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[18:14] Digger (halomaster1902189): (bishism win?)
[18:14] Digger (halomaster1902189): (bushism*
[18:14] DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Can the Warden join this story line?)
[18:14] Wolf (wolf802): *Yellow-green powder/dust is seen, covering the stand it was on and some of the floor*
[18:15] Wolf (wolf802): (Probably.)
[18:15] Wolf (wolf802): *It has a sparkle to it*
[18:15] Lyvia (wolf802): Odd...
[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): (*prepares to come through a door at an opportune moment*)
[18:15] Lyvia (wolf802): It just completely came off the rock.
[18:15] Warden (dsqtourny): (*a door as provided by Wolf, that is*)
[18:16] Lyvia (wolf802): Grab a sample with one of those vials over there? *She points to a vial-holder with empty vials, being careful not to drop the creature*
[18:16] * Wolf (wolf802) nods, going over to it and grabbing a vial
[18:17] Wolf (wolf802): *The lab door opens, revealing...*
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *steps out of the lab door*
[18:17] Wolf (wolf802): *An extremely angry rabid hedgehog*
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<
[18:17] Bly (bly1234): *Stands back, so as not to interfer*
[18:17] Wolf (wolf802): (JK.)
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *closes and locks it behind me with my key*
[18:17] * Wolf (wolf802) grabs a sample of the dust
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *which for those who don't know means it is now a normal door again*
[18:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, what do we have here?
[18:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks for someone to talk to*
[18:18] Lyvia (wolf802): *Motions for me to set it down on another holder*
[18:18] * Wolf (wolf802) does so
[18:18] Wolf (wolf802): *Let's Bly take care of this one*
[18:18] Bly (bly1234): ...
[18:18] Bly (bly1234): Errr...I'd rather not intrude.
[18:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks up to the man in plastic*
[18:18] Warden (dsqtourny): Hello, good sir!
[18:18] Bly (bly1234): (I presume you mean me?)
[18:19] Wolf (wolf802): (Would you say my RPGing has gotten better?)
[18:19] Bly (bly1234): (yes)
[18:19] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (yes)
[18:19] Wolf (wolf802): PA: Commander and Surpeme Commander to Hanger 3.
[18:19] Wolf (wolf802): Supreme Leader*
[18:20] Lyvia (wolf802): Go on ahead, I've got it from here.
[18:20] Wolf (wolf802): *Nods* Keep me updated.
[18:20] Bly (bly1234): *Follows Wolf*
[18:20] Warden (dsqtourny): (How many other men wear a highly advanced form of plastic, Bly?)
[18:20] * Wolf (wolf802) would walk out of the door, motioning to the Warden to follow
[18:20] Bly (bly1234): Hello...sir?
[18:20] * LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189) is cleaning hos weapon, a M1203 Shotgun *
[18:20] Lyvia (wolf802): Eerie...
[18:20] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): His*
[18:20] Warden (dsqtourny): *wonders why I am immediately accepted as normal*
[18:20] Warden (dsqtourny): *by everyoen except Bly*
[18:21] Warden (dsqtourny): Is this the space food cafe?
[18:21] Wolf (wolf802): *While walking down the halls, looks back to the Warden*
[18:21] Wolf (wolf802): Do you happen to know a DR. Tourny?
[18:21] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks at all of the funny yellow stuff everywhere*
[18:21] Warden (dsqtourny): Uh.
[18:21] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (lol)
[18:21] Warden (dsqtourny): No.
[18:21] * Wolf (wolf802) stops
[18:21] * Wolf (wolf802) taps something on my wrist-comm
[18:21] Bly (bly1234): *Stops as well*
[18:21] Warden (dsqtourny): *consider that pause an extremely long contemplation*
[18:22] Wolf (wolf802): Then how'd you get in here?
[18:22] Warden (dsqtourny): Well, I have a key, and it makes it so that I don't have to go through doors in the right 
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): I take it this isn't a public area?
[18:23] Wolf (wolf802): No.
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Then this isn't the cafe.
[18:23] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *com* You need my help, sir?
[18:23] Bly (bly1234): *Answers* No, sir.
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Shame.
[18:23] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *com* Rodger that.
[18:23] Warden (dsqtourny): Anyway.
[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): What're you all doing with that funny yellow-green glowing stuff?
[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): And can I join in?
[18:24] Wolf (wolf802): That's yet to be answered. Who are you, anyway?
[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm called the Warden.
[18:24] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *pause for effect*
[18:24] Warden (dsqtourny): Or just Warden.
[18:25] Wolf (wolf802): And why are you here?
[18:25] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm also called Miniscule Flesh Person by larger carnivorous species.
[18:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Why am I herE?
[18:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Accident.
[18:25] Wolf (wolf802): What is your quest?
[18:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Fun.
[18:25] Wolf (wolf802): *Would look at Bly with an funny look, as if he asked that for humour*
[18:25] Wolf (wolf802): Do you mean any harm?
[18:26] Bly (bly1234): *Cannot return any look, with a helmet blocking my face*
[18:26] Warden (dsqtourny): (*involuntarily steals a line from the Doctor*)
[18:26] Wolf (wolf802): (*Involuntarily steals a line from Monty Python*)
[18:26] Wolf (wolf802): Hm?
[18:26] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (*involuntarily steals a line from David Bowie*)
[18:27] Wolf (wolf802): *Awaits an answer*
[18:27] Wolf (wolf802): (brb, continue, Tourny.)
[18:28] Warden (dsqtourny): Of course not.
[18:29] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *sets up a triplaser alarm at the door entrance and walks into the 
room with Wolf, Bly, and Warden*

[18:30] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): We have a problem

[18:30] Wolf (wolf802): (Back.)

[18:30] * Wolf (wolf802) turns to the soldier

[18:30] Wolf (wolf802): Problem?

[18:31] Bly (bly1234): What is the problem?

[18:31] Wolf (wolf802): *3 Stormtroopers pass by us in the hall*

[18:31] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Traen and Jaca are dead

[18:31] Bly (bly1234): Pardon?

[18:31] * Wolf (wolf802) raises an eyebrow

[18:32] Wolf (wolf802): (Wait, that corvette earlier, did enter the hanger.)

[18:32] Bly (bly1234): (Traen cannot die)

[18:32] Wolf (wolf802): (Traen had the *#*% beat out of him, then.)

[18:32] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Jacen has a large bullet hole in his head.

[18:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Let me know how I can help.

[18:32] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Jaca*

[18:33] Bly (bly1234): How did this happen?

[18:34] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): I didn't see anything, I heard gunshots and ran inside to see what was 
happening. When I got there, Jaca was dead and Traen was unconcious.

[18:34] Wolf (wolf802): (Digger?)

[18:34] Bly (bly1234): In the busy hanger?

[18:34] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Yes

[18:34] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): I don't know what happpened

[18:34] Wolf (wolf802): (Do you have any certain plans for this, or is it open? Because it'd tie into my story 

[18:34] Bly (bly1234): In front of dozens of Yularians?

