* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (TY.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Commander (Of the Menuari) is walking through hallways, civilians in tow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They're on tour*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He's talking about various things*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf? Could you crop and edit ?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (How would you want it edited?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Crop out cello, lighten her skin, tone down the makeup)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Crop out the chello?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Umm...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I could try in a bit, yeah.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Thanks... you're the onl- *best* photo editor I know)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Das Ist not a cello!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Guy: Where's the ship's rec room?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: ... The ship's rec room?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Guy: Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: *He chuckles* The whole ship in the rec room.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He continues walking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): is*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (AFK)
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny):
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) (Moderator) has entered the room>
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny):
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nice, Tourny.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (ty.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I refuse to make Yulairian models
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): lol?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Why?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ...Until you upload them on Spore
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) forgot to do that
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I was gonna.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Then Spore crashed.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ......
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Then I got caught up in other stuff.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And then I forgot.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Are you back?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Yes
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You didn't miss anything, BTW.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby and Jake runby*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Hey!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both stop*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: *Half-heartedly salutes* Sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He nervously looks back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Gabby.
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Yes, sir?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Good job on passing that test.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: *Smiles* Thanks, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: I think Red Leader set something up in the rec room
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: *Motions for him to not say anything behind Gabby*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ... They...are?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns to Jake*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Are you guys?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Uhh... No. Not really.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: You guys have fun.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He keeps walking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Guy: I thought you said there wasn't a rec room.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: I did? No, I didn't.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Good news gents)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They keep walking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ima start basic sketchup modeling)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Gents: -19230=980=9safu098u)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I should have the hang of it soon...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Cool.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( Done )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Is just doing more "get-to-know-the-character" stuff*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*/stories*)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Naga
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Err, wrong number.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) ends the comm
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Do you do that on purpose?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby and Jake walk into the rec room*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's various streamers and stuff*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * is playing on the radio*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ... Jake?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Uhh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Did you tell her?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: No, I...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Dammit, Jake.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Oh, well. Uhh... This was supposed to be a bit more setup, but...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Happy birthday!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ....It's not my birthday.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Oh. *Pulls a cake out from behind his back and takes the candles out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *he throws them in various directions*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Happy...what ever.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy stares at him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts laughing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Congrats on passing the test, Gabs.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She puts her arm around and walks over towards one of the tables*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You know what this means, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Uhh.. No.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You'll have to take Jake's place.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Seriously?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Nah. She's kidding. You are kidding? Right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy smirks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Katy? Right? You're kidding? Right? Katy!?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Doesn't know what to do other than this*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Katy? *Turns to Kevin* Is she kidding?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin shrugs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Seriously?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Mhm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ... -Seriously-?!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Mhmm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: *Looks over at Jake and gapes* I'm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: No, I'm kidding.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: *Slightly frowns* Oh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake sighs in relief*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: But, you're offically out of training!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: So. *Hands her a glass of some sort of drink* Drink. Eat. Be merry. All that stuff people seem to enjoy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Nice job, Gabby.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Very nice job.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Thanks, guys.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I need a fake address...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Try 1545 Pelican Lane.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Or...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (1500 Gracewood Lane.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (lol)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance for the time being
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'ma get on Spore.)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) exits RPG
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): What template od I use for a fighter?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Awwww f*ck)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I sent an Autodesk DVD to some dude in massechusets!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): They send it to your address...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Why didn't you give them your own address?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Good thing I gave a fake name and number.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I thought I could download the trial.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I gave them the "Rejection Hotline" number
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Belle-Class Battlestar was one of the largest ships of the Yulairian fleet, and served as a multi-role, totally independant battlecruiser. The name "Battlestar" came from the fact that it was a type of battleship, but was totally independant, with fighter complents, various multi-duty systems, and was capable of out-of-galaxy ops, thus outperforming other battleships. Much like a star of the fleet. The name stuck. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's that sound?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Idk.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) notes a typo
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I can get it for students!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): For free...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I have to add something like...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Belle-Class Battlestar was one of the largest ships of the Yulairian fleet, and served as a multi-role, totally independant battlecruiser. The name "Battlestar" came from the fact that it was a type of battleship, but was totally independant, with fighter complents, various multi-duty systems, and was capable of out-of-galaxy ops, thus outperforming other battleships. It's class was also totally unique, as it was equipped for so many various things. Much like a star of the fleet. The name stuck. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's that?
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) likes that more
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): How about...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): The name "Battlestar" came from the fact that Wolf shamelessly stole it
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) didn't shamelessly steal it
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): lol
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) tried really hard finding another name
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Dreadnought?
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) couldn't, and figured, by looking at the class, Battlestar was the best.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Battlecruiser?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Kris: Only noobs use Dreadnaught.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not a dreadnought, nor a battlecruiser.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Recon cruiser?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's a totally unique design.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Expeditionary vessel?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nope.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): "Experimental Battlewagon Menuari"?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not meant for exploration or recon.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Then call it a TotallyUniqueDesign ship.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): rotfl!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Yes.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): IT's a battlewagon.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Battlewagon is a nickname for a battleship.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) thinks Battlestar is the best
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): No it isn't.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Battlecarrier?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not a battlecarrier.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): See...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It has no specific role.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's a multi-purpose, totally independant...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): One-ship-fleet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Battlestar would be best, I think.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Note "Unique".
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): lol
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It wouldn't be in the navy list.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): But, I'll look at that for later ships.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Flagship?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not a flagship.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A totally independent, multi-purpose, completely unique, one-ship-fleet battleship.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's a "star" of the naby.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): navy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Therefore, Battlestar.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): As it has no actual class.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): wtf is a lambda?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's a shuttle.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And letter.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Or, was it ia number?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): a*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Length: In Lambda
Height: In Lambda
Width: In Lambda
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's like...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A carrier/repair ship/battlecruiser/heavy dreadnaught/battleship/recon ship/exploration ship/attack base/extremely heavy floating turret/holograhpics ship/and several more things, all rolled into one.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Multi-Role Battlecruiser?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Battlcruiser sounds better.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I mean.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Battlestar*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): rotfl
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): lol
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I say extremely heavy floating turret because of the bow cannons.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They're uber*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *After 10 minutes of constant barrage...*
Officer2: Their shields are still at 90!
Officer: We have a firing solution, commander.
Commander: Fire!
*The Menuari fires its bow cannons*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They rip through the shields with ease, and implode inside the ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Ripping it apart*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny):
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Halp!
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Halp!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Space_Darts!!+)-83-021840=897fusdfiudshhidf
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Das page ist messed up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'll fix that.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): =D
<Bly (bly1234) (Moderator) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly!
Bly (bly1234): Yes?!
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I have...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): New characters.
Bly (bly1234): =O
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Scroll down.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'll have full articles for them soon.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny):
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Bly.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): You are included in my military article.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): This is the full squad.
Bly (bly1234): =D
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Red Leader: Katy Jensen (Picture done)
Red 2: Jake Michen (Picture done)
Red 3: Sarah Mikon
Red 4: William Nicks
Red 5: Kevin Makin (Mah-kin)
Red 6: Jason Hefen
Red 7: Lloyd Veiken
Red 8: Gabby Johnson (Picture done)
Bly (bly1234): Yay!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): There's more squads, though.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Is there a technicolored squadron?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nope.
Bly (bly1234): *has had sex will all of Red Squadron*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Aw...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Even the guys?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Bly's bi*
Bly (bly1234): Yes.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Was it fun?
Bly (bly1234): *Has had sex with everyone in the known Galaxy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby's 18ish.
Bly (bly1234): Empress: It's...not something I'll admit.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake's in his 20s.
Bly (bly1234): Ming: D=
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy's in her 20s.
Bly (bly1234): Faretel: =D
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah's in her 20s.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Red Leader: Katy Jensen (Picture done)
Red 2: Jake Michen (Picture done)
Red 3: Sarah Mikon
Red 4: William Nicks
Red 5: Kevin Makin (Mah-kin)
Red 6: Jason Hefen
Red 7: Lloyd Veiken
Red 8: Gabby Johnson (Picture done)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Let's see..
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Wolf?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): William's in his 20--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Wow.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Are oyu editing my page right now?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Most of the suqads are in their 20s.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Ok
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You had a code error.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So, I'm fixing that.
Bly (bly1234): Do you want to finish the Nly-Trillius-Ming Battle?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ty
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *was going to mess with it if Wolf wasn't already*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Sure
Bly (bly1234): *Enters the Appearance*
Bly (bly1234): (Did Faretel's shot kill Nly?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (He can live... if he sees a medic ASAP)
Bly (bly1234): (Okay then.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (So he's dead?)
Bly (bly1234): *Trillius still has his sword at Ming's neck*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Done.
Bly (bly1234): (Naga: Too bad there are no medics on Drakonia!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hold on.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Done.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )*
Bly (bly1234): Officer: ...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (ty)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I know, I mean, what the heck?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Who are you and what the fuck do you want? *she sounds dead calm, probably from all her combat experience*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Yeah, well...
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: I am Trillius.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Not much you can do.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: You're calm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: She's always calm.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: I have come for Faretel.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: Heh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: What're you laughing at?
Bly (bly1234): Nly: *is writhing in pain on the floor*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Over my dead body
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: Nothing, ma'am.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: That can be arranged.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Epic pause!!!!10*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (back)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Aren't we here to celebrate Gabby passing the test?
Bly (bly1234): (WB)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WB.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Yeah, guys. Stop arguing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy stares at Sarah*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: *Quietly hums a funeral tune*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake joins in*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: faretel? Why do they want you...?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I don't know. Probably the little perv's obsession problem. *She motions her gun over to Nly*
Bly (bly1234): *Trillius picks up something from the table, while holding the sword at Ming's throat*
Bly (bly1234): *He throws it at the window, and it breaks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby laughs*
Bly (bly1234): *Revealing the shuttle door open, and pilot standing there*
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: *jumps into the room*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy gets up from her chair, still staring at Sarah*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone suddenly turns dead silent*
Bly (bly1234): *He grabs Nly, and places him back into the shuttle*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *ducks out of the swords way, blocking it with her wounded hand*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Sarah...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: ... Yes, ma'am?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *she looses the hand, but escapes Trillius*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: *Tries to trip her*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: *Looks really serious*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She breaks into a laugh*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone awkwardly looks around*
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: *Stuns Faretel, and carries her limp body into the shuttle*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Roll!)
Bly (bly1234): (Roll?)
Bly (bly1234): (for what?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *races to the shuttle and jumps in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Roll.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I could easily do this.)
Bly (bly1234): *Trillius jumps in as well*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Faretel manges to dodge the blast*
Bly (bly1234): (How is that possible, though?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... Military training?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's what I mean.)
Bly (bly1234): (*SIGH* What's the link?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ming doesn't have a stunner in her house.)
Bly (bly1234): (The pilot had one from the shuttle.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( 20.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Use the 20 sided.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Will roll for dodge*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (1.)
Bly (bly1234): (9)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If Faretel goes to the shuttle, Ming will follow)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd say that'd be a hit.)
Bly (bly1234): *The pilot locks himself into the cockpit*
Bly (bly1234): *Ands the backdoor is shut*
Bly (bly1234): *The pilot lifts the shuttle off*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming is with faretel*
Bly (bly1234): *Yes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Surrender.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: This shuttle shall not be stopped. 
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ming, like all military officers, had surgery tripling the size of her adrenalin glands)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming grabs Nly*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Let her go or I kill him.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lolzor)
Bly (bly1234): Nly: *is unconsious*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Trillius: Okay! *Lets her go*)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Go ahead.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Go ahead, take me. Just let Faretel go, anf we can avoid the unpleasntness,
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: FIghters are inbound as we speak.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: I do not see how.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Get past the thousands of ships he has.)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: There was no way for you to comm anyone.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Military radar.
Bly (bly1234): *The Pilot is now out of Drakonia's atmosphere, and zooming away from Drakonia's Gravitational Pull*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Ma'am?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I can get on the comm and call off the defenses if you let Faretel go.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: We're just an ambassadorial shuttle leaving.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I have no clue what I was angry about.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake nervously chuckles*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You can't jump.. they'll stop you
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *DSC comms the shuttle*
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: *answers8
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I refuse to get involved.)
Bly (bly1234): (*Faretel is unconsious*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That, and..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): DSC: I order you to cut engines and break to a halt or you will be fired upon.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: May I ask why/
<Kortoris (kris159) (Power User) has entered the room>
Kortoris (kris159): Hi.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: We're simply leaving with our Ambassador.
Bly (bly1234): (Hi)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): DSC: We recieved word of what happened from security patrols.
Kortoris (kris159): (oh)
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: What happened?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): DSC: You know damn well what happened. We had a radar lock on you since the attack.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: I was not aware of anything. *He is now clear of the Drakonian Grav. Pull*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): DSC: I repeat, stop now or we will fire.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: *Stops*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
Kortoris (kris159): (Can't RP
Kortoris (kris159): )
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): DSC: Thank you. Prepare for boarding.
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: *Powers the hyperdrive, then he enters and heads away from Drakonia*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *We have interdictor fields*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *And ships in hyperspace ready to pursue*
Bly (bly1234): *The shuttle has anti-intridictor fields*
Bly (bly1234): *Certain ships can negate intridictor fields*
Kortoris (kris159): (Liar)
Kortoris (kris159): (JK)
Bly (bly1234): (*is not a liar*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The shuttle shakes as railgun fire explodes nearby*
Bly (bly1234): (Wait a second...)
Bly (bly1234): (Ships can't fire upon each other in hyperspace)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Drakonian ships can)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
Bly (bly1234): (You're in Athalkanos Drive)
Bly (bly1234): (Not hyperspace)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (We have some hyperdrives stolen from minor civs we conquered)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: ...BS.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Wolf.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (What is the name of the Cylon Beige ships?)
Bly (bly1234): (Wolf is brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You could just cut engines and fight on board a ship)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (You know what, Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (We could, but the shuttle is 20km long)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*flips him over the railing*)
Bly (bly1234): (m*)
Bly (bly1234): (*Falls into oblivion*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly. What you're doing is hypocritical)
Bly (bly1234): (How so?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If you stop the ship and land in a hangar as ordered, you can fight in there and I'll give you a chance)
Bly (bly1234): (How is that hypocritical?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You get angry when my ships "break the rules", but you happily dance past interdictor fields)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)'
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay. Okay.)
Bly (bly1234): (My ships have functions which negate intridictor fields)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm rolling for escape/anti-interdictor field.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Here goes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (BLy's a lucky SOB.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (20 and he stays)
Bly (bly1234): (*is*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (18.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He enters hyperspace, though is slowed down by the interdictor fields.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Average speed: 40
His: 20)
Bly (bly1234): Pilot: Well, at this rate, we'll be there in three days.
Bly (bly1234): *Through the intercom*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Notes there's more interdictors around the galaxy*)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: The best you can do is cease hostilities.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yeah. Roll about 50ish times)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*snipes Bly*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (here...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Return her and I'll see about ending this Alsoras thing.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wait... 15k ly...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Roll 220 times)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Psst!)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Kris!)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: I am not in the authority to end the Alsoras affiar.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (But you're Trillius!)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Infact, I am no longer affiliated with the BlyDonian Republic.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (296 out of 500.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Drakonian forces could leave...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf. there are 220 ships with interdictors along the route.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm upping it.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Each one has a high chance of stopping him)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (555 out of 900.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Roll individually)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mixing together.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (They are independent. Mixing skews the data)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (310, with the correct modifier.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (TBH I am seriously considering exiting this RPG)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Out of 900.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd say you're...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well, you're screwed, Bly.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You may be in hyperspace, but not for long.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd say there's a gradual descent in speed.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Epic phail.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (13.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Out of 999.)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (With a 220 negative modifier.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Thanks to Bly, I am hereby exiting the WBVDKT rpg for good unless someone can convince me otherwise)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't like getting into these conflicts.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So...)
Bly (bly1234): (*Just because I stole Faretel*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (With 13 out of 999.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And a 220 (best) modifier.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Its because you're always a hypocrite?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd say the interdictor thing would sputter out.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I let it go in the past)
Bly (bly1234): (How am I a hypocrite/)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (But now I'm finally drawing the line)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And you'd be stuck with sublight.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm doing a timer.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly: My stuff is all invincible)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Epic phail.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (24.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly: But Naga's huge fleet is nothing.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You have 15 seconds to livem Nly.)
