[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *is at Home*

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *browsing the library*

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *picks out yet another large book*

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *brings it back to the ridiculously large table*

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *puts it with the other books*

[16:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Now then.

[16:34] Warden (dsqtourny): *takes out a magnifying glass*

[16:34] Warden (dsqtourny): *begins to read*

[16:34] Warden (dsqtourny): *all the books are centered around the theme of angels*

[16:35] Warden (dsqtourny): *they are also accompanied by the religious books of many different races and sects*

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): *comes across a passage from a place called "Constantine" where his soldiers converted to christianity due to a cross appearing in the sky*

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks closely at the picture of the cross, as drawn by one of the men who saw it*

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Home, enhance this picture.

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *a screen lowers and slowly enchances the picture until the shape of a reptilian bird is scene*

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): What?

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Odd.

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): *continuously discovers more and more cases of angelic activity related to creatures of such kind*

[16:38] <-{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>

[16:38] <Kortoris Phane (kris159) (Power User) has entered the room>

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): What is it about these things that makes people think miracles are occuring...

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): *opens another book*

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): *flips through the pages*

[16:39] Warden (dsqtourny): *spots an interesting passage*

[16:39] Warden (dsqtourny): *flips back to the begining and reads the whole chapter*

[16:39] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, come on, chaps.

[16:39] Warden (dsqtourny): That was not the work of God, that was the work of a southern elephant lizard.

[16:40] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out a note pad*

[16:40] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out a pencil*

[16:40] Warden (dsqtourny): *begins scribbling down what each of these miracle stories appear to have in common

[16:40] Warden (dsqtourny): *

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Somehow these perfectly natural phenomena manage to occur in ways that cause un-natural phenomena to happen.

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): *begins theorizing about the relation of the fuzzy lizard to our survival*

[16:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe birth gives off some kind of strange energy wave that makes things not want to kill?

[16:42] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks at the elephant lizard case*

[16:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): What am I looking at, Dramatic License?

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): Just because an Elephant Lizard is spotted by the crew means that they don't attack the fortress?

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): What?

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright, I'm there.

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): *stands up*

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): *makes my way back to the main room*

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): Home, save the current orientation of the refractor apparatus and orient it to this event *tosses the book onto the computer scanner*

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Orientation complete.

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): Thank you.

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *unlocks the door*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *steps through*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *comes out of a door to a tent*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *closes the tent flap and locks it*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *like a car*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *pockets the key*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): Man: Oi! What were you doing in my tent?

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): I honestly didn't know I could -be- in tents.

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Man: What?

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Are we attacking a fortress?

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Man: Yeah! Of course we are! Where have you been?

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Somewhere else.

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Man: That's mighty suspicious if you ask me.

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): *a courier runs into the camp*

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): *he talks to a more important looking man*

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Excuse me.

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs over to the important looking man as the courier leaves*

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): *people begin to pack up camp*

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): What just happened?

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): Was an elephant lizard sighted?

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): More Important Man: ...Yes?

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: Who are you?

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): They call me the Warden.

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: Are you on our side?

[16:47] Warden (dsqtourny): No, just passing through.

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: Right.

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: But you're friendly?

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Of course I am.

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Why are you packing up camp?

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: I'm calling off the attack.

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Why are you doing that?

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: I don't know.

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: I just have this feeling that it is not a wise choice.

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): This doesn't have anything to do with the Elephant Lizard, does it?

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: I don't think so. Why?

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm studying miracles.

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: What miracle?

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): The miracle of the lives saved this day.

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): MIM: Well, I dunno. I just feel like we shouldn't fight here.

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): Right.

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): Thank you for your time.

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): I'll just take some readings and be off, then.

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out my scanner*

[16:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *scans the area*

[16:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Faint traces of Theta wave activity...

[16:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *scans the people as well*

[16:52] Warden (dsqtourny): The areas of their brains responsible for battle seem to have been over powered by the centers responsible for getting along...

[16:53] Warden (dsqtourny): Those have to be related but where are the waves coming from?

[16:53] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[16:53] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[16:53] Warden (dsqtourny): I'd go after the lizard but there's a battle ready to happen out there and I can't set it off.

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): There's only one other place I know where I can go and not mess with the timeline.

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes back Home*

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright.

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Home, please load the previously saved temporal orientation.

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Oriented.

[16:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Thank you.

[16:55] Warden (dsqtourny): This would be so much easier if I knew how I got there in the first place...

[16:55] Warden (dsqtourny): Uh.