[18:34] * Wolf (wolf802) looks at Bly, worried

[18:35] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Yes, but I asked a dosen people. No one saw what happened, only heard 
teh gunshots.

[18:35] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): the*

[18:35] Bly (bly1234): Most unusual that an alarm was not sounded.

[18:35] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[18:36] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia runs to our location, obviously worried*

[18:36] Lyvia (wolf802): Commander!

[18:36] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *the tripwire starts te beep* Weve got company.

[18:36] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): we've*

[18:36] * Wolf (wolf802) turns to her

[18:36] Lyvia (wolf802): Your comm's down.

[18:36] Lyvia (wolf802): I've been trying to get ahold of you for the past 5 minutes.

[18:36] Wolf (wolf802): Hm?

[18:36] * Wolf (wolf802) checks it

[18:36] Wolf (wolf802): *It is indeed down*

[18:37] Wolf (wolf802): Bly? What about yours?

[18:37] Bly (bly1234): *Checks*

[18:37] Bly (bly1234): Mine is down as well.

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): (Brb)

[18:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *will randomly vanish through the next available door*

[18:37] Wolf (wolf802): *My look grows more concerned. I push past Diggs and Bly and head to the hanger*


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[19:00] <Today's Message: "Rules:


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[19:00] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (bad timing warden)

[19:00] Bly (bly1234): Excellent observation, Srgt.

[19:00] Warden (dsqtourny): (There is no such thing as bad timing when you're me.)

[19:00] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): ( O RLY?)

[19:00] Bly (bly1234): *Captain Traen enters the bridge*

[19:01] Lyvia (wolf802): Commander, Supreme Leader.

[19:01] Lyvia (wolf802): I was trying to tell you earlier, I checked the dust from the rock.

[19:02] Bly (bly1234): and?

[19:02] Lyvia (wolf802): I'm not quite sure, but, there are readings compliant with...

[19:03] Wolf (wolf802): *She looks down one hall nervously, as if she's afraid to say it too loudly*

[19:03] Lyvia (wolf802): A Starscreech.

[19:03] Warden (dsqtourny): *steps into the hall*

[19:03] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *dramatic music*

[19:03] Warden (dsqtourny): (Starscream?!)

[19:03] Wolf (wolf802): A-a what?

[19:03] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (screech*)

[19:03] Warden (dsqtourny): (Starscream: Bahahahaha! Die, Autobots!)

[19:03] Warden (dsqtourny): (Megatron: No, you idiot!)

[19:03] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (Really?)

[19:04] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (Must you?)

[19:04] Warden (dsqtourny): (Megatron: *pulls him back into the correct TV series*)

[19:04] Wolf (wolf802): (Heavily inspired by: )

[19:04] Wolf (wolf802): *Furious is commed by a flight of A-22s and a Valiant*

[19:05] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (That thing is fucking creepy)

[19:05] Warden (dsqtourny): (Yes, I must be fececious at all times.)

[19:05] Captain Akada (bly1234): *Responds* Yes?

[19:05] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks up to Lyvia*

[19:05] Wolf (wolf802): Lt: Furious, we have managed to ping a location of the location of the corvette.

[19:05] Captain Akada (bly1234): Coordinates?

[19:05] Wolf (wolf802): Lt: We're heading out now, it'll take a while to get there, but we should be able to soon 

[19:05] Wolf (wolf802): Lt: Sending coordinates now.

[19:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *whispers* Hello.

[19:06] Wolf (wolf802): *The data is transmitted, giving the coordinates*

[19:06] Warden (dsqtourny): *not neccessarily directly to her*

[19:06] Captain Akada (bly1234): *Enters hyperspace*

[19:06] Ackbar (bly1234): I sense a trap.

[19:06] Wolf (wolf802): *The Valiant does as well*

[19:06] Captain Akada (bly1234): Red Alert, shields up.

[19:06] Warden (dsqtourny): (<.<)

[19:06] Warden (dsqtourny): (I thought Ackbar was dead...)

[19:06] Ackbar (bly1234): Don't worry, we won't arrive for as long as the plot device takes.

[19:06] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (What is it suddenly Star Trek?)

[19:06] Bly (bly1234): (No, he's on semi-duty)

[19:06] Warden (dsqtourny): (Oh.)

[19:07] Bly (bly1234): (We use Red Alerts)

[19:07] Warden (dsqtourny): *wonders why I am openly ignored*

[19:07] Lyvia (wolf802): It's this...creature, only myths.

[19:07] Lyvia (wolf802): ... Hello, again.

[19:07] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (you joined at teh wrong time)

[19:07] Lyvia (wolf802): How did he get onboard?

[19:07] Warden (dsqtourny): Why does it matter?

[19:08] Lyvia (wolf802): *Suddenly shivers with chills down her back*

[19:08] Warden (dsqtourny): (How much comic relief am I allowed to do...)

[19:08] Bly (bly1234): it doesn;t.

[19:08] Bly (bly1234): (It's supposed to be serious I think)

[19:08] Warden (dsqtourny): (Ah.)

[19:08] Lyvia (wolf802): Lo-look, we don't...

[19:08] Wolf (wolf802): (Whatever you like, Tourny.)

[19:08] Bly (bly1234): Nly: *Prepares to be sexist, but realizes the seriousness of the situation*

[19:08] Lyvia (wolf802): It's bad.

[19:08] Warden (dsqtourny): Why do I feel as if we're talking about something extremely frightening.

[19:08] Lyvia (wolf802): It was mainly a myth.

[19:08] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Look at the corpses, you fool

[19:08] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:08] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:09] Warden (dsqtourny): (*reads Wolf's brief synopsis*)

[19:09] Lyvia (wolf802): Some freighters going through hyperspace would suddenly drop out, and everyone would be dead 
except maybone one person.

[19:09] Wolf (wolf802): maybe one*

[19:09] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): (Yup, its Dead Space allright)

[19:09] Lyvia (wolf802): Or a shuttle pilot would be abused by some odd creature that came out of no where.

[19:09] Warden (dsqtourny): (*notes 3PO is on the ship*)

[19:09] Warden (dsqtourny): (Officer: We're all going to die!)

[19:09] Lyvia (wolf802): Some cases, junk fields would...come to life.

[19:10] Lyvia (wolf802): Ravage entire ships, like ours... *peers out of the junk field nearby*

[19:10] Wolf (wolf802): out to*

[19:10] Warden (dsqtourny): (Oh!)

[19:10] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): It was a junk field, not an asteroid field, and its not mines, its... 
whatever did -this-.

[19:10] Warden (dsqtourny): (*realizes everything Lyvia has said besides hello again was not referring to me*)

[19:10] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): I remember now

[19:11] Warden (dsqtourny): (*didn't think a lot of it was, but some of it looked like it might have been*)

[19:11] Lyvia (wolf802): We can't... There's no known way to combat it without actual

[19:11] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks around looking at the corpses*

[19:11] Bly (bly1234): (*Peter opens a restuarant*)

[19:11] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *they are heavily mutilated*

[19:11] Lyvia (wolf802): Some way you are at its mercy, some say it doesn't even exist.