Bly (bly1234): (*lost the Bly Machine, my things are also not invincible*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sorry...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (But, it's a shuttle.)
Bly (bly1234): (*My shuttle has antiintridictors, so therefore, it is invincible*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Against thousands of battleships.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (With interdictors.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not including space stations and gravity wells.)
Bly (bly1234): (Besides, how did the Drakonian's know about the shuttle's actions/)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It'd be like putting 9 tons of weight on an elephant.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Security cameras.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That, and I rolled.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sure. The elephant's epic and all.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ('ve got a pancake.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (It's pretty hard to squish something that's already flat.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's the point.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: So, like... What happened with those diplomats?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (They fell.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: I dunno. They seemed to just...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: I dunno.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'll start deleting)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Don't delete.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (At least keep them for records.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ('Sides.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Your ships ar--)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You can't delete them, anyhow.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Only Kris and I can.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I can pull intellectual property rights.)
Bly (bly1234): (He can remove everything on the page)
Bly (bly1234): (And leave blank pages0
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We can pull historic preservation rights.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Also, Nly's shuttle is sitting there.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (In sublight.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (O.O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That picture of the Raiders.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Is epic.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Ty.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I could just contine RPGing but ignore everything and anything related to Bly...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*got it off wikipedia*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You can do that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (This is one reason I went isloate7.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (To avoid things like this.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * comes on the radio*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Oh! I love this song.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Seriously?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ... Yeah...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Me too. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: So. Gabs. You planning on going through the advanced courses?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Well, it's the captain's choice, really. I don't want to be away from the squad too much.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: No, Gabs. You do what you want. It's your life. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: So, that's a yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Probably.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: So--
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The PA comes on*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Isn't going to get into arguements anymore*)
Bly (bly1234): (Honestly, I don't care. If Naga wants to pull a fit because he lost, that's fine.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You lost.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The shuttle's sitting in open space, due to the laws of physics.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (This coming from Bly?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Though, if I remember something...)
Bly (bly1234): (*did not lose, as the Drakonian Fleet is now gone*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Correctly...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (WHo left the RPG several times?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We're only supposed to have 1 ship from the start.)
Bly (bly1234): (*left the RPG one, so Vat and I could start another)]
Bly (bly1234): (Once*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (1 turns into several thousand in a few seconds, though, I don't care.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (....)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (4 or 5 times, actually.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Or at least coming close to it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Left once?*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I wanna caniblize None's fleet.)
Bly (bly1234): *The shuttle, without any remaining intridictor fields, enters hyperspace for Santuary*
Bly (bly1234): (Go ahead, he quit)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nope, Bly.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Offical rolls (Until a better system is made, or people can be logical) state the shuttle's in open space.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Stuck with sublight.)
Bly (bly1234): (The fields are gone, though)
Bly (bly1234): (As is any pursuing ships)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's Naga's decision.)
Bly (bly1234): (He removed his civilization.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (If he says they're gone, they are.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (WOlf, thank you, but no.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (If they are--)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I give up. I tried that, but Bly just ignores it)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Scoots Bly into hyperspace*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Go!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Run while you can!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (RUN, BLY!!! RUN!!!)
Bly (bly1234): *The Shuttle heads for Santuary*
Bly (bly1234): Sanctuary*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So, Naga?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You don't want us to keep the articles for historic reference?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Wanted to*)
<Kortoris (kris159) has left the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No. Delete them all)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Kris dies*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Leave the guns please)
<Kortoris (kris159) (Power User) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Dammit.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (In fact, leave the pages)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Likes Kris*)
Kortoris (kris159): (No your not)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If I ever come back in the future, I can restart them thru the history)
Kortoris (kris159): (tourny, can you stop stealing things?)
Kortoris (kris159): (Note: That was a rhetorical question)
Kortoris (kris159): (Pages should always exist)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I might return in a few months. Leave the pages up just in case, k Wolf?)
Bly (bly1234): *The shuttle arrives over Sanctuary*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Months...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You could just block Bly.)
Kortoris (kris159): (*will restore them and add history section*)
Kortoris (kris159): (Why are you going?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh, by the way, I had an idea, Naga...)
Bly (bly1234): (Because I beat Naga.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (But...)
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Because Bly is an asshole.
Kortoris (kris159): (Why are you going?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Actualy, Naga beat you.)
Kortoris (kris159): (What happened?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (With ease.)
Bly (bly1234): (*Naga can't accept that I escaped*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was going easy on you.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Bly thinks that rules do not apply to him*
Bly (bly1234): (*Does not think this*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (In all reality, the anti-interdictor generator would've been fried with that strain.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (9 tons on an elephant.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The elephant's strong, sure,'ve got a nice big gray pancake.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Even if I decided to stay, it would happen again. And again.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes?)
Kortoris (kris159): (When are any of you gonna realize that you -can't- leave WBVDKT)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was thinking, maybe an assault ship of CCUs crashed into the forest somewhere on Yulair...)
Kortoris (kris159): (And leaving for a set period changes nothign)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And, the CCUs were deactivated.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No assault craft has crashed on Yulair)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And then somehow reactivated, and thought the war was still going on.)
Kortoris (kris159): (What has happened?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And then, that squad of Stormies would've run into them.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Maybe Bly would have matured in a few months)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Thought that would've made for a fun battle*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Heh! Bly... mature)
Bly (bly1234): (I kidnapped Faretel and Ming, and fled the atmosphere of Drakonia.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Naga, we all know Bly never EVER changes(
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (He makes me look sophisticated)
Bly (bly1234): (Then, the DSC magically found out that I stole things.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Can't you just accept that he's escaped?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Security cameras.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Kortoris (kris159): (This time)
Bly (bly1234): (What security cameras, they would have noticed the parked shuttle and done something earlier.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly. If I adhered to realism, you would never have entered her building)
Kortoris (kris159): (You'll have plenty of chances in-RP to catch him)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (But, you know, I decided to be kind. Proving being "nice" is a weakness)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ( )
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (That's totally relivant)
Bly (bly1234): (*Tourny continues to post links, oblivious*)
Kortoris (kris159): (*spelt that wrong*)
Kortoris (kris159): (*knows*)
Kortoris (kris159): (*doesn't see Troop Transport on the ship type list*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Not that Wolf doesn't post every link he makes?)
Kortoris (kris159): (
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*doesn't see a list of ship types*)
Kortoris (kris159): ( )*
Kortoris (kris159): (Look harder? Ask someone if there is one?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Or just make up another one that is actually correct instead of picking "Other" from this list.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hey.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (This is weird.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm the only non-bitchy one right now. No offense.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Normally everyone's all laddy-da and I'm complaining.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Which one of us is being bitchy?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No comment.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Comment.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (NOW!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nice job on the pages, Tourny.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*beats Wolf over the head with a piece of meat*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Thanks.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Is gonna work on the Belle more*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Actually, keeps the pages. *Goes through them all and removes everything*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Keep*)
Kortoris (kris159): (*Doesn't understand Tourny's counter*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Why not just add one instead of conforming to the list by picking a type that does not actually fit my ship?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny's Counter: ... He...puts things on me. Like...cups... And silverware... And... *has to say this* various females.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Carrier does)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Does not.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (It does not carry things.)
Kortoris (kris159): "Carrier—Carriers were vessles that carried infantry"
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (It transports them.)
Kortoris (kris159): (In order to transport things, you must carry them)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): And how is my deleting everything on the pages a problem?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Kris, if you want to fix it, you may.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Yes)
Bly (bly1234): *Exits the Appearnace*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I know as well as you do of the history function
Kortoris (kris159): ...
Kortoris (kris159): But their there for reference.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't know...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
Kortoris (kris159): Just insert ==History== at the top of each page.
Kortoris (kris159): To notify that they no longer exist)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): -You- can do that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Likes Naga's pistol*)
Kortoris (kris159): Or something along those lines
Kortoris (kris159): Of course I can do that.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Naga? Why are you deleting Wolf's pages?)
Kortoris (kris159): anyone can do that.
Kortoris (kris159): I just told them how.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He's deleting my pages?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I am?)
Kortoris (kris159): (Tourny, maybe you should look at the definition before critisizing it's name)
Kortoris (kris159): (He's deleting his own pages, not Wolf's)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Notes everyone is argumentive*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Guys!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (STOP IT!)
Kortoris (kris159): (Because he's pulling a Bly)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm the bitch!)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not you!)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (You are a male dog, wolf.)
Bly (bly1234): ("pulling a Bly"?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (YOu know what I mean.)
Kortoris (kris159): (indeed)
Bly (bly1234): (Defi- Oh.)
Kortoris (kris159): (He's taking "a break".)
Bly (bly1234): (I've never deleted my pages, though.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (I'll just go back to being oblivious.)
Kortoris (kris159): (I was refering to him leaving)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Me too, Tourny.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Me too.)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'ma work on the Belle.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Sorry)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sorry?)
Kortoris (kris159): (*gets annoyed when people get annoyed and as a result do irrational things*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... NP.)
Bly (bly1234): *Does not know what to do with Faretel*
Bly (bly1234): *Decides to waste her*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm thinking...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait. Anyone RPing?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
Kortoris (kris159): (Semi-AFK)
Kortoris (kris159): Reading over the chatlogs.
Kortoris (kris159): To see the source of the problem./
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I can show you the source of the motherfucking problem.
Kortoris (kris159): That's ok.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): 

Today, Red Squadron of the Menuari, celebrated the mark of their junior pilot, Gabby Johnson, passing offical training.


On Tuesday, a battle occured between an Ichiri strikeforce, and the Menuari, which was quite odd, as the Ichiri never did, and were also unable to stray as far as they did from their homeship. It was soon found out, the ship was moving closer to Yulair.

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
Bly (bly1234): (*Will watch*)
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Notes I had a battle going last time*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (How was -- Ah, yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll get to Aer-May getting angry soon enough.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: 5 minutes to target.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Red Group, can you hold off until then?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Silence*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Static*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: F***!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: What's going on?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Jamin--*static* signals.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Hey! Gabby! Watch it!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: You've got two on your tail!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Oh, god! They've got a missile lock!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: He--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The missile lock signals go offline*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The two fighters break*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin and William blast both of them, and head for the rest*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: You alright?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm fine.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Awkward!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Alright, already! Keep shooting!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ( [20:08] {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: You alright?
[20:09] {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm fine. )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Lol.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby! Form up infront of me!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Why, cap'n?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A flight plan comes up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Showing a straight on assault towards a fighter squad*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Consider it advanced training.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby forms up infront of her*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The two start charging the lead fighter squad*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Whoa! Bit agressive there, huh!?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The two groups head right for each other*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: What the hell are they doing?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: You guys might wanna break!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy moves up, and then tilts the nose down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts screening the squad*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *3/5 fighters are blown apart*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: In range! We've got a firing solution!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Orders?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Fire.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari opens up on the two capital ships with the bow cannons*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Both are ripped open*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters start retreating*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Targets destroyed. Fighters retreating, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Good job. Recall fighters.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Menuari?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Yes, Red Leader?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: How did those ships get in so close without us knowing?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: No clue.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Our sensors went down before the attack.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: They never go this far.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: They're too far from their homeship. Aren't they?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: I thi--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Urgent news from Yulair.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: What's it say?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Message begins: The Ichiri Descendent Flagship has moved significantly, though it's unknown where the ship is moving to.
Message ends.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: ... Hardly helpful.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Did I just hear that right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Oh, my god...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: That explains the attack and system malfuctions.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: Wait, like...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: Whoa-god...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: If that ship... Can leave that nebula now...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: That means... It can attack where ever it wants? 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: No idea. The message was breif.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Nah... Do you really think... 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Hey. Let's not get caught up in that, yeah?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Return to base.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters form up and head back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile, on Yulair...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May and Jack are standing on a sidewalk, about to cross the road after coming out of a cafe*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *2 tanks, 5 military vehicles, and 2 police cars go by, with their lights on and sirens going*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Odd...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: They seem to be in a hurry.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Where do you think they're going?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I dunno... 
Bly (bly1234): (Your mom.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: How about we find out? *He takes out his car keys and grins*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May smiles, and the two walk to the SUV*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both get in, and start following the convoy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It leads them to the capitol building*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They pull up infront of it, and get out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A squad of Stormtroopers are there. That one squad with Hendricks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May and Jack walk over to them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The squad's all chatting about something*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: Do you have any condoms?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Excuse me? Hi.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all look at her*
Bly (bly1234): (Jack: Orgy Time!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The SSL stares at her for a second*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Whoa!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: *Salutes* 
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (SSL: GANG BANG!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all salute*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy: Silverwood.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He looks at Jack*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Yeah, I remember you. Sadly.
Bly (bly1234): *Drives to a construction site*
Bly (bly1234): *There's a drug deal*
Bly (bly1234): Mafia Members: ...
Bly (bly1234): Me: ...*Runs em' all down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wrong cat.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (chat)
Bly (bly1234): (Yeah.)
Bly (bly1234): (oops)
Bly (bly1234): (Pardon my noobishness)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: Aer-May Swizër
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: It's an honor to meet you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy4: You like her.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Shut up, Hendricks!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You can...stop saluting now.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy3: There somthin' we can do fer ye, miss?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: A con--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: A convoy came here a while ago?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: We were wondering what for...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack politely smirks and steps back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy3: You hadn't heard?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: No...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What happened?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy3: It...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: It's that Ichiri flagship, ma'am.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You don't have to be so formal.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What about it?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: It...moved. Towards Yulair.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: And, it's continuing to move.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: It's already left its nebula.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy4: We're right well screwed.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Hendricks! What did I sa--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy4: Sorry, sir!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: Correction: Aer-May's screwed. Last night.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It...moved?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Yeah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Being Silverwood, we thought you'd be notified first.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack grabs Aer-May by the arm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: We gotta go.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Where?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: The Supreme Chancellor. C'mon.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Jack: My pants!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He drags her off towards the capitol building*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: It was nice meeting you...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: Aer-May...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy4: You like herrrr.
Bly (bly1234): *Enters the---*is here*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: Shut up.
Bly (bly1234): *Quits the Tournan Empire*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy2: You said she was hot.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormy4: What? She i--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SSL: Hendricks.
Bly (bly1234): *In fact, reverses ever quitting my Supreme Commandoral-ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack and Aer-May go to the YSC's office*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's officers there, along with Majer*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Majer looks over at Aer-May*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack drags her to the desk*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (YSC: Ah, my hooker is here!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
Bly (bly1234): (Oh, I like Majer)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Errm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: If you two need a room, this....isn't the right place.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Jack. Aer-May. What's wrong?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack lets go of Aer-May*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Why weren't we informed?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: About?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: The flagship, you dunce!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Jack--
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-May: JAck, I wanna fuck now, Forget the old guy)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: *Slams his fist down on the desk* We could've been killed if you didn't tell us! Which you didn't! We just happened to find out!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Jack!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: This is hardly the tim--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Just shut up for a second.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone gets a dead quiet look on there face*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Jack. We did tell you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: No. You didn't.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: I assure you, Jack. We did.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Comms haven't been fuctioning.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Which is why I had these officers come to me in person.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... Silverwood.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: That's what scares me, Jack.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Majer pulls Aer-May away from Jack*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: You alright, darling?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Oh, god.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: What?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: You hitting on everyone you meet, for christ's sake.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: I d--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper2: You know, he's right!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper2: I'm f***ing sick of--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper3: You're sick of everything!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-MaY: Oh yes, yes!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Shut up!