[16:56] Warden (dsqtourny): What's the most obvious think I could possibly think about in order to get to the right place.

[16:56] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmmmmmm.....

[16:57] Warden (dsqtourny): Fuzzy raptors.

[16:57] Warden (dsqtourny): Think Fuzzy Raptors.

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): *opens the door and walks through*

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): *steps out of a door standing in the middle of nowhere*

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): *many fuzzy raptors are cluttered all over the place*

[17:00] Warden (dsqtourny): *frustrated arg*

[17:01] Warden (dsqtourny): I didnt' mean the fuzzy raptor homeworld!

[17:05] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes back through the door*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *closes and locks*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Um, um...

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *pictures the fuzzy raptor*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *notes Lyvia is in the background*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Lyvia!

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes through the door again*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *ends up on Yulair*

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (ON ON Yulair, or at the station?)

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): (I don't know, where is she?)

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Station.)

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): (Then I'm on the station.)

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay.)

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): (But not neccessarily the same room.)

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *2 Stormtroopers notice the Warden and quickly look to him*

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): *ends up on the bridge*

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Oi!

[17:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all raise their weapons*

[17:08] Warden (dsqtourny): Damnit, I thought the death star was a myth! *goes to go back through the door*

[17:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *A few officers swing their chairs to face their stations, the comm officer already on her headset*

[17:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Comm.Officer: ...Reporting unusual activity...

[17:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Unsual? Heh.

[17:08] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes back through*

[17:08] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner!

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Was that supposed to be Yulair?

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner: YULAIR STATION

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): What?

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner: YULAIR STATION

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes back through the door*

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Hi.

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): *closes and locks it*

[17:09] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Oi, I saw you the other day.

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[17:10] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: You were with Sergeant Lyshitski.

[17:10] Warden (dsqtourny): *blank look*

[17:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Who?

[17:10] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper 2: He means Dr.Lyshitski. Lyvia Lyshitski.

[17:11] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, Lyvia!

[17:11] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes, I was with her.

[17:11] Warden (dsqtourny): And Plastic man and Digger and Wolf.

[17:11] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Let the Sergeant man from the other day is here.

[17:11] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Comm.Officer: Yes, sir.

[17:11] Warden (dsqtourny): Pardon, are you two Storm troopers?

[17:12] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Yes.

[17:12] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[17:12] Warden (dsqtourny): That doesn't strike you as wierd at all.

[17:13] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: *Looks to his partner oddly, not seen through his helmet*

[17:13] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both shrug at the Warden's statement*

[17:13] Warden (dsqtourny): *takes it in stride*

[17:13] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Lyiva would walk in*

[17:13] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[17:13] Warden (dsqtourny): Lyvia!

[17:13] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Warden! *Smiles, glad to see him*

[17:13] Warden (dsqtourny): Hello!

[17:13] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Cue that music they play when two people run to each other in slow motion*

[17:14] Warden (dsqtourny): *one of the most common spelling errors in last night's chat log was Wolf failing at spelling Lyvia right*

[17:14] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know, lol)

[17:14] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: You're back soon.

[17:14] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes, I am.

[17:14] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'm surprised they didn't send you to my lab.

[17:14] Warden (dsqtourny): How soon, by the way, I'm not sure how well the temporal refractor actually works.

[17:14] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: He, er... Kind of just...appeared here, Sergeant.

[17:15] Warden (dsqtourny): (Chat lag)

[17:15] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (*IS confused by the last statement?*)

[17:15] Warden (dsqtourny): (The one about the refractor?)

[17:15] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mm.)

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): Wait, I'll figure it out myself.

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): You haven't been time travelling have you?

[17:16] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Of course not.

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls up my sleeve enough to reveal a watch on my wrist*

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): *holds it up to her like a scanner*

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): *it spins like 5000 years forward*

[17:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Ah, yes, right time. Very good.

[17:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Is this another non-public area?

[17:17] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Lyvia gives a small look as if she was a bit confused by what just happened, but continues on without question*

[17:17] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: What're you doing back here already, might I ask?

[17:18] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm studying miracles.

[17:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *notices the confused look*

[17:18] Warden (dsqtourny): It's difficult to explain.

[17:18] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'd say... So, you say you're studying miracles? How so?

[17:19] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (*This may be in her field of work*)

[17:19] Warden (dsqtourny): *talks really fast* Basically every atom gives off time energy and this watch measures it and tells the time.

[17:19] Warden (dsqtourny): Well It's come to my attention that miracles often stem from normal events occuring in not normal places.