[19:11] Warden (dsqtourny): Yech.

[19:11] Wolf (wolf802): say*

[19:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Can't they just kill them without mutilating them.

[19:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *talks outloud to myself*

[19:12] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Check the controls.

[19:12] Lyvia (wolf802): Some say, it ways it does...

[19:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Uneccessary mutilation, sign of a beast that doesn't often think straight...

[19:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks to see the nature of the causes of death*

[19:12] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Are we still onl-*the lights turn off, then they change to backup red*

[19:12] Lyvia (wolf802): That it only exists on a wavelength in coordinance with our minds. Like, a figment of 
imagination, but with the ability to do... Things that come into an actual plane of existance.

[19:12] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Never mind

[19:13] Wolf (wolf802): (*Our ship doesn't have backup red except in some areas*)

[19:13] Wolf (wolf802): (*The lights would flicker and go to backup*

[19:13] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *hears what sounds like claws on metal* You guys hear that?

[19:13] Bly (bly1234): I don't think I should accompany you on any more missions, Wolf.

[19:13] Wolf (wolf802): (*Same lighting*)

[19:13] Warden (dsqtourny): (What made them die? Excessive bleeding or actual killing strikes*

[19:13] Warden (dsqtourny): ?)*

[19:13] Bly (bly1234): Commander, should we remove the bodies?

[19:13] Wolf (wolf802): I don't think I should go into hangers with dead people anymore, Bly.

[19:14] Wolf (wolf802): (Killing strikes.)

[19:14] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Can anyone else hear that*its getting louder*

[19:14] Wolf (wolf802): I can.

[19:14] Warden (dsqtourny): Killed on purpose.

[19:14] Wolf (wolf802): I don't think it matters much, Bly.

[19:14] Warden (dsqtourny): Itelligent, it was...

[19:14] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *pulls out his shotgun*

[19:14] Bly (bly1234): Think, everyone.

[19:14] Bly (bly1234): When did this happen?

[19:14] Bly (bly1234): When did this start?

[19:14] Warden (dsqtourny): Wait

[19:14] Lyvia (wolf802): It was since the rock...or...egg, hatched.

[19:14] Bly (bly1234): Obviously the egg is the source of the problems.

[19:15] Bly (bly1234): Is it still on the station?

[19:15] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *lights turn off, I am heard screaming briefly, the lights turn on and 
I am gone*

[19:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks in*

[19:15] Lyvia (wolf802): I have no idea. I've never seen this before.

[19:15] Warden (dsqtourny): Can I - Oh dear.

[19:15] Wolf (wolf802): Oh, god.

[19:15] Bly (bly1234): It would appear the Diggs is gone.

[19:15] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *muffled shotgun rounds are heard*

[19:15] Bly (bly1234): *Robert Loggia appears on the bridge*

[19:15] Wolf (wolf802): *The lights towards the rear of the middle hall go out*

[19:15] Bly (bly1234): Robert Loggia: *Gravely* Oh, my god.

[19:15] Bly (bly1234): *Loggia then turns, and exits the bridge*

[19:15] Wolf (wolf802): *But a creature is seen*

[19:16] Wolf (wolf802): *It hovers above the floor gently*

[19:16] Bly (bly1234): *Aims pistol*

[19:16] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *my mutilated body is thrown from that hallway into the light*

[19:16] Warden (dsqtourny): Lyvia, if it exists on the same plane of our minds, does that not mean our minds can affect 

[19:16] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:16] Wolf (wolf802): *A screech emits from it but it remains motionless save for its unruly waving hair*

[19:16] Warden (dsqtourny): How blunt of it.

[19:16] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Help... me.....

[19:16] Lyvia (wolf802): I would think.

[19:16] Warden (dsqtourny): Then think about it not killing us.

[19:16] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs over to Digger*

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Hello.

[19:17] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia closes her eyes, obviously concentrating on that heavily*

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *drags him closer to the group, watching the monster*

[19:17] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *cries out in pain*

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): (Sorry that I'm being overly heroic, but it's the way my character is...)

[19:17] Wolf (wolf802): *But an overwhelming sense of fear comes about her. It's like it's creeping into her body. A 
coldness, it makes you shiver, but yet you can't feel anything*

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Sorry, chap.

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:17] Bly (bly1234): Hmmm.

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Uh oh.

[19:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Looks like it can affect our minds as well.

[19:17] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): Fuck... this... Help me... up.....

[19:18] Warden (dsqtourny): Lyvia, I recommend stopping thinking before you fall over dead.

[19:18] Wolf (wolf802): *MEANWHILE*

[19:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *helps Digger up*

[19:18] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *pulls out two grenades and charges into teh hallway*

[19:18] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:19] Warden (dsqtourny): What kind of sense is that?!

[19:19] Bly (bly1234): ...

[19:19] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *the hallway lights up in two brilliant explosions, and I am blown to 
pieces: GAME OVER*

[19:19] Warden (dsqtourny): And why isn't he dead?

[19:19] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:19] Warden (dsqtourny): Never mind.

[19:19] Wolf (wolf802): (brb)

[19:19] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:20] Warden (dsqtourny): Do you suppose he actually blew it up?

[19:20] Warden (dsqtourny): *remembers Lyvia*

[19:20] Bly (bly1234): Doubted.

[19:20] Warden (dsqtourny): Lyvia?

[19:20] LRCQ Soldier "Diggs" (halomaster1902189): *my head flies into teh hallway and hits Bly*

[19:20] Warden (dsqtourny): Are you alright?

[19:20] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:20] Wolf (wolf802): (Back.)

[19:20] Wolf (wolf802): *MEANWHILE*

[19:20] Wolf (wolf802): ( )

[19:20] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *low tone* No, I'm dead you idiot...

[19:21] Wolf (wolf802): (*Deck Chief and Co-LT Devin Sercur comms the Furious*)

[19:21] Wolf (wolf802): *It continues to float motionless*

[19:21] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, yes, I was talking to Lyvia.

[19:21] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:21] Bly (bly1234): Captain Akada: *Responds*

[19:21] Warden (dsqtourny): Wait a minute!

[19:21] Wolf (wolf802): -()

[19:21] Warden (dsqtourny): *picks up the head*

[19:21] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *low tone* Oh, sorry

[19:21] Warden (dsqtourny): What did you just say?

[19:22] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *taps his shoulder, but remains invisible*

[19:22] Wolf (wolf802): Devin Sercur: *With a French accent* Hello, Furious. We are about halfway, or so, perhaps less, 
quarter, maybe, way to the destination of the --

[19:22] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): I’m right here

[19:22] Wolf (wolf802): ( )

[19:22] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:22] Wolf (wolf802): *Lt.Majer cuts him off*

[19:22] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, hello.