Bly (bly1234): *Is sitting on the bridge of the Bly Machine, which is having its finishing touches finalized*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Majer half-heartedly throws Aer-May to the side and starts yelling at the troops*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They yell back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack gets into the arguement, along with other officers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The YSC starts yelling*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Please just...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Guys?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *Grabs a vase of flowers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She slams it on the floor*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Everyone shut up!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer_May: I'll sleep with all of you if you shutup)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone quiets down*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Ming runs in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all stare at her*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ming: Ok!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: We need...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Her voice is kind of shakey*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: We need to just stop arguing...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: That'll get us no where.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: This is what it wants.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's turning us against each other.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: What is?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: The ship. It can see right through us. It knows our every weakness.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Now... Just...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Insert some kind of Naga comment?*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-May: Now.. just... I can have an abortion. Wolf doesn't need to know)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *She puts her hand to her forehead, her wrist is slightly bruised from being thrown around*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You okay? *He walks over to her*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Don't touch me, Jack.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm... I'm going home.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns around and walks out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: You blew it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: For christ's sake, she's married you pedo!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: *Starts yelling at the Stormtrooper. He yells back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The YSC sighs and takes headphones out from his desk*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He fumbles with them, trying to put them on*
Bly (bly1234): *Sits behind desk*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Bly pulls a Naga*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack walks out, as the others yell, and the YSC listens to music*
Bly (bly1234): *Signs a new planet into our civilization, Ioxia X*
Bly (bly1234): *A few dozen people stand behind me, clapping*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May walks to Silverwood HQ to get her car*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She soon walks into the car room. Jack's there*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: How did you...?
Bly (bly1234): Minister of Treasury Luna: Congratulations, sir. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I'm fast. Look. Aer-May...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: Does this rag smell like chloroform?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I'm really sorry. I don't know why I said what I did.
Bly (bly1234): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Never got that joke, but still laughs at it*)
Bly (bly1234): (Date rape drug, I believe)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Something just snapped...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May sighs and walks to her car, ignoring him*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Its knockout chemical, a liquid that, when applied to rags/fabric, emits fumes that can KO someone)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Aer-May? 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She opens the Armada's door and gets in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He walks over to the hood*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I'm--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns the car on*
Bly (bly1234): (Run him down!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns the lights on, and starts revving the engine*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He backs up a bit*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Aer-May!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I'm--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She puts it in drive and speeds towards him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack stumbles out of the way*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She drives to the platform, which goes up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She drives out of the warehouse, and starts going to the house*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She pulls up into the driveway*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She shuts the car off and gets out*
<Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks up to the house*
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (Naga! You lier!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm the only RPer right now.)
<Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) has left the room>
<Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): *Looks catiously up from my foxhole*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks through the front door*
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (Is he gone?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I think?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yeah)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She puts her keys on the kitchen counter and sighs*
Bly (bly1234): (Until I kill myself, that is)
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (There are kitchens these days?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kill yourself!?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Forgot.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Of course there are kitchens!)
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (I t hought there were only mess halls.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Where else would Bly tell Ming to go?)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) walks out to the kitchen
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Oh! You don't know how glad I am to see you.
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (*has no idea what's going on*)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) throws some papers in the trash
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What're those?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Plans...
Bly (bly1234): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): To defeat the ship...
Bly (bly1234): (Naga?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's useless.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (What...should I do...with Ming?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I can't think of anything.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (She's vanished)
Bly (bly1234): (I see.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Honey... Do you want me to help you? You're probably tired... I don't mind.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's useless.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pointless.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): There's no way to defeat it...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) starts walking to the bedroom
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Giggity!)
Bly (bly1234): (Wolf?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah?)
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (*starts singing "What is Love" while head-banging with a rediculas smile on my face*
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): )
Bly (bly1234): (What should I do with Faretel?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (IDK.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Put her in a shuttle.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And let that go where ever.)
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): (...*)
Bly (bly1234): (I'll lock her in a room with Nly)
Bly (bly1234): (But have Nly restrained)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) turns around
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You coming to bed?
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (<insert sexual comment here>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May tilts her head to the side, crosses her arms and scoffs*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Lock Ming and Faretel in the room.)
Bly (bly1234): (But, Ming vanished)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Make Nly watch over  a video cam)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... I'm angry.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): At?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You.
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (Oooo....)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You're not one to give up, Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She takes the papers out of the trash*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Come on. We'll work on this together.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We can't!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's pointless!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's just going to get to us.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And then we're all royally screwed.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... Okay... Fine.
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): 9Wolf, arn't you the leader of Yulair?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks back and throws the papers in the trash*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kind of.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The military.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And the unoffical leader.)
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (heh, a king that says "royally screwed" that's my kind of dictator!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May grabs her keys*
Bly (bly1234): (Vat?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Where are you going?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: To work.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Bly (bly1234): (Are you going to do anything?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No one's there.
Bly (bly1234): (aren't you also my GA, too!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'll figure out a plan on my own.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: If you don't want to, Wolf...
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (I'm observing.)
Bly (bly1234): (..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm ju-- *She walks to the door*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May. I didn't mean--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She opens it, walks out, and slams it shut*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks to the car, and turns it on, letting the lights shine into the house*
Lord Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (And frankly, I have no women to go to bed with in this RPG like wolf so I can't RPG by myself...)
Bly (bly1234): (I'll RPG with you.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She drives off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Rotfl!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns on the radio*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Radio: ...With a sudden jump of at least 40% in crimes--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She switches the channel*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Radio: A state of panic in the A--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She switches it again*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ({KotOR}Gen.Wolf82: WTF!?
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 notes the lyrics kind of match what just happened)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * is playing on the radio*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I just randomly chose that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That matches well with the scene.)
Vat Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): (Nice band name)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Somewhat.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (The band name is what happens when Wolf throws a party)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She sighs, and speeds up*
<Vat Rayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) has left the room>
Bly (bly1234): *The BDN Cosmos arrives at Iac II
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She soon arrives at Silverwood HQ*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Am I boring you too much?)
Bly (bly1234): *it is commed by the Iac II Defence Forces.*
Bly (bly1234): (I find it interesting, actually)
Bly (bly1234): (*Is juggling two RP's at once*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The place is empty*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She gets out of the Armada, once going underground, and walks to the main area*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She grabs a bunch of records and blank paper, then goes to Jack's desk*
Bly (bly1234): Colonel Randi: Hello, my name is Colonel Randi, and I represent the BlyDonian Civilization.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She lays out important info of the ship on the desk*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And starts reading through it, writing things down*
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>
Bly (bly1234): Iac II Admiral: Welcome, Colonel. I am the Admiral Incharg---
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know.)
Bly (bly1234): *Ceases RPGing*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) stops RPGing, as I have to go in a minute


Today, another battle occured between the Menuari and an Ichiri strikeforce. Later, Aer-May began working on the problem, with the ship, and Viv soon joined her. The two came up with a theory on how to destroy it, and began working on turning it into a plan.

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) (Admin) has entered the room>
<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okey-doke.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *On the Menuari...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The battlestations alarm is going, and squads are getting ready to launch*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby and Sarah are flying "CAP"*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Battlestations!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Battlestations! This is not a drill!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: All hands, man your battlestations!
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Bly (bly1234): (Hi.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okey-doke.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *On the Menuari...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The battlestations alarm is going, and squads are getting ready to launch*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby and Sarah are flying "CAP"*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Battlestations!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Battlestations! This is not a drill!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: All hands, man your battlestations!
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.))
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: How did they get so close!?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): officer: Same power spike!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: 400!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: 500 contacts!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Flak online!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The flak batteries come online*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *All the squadrons start launching*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Except Red Squad*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Katy! Where are you!/
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You guys are on your own, my bird's down.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns to Jake*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Can you handle them?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: I don't how to command a sq--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Jake. I need you right now.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: R-R-Right...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Now get your asses out there.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (giggity)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Yes, ma'am!
Kortoris (kris159): (lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Aquring targets.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Don't they know this will just fail?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir... I think they do.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Stupid military.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: No. I think they're trying to wear us down, so we don't have the will to fight.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Just... Get those ships in range of the guns.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Yes, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: All squads.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: You know the drill. 10 minutes to target.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters form up in various areas, as the flak shells explode, creating a blanket around the ships*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Uhh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The capital ships, sir...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Yeah?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: They're moving towards us.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: God da**! 900 contacts!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: We don't have a fighting force to match that amount of fighters!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy runs to the bridge*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: *Salutes* Commander.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The squad's chatter is heard over the open comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby, are you getting this?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm a bit busy!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Enemy fighters start breaking through*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Sir, how much longer till there's a fighter I can use?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: ... I--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The ships are 1km away.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Fighters are breaking through the barrier.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: They aren't stopping.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: I think they're on a collison course.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Keep me updated on that!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Sir, I need to get out there. The squad can't handle themselves.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: They'll do fine.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Blue9: Hah! Two down, and I'm--fuc--*static*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We lost a contact.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: ... No life sign.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: KIA.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Dammit...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Anyone got a visual on 9?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: Negative. He's gone.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The ships start moving through the flak blanket*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We've got a firing solution!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: They're still arming the cannons!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Hurry up!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: How you guys holding up?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: We aren-- Whoa-god! We aren't!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Batteries online!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Fire! Fire!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Bow cannons cleared to fire.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari opens up with the bow cannons*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I bet you're wondering how this is connected.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Both ships are torn apart in a matter of seconds*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari puts full power to sublights, and crashes through the debris*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The fighters won't be able to take mu--
Bly (bly1234): *A few dozen ships arrive over Toxia IV*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Emergency recall. We're jumping.
Bly (bly1234): *They are Bion Federation Trading Ships*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: All squads are being recalled.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Combat landings.
Bly (bly1234): *Nothing else happens*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The A-22s all pull out, and start emergency combat landings*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters follow, but are torn up by the AA*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby's the last one*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Red 8, watch it, you're too low to make it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Requesting auto-landing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: *Shakes his head no*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Negative. This is hands on.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Dammit! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabs. Listen to me. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Just pull up. It's easy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'll overshoot the hanger!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You won't, trust me. Trust yourself.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Start up the emergency jump sequence.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: YOu can't leave out there.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: We can't fend off 800 or so fighters right now.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Do it!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: 15 seconds to jump. Clock's running.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby! Pull up!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She pulls up sligthly*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: God, Gabby, you're too low!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She smashes into the bottom of the hanger deck, ripping the gears off, and then crashes into the side*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Jump!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari disappears in a flash of light, and then enters hyperspace*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Oh, my god!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby? You there?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Emergency crews are already heading to the hanger.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake jumps out of his fighter, and runs over to Gabby's smoking one*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah, Lloyd, and Kevin follow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The rest start looking over damage*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *On their own ships*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabs?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby?! Come on!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Dammit. *She shoves an officer out of the way, and runs towards the hanger bay*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah climbs onto the side of the A-22, and opens up the cockpit*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby's sitting there, with a bloody lip, laughing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Jesus, Gabby.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: You alright?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm fine. How'd I do?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy runs over from one of the doors*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabs?!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: She's fine.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: For god's sake! Answer next time!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Sorry, cap'n. The comms were down.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Part of the left wing is missing*
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy sighs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Hey? Katy?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: -What-?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: ... Can I have a hug?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Her face relaxes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Yeah. You did good out there.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Really?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: *Laughs* No. You sucked.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: But, I've seen worse.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy hugs him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah sits on the nose, taking off her gloves*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Cap'n?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Yeah, Gabs?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Sorry about ruining your ship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Pfft. You kidding me?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: So long as you're alright.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake wipes some dirt off of his face*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Whew... I'm tired.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Giggity!)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) is on Drakonia,looking out from a balcony
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Empress: So Hammerfall was a sucess...
Bly (bly1234): (Naga, would you like Ming/Faretel back?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes.)
Bly (bly1234): (Very well, but seeing as how I can't interact with you, how should I get them too you?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy motions Kevin, Sarah, Lloyd, and Gabby over*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *They appear on the way home from lunch, like nothing has happened at all*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I rewinded that part of the RPG.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all move over, and she forces them into a group hug*
Bly (bly1234): (Okay.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all overlook the hyperspace tunnel from the large hanger opening*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: I'm hungry.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Oh, god, must you ruin the moment?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Of course it worked...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin chuckles*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *the purple glow around the planets and ships fade, the project took effect a few minutes ago*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *On Yulair*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May's alone in Silverwood HQ, writing things down, and going over records*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Trying to think of a way to defeat the ship*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faratel: What the hell was that!?! *she is referring to the sudden purple flash in the sky*
Bly (bly1234): *The BDN Inquisitive, a 500m Research Class Ship commanded by Captain Talan, jumps out of hyperspace over Traxonia*
Bly (bly1234): *It goes dark, gliding towards a nearby moon*
Bly (bly1234): Talan: All systems disengage.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Project Hammerfall.
Bly (bly1234): BridgeOfficer: All systems are disengaged, sir.
Bly (bly1234): Talan: Excellent, prepare for landing.
Bly (bly1234): BridgeOfficer: Life Support and backup engines still online.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv walks into Jack's office*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May looks up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What're you doing here?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv jumps and gasps*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ... What are -you- doing here?
Bly (bly1234): *The Inquisitive lands softly on the moon overlooking Traxonia*
Bly (bly1234): Talan: Lock us down!
Bly (bly1234): Officer: Yes sir.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: An artifact was discovered a few years ago... billions of years old.
Bly (bly1234): *The ship is locked into the ground with landing spikes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh. Wait. Forgot something.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: This is what it could do...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Undoes the previous*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Feel free to act as Faretel.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: The Emperor somehow... activated it, creating this universe
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (They -will- have sex in the future, then.)
<DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Hi.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly, I will -not- describe it.)
Kortoris (kris159): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): (BTW, Tourny, I quit your Hive.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May rubs her forehead*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Ok, Bly.)
Bly (bly1234): (Aww. Oh well, at least I have the internet.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm alone on this...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Wolf's...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Her voice starts breaking, and she starts crying*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's up to me, and...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She puts her pen down, and wipes the tears away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Gotta...stay strong. You'll get through this.
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Peon (Mute)) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Just stay strong. You'll be fine. This will all turn out...fine.
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Power User>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has been permanently removed from this room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Who was he?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (You don't know fixer?!)
Bly (bly1234): *The moon rotates slowly, after a few minutes, the Inquisitive's bridge crew can see a large fleet of about a hundred variously sized ships orbiting around Traxonia*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She goes back to writing*
<Kortoris (kris159) has left the room>
<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): Talan: Excellent. We've found their fleet.
Bly (bly1234): Colonel Poal: Took long enough, too. 
Bly (bly1234): Talan: Shall we inform the rest of the fleet?
Kortoris (kris159): (COLONEL COAL)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (That just...)
Kortoris (kris159): (Came to me)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv walks in*
Bly (bly1234): (noob.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... What're you doing here?
Bly (bly1234): Poal: Perhaps. Shall we see what they're going to do first?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ... I could ask you the same thing...
Bly (bly1234): Talan: ...No?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I decided I'd start early.
Bly (bly1234): Poal: Fine, call the fleet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's the middle of the night.
Kortoris (kris159): Coal: boom
Bly (bly1234): Talan: Don't I outrank you?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: It's not too late... giggity!)
Bly (bly1234): Poal: Who the hell knows anymore, the ranks are changing everyday.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I had nothing better to do.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I figured I'd hang out here.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I couldn't sleep very well.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What're you doing?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (TWSS)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-May: Jack)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv walks over and sits on the corner of the desk*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She looks over the papers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Trying to figure out a way to beat this ship..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's a chair in the corner of the room*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Mind if I help?
Bly (bly1234): *A large BlyDonian Fleet arrives in system, with about 10 Atlantis Ships, Five Lightning Frigates, and two Pride of BlyDonia Class Capital Ships*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: No. I'd love for you to help. *She hands her some papers*
Bly (bly1234): Fleet Admiral Iionia: *Comms the fleet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Read over those. Get to know what we're up against, and what I know so far.
Bly (bly1234): Itixin Admiral: Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: 'Kay. *She takes the papers, sits down in the chair, and starts looking over them*
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: What are  you doing here?
Bly (bly1234): ItixinAdmiral: We're here legally.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May continues writing*
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: No, you aren't. You're breaking every law that our civilization set for you when we defeated you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They're the only two in Silverwood*
Bly (bly1234): Grand Admiral Akan: *Takes the comm*
Bly (bly1234): Akan: Listen you petty scum. I am Grand Admiral Akan, incharge of this fleet here. If you don't move your pathetic ships the hell away from Traxonia, we're going to take them out of exsistance.
