pistol into his holster and orders the troops to stand down and release the Yulairians*
[05:01] dsqtourny: (Back.)
[05:01] dsqtourny: *snores loudly*
[05:01] wolf802: *They do so. Leena almost immediately storms over to the Colonel, holding up her medal to him*
[05:01] nagakrion: Diplomat: Thank you.
[05:01] nagakrion: Diplomat: *raises his comm*
[05:01] nagakrion: Diplomat; I'll give the word once we get underway
[05:01] dsqtourny: (<.<)
[05:02] dsqtourny: (What is up?)
[05:02] nagakrion: *he gestures to the Yulairians to follow him*
[05:02] kris159: (The meeting's paused for a bit)
[05:02] wolf802: Leena: We helped you. Family fought and died for you. And then you betrayed us?! I have the power to watch Orin rip you to shreds now.
[05:02] wolf802: But, you see this? It stands for honor, respect, honesty, and restraint. I wear this because even though you came a hair away from shooting me, the people who stand by me and have supported your cause from the very beginning, I will still help you.
[05:02] nagakrion: Diplomat: Ma'am, please restrain yourself.
[05:02] wolf802: Leena:*
[05:02] dsqtourny: *is presumably with Leena*
[05:02] wolf802: Leena: And I will not let you suffer the way we have.
[05:03] nagakrion: Diplomat: *gestures again for them to follow him*
[05:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): *She releases her medal, and proudfully marches over to the diplomat*
[05:03] nagakrion: (We need Bly here to drag her away)
[05:03] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): (AM I?)
[05:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jennifer and the others meekishly follow her*
[05:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): (You are.)
[05:03] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): *does so*
[05:03] nagakrion: *the Diplomat, his entourage, and the Yularians walk quickly to his shuttle*
[05:03] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): Nice speech.
[05:03] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): (What’s happening?)
[05:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Snappishly* Heat of the moment.
[05:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Mr.Moto?
[05:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: I ask that I and my party are sent to the CC meeting as soon as possible. We have some dire information for them.
[05:04] kris159: (BlyDonian Diplomat just broke Yulairains out of Risuk custody)
[05:04] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): (Woo!)
[05:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Like a baws.)
[05:04] nagakrion: Diplomat: We'll go right there
[05:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): (TIMEJUMP?)
[05:04] nagakrion: *they board and the shuttle takes off*
[05:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile, back at the meeting?!*
[05:05] kris159: *yes!*
[05:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (That was very good, Naga. *Clap*)
[05:05] kris159: (Are the Orin and Risuk there?)
[05:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (You say you suck at RPGing. You lie.)
[05:05] nagakrion: (should he admit his lies?)
[05:05] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): (What of the guy with the long name?_
[05:05] nagakrion: (TY Wolf, it means a lot from you)
[05:05] kris159: (Returned to Risuk service)
[05:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Neh. :P )
[05:05] nagakrion: (But she'll be all like : DIPLOMATS: Y U NO TREATY
[05:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk Ambassador: Shall we move on to the talks between...*bitterly* Orin... and Risuk?
[05:06] Zelgo Furiox (dsqtourny): (I expect him to make Kalanimanokahoowaha cameos.)
[05:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lololol)
[05:06] kris159: Carna: Yes.
[05:06] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *snores loudly*
[05:06] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *is startled by the noise and awakes*
[05:07] kris159: Carna: Now.
[05:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both wait awkwardly to speak*
[05:07] nagakrion: (*we should have sent a Drakonian special ops team to get them out, Leena could have been romanced by Hot Drakonian officer #3472*)
[05:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
[05:07] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Wait are Leena and the diplomat here suddenly?)
[05:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait...male or female?)
[05:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not yet.)
[05:07] nagakrion: (Female)
[05:07] nagakrion: (OFC)
[05:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): (They'll make their grand entrance later.)
[05:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): OA: ...Who speaks first?
[05:08] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Wolf, when will we finish the RPG with Harvey.)
[05:08] kris159: Carna: Orin Ambassador, please give your side of the story for all to hear.
[05:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Shrugs.* Tomorrow?)
[05:08] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Ok.)
[05:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Right. Well. I believe it is aware Orin controls a large area in the core...