[17:19] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: *Again, gives off the same look* I..see.

[17:20] Warden (dsqtourny): Is your fuzzy friend here?

[17:21] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Oh, yes. He's back in the lab. He seems quite healthy. I pinpointed the type of milk that would be most suitable for a he is.

[17:22] Warden (dsqtourny): I hope it's a baby. It just hatched.

[17:22] Warden (dsqtourny): Can I talk to him?

[17:22] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Er... I suppose. Yes.

[17:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Good!

[17:23] Warden (dsqtourny): After you.

[17:23] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: *Smiles, turning around. She walks out of the bridge towards the research lab area*

[17:23] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows*

[17:26] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Soon, they reach her lab*

[17:26] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *The door opens as they near it*

[17:27] Warden (dsqtourny): Ooh, self-opening doors.

[17:27] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She nods*

[17:27] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Quite handy.

[17:27] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks around the lab with approval*

[17:27] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Her lab is simple, it takes after the old version of the halls before the upgrades, mostly dull grey*

[17:28] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *It has counters along 3 of the walls with various eqiupment on them*

[17:28] <Kortoris Phane (kris159) has left the room>

[17:29] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *The creature is in a large basket on one of the counters, covered in blankets*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks over to the creature*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): *leans towards it*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): Have you named it yet?

[17:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's sleeping quite comfortably*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): And do you actually know it's a he...

[17:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Lyvia shakes her head 'no', answering both questions*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[17:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She stands and watches with her arms comfortably crossed*

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): How do you not know if it's actually a he?

[17:32] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: ...It, is...too young.

[17:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Right.

[17:32] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[17:32] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out my scanner*

[17:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Theta waves again.

[17:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Can your little reptillian skulls not contain your souls?

[17:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Does it make you tired when it sleeps.

[17:33] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia:

[17:34] Warden (dsqtourny): You sure?

[17:34] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She nods*

[17:34] Warden (dsqtourny): I suppose species are different.

[17:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Not meaning you and me, meaning the people in the place I just was.

[17:35] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Ah....?

[17:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Perhaps a thing able to be influenced by thoughts would be particularly susceptible to the sloth of our little friend.

[17:36] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Perhaps.

[17:36] Warden (dsqtourny): So.

[17:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Do you still want to know how I'm going about studying miracleS?

[17:37] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Of course.

[17:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright.

[17:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Well, first I was going through the books in my library.

[17:38] Warden (dsqtourny): I was inspired by your mention of angels to research the subject.

[17:38] Warden (dsqtourny): So, I read up about them and their works.

[17:38] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb, continue, I'll try to respond)

[17:38] Warden (dsqtourny): But they never appear to actually exist.

[17:39] Warden (dsqtourny): First I found this guy. *puts my scanner on the counter and has it project and image of what looks like a pterodactyl on the wall*

[17:39] Warden (dsqtourny): Then there was the miraculous battle of Storcram I that didn't happen.

[17:40] Warden (dsqtourny): And that was the miracle; There isn't much of a reason why the Liberals pulled out at the last second.

[17:40] Warden (dsqtourny): But I have traced it back to a Southern Elephant Lizard.

[17:40] Warden (dsqtourny): I went to the site and was there for the lizard sighting, and found Theta waves being broadcast throughout the area.

[17:41] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)

[17:41] Warden (dsqtourny): The Liberals' brains were basically told to be peaceful, so they left.

[17:41] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: That's...very interesting.

[17:41] Warden (dsqtourny): And then on the ship, you recounted the various stories of Starscreeches.

[17:42] Warden (dsqtourny): And I have found that stories are the best sources for information on this subject.

[17:42] Warden (dsqtourny): So something on that ship must have been an "angel" and caused the miracle of us not dying.

[17:44] Warden (dsqtourny): What do you suppose it was?

[17:44] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, I was thinking maybe it's somehow...the creature here. *motions to the sleeping baby fuzzy fluffy raptor thingy*

[17:45] Warden (dsqtourny): He's on the top of my list as well.

[17:45] Warden (dsqtourny): Although I am on it as well, along with Digger, the dead man who didn't die.

[17:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Although I don't think I caused any miracles, so I'm goign to cross me off.

[17:46] Warden (dsqtourny): THere's also the fact that I was supposed to be goign to the Space Cafe.

[17:46] Warden (dsqtourny): And instead ended up on a corvette.

[17:46] Warden (dsqtourny): That's what it was called, isn't it?

[17:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes.

[17:46] Warden (dsqtourny): I wonder if he did that.