Bly (bly1234): ItixinAdmiral: *is silent for a few moments* Very well...
Bly (bly1234): *His fleet jumps away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv puts the papers back, and sits on the desk corner again*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ... Wow. That's...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: A lot.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Not really...
<Kortoris (kris159) has left the room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Power User) has entered the room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Moderator>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: So...
Bly (bly1234): (Until we can trust him as competant, I suggest he stays at Moderator. No offence, Fixer.)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Normal>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Get to work with ideas.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (kekkeke)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Moderator>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Stupit!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Power User>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Peon (Mute)>
Bly (bly1234): Oops, wrong one
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Moderator>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Power User>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Normal>
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny):  (Stop it!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (twss)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has been permanently removed from this room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has left the room>
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*sprays the booter*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Normal) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): (ISH A TRAP)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Moderator>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Power User>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Wait...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She moves over behind the desk*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): : Meaning I can Atomize both organic and inorganic objects, reshape, or completely alter their composition into whatever I want, even myself, but I cannot disrupt anything over 60 meters tall or wide
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Molecular disruption*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (NO!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Use ()s out of RP.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And, no.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): what?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Use ()s.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (When talking out of RP.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Parenthesize.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Want to be booted?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): )
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (okay I get it)
Bly (bly1234): (I do!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (no)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And, that's too hypocritical. Not until you can be proven non-noobish.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No offense.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Are you feeling lucky today, punk?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga@!)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (Okay, Dirty Harry.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga's at Exclamation Point.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm no noob. I justdon't RPG as much as I used to.)
Bly (bly1234): (*ducks behind a desk*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (He isn't noobish, Wolf.)
Bly (bly1234): (Naga's Krazy with a Kapital K!)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (He's one of the great RPGers of old.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We'll see.)
Bly (bly1234): (Agree with Tourny)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris is Krazy with  a Kaptial K)
Bly (bly1234): (Fixer was good, then he fell off the face of the Earth)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts looking over papers*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Me? Good RPGer?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Wolf: *is a xenophobe*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm a xenophobe.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Wow, presidential ancestry really helps me)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Or your just an "over-protective father".)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Meaning you're not actually overprotective.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Riii-no.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Presidential ancestry?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Talk in TT, dammit!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Grover Cleveland)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*Fixer is the greatgreatgreatgreatgrandsontwiceremovedinlaw of obama*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (CLEVELAND!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'm related to Bismarck. I win)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Lemme get this straight.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: The ship's connected to the galaxy?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You mean Cleveland Brown?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*is not related to abny royalties*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Kind of...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (NO,IT'S  GROVER CLEVELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She hands her a paper*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Look over that.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Read a book about the presidents)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv reads over it*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (My name is Void in this RPG, if that is ok with you guys.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She flips the paper on its back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Or...front, rather*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She motions to the pen*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: May I?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May hands it to her*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Go crazy.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (^_^)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Atomizes self and goes into a vault full of captured civlians*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... May I ask where you are?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Nope. Have no idea)(On some far off planet)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She writes a little dot on the paper*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: So, let's say that's the ship.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She draws tons of other circles*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And connects lines to them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Informative part.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *enters the appearance*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: The ship has a connection to all these other planets?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Kind of, yes.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Gets in ship and sets nukes evil capital starship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What for?
Bly (bly1234): *Comms Tourny*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, you know it creates all this negative energy, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Yeah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, it...set up this galaxy-wide link.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Which started feeding off that energy to planets.
Bly (bly1234): *Comms Tourny*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Which made it stronger. And slowly is turning this into its domain.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's that link that connects everything, so it can do that.
General Dan (dsqtourny): Tourny: *answers*
General Dan (dsqtourny): Tourny: Hello?
Bly (bly1234): Hello, DoctoR.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: But...there's just no way to stop it... 
General Dan (dsqtourny): Raise the shield.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: So, the ship is the home kind of area?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Where it all comes from?
General Dan (dsqtourny): *the gate shield is raised, though the gate is not active*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Yes.
Bly (bly1234): I'm afraid I've gone back to BlyDonia to be the Supreme Leader again.
General Dan (dsqtourny): Tourny: Good for you.
Bly (bly1234): Yes.
Bly (bly1234): *Hangs up*
General Dan (dsqtourny): Tourny: *in a non-sarcastic way*
Bly (bly1234): *gets up from chair*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Here we are.
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie, you may now proceed.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Well. What happened if you took the ship out of the picture?
Bly (bly1234): *A few officers are rushing past me on the bridge*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *they get out of her car and walk to her apartment*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: From what I can tell, that's impossible, but...
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: *hefts a small junk of Aharonium*
Bly (bly1234): *walks to the windows*
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: *throws it at the shield*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faratel: So, thanks to this Hammerfall, I'm stuck here?
Bly (bly1234): *There's a massive battle occuring between the Tuton's and the BlyDonian Ships*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: The link would be broken.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (GUYS IT WON'T LET ME REGISTER!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It'd....
Bly (bly1234): *A few fighters zoom past the bridge windows*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Correct
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, we wouldn't be much better off.
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Why not?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Guys....)(HELP!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What's it say?)
General Dan (dsqtourny): *the crystal flies at the shield*
General Dan (dsqtourny): *everyone watches intently*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: If you wanted, I might be able to get you back to Yulair.
General Dan (dsqtourny): *impact*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: No. Thank you.
General Dan (dsqtourny): *there is a small explosion as energy is released*
General Dan (dsqtourny): *then the crystal slowly passes thhrough the shield and plops down on the other side*
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: ...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (it says: Sorry, be we are unable to register you at the time.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What about if we...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Then wait.)
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: It appears to have been successful, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The datacenter was down earlier.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Just go ahead an RP.)
Bly (bly1234): Admiral Igada: Sir! We've taken a direct hit!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (RPG)
Bly (bly1234): *He is in the BDN Elegant*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (RPG.)
General Dan (dsqtourny): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Here's my apartment... it's small, but I like it.
General Dan (dsqtourny): Sam: That's amazing!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Never mind. I altered my age)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Say. Took ourselves out of the picture? Disappeared?
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: *picks up the crystal*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Fixer? How old are ypu?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm twelve, but I made me 14)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (He's too young for this. Boot him)
General Dan (dsqtourny): Charlie: ... It is changed.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (what?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Stop it, Naga.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'm not kidding)
General Dan (dsqtourny): *the crystal has gone from blue to pure translucent gold*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (You calling me a pipsquek? WHy I oughta-)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well...
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) is now a member of group Admin>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Damnit!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Actually...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (squeak*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm not quite sure...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (So, how do I create an article)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: How so?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (By creating one.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Go to the sidebar, tools, create article.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Alright... Well, this is an oddball idea, but...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (got it)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Let's say. This link system. Right. It connects all this energy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: And, we know Yulair is this massive ball of energy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Positive energy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What if we could, somehow get away from the ship, and make Yulair ground zero?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Connected to the link system. All that energy would evaporate the negative, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: And, without the ship...
General Dan (dsqtourny): Bring it in for examination.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Huh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Idea!
General Dan (dsqtourny): *the crystal is wheeled off*
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Wolf!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Alright. We could somehow connect the link system to the cloak.
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Do you have a gate yet?!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Darn.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Cloak. Somehow make Yulair ground zero...
General Dan (dsqtourny): (*has to think of something to do*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Let all that positive energy feed off into everything.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: And...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm having lots of trouble on getting the text back to normal)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: The ship's link would be severed, and it would be weakened...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Decloak, all that energy would pound the ship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: And, -it- would be one losing its will. Right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Oh, my god...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Viv!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Vivian! We might've figured it out!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You might've! Oh, my god!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: So. It'd cloak the whole galaxy, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: If we could get the system to work...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Viv! *She snaps her fingers* Go get on the computer, and see if we can wire the cloak into the link.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And, I'll revise the plan, and think of something.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Got it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv walks out, to the main center*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts a computer up, and works on stuff*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May continues writing*
Bly (bly1234): *The BDN Hypnotic is hit directly in the bridge*
Bly (bly1234): Captain Apandadi, are you okay/
Bly (bly1234): *Static*
Bly (bly1234): Apandadi: I'm fine, sir. *cough*. Secondary Bridge going online, now.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Aer-May?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Yeah?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Why aren't you at home? You kept saying how you were missing spending time with Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It was um...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Marriage problems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ... I'm sorry.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Just. Keep going.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv goes back to work*
Bly (bly1234): All forces, regroup and prepare for a frontal assualt.
Bly (bly1234): *The ships group together, and charge the remaining forces*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (AFK for ~15 mins.)
<Stupid one (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): GTFO
Bly (bly1234): ()*
Stupid one (kris159): Command-in-chief: I want 2 flights of GT2s in 2 weeks, officer.
Stupid one (kris159): Officer: ...
Bly (bly1234): (*rather dislikes the CiC*)
Stupid one (kris159): Officer: Why don't you type it in on your order computer?
Stupid one (kris159): CiC: Because I'm lazy? Maybe?
Stupid one (kris159): Cic: No, just kidding.
Stupid one (kris159): CiC: *types it in*
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Kris?)
Stupid one (kris159): (Yes?)
Bly (bly1234): *Sighs*
Bly (bly1234): We've won...
Bly (bly1234): *A cheer*
Stupid one (kris159): (Yes/)
Stupid one (kris159): )Yes?)
Stupid one (kris159): Officer: they'll be done in just over 10 days.
Stupid one (kris159): Officer: early morning of 27th of june.
Stupid one (kris159): Cic: Thankyou, officer.
Stupid one (kris159): *They both resume working*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Okay guys. I finished my wiki. I made up a civilization if that is okay.)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (*can't think of anything to do*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90):
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (not much, but it makes sense
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes)
Stupid one (kris159): (Use this: )
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Thank you for not stealing anything from other sources, like Tourny did)
Stupid one (kris159): (Very much)
Stupid one (kris159): (Stealing is anti-Kris and anti-Naga)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I only steal names...)
Stupid one (kris159): (lol)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Fixer. If you want to  make guns, try
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013):
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Okay, so what do I do now? I copied&pasted the template to the top of the page, now what do I do?)
Stupid one (kris159): (Fill in the things)
Stupid one (kris159): (start from Name)
Stupid one (kris159): (And one's you don't understand, just leave blank)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mind if I do a time-lapse, and skip ahead to morning on Yulair?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah?)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Hey! I have stolen nothing!)
Stupid one (kris159): (...)
Stupid one (kris159): (You know how much of a lie those words are)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Are not.)
Stupid one (kris159): (R2-D2)
Stupid one (kris159): (R2*)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (My civilization's origins are in it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Can I?)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (No.)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Wait.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (What are hidep and hidec?)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (Can you what?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Leave those blank)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Time-lapse to morning on Yulair?)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (*doesn't care*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (What are BG1-4)
Bly (bly1234): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Leave blanks)
Stupid one (kris159): (BG1 through 4 contorl the background colors in hex-color coding)
Stupid one (kris159): (if you really wonna know and understand...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'ma timalapse.)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) exits RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (time-lapse*)
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>
Stupid one (kris159): (...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (The template isn't working)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Once morning comes up...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack and Greg walk in. Viv's still on the computer, and Aer-May's in the office*
Stupid one (kris159): (How so?)
Stupid one (kris159): (save the page)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack walks over to Viv*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Hey, early bird.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Did it. It looks the same)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *No response*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Lemme do it.)
Stupid one (kris159): (Did you do it in Source mode?)
Stupid one (kris159): (ok)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes. Use Source.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (No)
Stupid one (kris159): (I'm gonna teach him in PM)
Stupid one (kris159): (Tourny, just shush)
General Dan (dsqtourny): (No! Don't use source!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know why.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (it isn't working anyways
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He edited the actual template.)
Stupid one (kris159): (Fixer)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not the page.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You can't edit the template.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (What do I do then?)
Stupid one (kris159): (Fixer!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )
Stupid one (kris159): (I'm going to tell you in PM)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (There. Now edit it.)
Stupid one (kris159): (shush, Wolf)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): okay...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: What'cha workin' on?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May walks out of the office with a few papers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's none of your business.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... Hey. Aer-May...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks past him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Can we talk?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm busy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Please? We could...go for a ride, or--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *Stops and turns to face him* I don't have time to go ride f***ing horses with you, Jack!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I don't have time! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I have been up all night, trying to figure out how to beat this ship!
General Dan (dsqtourny): (=D)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And I'm all on my own!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I am the only one who has even been -willing- to work on this!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And, you're asking me to go ride horses and talk about my feelings while there is a ship that shouldn't even -be- in this galaxy, destroying civilizations one-by-one!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And, I have no one to turn to!
Kris (kris159): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Not Wolf! Not you! No one! No one who understand how I feel, Jack! And, explaining it would be a waste of time, and would only make things worse!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Now, it is on -my- shoulders to figure out how to beat this! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Aer--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Don't touch me! Don't talk to me! Leave me alone, Jack! I'm busy!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Loo--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I don't care if you're sorry! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You can go rot, for all I care!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Now leave me alone!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns around, and keeps walking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv and Greg stare at the two of them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv gets up and walks over to Aer-May*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Hey. You alright?
Kris (kris159): (back)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm fine, just... 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm sorry. You've been helping me tremendously... I just had a weak moment...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: It's fine. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I'm gonna go keep working, alright?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Yeah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv walks off, and Aer-May places papers in different areas*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Uhh... Viv? Greg?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Viv's helping me. She's busy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I thought you aid no one was helping.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I was wrong. I had a bad moment, okay?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Are you done with the bad moment?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Yes. Yes, I am. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Can we tal--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: For the last time! I don't have time to go ride horses, and talk about my feelings!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: .. Greg?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Want to look into that castle--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: The castle's mine. I'm working on that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You said you were busy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Yes! I am! But, I'm working on the castle! So leave it!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack walks off, and Greg and Viv continue working*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *On the Menuari*
<Kris (kris159) has left the room>
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Battlestations is going on the Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: What--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Power spike!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Man your birds!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Battlestations!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Red Squad, get airborne!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: For f***'s sake! How many times are they going to do this!?
<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
<Kortoris (kris159) has left the room>
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The squad runs to the hanger bay*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Feel free to get started.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): okay
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): RPG?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin's the only airborne one*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: No contacts!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: The ships are just sitting there!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Please parenthesize in this room.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: I got here. Don't touch my ship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *His A-22 shakes violently, as 5 ships exit hyperspace right next to him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Whoa!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Actual!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: We have them on sca--
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Gets in ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The lights go out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: They're in the mainframe!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari starts shaking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everything goes offline*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin's engines cut out*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Trooper from Void's fleet: We got here to cover Void. What's going on?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: What the hell!?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The comms go out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The flagship exits hyperspace*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Along with its entire fleet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Oh, my god...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Trooper: Darnit. I'm outta here like Void di- AAAGGGHHH!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The Valiant sits on the edge of Diamondoria, while Richard is still on Petr'a'll*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *His A-22 drifts towards it*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Massive rancor looking thing appears*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Whose Flagship is it?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The descendent's.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ichiri descendents.)
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Where are you? Yulairian airspace?)
Bly (bly1234): *The Bly Machine glides past SpaceStation One*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Trooper 2: Man down! Man down!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No. Empty space.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void enters hyperspace*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The ships all disappear*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *All the systems come online*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Menuari, did you see--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: We saw it!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Trooper 2: I'll hold this thing off!
Bly (bly1234): SpaceStation Commander: All forces this is BDCC.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Now has a temporary cane, because of a serious leg injury*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Blaster bolts ring across the ship*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *He now has a limp*
Bly (bly1234): SSC: We've got a few blips on the edge of the system.
Bly (bly1234): (Where are you, fixer?)\
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Trooper 2 screams*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: When we were running a diagnostic, they got into the holograhpics systems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: ... How?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: I don't know. It's the diagnostic, though
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I am in whatever ship they are in)
Bly (bly1234): (Who?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Fighting a rancor thing in the engine room)
Bly (bly1234): (Who is "They?")
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Then cut it.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I don't know, I'm just tagging along)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *walks down hallway*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Yes, sir.
