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[21:54] <The room title is now "the appearance realm">
[21:54] <Your current permission level for this room is "Power User">
[21:54] <Today's Message: "Rules: 
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[21:54] bly1234: *The Battle over Teradona I has since ended*
[21:54] Heroi Krane (kris159): *everyone beams in to their seats*
[21:54] Bly (bly1234): *Sits*
[21:54] Heroi Krane (kris159): *stands up, knocking my chair over*
[21:54] Bly (bly1234): Oh, I already have sat.
[21:54] Heroi Krane (kris159): *puts arms out*
[21:54] Heroi Krane (kris159): Welcome to the first Capita Council meeting!
[21:54] Heroi Krane (kris159): In which we meet on the 2nd, 12th and 22nd!
[21:55] Bly (bly1234): We missed our meeting on the 2nd.
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): *begins seating* I'm sure you're wondering - because I am - why isn't it the 12nd?
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): We weren't going to have one on the 2nd.
[21:55] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): Since it was a day after the last one.
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): Or something.
[21:55] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): Ok.
[21:55] Heroi Krane (kris159): Any topics up for discussion?
[21:55] Bly (bly1234): It is the 12th
[21:56] Heroi Krane (kris159): I know, but there just seems a little bit of inconsistency, doesn't there?
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): ...
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): How?
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): Wait, I have something to discuss
[21:56] Heroi Krane (kris159): All numbers ending in 2 have the ordinal ending in nd, but 12 doesn't.
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): How is Teradona I's space forces recuperating?
[21:56] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...Exuse me?
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): ...
[21:56] Bly (bly1234): The Nirvana Battle?
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): (oh, I forgot about that)
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): (What happened?)
[21:57] Bly (bly1234): (They retreated0
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Shall we just cancel it's beginning, or make up that it ended)
[21:57] Bly (bly1234): (After damaging one of your turrets)
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Oh, ok)
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): In a fashion that is good.
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): That's what I don't like about Galactic Standard language.
[21:57] Heroi Krane (kris159): I can't say "Goodly"
[21:58] Bly (bly1234): ...
[21:58] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[21:58] Heroi Krane (kris159): There have been several demonstrations.
[21:58] Bly (bly1234): Where?
[21:58] Heroi Krane (kris159): On Fetrodasa IX.
[21:59] Bly (bly1234): Why?
[21:59] <Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
[21:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): (HELLALOOLOL)
[21:59] Heroi Krane (kris159): Becuse of the assignement of Fin Asura as the Prime Regiona.
[21:59] Bly (bly1234): When?
[21:59] Heroi Krane (kris159): Throughout the week.
[21:59] Bly (bly1234): Heroi Krane (kris159): There have been several demonstrations.
Bly (bly1234): Where?
Heroi Krane (kris159): On Fetrodasa IX.
Bly (bly1234): Why?
<Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
Wolf82 (wolf802): (HELLALOOLOL)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Becuse of the assignement of Fin Asura as the Prime Regiona.
Bly (bly1234): When?
[21:59] Bly (bly1234): How?
[21:59] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...What?
[21:59] Bly (bly1234): ...
[22:00] Bly (bly1234): Never mind, what are you going to do about it
[22:00] Heroi Krane (kris159): Obviously there's nothing we can do.
[22:00] Heroi Krane (kris159): They haven't become violent.
[22:00] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[22:00] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[22:00] Heroi Krane (kris159): But I feel the Senate may act upon them.
[22:00] Bly (bly1234): By the time the Senate acts, it will be too late!
[22:00] Heroi Krane (kris159): By removing the Prime Regiona, or at least placing it back to a non-alert mode.
[22:01] Heroi Krane (kris159): But the basis of these demonstrations is the Nirvana.
[22:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Teredona IV, right, kris?)
[22:01] Bly (bly1234): How so?
[22:01] Heroi Krane (kris159): (...)
[22:01] Bly (bly1234): (Teradona I)
[22:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Is the name of the planet?)
[22:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh.)
[22:01] Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol)
[22:01] Heroi Krane (kris159): Thus, we need to do something about it.
[22:01] Bly (bly1234): Don't worry, I recently refound the picture of it exploding, so we're all set for a final battle.
[22:01] Bly (bly1234): Wait, I mean
[22:01] Bly (bly1234): Something must be done indeed.
[22:02] Heroi Krane (kris159): Many people feel the semi-monocracy of the senate is unneeded during such a crisis.
[22:02] Heroi Krane (kris159): But it is increadibly difficult to get anything done militaristically without said semi-monocracy.
[22:02] Bly (bly1234): Junuka: ...
[22:02] Bly (bly1234): Junuka: Why is there not a centralized leader, or commander in chief?

[22:03] Heroi Krane (kris159): Fin Asura is both of them at the moment.
[22:03] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[22:03] Bly (bly1234): (...)
[22:03] Heroi Krane (kris159): But the people do not like a monocrat to such a degree that most Appearance civilizations have one.
[22:03] Bly (bly1234): (That article...Is...-...)
[22:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): *An escape pod drops out of hyperspace at Teredona I*
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer in control room: *sounds alarm* I just got a contact!
[22:04] Bly (bly1234): It appears there's an alarm.
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *runs in* Oh. Em. Gee.
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: I was sleeping. What is it?
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes.
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): I'm sure it's nothing...
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...let's continue.
[22:04] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks out the window
[22:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ahh, the Gammetans.
[22:04] Bly (bly1234): ,,,
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: It's a small craft, sir.
[22:04] Wolf82 (wolf802): They always manage to save me somehow.
[22:04] Bly (bly1234): Your logic is falwed.
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: It's not doing anything.
[22:04] Bly (bly1234): and flawed.
[22:04] Heroi Krane (kris159): If you say so.
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Let's continue with the meeting.
[22:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It drifts towards the planet*
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Any suggestions on how to deal with the Nirvana?
[22:05] Bly (bly1234): *the Excalibur stays close to the space turret*
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Swifly.
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): trosco: Comm it.
[22:05] Bly (bly1234): None other than a finalized direct assault
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: *Comms it*
[22:05] <~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion) (Admin) has entered the room>
[22:05] * Wolf82 (wolf802) answers
[22:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi!
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: This is G--
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Speaking?
[22:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): This is former commander Wolf.
[22:05] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Wolf lackoflastname?
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): ... Yeah, pretty much.
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yhep.
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: What is your bidding?
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
[22:06] Bly (bly1234): ...
[22:06] Bly (bly1234): What?
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): ... $20.
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): Well, evidently, that doesn't work.
[22:06] Bly (bly1234): Your face doesn't work.
[22:06] Bly (bly1234): Sorry.
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Sorry. We don't take bets from your kind in here.
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Aw.
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): No problem.
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, can I crash here?
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: How can we serve you?
[22:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): I mean like, literally crash?
[22:06] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Oh, a crash landing, sure thing.
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Would you like an escort?
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The escape pod grows closer*
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure, that'd be nice.
[22:07] Bly (bly1234): *points* Is that an escape pod?
[22:07] Bly (bly1234): *There's no windows in the room probably*
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Or quite possibly, for me to beam you out?
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Either, really.
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): (There's a big window, but you wouldn't be able to see it)
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): I find crashing to be funner, though.
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): So, I'll crash.
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...Ok.
[22:07] Bly (bly1234): Oh, sorry. Perhaps I'm having a seizure.
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: I'll beam you out after, then?
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): Perhaps.
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure, after.
[22:07] Heroi Krane (kris159): So...
[22:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It begins to enter the atmosphere*
[22:08] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...Evidently the shield takes a while to raise.