[17:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Maybe it was fate. Maybe you really are what saved us.

[17:47] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She seems to have grown a small attachment to him*

[17:47] Warden (dsqtourny): I'd love to believe in fate, but it never pulls through in the end.

[17:48] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, maybe it's just not meant to happen.

[17:49] Warden (dsqtourny): (What did the it refer to in her sentence?)

[17:50] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (How fate 'never pulls through in the end')

[17:50] Warden (dsqtourny): (Oh. THat's what I though.)

[17:50] Warden (dsqtourny): Have you been able to identify what exactly our fuzzy friend is?

[17:51] <Commander Fordo (commanderfordo) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[17:51] Warden (dsqtourny): Or what it was doing on the Corvette.

[17:51] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Hello.)

[17:51] Warden (dsqtourny): (Hi.)

[17:51] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: It seems to resemble a raptor, but it's not reptillian.

[17:51] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (The baby wasn't on the corvette, it was left behind at the lab.)

[17:51] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmmm....

[17:52] Warden (dsqtourny): (...)

[17:52] Warden (dsqtourny): (Oh.)

[17:52] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)

[17:52] Warden (dsqtourny): (Sorry, I wasn't there for that part.)

[17:52] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (NP.)

[17:52] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Where can I come in?)

[17:52] Warden (dsqtourny): (Anywhere.)

[17:54] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (

[17:54] Warden (dsqtourny): (Idk. Fly to Yulair and ask to Land.)

[17:54] Warden (dsqtourny): (Bly gets away with it all the time.)

[17:54] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Why would I, though?)

[17:55] Warden (dsqtourny): (Uh.)

[17:55] Warden (dsqtourny): (Magnetization to the plot?)

[17:55] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Well, yes, but---)

[17:56] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)

[17:56] Warden (dsqtourny): (Wolf, Fordo can't think of a reason to join the plot.)

[17:56] Warden (dsqtourny): It being reptillian depends on how you define reptillian.

[17:58] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes, well, it's scientific make-up isn't reptillian.

[17:58] Warden (dsqtourny): ...Scientfic Make-up?

[17:58] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Its genetics.

[17:59] Warden (dsqtourny): Ah.

[17:59] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[17:59] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes, but it looks like a raptor- Birds!

[17:59] Warden (dsqtourny): Might our friends be an Ave?

[17:59] Warden (dsqtourny): friend*

[18:00] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, it doesn't have any form of flight.

[18:00] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I don't think...

[18:00] Warden (dsqtourny): Different planets have different requirements for flight.

[18:00] Warden (dsqtourny): And besides, Ostriches can't fly.

[18:02] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Person: What are Ostriches?)

[18:02] Warden (dsqtourny): (Why would she know what a raptor is but not an ostriche?

[18:02] Warden (dsqtourny): )

[18:03] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (IDK?)

[18:03] Warden (dsqtourny): I think we need to know more about him.

[18:03] Warden (dsqtourny): And I know just the place.

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): Would you like to come with?

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *grabs my scanner*

[18:04] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes. I haven't had much time to do any research. Things have been a bit busy. As always. *she sighs heavily*

[18:04] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'd love to.

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *turns it off and puts it in my pocket*

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): Well, let's go then.

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks up to the lab door*

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out my key*

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *unlocks the door*

[18:04] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: *She watches with fascination*

[18:04] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks through*

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): *comes out wherever Fordo is*

[18:05] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She follows*

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): What?

[18:05] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: ... Where are we?

[18:05] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) is putting away dishes*

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): I don't know.

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): This isn't supposed to happen.

[18:05] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ....

[18:05] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) looks at them*

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): Hi, sorry, wrong address.

[18:05] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Um...

[18:05] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Cue epic melee battle*)

[18:05] Warden (dsqtourny): You wouldn't happen to know anything about fuzzy raptors would you?

[18:06] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hmm... Not much.

[18:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Would you like to come find out about fuzzy raptors with us?

[18:06] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Sure...?

[18:06] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) grabs my coat and cane*

[18:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Comeon, then.

[18:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *unlocks the door again*

[18:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *steps through*

[18:07] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) follows him*

[18:07] Warden (dsqtourny): *assumes Lyvia comes with as well*

[18:07] Warden (dsqtourny): *we come out at Home*

[18:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She does*

[18:08] Warden (dsqtourny): *which is has a generally white interior and almost no furniture at all*

[18:08] Warden (dsqtourny): Sorry about the blandness of it all.