[05:08] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *gets up and moves quietly a bit nearer*
[05:09] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*wonders if Wolf did that grammar fail on purpose*)
[05:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: We regard our privacy as...very valuable. We regard that we are allowed to have as we wish in our own territory as very important.
[05:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I did not.)
[05:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I meant, "I believe we are all*)
[05:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): (BUt then I thought, "I believe it is known" would sound better.)
[05:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): (And that came out.)
[05:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I failed in that last message, too.)
[05:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Risuk began operating its business within our territory.
[05:10] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*realizes the Tournans havent got weapons*)
[05:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: They disrupted traffic and econonmy.
[05:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: They did not stop after we asked them to.
[05:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Over the course of several weeks, their trade increased, and so did their ridgedness.
[05:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: Then--
[05:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The doors (slam) open(?)*
[05:12] nagakrion: *faretel looks bored, she starts tapping at her laptop-thingy*
[05:12] nagakrion: *she looks up at the door*
[05:12] kris159: Guard outside the door: So many interruptions. So little bother. *continues sleeping*
[05:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): ( that wrong.)
[05:12] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *looks over*
[05:13] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *recognizes the new comers*
[05:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm not sure if it was because it was from Faretel or...)
[05:13] kris159: (JPLOLODASD)
[05:13] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (...)
[05:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: And then Orin hired off some Risuk forces to attack a trade convoy in open, public space.
[05:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Leena, and anyone who dares to follow her in, walk in to the room*
[05:14] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Zelgo: *dares follow her in*
[05:14] nagakrion: *she looks appreciatively at Faretel*
[05:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: That sparked intense aggrevations.
[05:14] nagakrion: (I meant at leena)
[05:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: With some public manipulation, both sides had a full war force grinding at each other.
[05:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: They enveloped planets like Alislore with their battles. Both sides had every right to fight. Or they made it look that way.
[05:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: What is this?!
[05:15] kris159: *Can imagine this being the speech at the intro cinematic of the next Sins game*
[05:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: I thought you said no interruptions, and then she comes in here and spews this...heresay?!
[05:16] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Zelgo: I’m pretty sure you should look up the definition of Heresy.
[05:16] kris159: Carna: *Shrugs* When it comes down to it, it's whoever can shoutt he loudest.
[05:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: What the public, and what Risuk didn't know, was that Orin had planned this from the start. They had spies inside Risuk's top-level of command, and they made it look like a real, full out war with both sides throwing all they had into the field.
[05:16] kris159: (cancel that)
[05:16] kris159: (Carna said nothing)
[05:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: They were targetting Risuk's home planet, home to millions of innocent lives. Just as they had done in past wars.
[05:17] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Leena: And then there was a clone army!)
[05:17] nagakrion: *faretel looks at Carna bemusedly, as if to say "WTF diplomacy"*
[05:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: They chose their target, waited, made a plan, placed their pawns and struck with lightning speed.
[05:17] kris159: (Seriously)
[05:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: And then while their enemy was wasting away in fights that, one by one, gave Orin more planets, more resources... Orin was gazing at the real jewel.
[05:18] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (
[05:18] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Wtf?)
[05:18] kris159: (Narrative behind the opening cinematic for a sins game. This is)
[05:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: A home planet, and with it, an entire civilization.
[05:18] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: Uh, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in a war?
[05:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: I demand she be restrained!
[05:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Risuk ambassador snickers somewhat, but also appears to be angered*
[05:19] kris159: *No one does anything*
[05:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Not when it's pre-meditated genocide.
[05:19] kris159: *They're all listening*
[05:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: See, a war is legalized murder...
[05:19] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: Wait, didn’t I say that several episodes ago?
[05:19] nagakrion: (Drakonians: We fuckin love genocide!)
[05:19] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga) (Normal) has entered the room
[05:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Bombarding civillian planets and wiping out millions isn't part of a war.
[05:19] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga) is now a member of group Moderator
[05:19] nagakrion has left the room
[05:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: At least...
[05:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Not when they do it like Orin did.
[05:20] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): *faretel shakes her head*
[05:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): *She smirks, almost provacatively, at the Orin ambassador. It irks him greatly*
[05:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: That's the story, but I have the papers, data, and large portion of a hidden Orin base's mainframe to back it up.