[22:08] Bly (bly1234): You're not very enthusiastic.
[22:08] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...Have the scouts we deployed found anything?
[22:08] Bly (bly1234): Why are we, mostly you I control my military, as ambassadors discussing strategy?
[22:08] Heroi Krane (kris159): Who knows? I guess 'cuz none of us talk other than in these meetings.
[22:08] Bly (bly1234): Alright.
[22:08] Bly (bly1234): (AFK)
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): *evyerhting in that room pauses*
[22:09] * Wolf82 (wolf802) watches everything whoosh by
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: How long will you be? I'm getting impatient.
[22:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): (What's the planet look like, again?)
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Rocky, dark, with lots of massive pipes)
[22:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): Almost to the ground.
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): (And a few buildings dotted as nodes of pipes)
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Good.
[22:09] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Can you stand after you crash?
[22:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The escape pod zooms by the building/window of the meeting place where Bly and Heroi are*
[22:10] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: You'll fall over if you're sitting down and I beam you, which would be awkward.
[22:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure, these things are totally safe.
[22:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh, oh. Yes, I can stand.
[22:10] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: I don't want to help you up, since that would be touching you.
[22:10] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: No one's worthy enough of my epicness.
[22:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The escape pod smashes into a mountainface (if there are any)*
[22:10] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: I am, afterall, the only General of Gammeta to control an entire planet.
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Yee)
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: Boom
[22:11] * Wolf82 (wolf802) stands up after the impact
[22:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): Woo!
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Beam it.
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Him! Beam -him-!
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: Ok. *Beams him to face Trosco*
[22:11] * Wolf82 (wolf802) is beamed
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Hello.
[22:11] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks around at my surroundings, then at Trosco
[22:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi, there.
[22:11] Heroi Krane (kris159): (It's just a big control room with lots of officers working)
[22:12] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Can you give me a little backstory?
[22:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Well...
[22:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Not totally. I was on a mission.
[22:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Whichwasreallyjustacoverupforaplothole, BUT...That part doesn't matter.
[22:12] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Wait.
[22:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes?
[22:12] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: I feel like some...
[22:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Cookies?
[22:12] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...What's the name of that French bread?
[22:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...Croissants?
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: The famous one, that's normally f--
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Yeah.
[22:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Mmm. That does sound good.
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Can I get some Croissants, please *looks around*?
[22:13] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (French?)
[22:13] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (France doesnt exist in this)
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Surrenderian*)
[22:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): (lalwlalalwawl)
[22:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): (...Yes, it does.)
[22:13] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (lol!)
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *catches two croissants*
[22:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Earth's just over in the next door galaxy.)
[22:13] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *hands one to Wolf*
[22:14] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes it with my snout
[22:14] * Wolf82 (wolf802) noms it
[22:14] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *takes a bite out of mine*
[22:14] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Carry on.
[22:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Mouth full* Anyhow, I got back and everything was more or less pwned to death.
[22:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): I noticed some escape pods got away. I dunno with what, though.
[22:14] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: 'Xcuse me?
[22:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): Then debris hit my ship, and it 'sploded. I got away, though.
[22:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): It was crazy.
[22:14] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Wolf?)
[22:14] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...I don't follow.
[22:14] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Meh.
[22:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes?)
[22:15] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Carry on s'more.
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Me neither.
[22:15] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Would Faretel care that Yulair is gone?)
[22:15] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Oh, wait, that's it.
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (IDK.)
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's your character.)
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Pretty much.
[22:15] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Let's take a ship there?
[22:15] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (I dont like characters)
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Then kill her.)
[22:15] Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol!)
[22:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): If you'd like.
[22:15] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Would -you-?
[22:15] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Hmmm)
[22:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, I don't know what it would do...
[22:16] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (good idea)
[22:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): See, I think Yulair was attacked.
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Mainly to find out what happened.
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: We'll take Devlabordich.
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Officer, tell them we're coming.
[22:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): I suppose it'd be a good idea.
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: Yes sir *Does so*
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *puts my arms out to the sides, and stands perfectly straight*
[22:16] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (lets use some N2s and N4s to land on the planet!)
[22:16] Heroi Krane (kris159): ('Not released, sorry...)
[22:17] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (right)
[22:17] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *has a suit, which completely covers me beamed on to me*
[22:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): When shall we go?
[22:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ooh.
[22:17] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *my visor submerges* How 'bout now?
[22:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sounds good.
[22:17] Heroi Krane (kris159): Officer: Go.
[22:17] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (No prototypes given to the military for testing?)
[22:17] Heroi Krane (kris159): *We are beamed to the bridge of the Devlabordich, with Q'slaska, Phane and Tatex*
[22:17] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Just like old times!
[22:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ahh.
[22:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi there, Kortoris. *nods in a "sup" manner*
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): (It was only announced like 2 months ago)
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris: "Yo"?
[22:18] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Oh)
[22:18] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (*kortoris turns black*)
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris: S'been a while.
[22:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Indeed it has.
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Shall we go?
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): Q'slaska: Yee.
[22:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, yes.
[22:18] Heroi Krane (kris159): Q'slaska: Colonel?
[22:19] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris & tatex *in unison*: Yes?
[22:19] Heroi Krane (kris159): Q'slaska: >.<
[22:19] Heroi Krane (kris159): Q'slaska: Hyperspace to Yulair.
[22:19] Heroi Krane (kris159): Tatex: yes sir. *sets coordinates, and activates hyp--*
[22:19] Heroi Krane (kris159): *we enter hyperspace*
[22:19] General Trosco (kris159): *we exit hyperspace*
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): *The planet almost covers our viewport*
[22:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Death Star music*
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: Den d--
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: Sorry/.
[22:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): ( 3:30 if anyone needs a reference.)
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: It just felt approapriate.
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: Anyway.
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: I wonder how we'll get there?
[22:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hmm...
[22:20] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: ...Where is "there"?
[22:21] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks over to the station's old posistion, a bunch of rubble now.
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: *stands, and morphs in to the position Trosco was in before*
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: *has a suit beamed on to me*
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: *Submerges the visor*
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: Fun times.
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): (oh gawd, the baby just awoke!)
[22:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (The baby?!)
[22:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Eat it.)
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): (my ne--)
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): (K)
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): (AFK)
[22:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Give in to your angerrr!)
[22:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yessss. Gooooooood.)
[22:21] General Trosco (kris159): (*walks over to it*
[22:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (NO, NO, I WASN'T SERIOUS.)
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): (*pi--)
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): (oh)
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: ...Anyone?
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: No?
[22:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Erm.
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: Dust.
[22:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): As you can see, everything's been pwned...
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): (Wait, British reference, nvm)
[22:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): To death.
[22:22] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Drop the baby out the window*
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: *Looks at my console* I can see, yes...
[22:22] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Let the cat eat its remains)
[22:22] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: There's an abundance of death, too.
[22:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Where shall we start?
[22:23] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: The capital?
[22:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The cities have literally disappeared, as if they never existed*
[22:23] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: Gone!
[22:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): Or what used to be...?
[22:23] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: Where the capital used to be?
[22:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): It's a start.
[22:23] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris: Done! *beams us to it*
[22:23] General Trosco (kris159): *The Devlabordich deploys scouts, such as fighters and gunships*
[22:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): *We end up in a large valley between two mountains*
[22:24] General Trosco (kris159): Phane: Mountains!
[22:24] General Trosco (kris159): Phane: Valleys!
[22:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): *To the north, there's anouther large mountain*
[22:24] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Look!
[22:24] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *points north* Another large mountain!
