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Times are in GMT/EST +5.

[13:08] bly1234: *Comms Empress Fish-Manta*
[13:08] kris159: ...
[13:08] kris159: Manta: *responds*
[13:08] bly1234: (Tatex: Why did you "..." Kortoris?)
[13:08] bly1234: Good morning, Empress.
[13:08] kris159: Manta: Greetings. Who's speaking?
[13:09] bly1234: Supreme Leader/President Bly.
[13:09] bly1234: I've resume power.
[13:09] kris159: Manta: This is good news.
[13:09] bly1234: Indeed.
[13:09] kris159: Manta; Can we now secure the treaty we agreed on?
[13:09] bly1234: Better yet.
[13:09] bly1234: I have a better treaty.
[13:09] kris159: Manta: Go on.
[13:10] bly1234: I shall immediately turnover Nakar IV to you, for a pact of friendship and peace.
[13:10] kris159: Manta: Very well.
[13:10] kris159: Manta: I'll recomm you later when my treaty-writer's done?
[13:10] bly1234: Yes.
[13:11] kris159: Manta: goodbye, and good luck.
[13:11] bly1234: *ends comm*
[13:11] bly1234: (...)
[13:11] bly1234: *receives a Comm*
[13:11] kris159: (I'm going to write one)
[13:11] bly1234: Yes?
[13:11] bly1234: (oK)
[13:12] bly1234: Admiral: Sir!
[13:12] bly1234: Who are you?
[13:12] bly1234: Admiral: I'm Admiral.
[13:12] bly1234: Admiral Admiral?
[13:12] bly1234: Admiral: No, Captain Admiral. There's been some disturbing reports.
[13:12] kris159: (lol!)
[13:12] bly1234: Go on.
[13:13] bly1234: Admiral: Our first Constellation Class ship is nearly ready, another seven days or so.
[13:13] bly1234: How is that disturbing?
[13:13] bly1234: Admiral: ...*Ends comm*

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