[18:08] Warden (dsqtourny): *shuts the door behind us*

[18:08] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): So who are you two?

[18:09] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm called the Warden.

[18:09] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Lyvia Tanya Lyshitski. I work with Yulair. *she extends her hand to him to shake*

[18:09] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) shakes her hand*

[18:10] Warden (dsqtourny): *waves friendily*

[18:10] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (..?)

[18:10] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: So, Warden, what now?

[18:10] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: And...where are we?

[18:10] Warden (dsqtourny): This is Home.

[18:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Say hello, Home.

[18:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Hello.

[18:11] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She slightly jumps at it talking*

[18:11] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)

[18:11] Warden (dsqtourny): *the voice sounds in between male and female and seems to come from everywhere*

[18:11] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Nothing I haven't seen.

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Home, what's a fuzzy raptor?

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Elaborate.

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *shrugs*

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Sorry, worth a try.

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright, everyone. Think Fuzzy Raptors.

[18:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *brandishes key*

[18:13] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ...

[18:13] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[18:13] Warden (dsqtourny): What?

[18:15] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)

[18:15] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ....Well, shall we make ourselves comfy?

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *thinks abotu Fuzzy Raptors*

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs at the door*

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): No.

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *unlocks and opens*

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *the same grassy plain from before is there*

[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): Ah.

[18:15] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Oh!

[18:16] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Would it know if we brought the creature -here-?

[18:16] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe.

[18:16] Warden (dsqtourny): I think it would know if we showed it any of these.

[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *there are fuzzy raptors running around outside*

[18:17] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Do they bite?

[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): The one we've met doesn't...

[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes out*

[18:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out my scanner*

[18:18] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She follows cautiously, astonished by all the new things*

[18:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *begins using them as binoculars to survey the area*

[18:18] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) picks one up*

[18:19] Warden (dsqtourny): *the door we came out of looks like the one at Home and is simply standing there not attached to anything*

[18:19] Warden (dsqtourny): *hands the scanner-binocs to Lyvia and goes to close the door, but not lock it*

[18:19] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: This is oddly...odd. I've never seen this species before.

[18:19] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She takes them*

[18:19] Warden (dsqtourny): Neither had I until yesterday.

[18:20] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She uses them, careful to not ruin them*

[18:20] Warden (dsqtourny): So who are you, anyway? *is referring to Jackle*

[18:21] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb - 15 mins)

[18:22] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): High Crusader Jackle of the Crusader Republic.

[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.

[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): Nice to meet you Mr. High Crusader sir.

[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks around*

[18:25] Warden (dsqtourny): What species are you?

[18:25] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Diamondorian.

[18:25] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) looks like a human*

[18:26] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks human as well*

[18:27] Warden (dsqtourny): Why would you pick one up if you don't know if it bites?

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, never mind. Come along. *opens the door and guides Jackle through it*

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Home.

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): What is this?

[18:28] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) pets it*

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Diamondorian.

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): The other one.

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: *rattles off name of Fuzzy Raptor*

[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: It is a Fuzzy Raptor.

[18:29] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ...

[18:29] Warden (dsqtourny): What is it?

[18:29] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Running taxonomic key.

[18:30] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: It is a living being.

[18:30] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Domain, Eukarya.

[18:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back, sorry I was gone.)

[18:31] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Kingdom Animalia.

[18:32] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) yawns*

[18:32] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): What is there to eat in this...."home" of yours?

[18:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Whatever you want.

[18:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Eumetazoa.

[18:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Bilateria.

[18:34] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) goes off to get some crackers*

[18:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Deuterostomia.

[18:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: *

[18:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Chordata

[18:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Vertebrata.

[18:35] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sorry if I'm not RPGing well, I'm preoccupied somewhat.)

[18:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Uh oh.

[18:35] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: 'Uh oh'?

[18:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: Tetrapoda.

[18:36] Warden (dsqtourny): It's stuck on Class.

[18:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Let's see.

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Reptilia: Breathes air, lays shelled eggs, covered in scales.

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[18:37] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: It's not covered in scales...

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Not even under its fur?

[18:37] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: No.

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Then it's not a reptile.

[18:37] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: But it breathes air, and lays...eggs of a sort.

[18:37] <TotallyToenails_=) (totallygames) (Peon (Mute)) has entered the room>

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): ..How do you know it lays eggs?>

[18:37] <TotallyToenails_=) (totallygames) is now a member of group Normal>

[18:38] <TotallyToenails_=) (totallygames) is now a member of group Power User>

[18:38] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Because it hatched from that...rock. I'm just assuming. It might not.