[22:24] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Phane: Continental Drift!)
[22:24] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Phane: Tectonics!)
[22:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hmm...
[22:24] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *whaps out a console*
[22:25] * Wolf82 (wolf802) sniffs the ground
[22:25] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *takes some insignificant readings*
[22:25] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes out a wooden pickaxe
[22:25] * Wolf82 (wolf802) digs downward
[22:25] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *looks up as if something important just got reavealead, at the same time putting the console away* Insiginficant.
[22:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Night falls, creepers overrun us*
[22:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Jk.)
[22:25] General Trosco (kris159): (lol!)
[22:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't smell anything unusual.
[22:26] General Trosco (kris159): *A group of fighters fly above us*
[22:26] General Trosco (kris159): ...
[22:26] General Trosco (kris159): ...What usually smells?
[22:26] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Any haggies?)
[22:26] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Shit from all the horses)
[22:26] General Trosco (kris159): (Not in view =( )
[22:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): (There's horses?)
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (No, there's not. There's giant sloths, though.)
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Giant, talking sloths.)
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Speaking of.)
[22:27] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks up. A big, giant sloth is a few hundred yards away
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Ummm?
[22:27] * Wolf82 (wolf802) barks
[22:27] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Sloth: Moo)
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Trosco: *emerges cannons from my suit*
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *does the same*
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The sloth groans and rises*
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Fire?
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): It's totally harmless.
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Oh.
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Don't worry.
[22:27] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *submerges my cannon*
[22:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It looks at us*
[22:28] General Trosco (kris159): *does too*
[22:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It begins its trek*
[22:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): Meanwhile, what did your insignificant readings say?
[22:28] General Trosco (kris159): Insignificance.
[22:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): That's unfortunate.
[22:28] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: True.
[22:28] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: What could've happened here?
[22:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't know...
[22:29] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: And what kind of thing can do this?
[22:29] Wolf82 (wolf802): That's what worries me.
[22:29] General Trosco (kris159): ...Nirvana?
[22:29] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Bly: was Aer-May there?)
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't think so.
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hmm...
[22:30] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...What shall we do?
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The sloth plops down infront of us*
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, maybe we have a witness.
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Mr.Sloth!
[22:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: *groans*
[22:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Mr.Sloth. We are here with the FBI investigating the CIA.
[22:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: ... Whaaaa...
[22:31] * Wolf82 (wolf802) turns to Kortoris
[22:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Whispers* I thought that'd convince him. I have no clue what those even are.
[22:31] * Wolf82 (wolf802) turns back to the sloth
[22:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): Do you know what happened to the city, Mr.Sloth?
[22:32] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (*sloth offers wolf his joint*)
[22:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: Maannn... Duuuudeeee...
[22:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): I see.
[22:32] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: it talks!
[22:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, they talk.
[22:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: Duuuuuudeeee... Mannnnn....
[22:32] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Does it only say those words?
[22:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: Iiit.....waaaaaaaaasssssss......
[22:33] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: And those?
[22:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Apparently not...
[22:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sloth: Maaaannnnn.....
[22:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): This is getting us no where.
[22:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe we should go check out the debris field of the station? Perhaps there's something there.
[22:33] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Sure.
[22:33] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *calls a Gunship*
[22:34] General Trosco (kris159): *A gunship lowers from the clouds, and decends towards us*
[22:34] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: That was fast.
[22:34] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Will it use the table?)
[22:34] General Trosco (kris159): (...)
[22:34] General Trosco (kris159): *it levels out and begins landing*
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): *it touches right down infront of us*
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: And now...
[22:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): The door opens?
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Not quite.
[22:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh.
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): *a table drops down from underneath it, really slowly*
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): *music plays*
[22:35] General Trosco (kris159): It's the 1500MWddrasslst!
[22:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Wddrasslst?
[22:36] General Trosco (kris159): Fifteen hundred megawatt drop-down retractable apeture science super loading super table.
[22:36] General Trosco (kris159): *Kortoris and I stand on it*
[22:36] Wolf82 (wolf802): Never woulda guessed that one.
[22:36] * Wolf82 (wolf802) goes to it and stands on it
[22:36] General Trosco (kris159): *the floor reads: 1500MWDDRASSLST LOL*
[22:37] General Trosco (kris159): *the table starts retracting*
[22:37] General Trosco (kris159): *A shield surrounds the table, which is rising epically slowly, as the gunship takes off*
[22:37] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Slow, huh.
[22:37] General Trosco (kris159): *we approach the cloud layer, and it's only half way up*
[22:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): Incredibly.
[22:38] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Nice view?
[22:38] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Slightly blank, though.
[22:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Mm.
[22:38] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: It looks like the city was just... lifted.
[22:38] General Trosco (kris159): *We pass the clouds*
[22:38] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks down at the table
[22:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Lifted...
[22:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Lifted....
[22:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hmm...
[22:38] General Trosco (kris159): *3/4 of the way up*
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: F*** it, pilot, just leave it down. We'll be at the -- *We arrive at the station, as the table just retracts*
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Oh.
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): *the table drops almost instantaneously*
[22:39] Wolf82 (wolf802): Shouldn't we have space suits?
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: WTF
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: We do....
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *my visor emerges*
[22:39] * Wolf82 (wolf802) notes my lack of space suit
[22:39] General Trosco (kris159): *mine does, too*
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...uhhh...
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Can you... morph?
[22:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Why not?
[22:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): Seeing as how everything got pwned to death.
[22:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): My old holographics system is kaput.
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...Oh.
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *a panel on my leg emerges*
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *takes out a small circular device*
[22:40] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *hands it to Wolf*
[22:41] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes it
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: It's a personal shield.
[22:41] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ooh.
[22:41] * Wolf82 (wolf802) applies it
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *the panel submerges*
[22:41] Wolf82 (wolf802): Shall we? *Motions outside*
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): *it lands us on a big peice of station debris*
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): *the shield lowers from the table*
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): Sure...
[22:41] General Trosco (kris159): *steps off with Kortoris*
[22:41] * Wolf82 (wolf802) steps into the vastness of space
[22:41] * Wolf82 (wolf802) majestically swims over to a piece of debris
[22:42] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *follows, with Trosco trailing*
[22:42] * Wolf82 (wolf802) scans the area
[22:42] Wolf82 (wolf802): If we can find any form of recording...
[22:42] Wolf82 (wolf802): Like I said, someone attacked and destroyed everything. Obviously. But I know some of the escape pods got away with people and date.
[22:42] Wolf82 (wolf802): data*
[22:43] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *activates my jet-boots and -backpack*
[22:43] * Wolf82 (wolf802) snatches a piece of small floating debris. It's black and rectangular
[22:43] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Much easier! *flies around Wolf, boasting the fact that I'm doing it effortlessly*
[22:43] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hm.
[22:43] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The wires in the back become visible*
[22:43] Wolf82 (wolf802): Dangit
[22:43] General Trosco (kris159): What's that?
[22:44] Wolf82 (wolf802): It -was- a blackbox.
[22:44] * Wolf82 (wolf802) propels myself to another piece of debris
[22:44] General Trosco (kris159): ...Oh.
[22:44] General Trosco (kris159): *we both follows, only Kortoris using jets*
[22:44] * Wolf82 (wolf802) tries to latch on, but misses, and causes tons of data disks to eject into space
[22:44] Wolf82 (wolf802): *They fly off*
[22:44] Wolf82 (wolf802): Double dangit.
[22:44] General Trosco (kris159): *wathce sthem fly off*
[22:45] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Do you want them fetching?