[05:20] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *looks at the Orin guy expectantly*
[05:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: ...  .... That's ridiculous!
[05:21] kris159: Carna: ... Let's administer an investigation.
[05:21] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (*cough* Justl ike your mom! *cough*)
[05:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Smiles at Carna*
[05:22] kris159: *Premature end credits*
[05:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Motions through the doorway for someone to come in. Two men come in with a large datapad*
[05:22] kris159: *The end credits reverse*
[05:22] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *suddenly thinks of something*
[05:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It has information regarding numerous plans that are blatant war crimes commited by Orin in this war and in past. It also shows they're responsible for the death of billions of innocent people, some not even part of a war, just for their own conquest.*
[05:23] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *activates wrist comm* Cmdr, keep an eye on the Orin ships.
[05:23] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Cmdr: Will do, sir.
[05:23] kris159: (billions?!0
[05:23] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (drakonia would like these guys)
[05:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Though these methods might be used in war, they did it in underhanded, twisted ways, manipulating the public of not only their own civilization, the one they are at war with, but others that have no part in the war. Planets like Alislore, or others that have fallen to Orin*
[05:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Whether the actual 'crimes' are as bad as Leena suggests is up to the council.*
[05:25] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Though its usually alright for people to pull this shit, it’s not because they’re the antagonists!)
[05:25] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (--Wolf)
[05:25] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (lol)
[05:25] kris159: (Billions is a lot)
[05:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): *She sits herself down in an empty chair if there is one, leaning back with her hands up, rocking back and forth somewhat relaxed, silently seeming to taunt the Orin ambassador.*
[05:25] kris159: (it's like 700 million in modern-day terms)
[05:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yep, Tourny. Exactly. =D)
[05:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): (But that's usually how it always goes.)
[05:26] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (not when u consider the population of a planet, kris)
[05:26] kris159: (I'm considering the population of the galaxy)
[05:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Some of these planets had 100+ million.)
[05:26] kris159: (The population of the core of the appearence is around 1.5 trillion)
[05:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): (They were non-military targets.)
[05:26] kris159: (billions is presumab--
[05:26] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (wow thats small)
[05:26] kris159: (oh)
[05:26] kris159: (Ok, somewhere around 70 million)
[05:26] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (everything is a military target)
[05:27] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Zelgo: *sits down next to T*
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (It'd be like the US blowing the s*** out of Baghdad, killing everyone in it, just so they could stop a small militia. Or just have the city for themselves.*
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): )*
[05:27] kris159: (More than Baghdad)
[05:27] kris159: (More than Iraq itself)
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay, smaller scale.)
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (A billion.)
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (And 2.)
[05:27] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (and iran, and pakistan, and afghanistan, and...)
[05:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (A billion and 2.)
[05:28] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (*single handedly snipes all the terrorists*)
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (BLOW UP ALL THE MIDDLE EAST!)
[05:28] kris159: (... 1,000,000,002?)
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes.)
[05:28] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (wd t, vat would be proud)
[05:28] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (=) )
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Indeed.)
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Now, it's your turn!)
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (What do we do?!)
[05:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): (DO WE MURDER THEIR FACE OR NAWT?)
[05:29] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (leena might notice faretel checking her out subtly)
[05:29] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (*the Hive is prepared to put down any attempts at foul play by the Orin*)
[05:29] kris159: Carna: Obviously, this is massive human rights violation.
[05:29] kris159: Carna: By any civilization's standard.
[05:29] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (so is ICN Malleos Fatum, which is latin!)
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lolz?)
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: You can't...
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: A war is a war!
[05:30] kris159: Carna: The data should be properly analysed before any vote is held, as the intelligence we're reciving is technically not reliable enough.
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Orin: People die in wars! *He's growing nervous*
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Ma'am?
[05:30] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: And a human rights violation is a human rights violation, mister.
[05:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Do you know the Orin language?
[05:31] kris159: Carna: If the data is valid, and the Orin are violating human rights to the scale suggested, the Capita Council will hold a likely-to-succeed vote on sending an ultimatum to Orin.
[05:31] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: We havent even considered the non-humans whose rights youve violated yet.