[18:38] Warden (dsqtourny): Aves.

[18:38] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.

[18:38] Warden (dsqtourny): Feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, egg-laying, backboned.

[18:39] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: it has characteristics of so many creatures.

[18:39] Warden (dsqtourny): It's not got wings.

[18:39] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yet. It might grow them for all we know.

[18:39] Warden (dsqtourny): Did any of the ones out there have wings?

[18:40] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Your call. Maybe just some do? It's a rarity, perhaps?)

[18:40] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) sets it down*

[18:40] Warden (dsqtourny): (<.<)

[18:40] Warden (dsqtourny): (I would rather it be a bird than a mammal...)

[18:40] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd rather a dragon-esque creature. Minus the scales.)

[18:40] Warden (dsqtourny): (...)

[18:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright, you can stop now home.

[18:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Home: As you wish.

[18:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm.

[18:41] <TotallyToenails_=) (totallygames) has left the room>

[18:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe if it's not a bird or a reptile, then it's a dragon.

[18:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Is it warm-blooded?

[18:42] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes.

[18:42] Warden (dsqtourny): =O That means it's somewhere near Dromeosaurs.

[18:42] Warden (dsqtourny): -Raptors.

[18:43] <-{C.E}-Clone (dsqgenclonetrooper) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[18:43] Warden (dsqtourny): Which are the likely diverging point of flying and running.

[18:43] Warden (dsqtourny): If y

[18:43] Warden (dsqtourny): (*didn't mean for that to be sent*)

[18:43] Warden (dsqtourny): What do they eat...

[18:44] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I...don't know. I've been bottle-feeding it.

[18:45] Warden (dsqtourny): You said you figured out what would suit it best.

[18:45] Warden (dsqtourny): What exactly suited it best?

[18:45] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Basic nutrients like any other mammal.

[18:45] Warden (dsqtourny): It's a highly advanced form of platypus, then?

[18:45] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: ... It doesn't have a bill, though...?

[18:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: a playtpus...

[18:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Sorry, that was a metaphore.

[18:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Maybe we should just call it a form of dragon?

[18:46] Warden (dsqtourny): I can go with that.

[18:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (I've gotta wrap up soon, gonna do something with Clone. But continue.)

[18:47] Warden (dsqtourny): So if it's a dragon.

[18:48] Warden (dsqtourny): And Elephant lizards are... lizards...

[18:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Then I've narrowed it down to things that are sort of like dragons.

[18:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Or we have, as the case may be.

[18:49] Warden (dsqtourny): The next step would be discovering why dragons broadcast Theta waves.

[18:49] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Lyvia chuckles slightly*

[18:49] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: *Nods in agreement* But where do we begin?

[18:50] Warden (dsqtourny): I don't know.

[18:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *after contemplating*

[18:51] Warden (dsqtourny): What do -you- think, Mr. Supreme Crusader sir?

[18:51] <-{C.E}-Clone (dsqgenclonetrooper) has left the room>

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): It didn't eat him, did it?

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks over to the kitchen*

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh good.

[18:52] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hmmm?

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Where should we start?

[18:52] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): I'm not sure?

[18:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Darn.

[18:53] Warden (dsqtourny): Well, what do we know about Theta Waves...

[18:53] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Well, there are lots of them out there, right?

[18:53] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes.

[18:53] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Do think we should...well....dissect one? Perhaps that will tell us something.

[18:54] Warden (dsqtourny): (ROTFL!)

[18:54] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) looks at my wrist-device*

[18:54] Warden (dsqtourny): (*actually looks up Theta waves*)

[18:55] Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Look at that. I have to leave.

[18:55] Warden (dsqtourny): Dissect?

[18:55] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.

[18:55] * Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) disappears*

[18:55] <Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) has left the room>

[18:55] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[18:55] Warden (dsqtourny): *opens the door and sets the fuzzy raptor outside*

[18:55] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mind if we pause, Tourny?)

[18:55] Warden (dsqtourny): (Not at all.)

[18:55] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (K. This is fun, though.)

[18:56] Warden (dsqtourny): (lol I think so too.)

[18:58] <-{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802) has left the room>

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[20:42] <-{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>

[20:43] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Where were we?)

[20:44] Warden (dsqtourny): (Home)

[20:44] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay, mind if I let you lead off?)

[20:44] Warden (dsqtourny): (Fordo just left, we decided it was a dragon.)

[20:45] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, if we can assume it's a dragon... What do we do now?