[22:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, please.
[22:45] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *launches myself after them*
[22:45] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *begins collecting*
[22:45] General Trosco (kris159): So... what exactly was this?
[22:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): The debris?
[22:45] General Trosco (kris159): I mean, to what?
[22:46] Wolf82 (wolf802): The old space station. Defense platform, control station, pretty much the heart of Yulair.
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): Ah.
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): What happened to En'ton?
[22:46] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks over to moon. It remains intact, but unlike before, no cities are visible on it
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *flies back*
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): ...Perhaps they developed a new cloak?
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: 'Got them.
[22:46] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *hands a few to Wolf*
[22:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): I'd know about it.
[22:47] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes them
[22:47] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *holds the others out*
[22:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): Let's head back to the gunship. I doubt we'll find anything much other than this.
[22:47] General Trosco (kris159): Ok.
[22:47] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes those as well, and propels myself to the gunship
[22:47] General Trosco (kris159): *begins swimming back*
[22:47] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *flies over, pushing the other two along*
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): *places them on the ddrasslst*
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *lands*
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): *it begins retracting*
[22:48] Wolf82 (wolf802): Thank you, Kortoris.
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): *Both our visors submerge, as the paltform fully retracts*
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: No problem.
[22:48] Wolf82 (wolf802): I suppose we should head back to the Devlabordich, and back to Teredona.
[22:48] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *The gunships' pretty empty, with several consoles and seats along the side walls*
[22:49] * Wolf82 (wolf802) removes my borrowed shield, hands it back and puts the disk down in a pile
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): Let's skip the former
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Thanks *places it back in the panel*
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot, hyperspace to Teredona I.
[22:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): disks*
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: We're out of rockets, sir.
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: *activates hyperdrive*
[22:49] General Trosco (kris159): *the ship enters hyperspace*
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...That's a lot of disks...
[22:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): What was the point of mentioning...rockets?
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: What do they contain?
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): I'm not sure....
[22:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): Not sure exactly. Once we get back and there's a computer terminal to use, we'll see.
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Ok.
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): *the gunship exits Hyperspace*
[22:50] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot, request an immediate beam to the control room.
[22:51] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: *does so*
[22:51] General Trosco (kris159): *the ship is beamed in to the control room, only just fittting above the work stations and below the ceiling*
[22:51] General Trosco (kris159): I--
[22:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
[22:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): That was...
[22:51] Wolf82 (wolf802): Interesting.
[22:51] General Trosco (kris159): I... meant beam -us- to the control room.
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: I don't have beaming technology.
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): Request the control room to beam, then!
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: *does so*
[22:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): *we are beamed around the main control table*
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): *the gunship just hovers above us*
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...Where do we put the...
[22:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Silly pilot.
[22:52] General Trosco (kris159): Meh.
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): It's pretty average for Haggie pilots.
[22:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): The disks? Do you have any annalyizing computer terminals?
[22:53] <Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) (Admin) has entered the room>
[22:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi, there.)
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): *a disk thing pops up infront of Wolf*
[22:53] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Yo.)
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): *which is attached to the main table*
[22:53] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Hi T)
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): *which we are standing around*
[22:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): That's convienient.
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): I know, right?
[22:53] * Wolf82 (wolf802) places the many disks in it
[22:53] General Trosco (kris159): Just push the top thing.
[22:54] * Wolf82 (wolf802) does so
[22:54] General Trosco (kris159): *the disk thing pops in, a keyboard and monitor pop up*
[22:54] General Trosco (kris159): *a keyboard which itself is on a touch-screen monitor*
[22:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): OOooh. Touch screen.
[22:54] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *iPod: Pokemon Battle music!*
[22:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): Do you have one of those spinny chairs? That'd be useful.
[22:55] General Trosco (kris159): *an officer throws one, and it lands and stops right behind Wolf*
[22:55] General Trosco (kris159): What's with everyone today?
[22:55] <Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) has left the room>
[22:55] * Wolf82 (wolf802) hops up on it
[22:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): *It begins to scan the disks?*
[22:55] <Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) (Admin) has entered the room>
[22:55] General Trosco (kris159): *if you say so*
[22:55] <Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) has left the room>
[22:55] <Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) (Admin) has entered the room>
[22:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Computer: Scanning Disks.... HELLALOOLOL.
[22:56] General Trosco (kris159): *A big HELALOOLOL logo pops up*
[22:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hellaloolol!
[22:56] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): iPod: *slow jazz*
[22:56] General Trosco (kris159): Computer: Sponsors the HELALOOLOL Corporation
[22:56] General Trosco (kris159): Computer: *displays the data*
[22:57] General Trosco (kris159): *the logo conceals in to the top right corner*
[22:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): *The first disk contains pictures of the main control room*
[22:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): *From the beginning of the day to the last recording*
[22:57] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Ooh.
[22:57] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *glares at them*
[22:57] * Wolf82 (wolf802) scrolls through them
[22:57] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: I swear, I have those curtains at home.
[22:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 27: *Has nothing in it*
[22:58] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Look!
[22:58] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Picture 27!
[22:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 46: *The camera is covered with crumbs, as it's on one of the consoles*
[22:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 47: *An officer trying to clean the camera*
[22:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 48: *Someone's butt*]
[22:58] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Lobely.
[22:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 49: *Someone else trying to clean the camera*
[22:58] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (ROTFL)
[22:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): Picture 80: *Someone face planting into a door that didn't open in the background*
[22:59] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: *laughs*
[22:59] General Trosco (kris159): Uhhh... next disk?
[22:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah...
[22:59] * Wolf82 (wolf802) goes to the next disk
[22:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Audio files of video game music*
[22:59] * Wolf82 (wolf802) goes to the disk menu
[22:59] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (*Taylor Swift music video*)
[23:00] * Wolf82 (wolf802) tries to find the first disk in the series
[23:00] * Wolf82 (wolf802) opens it
[23:00] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *Various clonetrooper death noises*
[23:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): Drat...
[23:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): This is as I suspected.
[23:00] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Huh?
[23:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): We picked up the folder of disks containing things insignificant to the story line.
[23:01] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...
[23:01] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: What story line?
[23:01] * Wolf82 (wolf802) opens up the web browser
[23:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): I dunno. It just sounded good.
[23:01] * Wolf82 (wolf802) uploads picture 80 to Failblog
[23:02] General Trosco (kris159): Computer: Google Manganese
[23:02] General Trosco (kris159): Computer: The second version of Google Chrome, now with one more proton.
[23:02] * Wolf82 (wolf802) shuts down the console and removes the disks.
[23:02] <Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
[23:02] <Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
[23:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): Fascinating.
[23:02] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ROTFLMBO!!!
[23:02] General Trosco (kris159): (O.O)
[23:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyone else get the feeling someone's rolling on the floor laughing their butt off somewhere?
[23:03] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: ...Nope.
[23:03] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *an apparition of myself appears*
[23:03] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Should we send someone to get more disks?
[23:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh...
[23:03] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): <.<
[23:03] <Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
[23:03] Wolf82 (wolf802): Perhaps. Perhaps not. Maybe we should forget about it and move on. Perhaps we should go on a swashbuckling adventure containing booty and damsels in distress. The two have nothing to do with one another, though, for those with dirty minds.
[23:04] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *looks exactly as each person remembers me*
[23:04] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Oh.
[23:04] * Wolf82 (wolf802) notes the apparition
[23:04] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Look, an apparition.
[23:04] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (ming: Damsels and booty!)
[23:04] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: He appear exactly as Captain Tourny did a few months ago.
[23:05] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): I believe that's the first time one of you used my military rank.