Bly (bly1234): (if you'd like, I'll introduce/meet you.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Kevin, head back.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (In your own ship?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Whatever ship everyone else is in)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Yes, sir.
Bly (bly1234): (go back into your own ship, Fixer)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We're all in different ones.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (We RP somewhat seperatly.)
Bly (bly1234): (I'll have a reconparty meet you.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And, being on the Menuari would be impossible for you.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (My troops on your ship are dead)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Bly
Bly (bly1234): *Answers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hey, Bly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How're things going?
Bly (bly1234): Hi.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Void is on his command ship right now)
Bly (bly1234): Excellent.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Need any assistance?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good for you.
Bly (bly1234): How is everything at Yulair?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Is there a way to isolate the diagnostics?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ehh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): iffy.
Bly (bly1234): How so?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What with the flagship on the move.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, there's constant system cut outs.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *His holstered pistol hangs on his belt, and swings as he walks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The bridge lights flicker*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): See what I mean?
Bly (bly1234): Yeah.
Bly (bly1234): How is the planet?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We've had to reboot the Dauntless' systems 3 times now.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) sighs
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The planet itself...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Is fine.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Everyone's been effected though.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's that...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bubble.
Bly (bly1234): ...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: My ship is being boarded by.... wait a minute... those are my ships... but with...(Static crackle) Oh my gosh the(Static crackle) AGGH!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's BlyDonia?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*stereotype*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): wait....
Bly (bly1234): Excellent.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good...
Bly (bly1234): Our population is growing, as many systems are still reeling from the Ichiri War.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): uhhm We don't have to use our character's name to signify speach?
Bly (bly1234): (no)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Parenthesize!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (oh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nope. And, parenthesise out of RP, if you can.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I um...
Bly (bly1234): As many planets were ravaged.
Bly (bly1234): Many immigrate to BlyDonia.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *An officer is standing next to me, writing something down*
Bly (bly1234): We welcome the newcomers, but many places have become overcrowded.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: God dammit.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Tell them to redo the message. This makes no sense.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) sighs
Bly (bly1234): Prime City is no longer accepting new members.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We've had to resort to morse code using lights on shuttles.
Bly (bly1234): I see.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's how bad the systems are getting.
Bly (bly1234): You can always ask for help.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We'll figure something out...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Though, I can tell you..
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Guys....y... shi.... has be..n boar...ed by... rogue.... tro..pers..
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Comes to an Office, overlooking a city*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (static crackle)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): When, and if the time comes to attack that ship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It'll be a team effort.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Everyone will have to help.
Bly (bly1234): Very well.
Bly (bly1234): By the way, what has happened to the Drakonians?
Bly (bly1234): Their entire Galaxy vanished.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No clue.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe Faretel told them about how to use the cloak.
Bly (bly1234): Maybe they blew themselves up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Or that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (They went Asgard.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=D)
Bly (bly1234): Nah, we couldn't get that lucky.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Glances at a wall screen, showing news reports*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hheheheh.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Emergency message* Void: Guys.. I need help. NOW! My command bridge ha been overrun by rogue members of my own fleet or something.... I need.... help... NOW!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): HAS*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Has*


Today, Aer-May legally threw Jack out of Silverwood, mainly due to the incident from before. After that, she went to the YSC's office, and declared an emergency, and had the fleets recalled. However, comms came back online, so this wasn't needed, and the order was belayed.

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What're we doin'?)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I was wondering whether you cared to observe more Ming + Faretel)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okey-doke.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... Ewwwwwww!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
Kortoris (kris159): (you don't need to enter the appearance in this chatroom)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Will RP*)
Kortoris (kris159): (it IS the appearance)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris you don't need to be here)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Um.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He can be here.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I know)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He -must- be here.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Oh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Ties him to the floor*)
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
Kortoris (kris159): (you don't need to be on the computeR)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ("Come up with another idea, and I'll killa ya!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (kill*)
Kortoris (kris159): (d--)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (FYI, despite how things may seem, I will keep things appropriate and decent today)
Kortoris (kris159): (did you just quote BSG?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (A Ron and David logo.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So, kind of, yes.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: So... here's my place.
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (How dare you.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Nice.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*A disco ball comes down*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: It's not that big, but it suits me.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ron: *Gets a microphone* I've got an idea...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ron: Blah-blee-blee-dee-bee.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (WOlf? Any good music you can suggest?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*David rips his shirt*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Errrrrrrrrr-no.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf: BSG orchestra playing country music on bagpipes!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: 70s porn music!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Tourny: PotC music!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Me: Wagner on electric guitars!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris: ... DnB.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (... which WOULD be awesome)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May and Viv walk into Silverwood HQ. Jack and Greg are the only others in there*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May walks up to Jack and hands him some papers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... Wh--
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *They walk into the dining room at sit down at the table*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm assuming command of Silverwood.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Everyone: =O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You ca--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: I worked out all the paper work.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Think you'll stay in the Navy?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May:'re trespassing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Bu-but..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: No idea.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I doubt it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You're joking, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May motions to the papers*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Sometimes retiring seems nice...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack starts looking over them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: It's all in there. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: But, how am I trespassing?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Oh. I forgot. You're fired.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: I thought we had something special!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... Aer-May. Can't we talk about this?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: 10.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv smirks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: 9.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: 8.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: 7.... 6.... 5....
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: What're you--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A mechanical sound is heard*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: I have time enough for this! *he grabs Aer-May's tits and runs*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: 3....
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Okay! OKay! I'm going.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: She's flat anyway...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack starts walking to the car room*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Where're you going?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: To my SUV..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: She owns it now.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Do I have to start counting again? Because, I will.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: No. I'm going!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: But the seats are still wet from when we did it in the back seat!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Lol>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He walks to the platform*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Greg: ... Do I have to--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You can stay.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I have today off, so if there's anywhere you want to go...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts walking to the car room, and motions for Viv to follow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv runs up to her, and follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I don't have a specific want, really..
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-May: Now, lets see if you're as good as Jack. Remove your pants, Viv.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May walks to her Armada*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She gets in. Viv gets into the passenger side*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Ming?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Where are we going?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Please... call me Takara.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: We've got an appointment.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Claire Faretel.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: With the Supreme Chancellor.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (We just learned thier first names o.o)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yah.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May starts the car  up, and starts driving, to the platform. Once in the wearhouse, outside, towards the capital building, which is a short distance away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Viv and Aer-May are now offically a team*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: It's 1500... Anything you want for dinner?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Feel free to do whatever with her.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You name it, I can cook it.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ming: Yes! >=D)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Xg'dsui?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I can make that.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Automated kitchens are nice, but I've always preferred doing it myself.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (God... I suck at dialogue. I can detail defensive positions, but I can't have a normal conversation)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming walks into her kitchen*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel follows*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Mi-Takara. Need any help?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Sure.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming begins taking out ingredients*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Stir-filter system, top shelf, the big cabinet
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May pulls up to the capitol building*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Got it *she gets out a large, strange-looking device*
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Admin) has entered the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (WHo made him admin?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She shuts the car off, and gets out. Viv follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny did.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Tourny is a communist)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (whatever..publishing.....)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (It should be based on how good of an RPGer you are, rather then just making everyone admin)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Eh.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel notices Ming looks a bit unhealthy... possibly too much alcohol*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Would be a...*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Normal?*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Ready to..RPG?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You'd be an admin, Wolf)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I would?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (FIxer would be muted)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Lol.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm not using my mic
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The two walk to the entrance*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Shutup Fixer)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (My voice sounds strange on the mic)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No comment.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Shuttting up...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (99% shutting up. ERROR! Unable to shut up)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming starts chopping ingredients using a combat knife marked "119th Airborne Regiment"*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May stlishly storms through the YSC's office door, with Viv in tow*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: My dad was in the Marines... this was his.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She drops some papers on his desk*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Stylishly)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (0248)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Typos*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Great blade, never gets dull)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Dull*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Uhh.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *She finishes cutting and throws the knife across the room into a magnetic rack*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What a beautiful day.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: What're these?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I want you to recall all the ships. The whole fleet.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Aer-May: Jack and my son's birth certificate)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: We've got...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: We've got relief ops going.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: We can't recall our ships.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *Scoffs* Relief ops?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Those will do nothing.
Kortoris (kris159): (*wants to PB*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It'll do the most good to recall the fleet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: So, get on that, or I will.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Put these in the stir/mixer with some Znao.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The YSC looks over to Viv*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She raises an eyebrow, in a "that's right, b****" kind of way*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Viv is a chick?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: ... B--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ( =D)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming inspects some crystals with her good eye*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( Viv in her pilot uniform)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's actually affiliated with the Navy, though she's managed to stay low-profile.)
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (seriously, Wolf)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's got a -very- interesting story.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was planning this, Kris.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (BHWHAHA!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May takes the comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: That won't work.
Kortoris (kris159): (Your last project that you made without stealing was about 2 months ago)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: *Sighs* We'll... I'll call them back.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Stealing?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh. The character.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What? I can't help she happens to play in BSG.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (DOn't be like Tourny)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I need to find the actor.)
Kortoris (kris159): (you were the one against stealing, Wolf)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not the character.)
Kortoris (kris159): (can't you just get a random woman?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... IDK.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf? did you edit that pic yet?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Just the uniform.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I don't mean to be rude, but the sooner the better)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm going to use a heavily edited BSG pilot uniform.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I mean Ming's pic)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And not because I've been watching BSG.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ooh.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): ( I gotta go take a shower brb.I'm going to log off just in case. Invtie me when I'm back online.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No. I will.)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has left the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Need a link to it again?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nope.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't think...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I think I've got it saved.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Wolf has it as his wallpaper*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (But, later I'm going to seriously edit that pic.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The uniform one.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That specific one because it's the only...good one.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The rest are bad imitation uniforms, or you can't even see it.)
Kortoris (kris159):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: We'll need to use the Endeavour.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Why?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: To bring the ships out of hyperspace. Comms are down.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And, bring them out of hyperspace would help how?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Edit the Ming pic so I don't need to use the current semi-pornographic one)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: We've...had to resort to light messages.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I will.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Light messages?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Via a shuttle. Flashing a light in a code in order to contact each other.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Haven't you heard?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: And, where's Jack?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May smirks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *In a mocking tone* Haven't you heard?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks out, Viv follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The YSC sighs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Only a nut would marry her.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *Over the desk-comm* I heard that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: ... Wha--?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: You've taken things into your own hands.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What next?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Next. We take control of the Navy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: We can do that?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm going to declare an emergency.
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *enters the appearance*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: If anyone still follows the laws... We can take control.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: What about Wolf?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What about him?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Aren't you going to sort out the...issue?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's his problem he needs to sort out.
Kortoris (kris159): (Mashrum Zkazka!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *It is now 1730, and dinner is ready*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mushroom?)
Kortoris (kris159): *Mashrum)
Kortoris (kris159): (*
Kortoris (kris159): (Mash. Rum)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga's on shrooms?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Grabs cane*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We already knew that.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Just reminding you)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Walks down stairs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Has stolen: A ship design
Two character pics*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And a ship name.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And Silverwood somewhat.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Directly.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Jumps in transport*
Kortoris (kris159): (You've still stolen, the point stands)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Finally stole stuff*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming carries some plates into the dining room topped with exotic-looking foods*
Kortoris (kris159): (AND you make things so similar to stolen things, that they seem stolen)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Though, Bly and Tourny went on a rampage*)
Kortoris (kris159): (But still)
Kortoris (kris159): (you're always calling everyone else a hypocrite)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You aren't going to use the ubergun in RP, are you?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh. Phew.)
Kortoris (kris159): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That'd be scary.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Non-canon?)
Kortoris (kris159): (no)
Kortoris (kris159): (*turns the song over*)
Kortoris (kris159): (Just no)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*The station explodes*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He starts shooting Yulair*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*It explodes*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The D-3 shuttle lifts off*
Kortoris (kris159): (A COLOR!)
Kortoris (kris159): (For the war template)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *looks out window*
Kortoris (kris159): (Any votes?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Will attempt to stop stealing stuff*)
Kortoris (kris159): (sugugestions?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Gold.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Blood red)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Blooooood.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Gold is just creamey-orange with alot of reflection)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Blooooooooooooood.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Let's...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Wow... this looks fantastic!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Zombie: Braaaaaaiiiinnnsss.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Look in the middle of Gold and Bloody-red)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Blooooooooood.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Zombie: Wanna ally?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Sure why not)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Thanks.. go ahead and try it!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile, at the Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy, who just returned from a mission, walks onto the bridge*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A shuttle exits hyperspace near the Menuari, and drifts towards it*
Kortoris (kris159): (Bloody red > Gold)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It starts flashing a light*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Commander.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She salutes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Commander salutes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hey!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I just noticed!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The Commander of the Menuari is the same rank as Adama.)
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Seriously didn't mean to steal that*)
Kortoris (kris159): (lol)
Kortoris (kris159): (*doesn't believe you* >=(
Kortoris (kris159): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir.
Kortoris (kris159): (JK)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We've just recieved word...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We're... Being recalled.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: What do you mean?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The shuttle exits the atmosphere, and hypersaces towards Petr'a'll*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The Supreme Chancellor. He's calling back all ships.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: This is fantastic!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Why?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Don't know, sir. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Odd... Well... Set a course.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (What are Ming and Faretel upto?)
Kortoris (kris159):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Yes, sir.
Kortoris (kris159): (How does it look?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Thanks
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (At Ming's house eating dinner)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I would look away.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Or your eyes may burn.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Oh...)
Kortoris (kris159): (There is too much padding on the name bit)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *At the Dauntless*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A shuttle exits hyperspace and goes to the bridge*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It starts flashing a message*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *It enters Petr'a'll's atmosphere*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): General: ... They're recalling the fleet?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): General: What the hell for?
Kortoris (kris159): ('Tis better)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *It lands*
Kortoris (kris159): (WOLFEH)
Kortoris (kris159): How does it look?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The shuttle passes the bridge and enters hyperspace*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nice.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (good.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Good news)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *At the Majestic*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Victorious**
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's pulled out of hyperspace. The Endeavour in view*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *It lands on part of The Sea Platform*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: ... You're kidding, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A shuttle flies to the bridge and starts flashing a message*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: *Sighs* Must be tea-time. Alright...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Majer: Set a course.
Kortoris (kris159): (Don't you hate people who get dead argumentative over sport)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT BASEBALL!?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WHAT DID YO--JK. Yeah. I do.)
Kortoris (kris159): Guy: (ARG! *Starts a fight over wheter a bag of air went in a net or not*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Gets out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Doesn't like sports*)
Kortoris (kris159): (*doesn't mind any*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*is with wolf*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You guys are nerds)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Walks onto an escalator*
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: If it involves girls or guns, it's awesome! 
Otherwise, bomb it!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Sports are great)
Kortoris (kris159): (Not liking sport and being clever aren't mutually exclusive.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Football FTW)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
Kortoris (kris159): (idm any sports)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Football FTL)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (What if the Girl is ugly and the gun is fake?)
Kortoris (kris159): (I just hate the way people get so worked up about it)
Kortoris (kris159): (And so enthusiastic)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: ..... Bomb it!)
Kortoris (kris159): (It becomes the center of their life)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kortoris. Start being a soccer/rugby/cricket fan, like the rest of England)
Kortoris (kris159): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Two fighters are flying along the Apokoliptica*
Kortoris (kris159): (No)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (I HATE basketball. I don't believe it should have EVER came onto the Earth.)
Kortoris (kris159): (I use them as a way to better myself)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: Wow...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Basketball is ok)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Baseball is good)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: This is just so... Majestic, you know?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: The ship is just so big, yet so graceful.