[05:31] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (he should have Naga represent him, he'd be all like "yeah i killed people, wheres my damn medal?")
[05:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: In Orin, daf means death.
[05:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL)
[05:31] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (ROTFL)
[05:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Many of their planets and ships' names have the prefix "Daf".
[05:32] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Spill your blood into this pot, and I shall pour it on thy enemies!)
[05:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Some of their planets or ships were colonized or made (LOL)
[05:32] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (hitiri would have killed everyone present for insubordination already, and lol t)
[05:32] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (*Wolf originally said that*)
[05:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: years before a war with another civilization. The civilization it would next declare war on, however, beared the same names as these ships and planets.
[05:32] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): Faretel: names of ships, thats great evidence *muttering
[05:33] kris159: Carna: Hopefully, the Orin surrender and are prepared to pay for their crimes against humanity *looks to tourny* and any other sentient beings *looks back*. If they do not, it will likely be a quick war.
[05:33] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (so it would be like if we had a carrier named "death to iraq" before the gulf war?)
[05:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Looks at the Orin ambassador* I just hope we see no more deaths.
[05:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah. And then backed it up by nuking Iraq to the point where it was a nuclear wasteland for the next 100 years.)
[05:34] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (wouldnt the other civ notice? Lol)
[05:34] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Yes.)
[05:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not when your planet's 90x the size the Earth actually is.)
[05:34] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (bad doctrine to reveal your targets that early)
[05:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: All the other information should be there, ma'am.
[05:35] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Except no one else speaks Orin?)
[05:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: I think you may find some of the information disturbing... 
[05:35] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): *faretel resumes tapping on her laptop thing*
[05:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: But, my work here is done.
[05:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Looks to the Risuk ambassador*
[05:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: We'll be taking the Kuritana.
[05:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: ... what?
[05:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: She's damaged, and... Well. She'll make up for your debts to us.
[05:36] kris159: Carna: This concludes the meeting. The topics of the meeting on the 12th will be the conclusion of the military exercises near Derta, and the conclusion of the Orin-Risuk war.
[05:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): Risuk: ...Dauntless was released?
[05:36] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (i imagine the diplomat from before would have asked leena out for coffee or something?)
[05:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Leena smirks sweetly and stands, walking out of the room*
[05:37] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (he is blydonian)
[05:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol. Probs.)
[05:37] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: *gets up and follows her with Zelgo*
[05:37] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: Hey, wait a minute.
[05:37] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (faretels ready to rebound in case she said no)
[05:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Yes?
[05:37] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: You can’t swagger around accusing people of war crimes and then steal a ship!
[05:37] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): *faretel smirks*
[05:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: I'm not accusing. I'm pointing out.
[05:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: And I'm not stealing. I'm taking what was given to me.
[05:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: Anything else, sir?
[05:38] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: A damaged ship will hold up for maybe five seconds against the Hive’s cannons.
[05:38] kris159: Carna: Oh, and Chair elections!
[05:39] kris159: *Everyone starts dispersing*
[05:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: *Smiles defensively* Is that a threat?
[05:39] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (are we electing?)
[05:39] kris159: (Next meeting)
[05:39] kris159: (12th)
[05:39] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (oh boy)
[05:39] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): Tourny: No, just an observation.
[05:39] kris159: (Happens every four months)
[05:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): Leena: And a good one. Enjoy your day.
[05:39] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (i better start threatening everyone so they vote for me)
[05:39] kris159: (lol)
[05:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): *She picks her pace up and soon disappears down the hall*
[05:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): Guard: ... God darn, she's got brass.
[05:40] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): *faretel gets up, collects her stuff and leaves, smiling at leena as she walks by*
[05:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Now, I g2g.)
[05:40] kris159:
[05:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): (RPG tomor--later today? >.>)
[05:40] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): *activates wrist comm* Cmdr, see to it the ship Kuritana doesnt leave in anyones hands but its owners.
[05:40] kris159: (I shall too)
[05:40] kris159: (Bye)
[05:40] ~iNaga Krion~ (inaga): (bye)
[05:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bye.)
[05:40] Tourny and Zelgo (dsqtourny): (Bye.)

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