[23:06] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: You command a ship.
[23:06] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (*is making NADS in MC!)
[23:06] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (???)
[23:06] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: In the appearance, they're usually Captains or Admirals.
[23:06] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (Nether Air Defense System!)
[23:06] General Trosco (kris159): (lol!)
[23:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL!)
[23:06] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (With AAA from a mod!)
[23:06] ~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion): (No air base, flying into lava would suck)
[23:07] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi, Tourny.
[23:07] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Hello, Wolf.
[23:08] Toa DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Long time no see.
[23:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Indeed indeed.
[23:08] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: Deed in?
[23:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Either goes.
[23:10] General Trosco (kris159): Kortoris Phane: So...
[23:10] General Trosco (kris159): *Sends someone for the disks*
[23:10] General Trosco (kris159): *rather, more disks*
[00:28] Heroi Krane (kris159): (kris159) ń
[00:28] Bly (bly1234): (...)
[00:28] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Anyhow)
[00:29] Bly (bly1234): *unpause*
[00:29] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...Have the scouts we deployed found anything?
[00:29] Bly (bly1234): Not to my knowledge.
[00:30] Heroi Krane (kris159): ...How nice.
[00:30] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:30] Bly (bly1234): No it's not.
[00:30] Heroi Krane (kris159): Shall we end this meeting?
[00:30] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *walks in*
[00:30] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:30] Bly (bly1234): It's Trosco.
[00:30] Bly (bly1234): He just walked in
[00:30] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Yes. I'm here to--
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...Aren't you all going now?
[00:31] Bly (bly1234): Going where?
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *presses a button on my wrist*
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *all the ambassadors, except Bly and Krane, are beamed away*
[00:31] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:31] Bly (bly1234): Where did you beam them too?
[00:31] <Wolf82 (wolf802) (Admin) has entered the room>
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...Back to the Tomato?
[00:31] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Anyhow. Yulair has been destroyed.
[00:31] Bly (bly1234): Oh, I know.
[00:31] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Or rather--
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): (No, you don't)
[00:32] Bly (bly1234): I read about it on
[00:32] Bly (bly1234): (Jk)
[00:32] Bly (bly1234): How shocking!
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): (I see)
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: That was strange of you.
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Anyway.
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): *rises*
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): What?!
[00:32] Bly (bly1234): That was a bit delayed, Ambassador
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...Late reaction...?
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *looks at Bly mysteriously*
[00:32] Heroi Krane (kris159): Meh.
[00:33] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:33] Heroi Krane (kris159): I'm good at those.
[00:33] Bly (bly1234): Would you like me to get up incredulously as well?
[00:33] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: If you want.
[00:33] Bly (bly1234): I don't do incredulity.
[00:33] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Follow. *bursts the automatic doors back open with sheer epicness*
[00:33] Heroi Krane (kris159): *gets up and follows*
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): I was already up. What the hell just happened?
[00:34] Bly (bly1234): *Follows too*
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): *we arrive at a Minecart*
[00:34] Bly (bly1234): I pushed you down.
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: In.
[00:34] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): (JK)
[00:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Just observing for now.)
[00:34] Bly (bly1234): *Right clicks*
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): (*nearly put KL*)
[00:34] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Kristian Lawton!)
[00:34] Bly (bly1234): (=O(
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *we continue walking down a series of halls*
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): *Kortoris on Trosco's loud-speaker wrist-comm*:
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris: Look! A series of halls!
[00:35] Bly (bly1234): How can you tell?
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): *we enter the control room, with Kortoris in view*
[00:35] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): *He's looking at the main table*
[00:35] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris: Internal sensors >.<
[00:36] Heroi Krane (kris159): *Wolf is here, too*
[00:36] Bly (bly1234): oh.
[00:36] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: -Fully- reunited!
[00:36] Bly (bly1234): I thought he'd be in the pound.
[00:36] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: The what?
[00:36] Bly (bly1234): The Dog Pound.
[00:36] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...If you say so.
[00:36] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:36] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Anyway *we arrive at the table, at last*
[00:37] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Just a under an hour ago, Wolf arrived here via escape pod after returning from a...
[00:37] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ..."mission"...
[00:37] Bly (bly1234): a "mission"?
[00:37] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...He arrived at Yulair, but the cities were gone.
[00:37] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: We sent Devlabordich to investigate, and they deployed close-range craft.
[00:38] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Nothing's been found, but there -are- debris of the Yulairian space station.
[00:38] Heroi Krane (kris159): Kortoris: Disks, too.
[00:38] Bly (bly1234): What happened to their citizens?
[00:38] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: We don't know - no one was there.
[00:38] Bly (bly1234): *bangs fist* What do you know?!
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Just that there are some -cheeky- Yulairian officers.
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Rather, were.
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Anyway.
[00:39] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Yes.
[00:39] Bly (bly1234): I didn't mean to yell.
[00:39] Bly (bly1234): Or bang the table.
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Wolf claims they would've told him if they were to do anything major, which wouldintentionally bring this about.
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Like a cloak.
[00:39] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Or them moving.
[00:40] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...So we don't know anything, really.
[00:40] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Wolf?
[00:40] Bly (bly1234): How droll.
[00:40] Bly (bly1234): I believe he's taking a nap.
[00:40] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *throws a disk at Wolf*
[00:41] Bly (bly1234): I suppose he's a heavy sleeper.
[00:41] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *suprised* He's...
[00:41] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...Impervious to disks?!
[00:41] Bly (bly1234): How is this possible.
[00:41] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: You have your nap, there, boy.
[00:41] Bly (bly1234): I think he's going to even without your permission
[00:41] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: Personally, I don't see where this is heading, nor what we can do.
[00:42] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Mmm, it's a story-killer, really.
[00:42] Bly (bly1234): *Throws cookies at Wolf*
[00:42] Heroi Krane (kris159): (wait)
[00:42] Heroi Krane (kris159): (I'm having a break)
[00:42] Heroi Krane (kris159): (I'm having a KitKat)
[00:43] Heroi Krane (kris159): (possibly 2)
[00:43] Bly (bly1234): (Break me off a piece?)
[00:43] Heroi Krane (kris159): (Get your own!)
[00:44] Bly (bly1234): (*does so*)
[00:44] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
[00:44] * Wolf82 (wolf802) wakes up
[00:44] Wolf82 (wolf802): WHa/!
[00:44] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Ah!
[00:44] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: Ha!
[00:44] Bly (bly1234): Wah?
[00:44] Heroi Krane (kris159): Pa!
[00:44] Bly (bly1234): *screws them up*
[00:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
[00:45] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi?
[00:45] Heroi Krane (kris159): Hello.
[00:45] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: i've informed Bly, fully.
[00:45] Bly (bly1234): Good evening
[00:45] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: It's night here, Bly.
[00:45] Bly (bly1234): Good night.
[00:45] Bly (bly1234): *Falls asleep*
[00:45] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: And no, it's not a good one, either.
[00:45] Bly (bly1234): What are we going to do?
[00:46] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: Let's assimilate Yulair!
[00:46] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
[00:46] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:46] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: *casually* No. But I think we should station Devlabordich - or a ship - there.
[00:46] Bly (bly1234): *Hits Kortoris with a Phaser*
[00:46] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: just incase something happens.
[00:46] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: *is phased*
[00:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): If the entire Yulairian fleet was there, and they were all destroyed..
[00:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): You don't want to risk another ship, do ou?
[00:47] Wolf82 (wolf802): you*
[00:47] Bly (bly1234): (*Sends a ship full of Red Shirts*)
[00:47] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Well, we've got nothing to defend.