[19:22] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): I’m dead, you idiot!

[19:22] Warden (dsqtourny): I know you are.

[19:22] Warden (dsqtourny): Why are you talking to me?

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): Lt.Majer: *With his smooth talk* I'm sorry about that, Furious.

[19:23] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *picks up the shotgun and shoots warden in the chest*

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): Lt.Majer: We should be arriving within the hour. At this rate, I would give it 30 minutes.

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): (*This is the guy Bly likes*)

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): )

[19:23] Bly (bly1234): (Sorry, I was watching the trailer for Battle of Los Angeles)

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia suddenly jumps*

[19:23] Wolf (wolf802): *The creature charges 

[19:24] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (I am invisible)

[19:24] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *stands in Lyvia's path*

[19:24] Wolf (wolf802): *Grabs Bly and crashes into the bridge, falling backwards over the stairs*

[19:24] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *the creature hits me and stumbles backward*

[19:24] Wolf (wolf802): *Grabs the Warden and pulls him in*

[19:24] Bly (bly1234): Ow?

[19:24] Wolf (wolf802): *The door slams shut*

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): ....

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Did she just die?

[19:25] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *walks through the door*

[19:25] Wolf (wolf802): *A scream is heard*

[19:25] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): No...

[19:25] Wolf (wolf802): *The door opens*

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Am I the only one who can see this guy

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): ?

[19:25] Bly (bly1234): Huh?

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): =O

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger!

[19:25] Wolf (wolf802): *She's standing there in a defensive position, one leg up and her arms covering her head*

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): You're dead!

[19:25] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *taps Bly's shoulder*

[19:25] Warden (dsqtourny): Can you still think?

[19:25] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia?

[19:26] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia shudders and opens one eye*

[19:26] Lyvia (wolf802): ... I-- Am I dead?

[19:26] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): No...

[19:26] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger.

[19:26] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Yes...?

[19:26] Warden (dsqtourny): You can still think, correct?

[19:26] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Yes...

[19:26] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:26] Warden (dsqtourny): Then you should be the one who concentrates on the monster not killing us.

[19:26] * Wolf (wolf802) seems oddly confused

[19:27] Bly (bly1234): *Cannot feel his touch*

[19:27] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): What monster...?

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): Have I missed something?

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:27] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Is there a monster...?

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): *is confused as to why Lyvia is not dead as well*

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): ...The one you blew up.

[19:27] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): What...?

[19:27] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Oh...

[19:27] Warden (dsqtourny): That thing that kills stuff!

[19:28] * Wolf (wolf802) turns around to a small station with several walkie-talkies

[19:28] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): That’s just a figment of your imagination.

[19:28] * Wolf (wolf802) grabs them, and goes to hand one out to everyone

[19:28] Warden (dsqtourny): I realize that.

[19:28] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): So are the bodies...

[19:28] Wolf (wolf802): Warden, who are you talking to?!

[19:28] Warden (dsqtourny): And I think you are, too, Digger.

[19:28] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm talking to Digger, obviously.

[19:28] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *punches him*

[19:28] Warden (dsqtourny): OW!

[19:28] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Oh really?

[19:28] Wolf (wolf802): Digger just died.

[19:28] Warden (dsqtourny): I know.

[19:28] Wolf (wolf802): He's gone, Warden.

[19:29] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Can they not hear me...?

[19:29] Warden (dsqtourny): Which is why it's rather odd that he's talking to me.

[19:29] Warden (dsqtourny): I don't think so.

[19:29] Wolf (wolf802): Oh, for god's sake.

[19:29] Wolf (wolf802): Digger, if you're there, do something!

[19:29] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *picks up warden, causing him to float*

[19:29] Warden (dsqtourny): O.o

[19:29] Wolf (wolf802): o.O

[19:29] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *sets him down*

[19:29] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:29] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Tell them it was me...

[19:29] Wolf (wolf802): Point...proven.

[19:29] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Never mind...

[19:29] Warden (dsqtourny): That was him, he says.

[19:29] * Wolf (wolf802) extends my hand with a walkie-talkie in it

[19:30] Wolf (wolf802): Diggs, just...take it.

[19:30] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *takes it*

[19:30] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): takes*

[19:30] * Wolf (wolf802) hands one to Lyvia, Warden and Bly

[19:30] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *it begins to screech loudly*

[19:30] Warden (dsqtourny): ...Why would you be able to hear him through a walkie talkie if you can't hear him now?

[19:30] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *it explodes*

[19:30] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:30] * Wolf (wolf802) jumps back at the explosion

[19:30] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:30] Wolf (wolf802): Okay, never mind that.

[19:30] Wolf (wolf802): Warden.

[19:30] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes?

[19:30] Wolf (wolf802): I want you to take Lyvia and head to the end of the hall.

[19:30] Warden (dsqtourny): *has taken the walkie talkie*

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): You're going to go to the control room.

[19:31] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Tell them to forget the monster, or it will consume your mind...

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): We need to try to fix the comms.

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): Bly and I will stay here and see if anything helps.

[19:31] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger says that you should forget the monster, or it will consume our mind.

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): Noted.

[19:31] Wolf (wolf802): Got it, Warden?

[19:31] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *my body begins to piece back together in front of them*

[19:31] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes, I have it.

[19:31] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:31] * Wolf (wolf802) gapes at it, Lyvia just seems shocked

[19:31] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *retakes control of it*

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia just*

[19:32] Warden (dsqtourny): *gags*

[19:32] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Hi there

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): This is one of the weirder days.

[19:32] Warden (dsqtourny): That's going on my list of things to have nightmares about.

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): Agreed.

[19:32] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Yeah, we all have them.

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): Alright, you three, head down to the control room.

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): Go, go.

[19:32] Warden (dsqtourny): Come, Lyvia! *grabs her arm* To the control room!

[19:32] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Wait, where’s my sniper?

[19:32] Wolf (wolf802): Let me know when you get there. *Motions to the walkie talkie*

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): ...You had a shotgun.

[19:33] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): I know

[19:33] Wolf (wolf802): *She follows, but seems in a small state of shock. She comes out of it quickly*

[19:33] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): I also had a sniper

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): v.v

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): >.>

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Maybe the thing took it when it killed you?

[19:33] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): It’s not real!

[19:33] Bly (bly1234): Where's the Furious?

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): I know it's not!

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): It’s probably at the end of the hall, then!

[19:33] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Forget the bodies and the monster!

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): Come along! *runs off*

[19:33] Warden (dsqtourny): *singing the gingerbread man song*

[19:34] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Damn it

[19:34] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (ROFL)

[19:34] Wolf (wolf802): (Is the Warden human?)

[19:34] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *follows behind him closely*

[19:34] Warden (dsqtourny): (Sort of.)

[19:34] Wolf (wolf802): (>.>)

[19:34] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Can you stop singing that song?