Kortoris (kris159): (I see what compelte messes and failures devote their lives to sport, and think "I'm going to get somewhere in life, so I'll not like the things they'll like".)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot2: Did you mix up your drugs?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: Heh. No. I'm serious. Just. Turn down your engines, and just glide.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Enters a large control center*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both glide along the midsection*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: It's real peaceful out here, isn't it?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot2: ... You know... You're right.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (If the lakers win tonite, the celtic will burn cars.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The first pilot lets go of the control stick and leans back in his chair*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf loves the Celtics)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (That's what happened last year >.>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I do?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Radio: So then we'll--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: *Gasps*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: What?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The officer starts laughing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *In a joyous way*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Oh, my god!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Comms are online!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Comms are online!!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Kortoris (kris159): (Do you guys reckon the GT2 page is complete?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *A group of Officers sit by a window, looking out at the ocean*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *sits with them*
Kortoris (kris159): (Excluding the red links)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Seriously!?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Yes!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Greens? Can you hear us?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Pilot: Oh, my god! It's so good to hear your voice not in person!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Get Yulair on the line! Quick!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Already on it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Station Officer: Hello?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Hello, Yulair!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming seems to be consuming lots of alcohol*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SO: Ap-- Are-- How are you contacting us?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Not sure. The comms just decided to start working.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *it is now sunset*
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
Kortoris (kris159): (Hi)
Bly (bly1234): (Hi)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Bly (bly1234): (Hi.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming starts slipping her tongue into Faretel's mouth*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): faretel: Mmmm...
Bly (bly1234): (*Leans in with interest*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jk)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (My eyes...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (They burn.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (That never happened, just looking for Bly's reaction)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): SO: Can you contact the fleet?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: We're t--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A sudden burst of comm messages starts*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's a bunch of officers and commanders all chattering*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Goes to lab*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Green1: We're back in business! Yeah! 
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Some scientist are tampering with the supplies from Sanctuary*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Green 1, Green 2, land in the hanger! Hah-hah!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Examines the crystal*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *puts it through a series of test*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Admin) has entered the room>
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Various oceanic animals swim past the windows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters all land*
<Kortoris (kris159) has left the room>
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The results print out*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel notices Ming consumed a lot of alcohol*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Remains in battle against opposing soldiers*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Anyone got extra ammo?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The YSC starts talking to the ship commanders*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: What--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Captain.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I'll take you home now...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Uhh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: We got a sensor update...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void gets shot in the arm* Void: AGH! Need... medic....
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: I guess.. you have a guest room or something?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Looks over them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The Ichiri ship has moved quite a ways away.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Pins them to a bulletin board*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Yeah... *shows Faretel to the room with the blue bed*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Trooper: Void!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You can sleep here...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void starts to fall unconcious*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Thanks... my hotel room seems a bit suspicious...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (From a hit in the arm?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Mantorak Fleet&Navy troopers continue battling on Morphaan VI*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Damn... Falken probably had it bugged.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Falken? Oh, right...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Must be a quick bleeder.)
Bly (bly1234): (*Wants to have an epic battle with Falken*)
Bly (bly1234): (*can't interact with Drakonia*)
Bly (bly1234): (*For a few years*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Mantorak Navy officer: Can any of you get your butts on here on Morphaan? We're getting torn to-*Explosion and comm static*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You need some clothes? You've been wearing your uniform for a while
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Quick! We need soldiers on morphine!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Mantorak Trooper: Save me! We're being cut down by-*Blaster shots and screams come through the static*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *His commen senses tingle*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *looks over Faretel* You could borrow something of mine and go shopping later
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void, now fully recoverd, enters his personal starfighter and takes off into the air battle*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Not tonight... this time difference is killing me.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Soldier: Sir!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): What?
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Anyone availible to help my men down here?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Soldier: Reports of a large space battle not far from our system.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void:Morphaan VI isn't too far
<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Morphine 4!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Prep a transport. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Silly Naga.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Soldier, that battle is over here, I think.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Soldier: Yes sir. *walks away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May cuts into the comms*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm on Morphaan VI,where are you, Jackle?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What's going on?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): General: We're not sure. The--
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (About 2 systems from you.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: The flagship. It's moved away! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: How far?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Well, quite a lot. We don't have an exact estimate. It looks like it's heading back to that nebula.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Ok) Void: Trooper, get your men here as soon a possi-*Static*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *starts pulling out some Elite Diamondors*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *They get on the readied transport*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (And Btw, we never contacted you.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Grabs helmet and pistol*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Right. Keep me updated. *She ends the comm*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Gets on*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Mantorak Naval admiral: Morphaan VI is being blown apart! These creatures are insane cyborg-zombie things... I have no idea what they are, but they appear to be undead cyborgs..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Keep -her- updated?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: I don't know... I haven't seen Jack around.
Kortoris (kris159): Oh darn!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Oi! Those are my soldiers!)
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: ...
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: *peers over to my console*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Well...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Whatever. 
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: ...
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: What the hell is that?
Kortoris (kris159): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: ... Uhh... Don't come back.
Kortoris (kris159): Space... invadors...
Kortoris (kris159): What's it to you, anyawys.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *2 other military transports and a DR-8F follow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Riiiight. 
Bly (bly1234): *Meanwhile, on Alsoras*
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: Oh, it's just your supposed to be looking after the flagship.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Idiots.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Who?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Theyn enter hyperspace for Morphaan VI*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: *In a kind of mocking tone* "Silverwood".
Kortoris (kris159):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Captain: Oh... Yeah, can't disagree.
Kortoris (kris159): (I'm sorry, that planet could not be found)
Kortoris (kris159): (Please try another one)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone ends the comms*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Blames it on Fixer*)
Kortoris (kris159): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I'll just take a shower and go to bed... I need some sleep.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: *
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Not Ming*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Blames it on <insert the person to blame here>*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Blames Fixer*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Actually... I've got complete control of her!!! >=D)
Kortoris (kris159): We're over a protected planet against someone who's not technically at war, do you really think someone's gonna show up and start shooting at us.
Kortoris (kris159): *my machine bleeps*
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: Engage!
Kortoris (kris159): It's a darn trade ship.
Kortoris (kris159): Q'slaska: Stand down.,
Kortoris (kris159): ...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *They exit hyperspace to see large ship debris drifting around*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Where's the Devlabordich?)
Kortoris (kris159):
Kortoris (kris159): (Did you mean Chatlogs:2010/05/25?)
Kortoris (kris159): (Over Yulair)
Kortoris (kris159): (As it has been since it was built
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Thought so.)
Kortoris (kris159): )
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Rumor has it that these "things" are expirements, courtesy of Alphoran civilization about 1 system from here. They were insane themselves, the developers. Instead of cloning, the scientists implanted cybernetic enhancements to the corpses, and artificial intelligence of a brute soldier, a medic, grunt, or officer. There was a virus that ravaged the memory chips, thus creating insane cyborgs. Unfortunately, the entire civilization was wiped out by the zombies, and then the system was wiped out.
Kortoris (kris159): (JK, jackle)
Bly (bly1234): *A corps of troopers is about to breach the bubble of Alsoras City, the capital*
Bly (bly1234): *The Emperor comms Naga*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Emperor.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I apologize about the troops leaving.
Bly (bly1234): AE: Emperor Krion *He bows* 
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: My fleet has taken the liberty of destroying much of the army, but the remnants are not going down easily.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): However, something came up.
Kortoris (kris159): (seriously)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The DR-8F acompanies the other two shuttles on sweeps*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (HEY!)
Bly (bly1234): AE: Our city is being breached, we're about to be overtaken!
Kortoris (kris159): (Why is it so hot in England this year.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What the f*** is that?!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: So, any volunteers?
Kortoris (kris159): (?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga and Bly interacting!!!???!??!??!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=O)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): So they overran the defenses?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Epic =O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Double epic =O)
Kortoris (kris159): Computer: (Contact! Enemy crums!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (==========OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
Bly (bly1234): AE: Yes. Our bubble entrance station is about to be taken!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
Kortoris (kris159): Computer: (50 bearing in on us!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Jackle, you availible?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Well, that's too bad for you.
Kortoris (kris159): (*gets his shorts out of his bag*)
Bly (bly1234): AE: What?!
Kortoris (kris159): (*the computer desk is spammed with random crums from the shorts*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: I need cover fire.....
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *lights cigarette*
Bly (bly1234): AE: B-b-but, Lord Emperor!
Kortoris (kris159): (Cigarette?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Static*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Searches for comm readings*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Lord Emperoro!?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (E-)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Erm)!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WTF?)
Kortoris (kris159):
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Epic phail*)
Kortoris (kris159): (Did you mean 2010/04/19 - 2010/04/25?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I hope they don't torture you....
Bly (bly1234): (Naga, you got a page for that cigarrette?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ah, I'm lying.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I hope they torture you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (>=D)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (brb)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: J*static*kle! I need yo*static* now!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Lemme go make a page for it.)
Bly (bly1234): AE: Lord Emperor, please! I beg of you!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I'll see you in hell!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May comms the YSC*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ends the comm with a smirk*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: So, I suppose you've told everyone to not come back?
Bly (bly1234): *The entry way is breached*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YSC: Yes... Should I have done otherwise?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I suppose, no. If the comms are working...
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Mantorak soldier commander: We're losing our frontlines!
Bly (bly1234): *Charges in with a few dozen squads*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She ends the comm before he can say anything*
Kortoris (kris159): (*was having a clapping contest with Carla today*)
Bly (bly1234): Take the Government District. I'll go for the palace.
Bly (bly1234): Major Commander: Yes sir.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance, though I'm still here
Kortoris (kris159): (t'was rather fun until her BF came over)
Kortoris (kris159): (I had to retreat into cover)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Who be Carla?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Back.)
Kortoris (kris159): (That...)
Bly (bly1234): (Kris' girlfriend)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WB.)
Kortoris (kris159): (Girl --)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Who is this?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (So you didn't do her?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (TT.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hello?
Kortoris (kris159): (*Has never "done" her*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Mantorak soldier commander: 3...2*scream* 1.... IT'S ONLY ME! Help me I need reinforce-*scream then static, then strange, tinny laughing*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *To soldiers* Head into that ship over there.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *They jumps out, and start heading towards the ship*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Me and the shuttle provide air support for them*
Bly (bly1234): *Arrives at the palace*
Bly (bly1234): Prepare to breach.
Bly (bly1234): Sergeant: Yes sir, Supreme Leader.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Cyborg zombie: You..fools.... I'm going to.... eat... you... fools....*sound of flesh being ripped from bones, then chewed on and eaten*
Bly (bly1234): *Places a few detonation packs on the wall*
Bly (bly1234): Stand back!
Bly (bly1234): *The wall explodes*
Bly (bly1234): *Rushes in*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Pilot! Send in some EMPs!
Bly (bly1234): *elsewhere around the palace, seven more squads break in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Where be everyone?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Pilot: Yes sir!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Are you helping me?)
Bly (bly1234): (No)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly's at Alsoras.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm talking to Jackle)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel takes a shower, Nly is not present, to Bly's disappointment*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Fixer's at...)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Mans a turret*
Bly (bly1234): (I'm on Alsoras, about to pwn the Emperor)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Where ever.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Jackle's at...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (MORPHAAN VI)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (IDK where.)
Bly (bly1234): (Nly: *Wishes he left a camera*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Left? He was never there)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *shoots a couple of rouge debrisshards*
Bly (bly1234): (...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: I'm on the ground battle now, and I could use some (italic)backup) right now.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Fine. I'll send in a ThunderBird.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): PILOT!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: cyborg zombies.... how about some Molecular disruption rifle?
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Thanks Jackle. 
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Cyborg zombies sounds like my Stalkers)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Call the fleet. We need 2 TB's.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Pilot: Yes sir!
Bly (bly1234): *Arrives in an ornate hallway*
Bly (bly1234): All squads, check in.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *is expecting some terminators any moment now*
Bly (bly1234): 1: This is squad one.
Bly (bly1234): *The other squads check in, only squad four is missing*
Bly (bly1234): Squad Four, do you copy.
Bly (bly1234): *There is silence*
Bly (bly1234): Squad Five, check on Four. Proceed to the Throne Room.
Bly (bly1234): Five Sergeant: Yes Sir.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Fire disuption rifle at the second to last cyborg zombie squad, and splits the atoms, thus killing them.*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Or, they are undead so what would it be classified as?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Troop.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *In comm* Okay men. Report back.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL@!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *As thunderbirds close in, the cyborg fleet is destroyed, and as fresh reinforcements come in, the ground squad surrenders.*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris is a delirious rabbit that yelps!)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The dropships pick up the soldiers*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming goes to bed, as does Faretel. No, Bly, they are in seperate rooms.*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *The TB's just arive now*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Thank you for the assistance. The veterans and survivors of Morphaan VI owe you one.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *They start eliminating every enemy ship*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): A days work.
Bly (bly1234): Five Sergeant: Sir, Squad Four Members are all dead.
Bly (bly1234): What happened?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel gets up around 0100 to get a drink*
Bly (bly1234): Five Sergeant: Evicerated, it looks like.
Bly (bly1234): Alright, proceed to the throne room.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Ming is there*)
Bly (bly1234): Five Sergeant: Okay.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Mantorak Navy frigates escort thunderbirds*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
Bly (bly1234): *arrives at a large steel door witjh the Alsoran Markings on it*
Bly (bly1234): *Kicks it down*
Bly (bly1234): *There is a throne*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *She finds Ming in the dining room, her head down on the table, seemilngly in tears, with an empty bottle of alcohol next to a half-full one*
Bly (bly1234): Alsoran Emperor: Ah!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *We exit hyperspace on Petr'a'll before the Mantorak's can thank us*
Bly (bly1234): *raises rifle at him* Surrender immediately.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Takara? I-is something wrong...?
Bly (bly1234): Alsoran Emperor: I...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly. Just shoot the bastard.)
Bly (bly1234): *At that moment, a panel above us opens*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Don't shoot!)
Bly (bly1234): *A figure in black robes similar to Trillius falls next to the Emperor.*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: *Draws sword*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okay. SHOOT!)
Bly (bly1234): Alsoran Emperor: It's about time you've got here!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Mission complete, a garrison with heavy altillery is coming here to clan up the mess. Of to help a distress signal on Mantorak. Supposedly the remnants of the fleet I had destroyed long ago have invaded...
Bly (bly1234): *The figure takes his sword and points it at the Emperor's throat*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Off*
Bly (bly1234): Figure: You...will never adress me like this again.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *raises her head, tears are flowing from her eye*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hey?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly?)
Kortoris (kris159):
Bly (bly1234): *The Emperor nods slowly, then vigorously*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *We don't recieve that message*
Bly (bly1234): (Yes?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Why not use a picture of Ahnold for Trillius?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I-it's nothing...
Bly (bly1234): (Because, he's not Arnold)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ahnold.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not Arnold.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ahhhnold.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He'll be bach.)
Bly (bly1234): (He's in black robes, and his skin complextion is pale white)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I can make his skin really white.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (If you want.)
Bly (bly1234): (No thanks)
Bly (bly1234): (I like having Trillius a mystery)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Stand back. 
Bly (bly1234): Figure: Trillius? Is that you?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *All the ships land*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Goes to bunk rooms*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Lays down to sleep*
Bly (bly1234): *The figure takes its sword, and brandishes it threatningly*
Bly (bly1234): Figure: I haven't seen you since our wedding.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ((@#W40-9_()_!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WTF?!0
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): faretel: *sits down accross from Ming*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Morphaan VI Veteran: Okay... anyone else still alive?* Several battle-scarred squads, most missing troops, walk up to him, and they all celebrate a hard-won victory*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Giggity!)
Bly (bly1234): (CLIFFHANGERLOL)
Bly (bly1234): (jk)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (LOL!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (HELALALLOOL!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (CLIFFHANGERLOL)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (HELALOOLOL!)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Er....
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Oh shut up, you golddigger.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): )
Bly (bly1234): no )*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Why'd you leave home, anyway?
Kortoris (kris159): [23:41] Kortoris (kris159): Eshirox: We're here for Colonel Phane.
[23:41] Bly (bly1234): I see.
[23:41] Kortoris (kris159): HELALOOLOL!
[23:41] Kortoris (kris159): (That did not just happen)
[23:41] Bly (bly1234): ...
[23:41] Kortoris (kris159): Sorry.
Kortoris (kris159): ( )*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): faretel: You're drinking too much. Look at yourself, this can;t be good for you.