[00:48] Bly (bly1234): Or do we?
[00:48] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: No, we don't.
[00:48] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[00:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): Don't go there.
[00:49] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Go where?
[00:49] Bly (bly1234): Go where?
[00:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): It gets far more complicated than necessary.
[00:49] Bly (bly1234): What?
[00:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): Whether there's anything to defend or whether there's not.
[00:49] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: Left.
[00:49] Heroi Krane (kris159): Phane: We should turn left.
[00:49] Bly (bly1234): How do you know?
[00:49] Heroi Krane (kris159): *walks off*
[00:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): I dont't.
[00:49] Wolf82 (wolf802): It just sounded good.
[00:49] Bly (bly1234): Where did the Ambassador go?
[00:49] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: ...
[00:50] Heroi Krane (kris159): Trosco: Not here, apparently?
[00:50] Heroi Krane (kris159): *the door closes behind me*
[00:50] Bly (bly1234): Thank you, Captain Obvious.
[00:50] General Trosco (kris159): Anyway.
[00:50] General Trosco (kris159): Wait, why couldn't it be Nirvana, again
[00:50] General Trosco (kris159): ?
[00:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't know.
[00:50] Wolf82 (wolf802): It could be anyone.
[00:51] General Trosco (kris159): Ok.
[00:51] Bly (bly1234): I blame the TEC.
[00:51] General Trosco (kris159): K.
[00:51] General Trosco (kris159): *silence*
[00:51] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:52] General Trosco (kris159): So, we just wait...
[00:52] Bly (bly1234): Indeed.
[00:52] Bly (bly1234): It would appear so.
[00:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sounds good.
[00:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): General?
[00:52] General Trosco (kris159): Yes?
[00:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): I was wondering...
[00:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Seeing as how I'm now shipless, and on the market as it were.
[00:52] Wolf82 (wolf802): Do you have a ship
[00:52] Bly (bly1234): I'll hire you.
[00:52] General Trosco (kris159): Hah. Good one. *looks back at the table*
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Wait.
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): *looks back at Wolf*
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Oh.
[00:53] * Wolf82 (wolf802) stares at the General
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): You're... sure, probably.
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Obviously, I can't just give you one.
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): *gets on the wrist comm*
[00:53] Wolf82 (wolf802): *nods* Of course not. 
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Can Wolf have a ship?
[00:53] Bly (bly1234): Join the BlyDonian Navy.
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Fin: Sure.
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): *gets off*
[00:53] General Trosco (kris159): Ok, I can give you one.
[00:53] Bly (bly1234): General?
[00:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...Do you have a...erm...
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): H40?
[00:54] Bly (bly1234): Why do you have her on speed dial?
[00:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): An H40 to spare..--
[00:54] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): K.
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): Wait
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): *pops up a ship list*
[00:54] Bly (bly1234): Where did you get--
[00:54] Bly (bly1234): Never mind.
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): Well, yes...
[00:54] General Trosco (kris159): I am, afterall, the commander of a planet.
[00:55] General Trosco (kris159): It's...
[00:55] * Wolf82 (wolf802) awaits nervously
[00:55] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm bored.
[00:55] General Trosco (kris159): ...Around the sun of Fetrodasa.
[00:55] * Wolf82 (wolf802) pulls out a lightsaber
[00:55] * Wolf82 (wolf802) pwns people
[00:55] General Trosco (kris159): Do you want it now?
[00:55] Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
[00:55] Bly (bly1234): Where did you get that lightsaber?
[00:55] General Trosco (kris159): (*knows what to ignore XD*)
[00:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure. If that's not a problem.
[00:56] General Trosco (kris159): Ok.
[00:56] General Trosco (kris159): Bly, do you wanna come, just for funzies?
[00:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ooh. Funzies. New word. Must use.
[00:56] Bly (bly1234): ...
[00:56] Bly (bly1234): Why are you calling me Bly?
[00:56] Bly (bly1234): I am Supreme President.
[00:56] Wolf82 (wolf802): Would the H40 be in my permanent ownership, or just temporarily?
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): I'll...
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): the former.
[00:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ain't we all just friends here, Supreme President?
[00:57] Bly (bly1234): No.
[00:57] Wolf82 (wolf802): ...Oh.
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): *walks off, expecting others to follow*
[00:57] Bly (bly1234): Especially because you are no longer a Head of State.
[00:57] Bly (bly1234): *Follows*
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): Phane, you're in command.
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): Phane: WHAT?!
[00:57] * Wolf82 (wolf802) gets out of my chair and follows the General
[00:57] Bly (bly1234): *Follows in my chair*
[00:57] General Trosco (kris159): Phane: YES! *whaps out a bottle of alcohol*
[00:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Just because my entire nation was obliterated, or so we think, doesn't mean I'm not in charge.
[00:58] General Trosco (kris159): We don't have chairs around the control table, you know.
[00:58] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[00:58] Bly (bly1234): and Oh.
[00:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Ignore the chair part*
[00:58] General Trosco (kris159): *we enter the gate room*
[00:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Besides. I'll now be in command of an H40.
[00:58] General Trosco (kris159): Ah, the gate room.
[00:58] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hmph. *turns my nose up at Bly*
[00:58] General Trosco (kris159):
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): (I'll give you some time to read that, since the one in Teredona I is the same)
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): (Time's up)
[00:59] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Done.)
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): *nods at the gate controler*
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): Controler: *in speaker* What.
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): Fetrodasa IX, please.
[00:59] Bly (bly1234): Why are we going to Fetrodasa IX?
[00:59] General Trosco (kris159): Controler: Whatever *activates the gate*
[01:00] General Trosco (kris159): 'Cuz that is, for your information, quite close to Fetrodasa 0.
[01:00] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:00] General Trosco (kris159): *begins walking up the platform, to the gate*
[01:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris.)
[01:00] Bly (bly1234): *Follows nonchalantly*
[01:00] General Trosco (kris159): (yes?)
[01:00] Wolf82 (wolf802): (They retract (are put away) when the gate activates, but come out if it's declared friendly?)
[01:00] * Wolf82 (wolf802) follows
[01:01] General Trosco (kris159): (Yes)
[01:01] General Trosco (kris159): *we arrive in what appears to be the exact same room*
[01:01] Wolf82 (wolf802): (What's the point of cameras and and cannons if it's friendly?)
[01:01] General Trosco (kris159): General Generally: *greets us at the bottom of th pelatform*
[01:01] General Trosco (kris159): (Incase it's a friendly)
[01:01] * Wolf82 (wolf802) nods at Generally
[01:01] General Trosco (kris159): Genrally: Did you know you just travelled over 10 billion light years?
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): Generally; Good. *beams them up to a station*
[01:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): No. No, I di--
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): Welcome!
[01:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): To?
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): *turns around to Wolf and Bly*
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): Fetrodasa IX.
[01:02] Bly (bly1234): Thank you.
[01:02] Wolf82 (wolf802): Thank you.
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): *A GT2 flies over*
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): *it drops tot he ground*
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): Wait.
[01:02] General Trosco (kris159): I forgot to tell--
[01:03] General Trosco (kris159): Phane: *looks up at the Gunship that was left in the control room on Teredona I*
[01:03] General Trosco (kris159): Meh.
[01:03] General Trosco (kris159): *the DDRASSLST drops*
[01:03] General Trosco (kris159): *walks on to it*
[01:03] General Trosco (kris159): Come come!