[19:34] Wolf (wolf802): (I had an odd urge to have Lyvia flirt with him.)

[19:34] Wolf (wolf802): (>.<)

[19:34] Warden (dsqtourny): Fine...

[19:34] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (lolwin)

[19:35] Warden (dsqtourny): (He's sort of a cyborg, but he doesn't know that. He thinks he's human.)

[19:35] Wolf (wolf802): *They come to a ladder access, leading down to the control room*

[19:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Who's first?

[19:35] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *jumps down*

[19:35] Warden (dsqtourny): Q.Q

[19:35] Wolf (wolf802): *It's lit by a red backup light. It's quite a mess; things are all over the floor. 3 of the 4 
walls are lined with various controls*

[19:35] Warden (dsqtourny): You first, ma'am.

[19:36] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:36] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia nods and goes down*

[19:36] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *yelling* I’m already down here, I’m immortal ahhaha!

[19:36] Warden (dsqtourny): I hate leaving people behind me, they always seem to die.

[19:36] Warden (dsqtourny): *climbs down*

[19:36] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *god dies*

[19:36] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger, are you actually just controlling your body like a puppet?

[19:36] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (jk)

[19:37] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (no, it reformed completely, everything is perfectly normal and I have 
no injuries, plus I’m immortal)

[19:37] Warden (dsqtourny): *arrives at the bottom after Lyvia*

[19:37] Lyvia (wolf802): It's a mess...

[19:37] Lyvia (wolf802): What happened, I wonder...

[19:37] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): What mess?

[19:37] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:37] Warden (dsqtourny): Alright.

[19:37] Wolf (wolf802): *She blatantly points to the floor littered with various objects*

[19:37] Wolf (wolf802): They're taking a while...

[19:38] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Oh, forget about that kriffing monster, it’s perfectly normal here

[19:38] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh, I believe you.

[19:38] Warden (dsqtourny): I just think no one else does.

[19:38] Warden (dsqtourny): If I come over to your side of things, can I come back like you did?

[19:39] * LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189)’s soul leaves its body *

[19:39] Warden (dsqtourny): v.v

[19:39] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): No... You can't...

[19:39] Warden (dsqtourny): Right.

[19:39] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia contacts us, moving through the debris to the back wall*

[19:39] Lyvia (wolf802): We're here, Commander.

[19:39] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows Lyvia*

[19:39] Wolf (wolf802): Okay, good.

[19:39] Warden (dsqtourny): *begins to ignore the various not normal things*

[19:40] Wolf (wolf802): First of all, let's get comms working.

[19:40] * LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189)’s soul re-enters its body *

[19:40] Lyvia (wolf802): ... I don't think that'll work, sir. Our outgoing comms are fried.

[19:40] Wolf (wolf802): Drat.

[19:40] Warden (dsqtourny): Could we fix them?

[19:40] Wolf (wolf802): Okay, how about interior scans?

[19:40] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia turns to the Warden and shakes her head 'no'*

[19:40] Warden (dsqtourny): (*realizes my Doctor-based character purposely lacks a sonic screwdriver*)

[19:40] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): I have a limited time left with you guys, be warned, al is not well, 
for something IS on the ship, but it’s human.

[19:40] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): all*

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia: Yeah, I'm working on it, gimme a minute.

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia*

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Wait.

[19:41] Bly (bly1234): *pulls out a pistol*

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): What are you?

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): *pulls out my small terminal*

[19:41] Bly (bly1234): *Shoots Warden*

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): *aims it at Digger*

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): *is not in the room with Bly*

[19:41] Bly (bly1234): (oh)

[19:41] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Wait, what are you doing!

[19:41] Bly (bly1234): *goes to find someone*

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): *She starts tinkering with things*

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): Bly?

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): B--

[19:41] Wolf (wolf802): Nevermind...

[19:41] Warden (dsqtourny): Taking readings, of course.

[19:42] Bly (bly1234): *Roams the corridors*

[19:42] Wolf (wolf802): *She tries to switch a lever, but it's stuck*

[19:42] Warden (dsqtourny): Did you know that you are actually an excessive amount of electromagnetivity mixed with 
masses of theta waves

[19:42] Warden (dsqtourny): ?

[19:42] Wolf (wolf802): *She groans trying to move it with all her strength*

[19:42] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[19:42] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Yes, I’m a ghost controlling this body, you idiot

[19:42] Bly (bly1234): *Kicks down a door*

[19:42] Wolf (wolf802): move*

[19:42] Warden (dsqtourny): *goes over and pulls as well*

[19:42] Bly (bly1234):'s impossible.

[19:42] Wolf (wolf802): *It slams upwards*

[19:43] Bly (bly1234): *Opens the door where Warden is*

[19:43] * LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189)’s body begins to dissolve

[19:43] Wolf (wolf802): *A small surge is heard, a green liquid starts moving through a small tube that's visible in the 
wall via a small transparent area*

[19:43] Warden (dsqtourny): No, Digger!

[19:43] Bly (bly1234): Warden.

[19:43] Wolf (wolf802): *She looks back to him*

[19:43] Warden (dsqtourny): *attempts to boost his EM and Theta signals*

[19:43] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes?

[19:43] Bly (bly1234): *Has pistol pointed at him*

[19:44] Lyvia (wolf802): Supreme Leader, what are you doing?

[19:44] Bly (bly1234): *Does not reply*'

[19:44] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): My time has come, be warned... its here... behind you......*fades 
completely, not telling who the assassin is behind*

[19:44] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[19:44] Wolf (wolf802): *She pulls out her pistol*

[19:44] Wolf (wolf802): Good job, Lyvia. It's working.

[19:44] Wolf (wolf802): *...*

[19:44] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia?

[19:45] Warden (dsqtourny): If I had a weapon, I would aim it at you to.

[19:45] Bly (bly1234): *has pistol on stun*

[19:45] Bly (bly1234): *Shoots Warden*

[19:45] Warden (dsqtourny): (How does your stun work?)

[19:45] Bly (bly1234): (It's a bolt, and it knocks you unconscious*

[19:45] Warden (dsqtourny): (What kind of bolt.)

[19:45] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *a footstep is heard in a dark corner in the room*

[19:46] Bly (bly1234): (A blue bolt)

[19:46] Warden (dsqtourny): (Q.Q)

[19:46] Warden (dsqtourny): *is knocked unconscious*

[19:46] Lyvia (wolf802): Supreme leader!

[19:46] Bly (bly1234): *points pistol at Lyvia*

[19:46] Bly (bly1234): *fires*

[19:46] Wolf (wolf802): *She pulls out her pistol quickly, and fires at Bly*

[19:46] Bly (bly1234): *Falls*

[19:46] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *a shadow shoots across the room*

[19:46] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia falls to the wall and crashes into the clutter*

[19:47] Warden (dsqtourny): *upon passing out, I finally free myself from all the false realities*

[19:47] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (now what, lol?)