Bly (bly1234): Figure: I didn't have much luck finding you there. What're the odds that we meet here? Working for the opposite sides in a war/
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: I do not know. All I know is that I must kill you.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (OH. I thought it was perhaps a previous wife of Bly's.)
Bly (bly1234): Figure: Now, now. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): g2g
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): see ya
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bye.)
Kortoris (kris159): (bye)
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) has left the room>
Bly (bly1234): *He takes his sword, and charges Figure*
Bly (bly1234): *They engage in an epic duel*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Good riddance)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (LO!L)
Bly (bly1234): Alsoran Emperor: ...I
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Ikr?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (!LO!L!!()!))! I'll stop.)
Bly (bly1234): *Stuns the Alsoran Emperor*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It turns out, Figure is Figure's real name*
Bly (bly1234): Take him back to the Rebel encampment.
Bly (bly1234): (*Does not have a name for her yet*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: *takes the bottle*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *exits appearance*
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) has left the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You-you wouldn't u-understand... I-I'm sorry.
Bly (bly1234): *They continue to duel in the background*
Bly (bly1234): Major Commander: Sir?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Something's wrong, I can tell that much.
Bly (bly1234): Major Commander: The city is ours.
Bly (bly1234): Major Commander: What should we do about...*he motions to Trillius' duel*
Bly (bly1234): I don't know yet.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *She moves over and puts her arm around Ming*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly if you say anthing I kill you)
Kortoris (kris159):
Kortoris (kris159): (*HAD TO*)
Bly (bly1234): (*Cannot continue my RPG Now*)
Bly (bly1234): *Watches  the two fight*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: *Stabs the figure in the chest*
Bly (bly1234): Figure: Agh! You...
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: It will not kill you.
Bly (bly1234): *He kicks her, she falls back*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: *To two soldiers* Take her to the prison
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming rests her head on Faretel's shoulder*
Bly (bly1234): Soldiers: Yes sir.
Bly (bly1234): (brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *the scene fades out, mush to Bly's anger*
Kortoris (kris159): (Sister: Bye, uncle Kris!)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Kortoris (kris159): (PB?!)
Bly (bly1234): (HJKI)
Bly (bly1234): (Very well)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
Bly (bly1234): *Follows them out of the palace*
Bly (bly1234): (You think your relationship is bad, Trillius and his wife just had an epic duel)
Kortoris (kris159): (lol)

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Bly (bly1234): (Hi)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is on the Radiant's bridge
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Naga
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Me? Acting as me!? =O Incredible!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): *is on the Bly Machine, which is heading home from Alsoras*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *enters the appearnce*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hello, Naga.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How're things with you?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Excellent.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: I don't have to deal with Bly! =D)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: .... Wahh!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So, do you still have Faretel?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Not me personally, but yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ah. I take it she's enjoying herself?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): She has been given the option to leave and has refused, so I presume that is correct
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Alright.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That war thing...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's that looking?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): -Which- war?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): With us.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yulair.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*doesn't know what to do*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): We're safe from that now.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): It is of little importance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Uhh...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's the wife?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Little do I know.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hahahah!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Very good
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Umm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's Drakonia?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Good.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (I still have no idea what to RP about now..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Look, um...
Bly (bly1234): (*Wonders when I will be involved in a Wolf-RPG*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Things have been really awkward with Yulair lately...
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) reads over production reports with one eye and taps a few things on a panel, the other eye is focused on Wolf
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): "Why do I care?" is probably what you're thinking.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Correct.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Um... Well, there's something that's going to come up...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't know when...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And, I don't even know how it will...turn out.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (A wedding?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Do you know if...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I could, say, reactivate the Captia Defense Coalition?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Why?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It'd be more of a way to get everyone under one roof to talk to them.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well...
Bly (bly1234): (*throws Yellow Flag*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): You still can't fight your own wars?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Wakes up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I guess you could say that.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): But...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not my own war.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's everyone's one.
Bly (bly1234): (*Throws a bigger yellow flag at Wolf)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *his uncommon senses tingle*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Everyone's...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Smacks it away*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): So it's mine? How?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Replaces it with a green flag*)
Bly (bly1234): (*throws a giant yellow flag*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*execpt mine*)
Bly (bly1234): (OBJECTION)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's yours only in the Appearance.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ...Which I am not in.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Gets out the uberflag. It's the flag to rule all flags.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *)*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You have colonies in the Appearance, yes?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I used to.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Happened?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): They were... removed in Project Hammerfall.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): You are not aware of this?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Uh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Comms have been out.
Bly (bly1234): (Wolf, I have an Objection)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Along with the sensors.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Perhaps that is a good thing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): For the last day or so.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That ship.
Bly (bly1234): (You are not a member of the Capita Council, or a Treaty of Capita Signer. You can't reactivate the CDC)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It started moving.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Fine!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Go ahead and die!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
Bly (bly1234): (Y^&*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Which ship?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (I am, though.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll talk to you about it, Bly.)
Bly (bly1234): (If you come see me, h-
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was planning on it.)
Bly (bly1234): (Okay)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The flagship.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Descendent..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Flagship.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Wait, so your sensors are down...)
Bly (bly1234): WTF
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): That's nice.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (They were.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You don't understand...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): As I've already said to another ruler earlier today...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): YOu don't have to believe in the nergy thing...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Too bad for you
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): energy*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I'll see you in hell.
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) ends comm
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Han: I know, right?
Bly (bly1234): (That's how he ends all these comms these days)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Han: ... I dunno.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Han: That just seems like somethin' I'd say.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Luke: Yeah. You--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Larry: Can you guys shush?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I wonder...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): He's the leader of it.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Red-9 enters the conversation*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And, I haven't talked to him in a while.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Goes back to sleep*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Bly (bly1234): *is in a meeting with Wing Marshall Tukas, Grand General Saar, Grand Admiral Opani, CiC Gara, Fleet Admiral Iionia, and Trillius*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The Empress walks up to me*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Empress: I was wondering whether we might return to the Megalith installation again in the future.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Already?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Empress: Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Megalith?!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): All right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (NOOoooooooooooo!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: Your galaxy.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (....)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: It's gonna get sniped.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'm not the only one with plot intrigue, bitchez!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Plot...)
Bly (bly1234): (Megalith?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *wakes up suddenly*
Bly (bly1234): (noooOOOo)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Intrigue?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Who says it's a Novalith-type thingy?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Oh shi-!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (???)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Oh. Just a dream.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *goes back to sleep*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Go ahead and swear!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Shit shit shit!)
Bly (bly1234): (!^#&*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Don't swear like a pussy like Bly does... swear in a manly way.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (!@^$@)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly and WOlf do*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (!^@&$!)
Bly (bly1234): (UY@&U$*()_)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802):  (@&$@#&)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *wakes up, and goes to get a drink of water*
Bly (bly1234): Tukas: Sir?
Bly (bly1234): Yes, Wing Marshall?
Bly (bly1234): Tukas: Why are we in this meeting?
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is gonna comm Bly in a little while
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *decides to stay up and watch TV*
Bly (bly1234): We're here to discuss something important.
Bly (bly1234): Something vital.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Jackle does not see Ming and Faretel getting drunk*)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius is married.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *lays Cane on the bed*
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Cease speaking about that.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (What?)
Bly (bly1234): Opani: You are?!
Bly (bly1234): Gara: Since when?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (What does that mean?)
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: This is unimportant. it is over.
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: She is imprisoned.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (You missed it Jackle. Nvm)
Bly (bly1234): You imprisoned your wife?
Bly (bly1234): Trillius: Yes.
Bly (bly1234): ...Harsh
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (No. I knew they were....."having fun".)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (They are not engaged in sexual relations at this time)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Whatever.)
Bly (bly1234): (Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Actually, he did.)
Bly (bly1234): (I know)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's been...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Proven.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No pun intended.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Stays up until sunrise*
Bly (bly1234): (I know he did)
Bly (bly1234): (He even admitted it)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *goes to closet*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Takes out another one of the same suit I wear everday*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( ROTFL)
Bly (bly1234): *Waits for a Wolfcomm*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Bly
Bly (bly1234): *answers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What's up?
Bly (bly1234): Nothing
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How're you?
Bly (bly1234): Excellent.
Bly (bly1234): How goes Yulair?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A bit better.
Bly (bly1234): I see.
Bly (bly1234): How is the meaning of this comm?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm not sure.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hey.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Think we could...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Start up the CDC council again some time?
Bly (bly1234): ...Why?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Uhm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Problems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Is why.
Bly (bly1234): Well, we might be able too.
Bly (bly1234): I don't see why we should
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'll have to explain it later more...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (You 2 are still on the comm?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
Bly (bly1234): *Exits the Appearance*
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *x its*
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) has left the room>
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>


Friday, Wolf and Bly talked about the CDC, and re-establishing it, which was done. Wolf and the Radiant went to the location to meet.


Today, the CDC meeting was held, discussing the Ichiri Descendent Ship. Also, the Menuari was escorting a large convoy of merchant ships through a nebula, where it was attacked. A battle ensued. The enemy ships launched a sort of energy pulse which weakened the hull, and destroyed the shields. The Menuari was crippled, and forced to retreat. It's now in the shipyards, with heavy repairs being done. Gabby Johnson was also badly wounded.

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): *Taps foot*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) walks into the room-thingy?
Bly (bly1234): *Waiting for Wolf at the meeting room*
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hallo!
Bly (bly1234): Hello.
<Kortoris (kris159) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): (Capita Meeting)
Kortoris (kris159): (oh0
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) goes to a chair
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Yulairian chair*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) hops into it
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hiya.
Herio Krane (kris159): *beams into the room*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How is ev--
Bly (bly1234): So the-
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi!
Herio Krane (kris159): (lol!)
Bly (bly1234): Hello.
Herio Krane (kris159): Hi again, Wolf!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How have yo ubeen?
Herio Krane (kris159): I'm Herio Krane, diplomat.
Bly (bly1234): (Isn't it Heroi?)
Herio Krane (kris159): Good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah. Heroi.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not Herio.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): (Kris: I have too many characters!!!!)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *throws Herio out the windwo*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (das war ein typo)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *puts his empty breif case on the table and sits down*
Bly (bly1234): *Waits for the Hydelphian Senate Representative, and the TEC Guy*
Bly (bly1234): How did you beam this far?
Heroi Krane (kris159): (oh...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): They're just that epic.
Heroi Krane (kris159): I'm a diplomat.
Heroi Krane (kris159): It's what I do.
Bly (bly1234): I understand.
Heroi Krane (kris159): I hope you have your flak cannons ready.
Bly (bly1234): Why?
Heroi Krane (kris159): *the Hypocritopotomous drops out of hypospace*
Bly (bly1234): O.O
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (that was good)
Bly (bly1234): (*Jumps through the windows*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *The Ignoropotmous pwns it*
Bly (bly1234): (*Flies into space and helps the Ignor-Thing*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Let's get started.
Bly (bly1234): Very well.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): What are we here to do?
Bly (bly1234): Where's the TEC and Hydelphian Senate Representatives?
Heroi Krane (kris159): Except meet.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Hydephiilans never come here.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Their too good for us.
Bly (bly1234): They were here the meeting before.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (They're controlled by Vat?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *Something Gratus walks in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Since when!?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Taonus.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (danke)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Gratus: Sorry for my tardiness.
Bly (bly1234): It's okay...
Heroi Krane (kris159): *he's speaking int hat radio voice like on Sins*
Bly (bly1234): How did you- Never mind, it's not important.
Heroi Krane (kris159): *even though he's here*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What's up with your voice?
Heroi Krane (kris159): Gratus: Nothing...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Gratus: Why do you ask?
Bly (bly1234): I'd like to give the floor to Wolf, who wanted this meeting.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*claps epically fast*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (That was meant to be out of RP because I actually did it)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Are we just going to sit here in silence or just...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Meet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ph/
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Ph.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Um.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Right.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Otherwise known as F
Bly (bly1234): Wolf is going to say something
Bly (bly1234):  Because, he wanted this meeting.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, I am.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes, you are?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes, I am.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyway!
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): (The dot triangle is compelte!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Compelte is a word for something that is triangular, meaning complete)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ready?
Bly (bly1234): Let it go onto the the record that The Nassad, Hydelphian Senate, and Crusader Republic Representatives are missing, and their seats are empty.
Bly (bly1234): Yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): We're ready for speech.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): This is about that Ichiri flagship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Descendent one.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): As some of you may know...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It had moved.
Bly (bly1234): Lisanti Rep: The Ichiri! But, they're no longer a problem!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Ichiri themselves aren't.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Something that their anscenstors created, many , many years ago, is.
Heroi Krane (kris159): How far has it moved?
Heroi Krane (kris159): A nanometer?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well...
Heroi Krane (kris159): A meter?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
Heroi Krane (kris159): A km?
Heroi Krane (kris159): A lgiht year?
Heroi Krane (kris159): A few light yeras?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Several lightyears.
Bly (bly1234): Is ths a threat to us?
Heroi Krane (kris159): Alot--
Heroi Krane (kris159): Oh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A threat.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Very big threath.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): threat*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): However.
Bly (bly1234): *A few representatives murmer to themselves*
Bly (bly1234): *And to others*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It oddly changed course, and began moving away.
Bly (bly1234): Where is it heading?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Back into the nebula it was residing in.
Bly (bly1234): Wringon Diplomat: Then, it's not much of a threat, is it?
Heroi Krane (kris159): *throws a railign over the railing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Now, be skeptical, but, this ship uses... Um... Well, like an energy force, to bend things to its will, and conquer enemies.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It also has a fleet of ships.
Heroi Krane (kris159): SOrry
Heroi Krane (kris159): Muscle spasm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The odd part is, it's totally, totally unmanned.
Bly (bly1234): (*notes that I need to do some heavy overhalls of the Capita Council and Treaty of Capita*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Or as the germans say:
Heroi Krane (kris159): "Muskelkrampf"
Bly (bly1234): Then, what threat will it pose?
Bly (bly1234): If nobody is in there?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The entire fleet is controlled by that one ship, which controls itself.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): It existing is a threat, president.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A long time ago...
Bly (bly1234): Please, call me Supreme Leader.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Soz.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Sorry*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Two races, the Utiant, and the Ichiri Descendents...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Went to war.
Bly (bly1234): (*Needs to add the new Alsoran Republic, and a few others*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Ichiri were trying to conquer the Utiant's homegalaxy using the energy force that the Utiant used for...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Just about everything.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And, they created that ship.
Heroi Krane (kris159): "that ship"?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The flagship.
Heroi Krane (kris159): "the flagship"?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Ichiri Descendent Flagship.
Heroi Krane (kris159): The Ichiri Descendent Fla-- oh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The one we're talking about.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's complicated, but...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well. It's complicated.
Bly (bly1234): What are you proposing we do about it?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's just it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): There's no plan yet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And, assaulting it directly would...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Be foolish
Bly (bly1234): You're not even on the Capita Council...You didn't even sign the treaty!
Heroi Krane (kris159): Shush, President.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, before you could do anything, the entire crew would be dead, and the ships would be taken over and put into its fleet.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): No one signed.,
Bly (bly1234): *Everyone else here did*
Bly (bly1234): *Will add Yulair anyway*
Heroi Krane (kris159): We've declared 3 times that this is not the liberation alliance.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): When it was moving towards us...
Bly (bly1234): This formed from the Liberation Alliance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yulair, that is...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Formed =/= the same as
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Most systems were knocked out.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's extremely powerful.
Bly (bly1234): Shush, Heroi.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Shush, Presidnet.
Bly (bly1234): >.>
Heroi Krane (kris159): Presidnet: Hah! *jumps over the railing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Prez-id-net.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Now, in the mean time, all we can do is wait.
Heroi Krane (kris159): I apologize, Wolf, but what did you hope to achieve in telling us?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): But, there will come a time... *mutters* hopefully...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, this will end up being a team effort.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We'll need as much of a military force as we possibly can get.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Will the same outcome exist for long-range turrets?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm not sure.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe.
Bly (bly1234): Are you proposing we reform the CDC?
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We may have to.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Is what I'm saying.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Into what and for what?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *throws the stero over the railing*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Why does this diplomatic room have a railing?