[01:04] * Wolf82 (wolf802) gets on it
[01:04] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:04] Bly (bly1234): *gets in*
[01:04] General Trosco (kris159): *the turn table raises instantaneously, and the gunship takes off*
[01:04] General Trosco (kris159): *it enters hyperspace, and drops out almost instantaneously*
[01:04] General Trosco (kris159): I like how everyone knows what to do.
[01:04] General Trosco (kris159): And has everything prepared, even though it's like 5 minutes.
[01:05] General Trosco (kris159): I don't like the lack of windows in this ship, though.
[01:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Mm...
[01:05] Bly (bly1234): Oh no.
[01:05] Wolf82 (wolf802): Wait, what?
[01:05] General Trosco (kris159): *the gunship approaches a H40*
[01:05] General Trosco (kris159): Never mind.
[01:06] General Trosco (kris159): *we land in a cargo bay*
[01:06] General Trosco (kris159): Pilot: Cargo offloading. *drops the table*
[01:06] Bly (bly1234): Why am I here?
[01:06] General Trosco (kris159): *the table drops to the floor, and the things holding it to the ship collapse as we collide with the ground*
[01:06] General Trosco (kris159): Silly Gunship pilots.
[01:06] General Trosco (kris159): For funzies, Bly.
[01:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Oof.
[01:06] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:06] Wolf82 (wolf802): Funzies.
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): oh, Wolf...
[01:07] Bly (bly1234): Supreme President.
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): ...Actually, never mind.
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): *walks off*
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): I'm gn--
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): *stops*
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): Come on?
[01:07] Bly (bly1234): Why am I around a Former Head of State, a General, and not the Prime Regiona of the Gammetan Civilization?
[01:07] Bly (bly1234): *Follows I guess*
[01:07] General Trosco (kris159): Because, Bly, the Appearance isn't known for formality.
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): We're not in the Appearence.
[01:08] * Wolf82 (wolf802) follows
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): We're in the Hydelphiian Galaxy.
[01:08] General Trosco (kris159): I said Appearance, with an A.
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): What's that?
[01:08] General Trosco (kris159): ...Never mind.
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:08] General Trosco (kris159): *continues walking*
[01:08] Bly (bly1234): *follows*
[01:08] General Trosco (kris159): Now, we're going to the Bridge.
[01:08] Wolf82 (wolf802): Is it just me, or is Bly clueless?
[01:09] General Trosco (kris159): *the halls are somewhat similar to the exterior of the ships, with the cielings of light which the meeting room of Teredona I has*
[01:09] Bly (bly1234): I'm not clueless.
[01:09] General Trosco (kris159): He's got clues - trust me.
[01:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): Meh.
[01:09] Bly (bly1234): I'd rather be with a more powerful representative of the Gammetan Government.
[01:09] Wolf82 (wolf802): What would you do? Talk about national affairs? Pfft.
[01:09] Bly (bly1234): ("Gammetan Navy--Space and sea ships (although there are no sea ships)")
[01:09] General Trosco (kris159): I am the owner of the primary economic planet of Gammeta, very much thankyou.
[01:09] General Trosco (kris159): I'm quite important.
[01:10] Bly (bly1234): Not as much as you think.
[01:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): Funzies, Bly. Funzies. We're in this for the funzies. Relax.
[01:10] General Trosco (kris159): I'm also in command of the forces against the Nirvana.
[01:10] Bly (bly1234): No you're not.
[01:10] General Trosco (kris159): Well.
[01:10] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sigh*
[01:10] General Trosco (kris159): That's just strange.
[01:10] Bly (bly1234): The Capita Defense Coalition dissolved.
[01:10] General Trosco (kris159): *we arrive at the bridge*
[01:11] General Trosco (kris159): *A guy stands up and turns around from his commander seat*
[01:11] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: General Trosco! Someone! Someone else!
[01:11] Bly (bly1234): I am Supreme President Bly.
[01:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): Wolf.
[01:11] * Wolf82 (wolf802) walks up to Banx, and extends his paw
[01:11] General Trosco (kris159): Nevertheless, I'm in control of the conduct of battle when the Nirvana is there.
[01:11] Wolf82 (wolf802): *extends my paw, rather*
[01:11] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: *accepts*
[01:11] Bly (bly1234): Very well.
[01:11] * Wolf82 (wolf802) shakes
[01:11] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: Welcome to...
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: This ship has a boring name, forget it.
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: Goodbye. *walks off*
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): No ship has a boring name, Major--
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): Where is he going?
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): ...Back to Fetrodasa IX?
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Was this his ship?
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): We're on Fetrodasa IX?
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): Yes.
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): No, we're around the sun of Fetrodasa IX.
[01:12] Wolf82 (wolf802): Hm... He must be disappointed in losing it...
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): Oh.
[01:12] Bly (bly1234): The lack of windows in the shuttle disoriented me.
[01:12] General Trosco (kris159): I thought you'de have noticed *points to the massive star infront of us*
[01:13] Bly (bly1234): I was too busy arguing with you.
[01:13] General Trosco (kris159): *which is clearly visible thanks to the full view port on the 10 meter-wide birdge*
[01:13] General Trosco (kris159): Ah.
[01:13] General Trosco (kris159): Fair enough.
[01:13] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ahem. He must be disappointed in losing the ship.
[01:13] General Trosco (kris159): *The rest of the crew offload on to the GT2*
[01:13] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:13] General Trosco (kris159): Probably.
[01:13] Bly (bly1234): Where is the rest of the crew going? Are we supposed to run this ourselves?
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): Yes.
[01:14] Bly (bly1234): ..
[01:14] Bly (bly1234): Alright.
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): It has a skeleton crew of 1 person...
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): *the GT2 departs*
[01:14] Wolf82 (wolf802): And boasts the best of Yulairian weaponry.
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): Banx: *sobbing on comm* Bye!
[01:14] * Wolf82 (wolf802) winks at Trosco happily
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): XD
[01:14] Bly (bly1234): What a loser.
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): *takes a seat in the pilot position*
[01:14] General Trosco (kris159): Wolf? Bly?
[01:15] * Wolf82 (wolf802) feels bad about having Banx leave
[01:15] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, Trosco?
[01:15] General Trosco (kris159): He's just crying 'cuz his Wife died.
[01:15] General Trosco (kris159): He's getting a new ship in a few days, though.
[01:15] General Trosco (kris159): Take a seat in the commander and main officer seats respesctively?
[01:15] Bly (bly1234): *Takes a seat in the Main Officer seat*
[01:15] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes a seat in the Commander seat
[01:16] General Trosco (kris159): *Bly has a console infront of him, whereas Wolf can just see the star*
[01:16] General Trosco (kris159): *also has a console, sitting on the left side of Wolf*
[01:16] General Trosco (kris159): Now.
[01:16] General Trosco (kris159): Do you want to go backt o the Appearence?
[01:16] Bly (bly1234): Preferably.
[01:16] General Trosco (kris159): I was talking to Commander Wolf.
[01:16] Wolf82 (wolf802): If that's what Bly wants.
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): Ok.
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): Setting coordinates...
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): *sets them*
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): Coordinates set!
[01:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): Yay!
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): *charges hyperdrive* Charing hyperdrive!
[01:17] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: >.>)
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): Hyperdrive charged!
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): Activating hyperdrive! *activates hyperdrive*
[01:17] General Trosco (kris159): *we enter hyperspace*
[01:18] Wolf82 (wolf802): Whoooshhhhhhh!
[01:18] General Trosco (kris159): *we drop out, to see the boost gate*
[01:18] * Wolf82 (wolf802) rocks in the chair excitedly
[01:18] General Trosco (kris159): Now.