[19:47] Warden (dsqtourny): (How long should I stay unconscious for?)

[19:47] Wolf (wolf802): *Her pistol was also set at stun*

[19:47] Bly (bly1234): (a few moments)

[19:47] Bly (bly1234): (it doesn't last long purposely)

[19:47] Warden (dsqtourny): *wakes up*

[19:47] Wolf (wolf802): *Wolf82 has earned the achievement: Last Man Standing*

[19:47] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks around*

[19:47] Bly (bly1234): *gets up as well*

[19:48] Wolf (wolf802): Random Players: GJ, Wolf

[19:48] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *the shadow suddenly darts toward Wolf82*

[19:48] Warden (dsqtourny): (Can I see what the shadow really is?)

[19:48] * Wolf (wolf802) is on the bridge

[19:48] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (no, it’s wearing a black suit)

[19:48] Warden (dsqtourny): (lol!)

[19:48] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (it’s in the bridge)

[19:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh my god.

[19:48] Wolf (wolf802): Huh?

[19:48] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger was right.

[19:48] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia groans*

[19:49] Warden (dsqtourny): *everything is completely normal now*

[19:49] Wolf (wolf802): *Her arm is hung over a lever*

[19:49] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (the assassin is still there)

[19:49] Wolf (wolf802): *Goes into a defensive stance*

[19:49] Lyvia (wolf802): Ugh...

[19:49] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *the shadow jumps on top of Wolf82*

[19:49] Warden (dsqtourny): *grabs Bly's pistol because it looks more masculine*

[19:49] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs back to the bridge*

[19:49] Wolf (wolf802): *She manages to look around a bit, her vision is blurred*

[19:49] Wolf (wolf802): Ugh!

[19:49] * Wolf (wolf802) falls backwards onto the console

[19:49] Bly (bly1234): *pulls out my second dual pistol*

[19:50] Wolf (wolf802): *CUE EPIC FIGHT*

[19:50] Bly (bly1234): *Gets up, drowsily*

[19:50] * Wolf (wolf802) attempts to grab one of its arms

[19:50] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Assassin: Die! *stabs at wolf82*

[19:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *is 3/4 of the way up the ladder*

[19:50] * Wolf (wolf802) attempts to avoid the stab either by dodging or stopping the blow

[19:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *arrives at the top*

[19:50] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs down the hallway*

[19:51] Bly (bly1234): *knocks into some shelving as I get up*

[19:51] Wolf (wolf802): *Groans, trying to get the person/assassin off me*

[19:51] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *the assassin goes limp*

[19:51] Bly (bly1234): *takes out pistol, sets it to stun as well*

[19:51] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia blows her hair of her face, no longer in a neat bun*

[19:51] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs into the room*

[19:51] Wolf (wolf802): *She gets up and stumbles forward, towards the ladder*

[19:51] Wolf (wolf802): out of her face*

[19:51] Bly (bly1234): *starts to stumble forward*

[19:51] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *digger takes control of its body*

[19:51] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): Don't shoot, it's me!

[19:51] Warden (dsqtourny): *awkwardly aims the pistol as the assassin slumps down*

[19:51] Wolf (wolf802): *She grabs onto it*

[19:51] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): shoot*

[19:52] Wolf (wolf802): *She hauls herself up*

[19:52] Bly (bly1234): *Moves towards Lyvia's ladder*

[19:52] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): When he goes limp, kill the assassin

[19:52] Wolf (wolf802): *She soon gets to the top, and runs down the hall*

[19:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *my hands are shaking*

[19:52] Warden (dsqtourny): Got it.

[19:52] Bly (bly1234): *grabs the pole, starts to climb up slowly*

[19:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *doesn't know how to operate Bly's pistol*

[19:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *besides the trigger part*

[19:52] Bly (bly1234): *eventually reaches the top of the ladder, stumbles down the hallway, holding onto the walls*

[19:52] Wolf (wolf802): *The Furious and Victorious would exit hyperspace, but still be a ways away. It'd be best to 
launch fighters*

[19:52] Warden (dsqtourny): *aims carefully*

[19:53] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): One last thing, a thermal nuclear bomb is on teh ship, counting down 
from 50:00, good luck *the body limps*

[19:53] Captain Akada (bly1234): Launch fighters, have them circle the Valiant.

[19:53] Warden (dsqtourny): *fires*

[19:53] Warden (dsqtourny): *several times*

[19:53] Wolf (wolf802): *A-22s scramble out of the hanger*

[19:53] Bly (bly1234): Captain: As commanded.

[19:53] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *the assassin's head is blown off*

[19:53] Bly (bly1234): *A few fighters leave the hanger*

[19:53] Warden (dsqtourny): *it's on stun*

[19:53] Lyvia (wolf802): Bomb?

[19:53] Warden (dsqtourny): Yes, he said Bomb.

[19:54] Lyvia (wolf802): Oh, my god.

[19:54] Bly (bly1234): *Enters the room*

[19:54] Warden (dsqtourny): *waits for Bly*

[19:54] Lyvia (wolf802): Warden, come on! *She grabs his arm and drags him in the same manner he did her*

[19:54] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): *low whisper* Thermal nuclear...

[19:54] Warden (dsqtourny): Bly, kill that black thing before it wakes up!
[19:54] Wolf (wolf802): *She runs back to the access ladder*

[19:54] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows*

[19:54] Bly (bly1234): Wh---at?

[19:54] Wolf (wolf802): *She scurries down it back into the room*

[19:54] Warden (dsqtourny): *tosses his pistol behind me*

[19:54] Wolf (wolf802): Ugh.

[19:54] Wolf (wolf802): Everyone alrigh--

[19:55] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[19:55] Wolf (wolf802): Bly, you alright?

[19:55] Bly (bly1234): What's happening...

[19:55] Bly (bly1234): *Collapses*

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): (*Bly doesn't shoot it*)

[19:55] Wolf (wolf802): *She runs to the back wall and starts messing with things*

[19:55] Wolf (wolf802): with things*

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): What do I do?!
[19:55] Wolf (wolf802): *She points to one of the side walls*

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): And where's the- *remembers my scanner*

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner, where's the bomb? Where's the bomb?!

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): *an arrow pops up*

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): ...
[19:55] Lyvia (wolf802): Anything labeled "D-3", turn on or get working!

[19:55] Warden (dsqtourny): *starts flipping levers*

[19:56] Wolf (wolf802): *She does the same, messing with controls*

[19:56] Bly (bly1234): *gets back up*

[19:56] Wolf (wolf802): *One last one, another jammed lever*

[19:56] Bly (bly1234): I have a blazing headache.

[19:56] Wolf (wolf802): *She tries to flip it*

[19:56] Warden (dsqtourny): *jumps and grabs the lever as well*
[19:56] Lyvia (wolf802): *Groaning* C'mon, you son of a--*groans*

[19:56] Wolf (wolf802): *It flips on, another surge*

[19:57] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs in the direction of the arrow*

[19:57] Lyvia (wolf802): That should postpone the detonation, now, lets find it!