[20:45] Warden (dsqtourny): I dunno.

[20:45] Warden (dsqtourny): Perhaps sentient minds aren't what we think they are.

[20:45] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, what do you mean by that?

[20:46] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe a soul is something different from the mind.

[20:47] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, of course they're different.

[20:47] Warden (dsqtourny): I am certain that each miracle I have seen was caused by a voluntary release of Theta Waves.

[20:47] Warden (dsqtourny): Which affected the recipients.

[20:48] Warden (dsqtourny): But why has nobody ever noticed the waves before...

[20:48] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'm not sure...

[20:48] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: That's quite a good question...

[20:49] Warden (dsqtourny): I want to know where they are coming from and how.

[20:49] Warden (dsqtourny): *paces with a puzzled look on my face*

[20:49] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well, what in specific generates Theta waves?

[20:50] Warden (dsqtourny): Well, strictly speaking, a Theta Wave is really just a wave drawn by a machine on a graph while it measures electric impulses coming from the brain.

[20:50] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Then how could it cause a....miracle?

[20:50] Warden (dsqtourny): Those can't.

[20:51] Warden (dsqtourny): But these things that I am calling Theta Waves originate from creatures such as the fuzzy raptors.

[20:51] Warden (dsqtourny): And I don't know why.

[20:51] Warden (dsqtourny): But nevertheless, they do influence the occurence of miracles.

[20:52] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Well... Maybe they are in some ways smarter than us, or...more in-tune to nature and the way of life. As crazy as that may sound.

[20:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Nothing is crazy when you're me.

[20:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[20:53] Warden (dsqtourny): Do Yulairians have a large part of their brain that appears unused?

[20:53] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Err...well, yes. Humans in general do...

[20:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Do the fuzzy raptors as well?

[20:54] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'm not sure, it's possible. I haven't gotten to check yet.

[20:55] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)

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Warden entered chat room 'the appearance realm': Sat, Mar 05 16:00:31 2011

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[16:27] <-{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>

[16:27] Warden (dsqtourny): (Yay.)

[16:27] Warden (dsqtourny): Announcer: Last time, on the Space RPG!

[16:28] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Cue theme*)

[16:30] Announcer (dsqtourny): The Warden arrives on the Yulair Station in search of Doctor Lyvia *insert last name here*. The two of them go to the fuzzy raptor homeworld and pick up a man by the name of Jackle on the way. Now, Jackle having left, and them having decided the fuzzy raptors are a type of dragon, events unfold further on Home One...

[16:30] Warden (dsqtourny): (<.<)

[16:30] Warden (dsqtourny): (FAIL)

[16:31] Warden (dsqtourny): At the Warden's Home*

[16:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Lol)

[16:31] Warden (dsqtourny): *paces the room*

[16:31] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: What do you suggest we do now?

[16:32] Warden (dsqtourny): We need to find out why dragons are able to emit theta waves.

[16:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Actually.

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Perhaps they are not uniquely priviledged.

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe they're just really good at it.

[16:33] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Maybe.

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Hmm

[16:33] Warden (dsqtourny): I will have to conduct more observations.

[16:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Were you up to anything before I came back?

[16:35] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Not, not really.

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): *appears disappointed*

[16:36] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (No, not really*)

[16:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Then I suppose I will have to figure out someplace to harvest data.

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *jogs over to a compartment with one of those iris-like doors*

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *opens it*

[16:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *sticks my arm in*

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): *rummages around until I pull out a pair of glasses*

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): There you are.

[16:38] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: What are those for?

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): *puts them on, closes the compartment*

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): I don't know yet.

[16:38] Warden (dsqtourny): But I've gotten them to do things like see heat.

[16:39] Warden (dsqtourny): Anything you'd like to do?

[16:40] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia:

[16:40] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I do want to find out why they emit theta waves, of course.

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Precisely.

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): But in order to that I need to know exactly what Theta waves are.

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): *pushes some buttons on the top of my glasses, also looking at the scanner*

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Ah, there we are.

[16:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Now I can see them.

[16:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Can we go back to your lab?

[16:42] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Of course.

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes over and unlocks the door*

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes through it*

[16:43] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *Lyvia follows*

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): *shuts and locks the door*

[16:43] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): *sits in the nearest available chair and looks at the dragon in its makeshift bed*

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): *flips another switch on the glasses*

[16:44] Warden (dsqtourny): *blinks*

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): They're everywhere...

[16:45] <~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion) (Admin) has entered the room>

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): Look at this.