[01:18] General Trosco (kris159): This coordinate setting will take a while.
[01:18] General Trosco (kris159): *begins working on the machine*
[01:18] * Wolf82 (wolf802) checks the chair for spinnyness
[01:19] General Trosco (kris159): *it spins*
[01:19] Wolf82 (wolf802): Ooh.
[01:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): That's a definite 10 points.
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): *it also has buttons which can allow it to offload from the raised platform and hover about*
[01:20] * Wolf82 (wolf802) spins to Bly's direction
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): *finishes* Done
[01:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Does it have armrests?)
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): bringing engines online...
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): (Yes)
[01:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Does it recline?)
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): (just imagine it as a BC304's chair, but with spininess and hoverness*)
[01:20] Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's what I was thinking.)
[01:20] General Trosco (kris159): (And reclining abilities, if you want)
[01:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay, this is the most win chair ever.)
[01:21] General Trosco (kris159): (lol)
[01:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's full of win and epic and awesomeness.)
[01:21] General Trosco (kris159): *we swing around, go through the boost gate, and enter hyperspace*
[01:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): So, Bly. Or Supreme President, whichever.
[01:21] Bly (bly1234): Yes/
[01:21] General Trosco (kris159): ETA is 56 hours.
[01:21] Bly (bly1234): You may call me Bly, btw.
[01:21] Wolf82 (wolf802): What'cha gonna do when we get back?
[01:21] General Trosco (kris159): In 56 hours.
[01:22] Bly (bly1234): I'm not su-
[01:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): In 56 hours.
[01:22] Bly (bly1234): I have 56 hours to decide.
[01:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Good point.
[01:22] * Wolf82 (wolf802) spins to Trosco's direction
[01:22] General Trosco (kris159): *spins to Wolf's direction*
[01:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): And you?
[01:22] Wolf82 (wolf802): Any plans?
[01:22] General Trosco (kris159): Oh... I dunno *in a cheeky manner*
[01:23] General Trosco (kris159): *presses a few buttons on my chairarm* 
[01:23] General Trosco (kris159): *my chair offloads, and hovers off*
[01:23] General Trosco (kris159): *begins making loops around the room*
[01:23] * Wolf82 (wolf802) follows suit, offloading the chair, and hovers around the room
[01:23] Bly (bly1234): ...
[01:23] Wolf82 (wolf802): You could have chair races.
[01:24] General Trosco (kris159): =O
[01:24] General Trosco (kris159): Epic idea!
[01:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): I know, right?!
[01:24] General Trosco (kris159): Maybe latorz.
[01:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure, sure.
[01:24] General Trosco (kris159): *An SS-droid opens a door and looks in*
[01:24] General Trosco (kris159): *it stops, and just stays still, watching us go around*
[01:24] Wolf82 (wolf802): (That Droid's a Nazi!)
[01:25] General Trosco (kris159): (=O)
[01:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
[01:25] General Trosco (kris159): (I didn't realize when I named them >.<)
[01:25] Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl, it's k.)
[01:25] General Trosco (kris159): *it turns around, and leaves*
[01:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): What now, what now?
[01:26] General Trosco (kris159): I don't know, I don't know.
[01:26] Wolf82 (wolf802): Wanna play BFBC2?
[01:26] General Trosco (kris159): ...Maybe...
[01:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, we've got 56 hours. No rush.
[01:27] General Trosco (kris159): *laughs*! Rush!
[01:27] General Trosco (kris159): That's funny because it's a mode on the game.
[01:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): lol
[01:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): >.>
[01:27] Wolf82 (wolf802): *laughs*
[01:27] General Trosco (kris159): (loL)
[01:28] General Trosco (kris159): Bly.
[01:28] General Trosco (kris159): You seem an aweful lot...
[01:28] General Trosco (kris159): ...empty...?
[01:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): Silence...
[01:28] * Wolf82 (wolf802) snickers
[01:28] General Trosco (kris159): ?
[01:28] General Trosco (kris159): Huh?
[01:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): You said he was empty, and he hasn't said anything.
[01:28] Wolf82 (wolf802): It's just a bit funny.
[01:29] * Wolf82 (wolf802) looks at Bly inquisitively
[01:29] * Wolf82 (wolf802) hovers over to him and knocks on his helmet
[01:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): So, you said Banx's wife died?
[01:30] General Trosco (kris159): Yeah...
[01:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): *spins to Trosco's direction and hovers away from Bly, closer to where the chair originally was*
[01:30] General Trosco (kris159): *Wolf is apparently hovering beside me?*
[01:30] Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sure*
[01:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): What happened?
[01:31] General Trosco (kris159): Heart attack.
[01:31] General Trosco (kris159): I don't know how - it hasn't happened on New Gammeta.
[01:31] General Trosco (kris159): Ever.
[01:31] Wolf82 (wolf802): That's very odd.
[01:32] General Trosco (kris159): Indeed.
[01:32] General Trosco (kris159): 36, she was...
[01:32] Wolf82 (wolf802): Sad...
[01:33] General Trosco (kris159): It coud've been where she lived.
[01:33] Wolf82 (wolf802): What's wrong with where she lived?
[01:33] General Trosco (kris159): That new colony, 94
[01:33] General Trosco (kris159): 93422-06*
[01:33] General Trosco (kris159): well, nothing, I'm just saying...
[01:34] * Wolf82 (wolf802) shrugs
[01:34] General Trosco (kris159): ...Not many people live there compared to on Fetrodasa IX.
[01:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): Is that where Banx lives, too?
[01:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): I would assume so.
[01:34] General Trosco (kris159): I think.
[01:34] General Trosco (kris159): ...Its' really something I shouldn't tell you.
[01:34] General Trosco (kris159): It's classified.
[01:34] Wolf82 (wolf802): Understandably.
[01:34] General Trosco (kris159): Not even the Prime Regiona knows.
[01:35] * Wolf82 (wolf802) takes out a lightsaber
[01:35] * Wolf82 (wolf802) pwns Trosco
[01:35] General Trosco (kris159): *dies*
[01:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
[01:35] General Trosco (kris159): (JK)
[01:35] Wolf82 (wolf802): Do you know what ship he'll be transferred to?
[01:35] General Trosco (kris159): Probably a new batch.
[01:35] General Trosco (kris159): Majors aren't allowed to command anything bigger than a Corvette.
[01:37] <~Naga Krion~ (nagakrion) (Admin) has entered the room>
[01:37] Wolf82 (wolf802): So, 56 hours.
[01:37] General Trosco (kris159): Hyperspace, huh...
[01:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): Rhetorical, annoyed, ect.
[01:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Whoops.)
[01:38] General Trosco (kris159): Sorry?
[01:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ignore that.)
[01:38] Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wrong chat.)
[01:38] General Trosco (kris159): (lol)
[01:39] General Trosco (kris159): Perhaps this was a bad idea?
[01:39] General Trosco (kris159): Putting the commander-in-chief, commander of a planet and leader of a civilization in a ship for 56 hours...
[01:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): Nahh.
[01:40] General Trosco (kris159): News!
[01:40] Wolf82 (wolf802): Recipe for funzies.
[01:40] General Trosco (kris159): 6 new H40s built for June 19th.
[01:41] Wolf82 (wolf802): So,  Isuppose you won't be missing this one much?
[01:41] Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
[01:41] General Trosco (kris159): Meh.
[01:41] General Trosco (kris159): It's operational history is 0.
[01:41] General Trosco (kris159): Afterall, who's gonna attack the sun?
[01:41] General Trosco (kris159): No, it's mainly for protection of the SuperSensor!

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