[19:57] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs around the ship, following the arrow, until I find something that appears to be 
beeping and counting*

[19:57] Warden (dsqtourny): I think this is it!

[19:57] Wolf (wolf802): (D-3, or, Defense System 3, is meant to disable or slow down/dampen bombs, installed in December 

[19:58] Wolf (wolf802): *She followed*

[19:58] Warden (dsqtourny): *picks it up*

[19:58] Warden (dsqtourny): What do we do?!

[19:58] Lyvia (wolf802): I'm not a bomb technician!

[19:58] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks to see if there are windows in the room*
[19:58] Lyvia (wolf802): Wait, the airlock.

[19:58] Lyvia (wolf802): Follow!

[19:58] Warden (dsqtourny): Right behind you!

[19:59] Wolf (wolf802): *she quickly makes her way to the cargo room*

[19:59] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows, my hands shaking as I hold the bomb with two hands*

[19:59] Wolf (wolf802): *She runs down the hall of it, and heads into the cargo room*

[19:59] Lyvia (wolf802): *Quickly with slight stutters* Set it down, set it down!

[19:59] Warden (dsqtourny): *puts it down*

[20:00] * Wolf (wolf802) looks out of the bridge window

[20:00] Wolf (wolf802): A-22 Pilot: What the hell?

[20:00] Warden (dsqtourny): Now what?

[20:00] Wolf (wolf802): A-22 Pilot: Be careful, the...junk field's... What in god's name? It's moving towards the 

[20:00] Bly (bly1234): Golly gee.

[20:00] Wolf (wolf802): *She moves to the exit*

[20:00] Wolf (wolf802): ...

[20:00] Wolf (wolf802): Bly? Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

[20:00] Bly (bly1234): No.

[20:00] Warden (dsqtourny): Wait!

[20:00] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs to the door*

[20:00] Bly (bly1234): What should I be seeing?

[20:00] Warden (dsqtourny): *uses my key on it*

[20:00] LRCQ Soldier's ghost (halomaster1902189): (how many A-22 Pilots are there?

[20:01] Warden (dsqtourny): Now go through!

[20:01] Wolf (wolf802): (~12)

[20:01] Wolf (wolf802): *She exits the cargo room*

[20:01] Warden (dsqtourny): *the bomb is probably about to blow up*

[20:01] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows*

[20:01] Warden (dsqtourny): *we end up at Home*

[20:01] Warden (dsqtourny): *closes the door, locks it, unlocks it, and opens it*

[20:01] Wolf (wolf802): *The door closes, she types in the command to open the ramp*

[20:01] Wolf (wolf802): (Wait, we end up at home?)

[20:02] Warden (dsqtourny): (Wait, never mind, you weren't finished.)

[20:02] Warden (dsqtourny): (Home is like the TARDIS for the Warden.)

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): *The bomb is sucked out along with the other things in the cargo room*

[20:02] Bly (bly1234): Commander Wolf.

[20:02] Bly (bly1234): Does this craft have escape pods?

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): Bly, the damn junk field is moving right towards us!

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): No!

[20:02] * A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189)’s vehicle is hit *

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): Oh, jeez.

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): *Lyvia runs to the bridge*

[20:02] Warden (dsqtourny): *never mind the key and the door*

[20:02] Warden (dsqtourny): *follows*

[20:02] Wolf (wolf802): *She enters, to see junk heading towards us*

[20:03] Bly (bly1234): Oh. Why don't we have escape pods?

[20:03] Bly (bly1234): Isn't that like the law?

[20:03] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks for a door*

[20:03] Lyvia (wolf802): ... I think we're doomed.

[20:03] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): Akk! I’m going down! A-22 pilot #34-61B is goi--*The ship hits the cruiser*

[20:03] Warden (dsqtourny): (Now I'll do it?)

[20:03] Wolf (wolf802): (Wait, I had an epic heroic ending.)

[20:03] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *it rocks violently to one side*

[20:03] Warden (dsqtourny): (Fine.)

[20:03] Wolf (wolf802): *The explosion occurs, rocking it more*

[20:04] Wolf (wolf802): *A piece of junk heads right towards the window*

[20:04] Warden (dsqtourny): (Digger, would I be experiencing any of this since I stopped believing in the monster and 

[20:04] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (yes, it’s actually happening)

[20:04] Warden (dsqtourny): (Rats.)

[20:04] Bly (bly1234): Damn it, Wolf! I'm a Supreme Leader, not a fighter!

[20:04] Warden (dsqtourny): (lol.)

[20:05] Warden (dsqtourny): *Bly gets the "Damnit, Jim!" achievement*

[20:05] Wolf (wolf802): *An A-22 suddenly flies past the window, firing and knocking the junk away*

[20:05] Wolf (wolf802): *Several more follow*

[20:05] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *the pilot slowly drifts in front of the window, trying to get to a hatch*

[20:05] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *the pilot is Jimms Sandler*

[20:05] Wolf (wolf802): *They break off and move towards the junk field*

[20:05] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *aka, me again*

[20:05] Warden (dsqtourny): *Digger wasn't real either*

[20:06] Wolf (wolf802): *The cargo bay ramp is open*

[20:06] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *com* can anyone read me, this is Sandler, please respond!

[20:06] Wolf (wolf802): *They engage the random junk flying at us*

[20:06] Warden (dsqtourny): (You again as in actually you?)

[20:06] Wolf (wolf802): *It's destroying a lot of the fighters though, as if it was intelligent*

[20:06] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *com* What the hell is going on, can anyone read me?

[20:07] Warden (dsqtourny): *responds* Hello.

[20:07] Wolf (wolf802): Comms are on?

[20:07] Lyvia (wolf802): Comms are on?!

[20:07] Warden (dsqtourny): No.

[20:07] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (local only)

[20:07] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *Who the hell are you?

[20:08] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (guys, a * at the beggining indicates a com message)

[20:08] Warden (dsqtourny): I'm the Warden, but that's not important right now.

[20:08] Wolf (wolf802): A-22 Pilot: Don't worry, we've got everything under control. Docking for assisted jump.

[20:08] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *Get me inside, ASAP

[20:08] Bly (bly1234): *Sigh* Don't I have like things to do?

[20:08] Wolf (wolf802): *

[20:08] Warden (dsqtourny): The cargo airlock is open.

[20:08] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (you have to * teh begging

[20:08] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): beginning*

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): (...)

[20:09] Wolf (wolf802): A-22 Pilot: *Sandler, the cargo bay ramp is open, get in there and close it up quickly!

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): (Fine, I will, but can I not repeat myself?)

[20:09] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *Rodger

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Assisted Jump.

[20:09] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *gets inside and engages the hydraulics*

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Does that mean we're going to jump to somewhere else?

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): Oh.