[16:45] Warden (dsqtourny): *takes off the glasses, stands up and holds them out to her*

[16:46] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: *She takes them and puts them on*

[16:46] Warden (dsqtourny): *the world is full of colors representing the theta waves. It is as if she is looking at a color by number*

[16:47] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Incredible.

[16:47] <~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion) has left the room>

[16:47] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: How'd you manage to get these glasses to do that?

[16:48] Warden (dsqtourny): I pushed buttons until it looked like the scanner. I think they're a scanner, too, but they give it to you straight.

[16:49] Warden (dsqtourny): Have you noticed that there are auras around each lifeform in the room?

[16:49] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes, I have.

[16:51] Warden (dsqtourny): Have you also noticed that our fuzzy friend's is bigger than mine?

[16:51] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia:'re right.

[16:51] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)

[16:57] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)

[16:57] Warden (dsqtourny): (Wb.)

[16:57] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (TY.)

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): I have a hunch.

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): Do you trust me?

[16:58] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Er, yes.

[16:58] Warden (dsqtourny): Can I have your gun?

[16:59] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She doesn't have one, nor does she have one in her lab*

[16:59] Warden (dsqtourny): (Yet she shot Bly with one.)

[16:59] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): (...Oyeah.)

[16:59] <Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>

[16:59] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She has one, then*

[17:00] Bly (bly1234): (*Joins the dead tt 3 room instead of this by accident*)

[17:01] Warden (dsqtourny): (...)

[17:02] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Er... Alright. *she unholsters it and hands it out to him*

[17:02] Warden (dsqtourny): Thank you.

[17:02] Warden (dsqtourny): *arms it and aims it at the dragon*

[17:02] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: What're you doing?

[17:03] Warden (dsqtourny): Have the waves reacted?

[17:03] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She looks*

[17:03] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: ...A bit, yes. Slightly.

[17:03] Warden (dsqtourny): *disarms the gun and hands it back to her*

[17:04] Warden (dsqtourny): That means something is watching.

[17:04] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): *She takes it and holsters it*

[17:04] Warden (dsqtourny): Or feeling or... something.

[17:04] Warden (dsqtourny): That or there's some kind of physics behind them.

[17:05] Warden (dsqtourny): What happened to the waves?

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Or rather, what did they do?

[17:06] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Er... It's like they...jumped a little. Almost like they were alerted by the gun.

[17:06] Warden (dsqtourny): Have they calmed down now?

[17:07] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Yes.

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): Do you know how good our friend's hearing is?

[17:07] Warden (dsqtourny): (You can affect the plot more than you are, you know, Wolf.)

[17:08] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyiva: The hearing...I think quite a bit better than a human's.

[17:08] Warden (dsqtourny): That means he could possibly have heard me arming the gun.

[17:09] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: Maybe...

[17:09] Warden (dsqtourny): So now I state a hypothesis.

[17:11] Warden (dsqtourny): Since the waves reacted to my hostile actions against the dragon, and since the dragon may have known of the threat, then the dragon must be in communication with the waves, because the dragon shouldn't have known the gun was a threat, and the wave activity must be a defense mechanism triggered by the dragon, because he made no other move to defend himself.

[17:11] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: That's...actually quite a good hypothesis.

[17:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Thanks.

[17:14] Warden (dsqtourny): Have you ever known a life form to be naturally selected for a trait that doesn't work.

[17:15] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'm not sure I understand, but...I don't think so.

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): The waves tell him he's in danger, and he tells them to protect him.

[17:16] Warden (dsqtourny): But how do they plan on protecting him?

[17:16] -{C.E}-Wolf82 (wolf802): Lyvia: I'm not sure.

[17:19] Warden (dsqtourny): They must have a brain or something somewhere...

[17:22] Bly (bly1234): *The B.D.N Excalibur, the newest Flagship of the Excalibur Class Starship, speeds through space*

[17:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Or maybe... everywhere...

[17:26] Warden (dsqtourny): (*doesn't know what to say*)

[17:27] Warden (dsqtourny): I'll have to go do science in my lab.

[17:27] Bly (bly1234): (I've retired the Bly Machine)

[17:27] Warden (dsqtourny): You can come with if you want to, but it will probably be rather boring.

[17:27] Bly (bly1234): (The Excalibur will be my newest flagship)

[17:27] Warden (dsqtourny): (WHAT?!

[17:28] Bly (bly1234): (Yeah. It's a museum ship now.)

[17:31] Warden (dsqtourny): (Want to start another plot? I'm done with mine...XD)

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