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<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.">
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): (Hi)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Enters the Appearance...I suppose?*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hold on.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): (*Picking up from where I left off...*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Victorious drops out of hyperspace over BlyDonia*?
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *Sure, why not?*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It comms BlyDonia*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *Is currently walking through the hallways of this unknown ship to the airlock, so I can get off. The Squad Leader is with me, as well as a soldier*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: *answers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Ah. Hello.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Hello.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: What is the nature of your visit, please.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: We are here to check up on things, see if there's anything we can do, at all. And also confirm the next CDC meeting date.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: The next CDC Meeting isn't for awhile. The Yulairian Scientists are supposed to be speaking with us about the Galactic Wide Cloak.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *Arrives in the original large room where the airlock is*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: ... The... Um. "Scientists" are not working on. Rather a special division... Team, if you will.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *Meanwhile, the soldier is gone*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): SL: Where the hell did Yaan go?
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Ah, I see. Special Ops, then?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: You could say that.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: We have a division like that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: They'll hopefully be in touch at the next meeting.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The door to the left opens up*]
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: But, is there anything we can do for BlyDonia to assist them in any way?
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *steps through, he has a white cloth over his mouth*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Not particularly. Promise to keep this top secrert?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Yes, yes. Sure.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: If there's nothing else...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: We've dispatched the BDN Inquisitive on a mission outside the Appearance, far outside. They're investigating skimishes that have been reported by our Expeditionary Ships. Apparently, these skirmishes are getting closer and closer
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): (WB)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ty.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Hm. That's not good.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Indeed. This is why we dispatched Captain Talan
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Well, let's hope the good Captain can find out what's happening.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Yes.
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The figure with the white robes cloth over his mouth and chin steps into the room, he has a bloody Katana out*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): Door Control, open immediately!
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The door opens, as the figure slowly advances*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): SL: Go Sir, I'll hold him off!
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The Squad Leader charges, as Cpt. Talan jumps through*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *There is a scream, and what happens to the SL is not visable. The Figure then advances on the door*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): BDSCOM: Anything else?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: I don't think so.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Can'
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The figure sticks his arm in after Talan, however, the door closes on it, severing the arm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Can't get over how epic the National Treasure soundtrack is*)
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *On Comm* DISCONNECT!
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The ship disconnects away from the Inquisitive*
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): *The Inquisitive then zooms away from the ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm gonna be AFK for a few mins.)
BDN Captain Talan (bly1234): (okay)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Er..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (AFK.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll be back.)
<BDN Captain Talan (bly1234) has left the room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Admin) has entered the room>
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Hi.)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has left the room>

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