[20:09] <Bly (bly1234) has left the room>

[20:09] Wolf (wolf802): No, the A-22s are docking.

[20:09] Warden (dsqtourny): You probably mean hyperspace jump.

[20:09] Wolf (wolf802): They're going to jump while docked at the same time.

[20:09] Wolf (wolf802): To get us going.

[20:10] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (Uh, Bly just... died?)

[20:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Dang, that's not as cool as I was hoping.

[20:10] Warden (dsqtourny): *Plastic man falls over*

[20:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Ah!

[20:10] Warden (dsqtourny): Buzz Lightyear!

[20:10] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (LOL)

[20:10] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (LMAO)

[20:10] Wolf (wolf802): *The A-22s simultaneously jump*

[20:10] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs over to him*

[20:10] Wolf (wolf802): *We enter hyperspace*

[20:11] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[20:11] Wolf (wolf802): *A small bit of dust in the hallway from the creature previously disappears, left behind as it's 
not affected by such things. It's left to roam the vast reaches of space*

[20:11] Warden (dsqtourny): *Wolf attaches a happy little ending to it*

[20:11] Wolf (wolf802): *Perhaps...*

[20:11] Wolf (wolf802): *To roam free*

[20:11] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *the ship explodes, and everyone dies, the end*

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): *Or perhaps to attempt to continue what it originally planned*

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): *To kill the ones it had just encountered*

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): *But the characters are safe for now*

[20:12] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (wait, what happened to teh nuke?)

[20:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *dun dun dun*

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): (We epically ejected it.)

[20:12] <Commander Fordo (commanderfordo) (Moderator) has entered the room>

[20:12] Warden (dsqtourny): (We threw it out of the ship.)

[20:12] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): (ahkay)

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): *TIMEJUMP*

[20:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *stands up an applauds*

[20:12] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (hello.)

[20:12] Warden (dsqtourny): Bravo!

[20:12] Wolf (wolf802): *Back at the station*

[20:12] Warden (dsqtourny): *is panting and sweating from all the running around*

[20:13] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (what's going on?)

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): *time jumps*

[20:13] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): *The epic role play turns out to be a movie at the theatre*

[20:13] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): theater*

[20:13] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): Wait... what?

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): *is at the station*

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner, who are these wonderful people?

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): Scanner: YULAIR.

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[20:13] A-22 Pilot (halomaster1902189): Well, that was a great movie, *leaves*

[20:13] Warden (dsqtourny): You're so blunt.

[20:13] Wolf (wolf802): *We're all outside the corvette, it's being repaired. Lyvia has the small creature in her arms. 
Some of the techs are writing down reports*

[20:14] Warden (dsqtourny): (Wait, I missed the whole creature thing.)

[20:14] Warden (dsqtourny): What's that you've got?

[20:14] Wolf (wolf802): (There's a small fuzzy raptor thing that hatched from the rock.)

[20:14] Lyvia (wolf802): I'm not sure, but, I can tell it has nothing to do with what he encountered...

[20:14] Warden (dsqtourny): It bites doesn't it.

[20:14] Wolf (wolf802): Lyvia: Well...

[20:14] Warden (dsqtourny): *holds my finger out*

[20:14] Lyvia (wolf802): I dunno...

[20:15] Wolf (wolf802): *It merely yawns*

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): Rats.

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): I hate it when I'm wrong.

[20:15] Lyvia (wolf802): Some say that if you encounter that...thing...and live...

[20:15] * Digger (halomaster1902189) walks epically out from the nearby door *

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): <.<

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): Digger!

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): You're dead!

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): *runs over and hugs him*

[20:15] Digger (halomaster1902189): No, I’m not?

[20:15] Lyvia (wolf802): There's an angel that was watching over you. And this might be it. Who knows?

[20:15] Warden (dsqtourny): An Angel, you say?

[20:16] Warden (dsqtourny): *smiles*

[20:16] Kortoris Phane (kris159): (An Angle)

[20:16] Kortoris Phane (kris159): (Where are you?)

[20:16] Lyvia (wolf802): Of sorts. A creature with special powers.

[20:16] Digger (halomaster1902189): Um, guys, I'm perfectly real, that was hell alright, why didn't you guys see me?

[20:16] Warden (dsqtourny): There's much more to angels that I need to learn about, then.

[20:16] Kortoris Phane (kris159): (All...)

[20:16] Lyvia (wolf802): With a pure intent and heart.

[20:16] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[20:16] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Where can I come in?)

[20:16] Digger (halomaster1902189): Did any of you see me kill the assassin, or the monster thing?

[20:17] Warden (dsqtourny): What do you mean see you?

[20:17] Lyvia (wolf802): I know not of what you speak, Digger.

[20:17] Digger (halomaster1902189): I was talking to you guys the whole time!

[20:17] Warden (dsqtourny): I saw you blow up and I saw you take control of the assassin.

[20:17] Digger (halomaster1902189): What?!?!

[20:17] Warden (dsqtourny): *suddenly gets what he's saying*

[20:17] Lyvia (wolf802): Oh, that, I saw.

[20:17] Warden (dsqtourny): You weren't a ghost, you were actually there!

[20:17] Digger (halomaster1902189): Der!

[20:17] Lyvia (wolf802): He--was?

[20:17] Warden (dsqtourny): Why didn't you disable the nuke when you found it.

[20:17] Digger (halomaster1902189): That grenade thing... yeah, i threw them at it

[20:18] Digger (halomaster1902189): What nuke?

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): ...

[20:18] Digger (halomaster1902189): I was perfectly fine

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): The bomb.

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): That was c

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): Never mind.

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): Glad you're back.

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): *looks at my watch*

[20:18] Digger (halomaster1902189): Dude, IVE BEEN WITH YOU TEH WHOLE TIME

[20:18] Warden (dsqtourny): I think I must be going now.

[20:19] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Where can I join in?)

[20:19] Lyvia (wolf802): Where to?

[20:19] Warden (dsqtourny): I dunno.

[20:19] Digger (halomaster1902189): (it’s the end, you’re kind of late, fordo)

[20:19] Warden (dsqtourny): Back Home.

[20:19] Lyvia (wolf802): Well, I hope we meet again, Warden.

[20:19] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (...)

[20:19] Warden (dsqtourny): Likewise, Lyvia.

[20:19] Commander Fordo (commanderfordo): (Rage.)

[20:19] Wolf (wolf802): *She carefully holds the creature in one hand and extends her hand to shake his*

[20:19] Warden (dsqtourny): *shakes*

[20:20] Warden (dsqtourny): *pats the creature on the head*

[20:20] Lyvia (wolf802): Be safe.

[20:20] Wolf (wolf802): *It yawns appreciatively*

[20:20] Warden (dsqtourny): *walks over to the door that Digger came from*

The Actual Log ends here. Later events are:

Lyvia: Be careful, Warden.

Warden: *smiles* What fun would that be? *goes through the door* </code>


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