Bly (bly1234): I do
Bly (bly1234): I don't know*
Heroi Krane (kris159): 9lol0
Bly (bly1234): It leads down to the neverending shaft that most places have.
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): Does it lead to the core of the planet?
Bly (bly1234): Probably.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Huh, where else woud it lead.
Bly (bly1234): Not a good place for it, I think
Bly (bly1234): But, it's better than the Throne Room, or the Council Room.
Heroi Krane (kris159): I'm sure it is.
Bly (bly1234): Any leadership that puts shafts into important rooms are idiots.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Palps: >.>
Heroi Krane (kris159): not if it leads from the council room to the throne room.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): or vice versa.
Bly (bly1234): Well, those are enclosed shafts
Bly (bly1234): This one is not
Bly (bly1234): Anyway, continue Wolf
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, I'm saying, we may have to reform, agreeing on all attacking the ship in unison.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): When a plan comes up, that is...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Otherwise, all we can do is wait.
Bly (bly1234): Andur Rep: Well, if one of us comes under attack, then we all respond.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Why must we reform?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's like....
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): An alliance against the fleet.
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
Bly (bly1234): Nonan King: That was one of the founding principles of the Treaty of Capita, and the Capita Council.
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): My question still stands.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Does this council make an alliance fleet impossible?
Bly (bly1234): No.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Well then why must we reform?
Bly (bly1234): We don't need too.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): I believe he's saying reform back into the CDC
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Into an alliance against the Descendent fleet, yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): THe CDC is part of the Capita council.
Bly (bly1234): When the CDC is enacted, the Capita Council is temporarily disbanded.
Bly (bly1234): When the conflict is over, then the CDC disbands, and the Capita Council is reinstated.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Ok...
Bly (bly1234): Of course, everyone on the Capita Council is in the CDC and vice versa
Heroi Krane (kris159): I just assumed they could co-exist as they have been for the past month.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): The CDC has been disbanded
Bly (bly1234): since the end of the Second Ichiri War
Heroi Krane (kris159): Oh right...
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): (Jackle!0
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): (Jackle!)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Bly!)
Bly (bly1234): (You're representative is needed at the Capita Meeting!)
Bly (bly1234): (Your*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *grabs cane*
Bly (bly1234): *At that moment, a representative from the Bion Federation stolls in*
Bly (bly1234): *He sits at the chair marked "Bion Federation"*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Makes the trasnport in seconds flat*
Bly (bly1234): *There are also four new seats that have just been placed at the table, and four markers which indicate the Alsoran Republic, the Fzanti Empire, the Kandan Republic, and the Zubada Republic*
Bly (bly1234): *Their representatives walk in and sit down*
Bly (bly1234): *Lothar the Giant is thrown down the railing and removed*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*invented this railing*)
Bly (bly1234): *nobody says anything to these new arrivals*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Exits hyperspace over...Blydonia*
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: *Comms Jackle*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Puts on helmet*
Heroi Krane (kris159): HELLO THERE
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Yes?
Heroi Krane (kris159): As in I'm the superior rank.
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Hello. I presume you're here for the Capita Meeting. Proceed to the Capita Building. *He gives coordinates*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Jumps out side of transport*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*jackle forgot to answer the comm*0
Bly (bly1234): Trading Minister Tukas: ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Jackle: I don't abide laws.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *Reads Tukas' badge*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Looks down*
Bly (bly1234): Trading Minister Tukas: Hello. My name is Trading Minister Tukas, of the Bion Federation.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Why is there a trading minister here?
Heroi Krane (kris159): Why not a diplomat?
Bly (bly1234): TM Tukas: I am who the Viceroy chose to send.
Heroi Krane (kris159): ...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Slows decent*
Heroi Krane (kris159): I just assumed this was an informative meeting, not a trading one.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): .
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ..
Bly (bly1234): TM Tukas: This is not a trading meeting. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Do I have any reason to be here?
Heroi Krane (kris159): Do any of us, Wolf?
Bly (bly1234): TM Tukas: I am just the represenative chosen to be here.
Heroi Krane (kris159): What's the meaning of life, Wolf?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Pulls chute*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm not sure.
Bly (bly1234): (*Throws Krane down twenty railings*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*is not thrown down 20 railing*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Jackle's shot by a flak cannon for tresspassing without permission*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (How dare you)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Trespassing -with- permission is a different story, though.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol @ Wolf!)
Bly (bly1234): *Sees Jackle out the window*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *lands just outside the buildinG*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (BLY!)
Bly (bly1234): That must be the Crusader Republic represenative.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Cuts lines*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (SHOOT HIM!)
Bly (bly1234): (What is this, Drakonia?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
Bly (bly1234): (Besides, he got approval)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *notices a hold in the chute*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (SHOOT HIM ANYWAY!)
Bly (bly1234): *Soldiers shoot Jackle*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: JK.)
Bly (bly1234): *And a bomb is dropped on him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: JK.)
Bly (bly1234): *and an earthquake begins beneath him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Trespasses with permission*)
Bly (bly1234): *Then he is struck by lightning*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *BlyDoniaquake**
Bly (bly1234): *Yes*
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
Heroi Krane (kris159): *mmm*
Bly (bly1234): *Then he is shot again, and lit on fire*
Bly (bly1234): (JK)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (You don't need to enter the RPG here, this IS the RPG)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Walks towards door*
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) boards the ICN Ominous Shadow over Drakonia*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What're we doin' here?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Takes out Pass*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Planning a cou....
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Walks in*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): It's always last minute here, isn't it...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The Empress is onboard as well*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Nein! *Throws a knife at Jackle*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Oh, sorry.
Heroi Krane (kris159): My German reflexes just took over me.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The OS steams for somewhere in the center of Aetheria*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *takes off helmet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): brb
Heroi Krane (kris159): Berb?
Heroi Krane (kris159): What about him?>
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): What about who?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Grabs cane off of back*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Berb.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *sits down*
Bly (bly1234): I don't know.
Bly (bly1234): Welcome Jackle.
Heroi Krane (kris159): hi.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (brb)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hi.
Bly (bly1234): Now we're missing the Nassad Republic.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*whisles*)
Bly (bly1234): I believe they're deceased, however.
Bly (bly1234): *Nobody else asks who the Bion Federation is*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Ohh!)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (That's ADHD.)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (I always wondered what it stood for)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (....)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*Is listening to a song called Attention Defeicity Hyperactivity Disorder)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *)*
Bly (bly1234): *Kris does not even ask who the Bion Fed is*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Is listening to sugar ray*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Needs advice*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (No one asked what -you- were listening to)
Bly (bly1234): (*is listening too the BlyDonia Club Band*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (No one asked what you were.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Yes, Naga?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If I was to visit a secret military installation of mine...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Should I describe it in-RPG, or only allude to it?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Describe it)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Actually, you can do either)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (It just has to be on the wikia)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I think I'll keep it secret)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If it's on the wikia, you will know about it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We can't know about it in-RP.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris and WOlf will pretend they don't know anything cause they're cool)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Unless we know about it in RP.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (But it's a secret base, so..)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (But Bly wil be a douche as usual)
Bly (bly1234): (*Can't get into the Galaxy anyway*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm trying to find something for reference.)
Bly (bly1234): (*Can't actually use any knowledge*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (That wasn't the desired answer, Bly)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ty Kortoris)
Bly (bly1234): (No, Naga expected me to kiss his feet and say "Of course I won't, sir! I promise!" I'm not going to do that. I can't use it anyway, so there's no reason for him to have even said that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (OKey-doke.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm ready to pwn the Menuari now.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Shall I?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I don't give a shit if you promise, you lying bastard_)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (=O)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Comm me if you want me at the meeting via holo, Kris/Wolf)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Okeies.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll start pwning the Menuari.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile, at the location of the Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's in an orangey-red nebula, that disallows hyperspace windows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's a large fleet of unarmed ships, that it is escorting*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*deletes that line*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (BSG)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (JK)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (A fleet of...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Resupply ships.)
Bly (bly1234): (Merchant ships)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yeah.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (I was just kidding)
Bly (bly1234): (It's the Unarmed Cargo Ship Mk2)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (=O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The conditon 2 alarm, , is going throughout the ship*
Bly (bly1234): (Nuclear explosion!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake, Gabby, and Katy come out of the ready-room*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Taps cane on floor once*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * 1:12*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes?
Bly (bly1234): *Turns to Jackle*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake looks down one of the hall, and then down the other*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *shrugs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): PA: Pilots, ready for launch.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: That's us.
Bly (bly1234): Wolf anyone like to say anything about the CDC?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I dunno.
Bly (bly1234): Do we reactivate?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Shall we?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He motions down the hallway, towards the hanger*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Let's go. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The 3 start walking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They near the doorway to the bridge*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy walks past it, and looks in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She keeps going, but stops, and looks back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake and Gabby continue*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby turns around, and grabs her arm, pulling her along*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Come on! We gotta get going.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyone have any questions?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Aren't we here for a reason?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
Bly (bly1234): We are.
Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes.
Bly (bly1234): During the Ichiri War, there was a coalition called the CDC
Bly (bly1234): Capita Defence Coalition
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Commander, there's enemy ships on the screen, quite a ways up the corridor.
Bly (bly1234): Wolf is propsing we reactivate
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Understood. Prepare for Condition 1. Get everyone launched.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Yes, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The 3 walk into the hangerbay, fighters are ready and waiting*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yah?)
Bly (bly1234): Let's take a vote then, shall we?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Was ist funny?)
Bly (bly1234): All in favor of reforming the CDC?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aye/
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Bly (bly1234): (CLIFFHANGER LOL)
Bly (bly1234): We shall go around the table.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
Bly (bly1234): Next, after Yulair, is the Hydelphian Senate.
Bly (bly1234): *Looks at the empty seat*
Bly (bly1234): *Counts it as a "No Vote"*
Bly (bly1234): Next is the Gammetans.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (oh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby climbs onto her fighter, and opens the cockpit up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She gets in, and puts on the helmet*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Aye.
Bly (bly1234): Next is the TEC
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake and Katy do the same*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The cockpits close*
Bly (bly1234): ,..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well?
Bly (bly1234): I said, Next is the TEC.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone gets the breifings*
Bly (bly1234): *Counts them as an Aye*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Radio: Good luck, everyone.
Bly (bly1234): Okay, next is the Crusader Republic.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (AYE AYE!)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Aye.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Roger that.
Bly (bly1234): Bion Federation.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters all take off*
Bly (bly1234): Tukas: I supose so.
Bly (bly1234): Alsoran Rep: Aye.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ( )
Bly (bly1234): *Marks the Nassad as "Not here"*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They all form up, once outside the hanger*
Bly (bly1234): Lastly is the BlyDonian Vote. I vote yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fleet surrounds the Menuari, and it arms its guns*
Bly (bly1234): Are there any last objections
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *COndition 1 is sounded*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Battlestations goes into full effect*
Bly (bly1234): Who was in the last CDC?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * 2:30*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Alright. Fighters coming up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Looks like the caps are moving into an attack formation.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Everyone got their instructions?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone confirms*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Menuari here. Flak batteries online.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *All the flak fires to the front*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *As the nebula is like a long tube*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*it just so happens the other 5 red's weren't on the menuri then*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The flak shells explode, creating a shield*
Bly (bly1234): (They're unimportant)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Though, it's not as strong as usual, due to a lack of ammo*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: We clear the nebula and jump, right?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: So long as we can get past that fleet, yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Fighters, 1km!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Here we go!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Fighters start coming through the flak*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Free to engage!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone breaks, and starts attacking*
Bly (bly1234): Who was in the last CDC?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): ...?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The Gammetans, right?
Bly (bly1234): Yes, and they voted yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *William gets behind a fighter*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He fires*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighter's fuel tank explodes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Its engines sputter out, and it drifts towards a resupply ship*
Bly (bly1234): Very well, I hereby declare the Capita Council Disbanded, and the CDC Reinstated. 
Bly (bly1234): *Bangs gavel*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighter explodes before it can hit the ship*
Bly (bly1234): *the electronic banner changes from Capita Council to CDC*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Will: That's one!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Well, this is relaxed, ain't it?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A large wave of fighters break through the flak*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hmm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: Nice timing, 5.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Moving to engage on the upper right part of the squad.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (why does the CDC need to be reinstalled*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): )*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Right with you!
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Resupply Ship Captain (RSC): Menuari, how long until we reach the capital ships?
Bly (bly1234): (because it was dissolved with the end of the Ichiri War)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: 2 minutes.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The next morning on Drakonia...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby dives for a fighter, but is going to ofast*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): too fast*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts turning, trying to get it into her sights*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming is up at 0600 making coffee*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Whoa! You're gonna oversho--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She fires*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She pulls away after passing it*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Faretel walks into the kitchen*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighter continues on it previous course*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Dan--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It suddenly explodes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: ... Hah! Got one!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: 'Morning. *She sounds more cheerfull then usual*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Hey.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *puts on helmet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Nice job!
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Stands up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin forms up with Jake, who is heading for a squad of bombers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He starts weaving above him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: What're you doing?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: I'm gonna strafe 'em. Wanna join?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Alright... Why not?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He starts doing the same, so they're moving in opposites*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Starts walking towards door, with a little more of a limp from the landing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Weapons range!
Heroi Krane (kris159): (BFBC2)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both fire*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *taps his ear, and then looks slightly down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The bombers all catch on fire and explode/drift away and the pilots eject*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Walks outside*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *keeps in that position*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Nice!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming sits down next to Faretel at the table and sips her coffee*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Heh-heh! Does that count as mine, or yours?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Want anything else?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: I'm good, thanks.
Bly (bly1234): Mr. Krane?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Hey! Jason! What's your count?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: My what?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Your count.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: ... Oh. 2.
Heroi Krane (kris159): I apologize, but I must leave.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): =O
Bly (bly1234): Would you like to tell your Supreme Chancellor that we've restarted the CDC
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nooo!
Bly (bly1234): !
Heroi Krane (kris159): Yes.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Heroi Krane (kris159): I will do so.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Noooo.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You can go.
Bly (bly1234): Excellent
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The flak batteries cease fire*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Transmit the audio and visual data of the meeting directly to Teredona I, I will evaluate it later.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *A D-3 transport lands*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *FH2-2 drops out of hyperspace just outside BlyDonia's gravity well*
Bly (bly1234): Weren't you here, though?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Here we go!
Heroi Krane (kris159): If you keep them, that is.
Heroi Krane (kris159): The rest of it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The ships are right there*
Bly (bly1234): Oh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Staring down the fleet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's 2 of them*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): 3*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *gets in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): * *
Heroi Krane (kris159): Eshirox: *Comms BlyDonia*
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: *Answers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari opens fire, as do the enemy ships*
Heroi Krane (kris159): Eshirox: This is Colonely Eshirox of the FH2-2
Heroi Krane (kris159): Eshirox: I'm here for Heroi Krane.
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Okay...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fighters continue fighting*
Heroi Krane (kris159): HELLLOOALOLOLOLOl
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Very well
Heroi Krane (kris159): (JK)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Goodbye.
Bly (bly1234): Good day Mr. Krane.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bye.
Heroi Krane (kris159): You t-- *is beamed away*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Gets back out, and tells the pilot to go without me*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby is easily beating them*
Heroi Krane (kris159): *The FH2-2 jumps into hyperspace for Teredona I*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: How ya doin'?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I feel like I'm on top of the world, cap'n!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I told you that training would pay off!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Status?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Their shields are going, but, we're picking up an odd energy signature.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Like they're charging something.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Well... Keep firing.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Does Blydonia have Galatic transports?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby shoots dow na bomber, and then levels out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She flies straight on*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A fighter gets behind her*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Goes to the nearest transport station*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Hey! Gabby!! Check your six!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Wh--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It fires, and then pulls away*
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: Hello, sir.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She's barely hit*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fuel tank starts leaking*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She pulls off, and then goes for the fighter*
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: *Does not recognize Jackle as a leader of a Civilization*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: How's your fuel levels?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm doing fine.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She shoots it down*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): Hello. I need a transport here. *gives him  coordinates*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Sir! Their energy signatures just spiked!
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: *Reads them* Very well.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Two large pulses come from one ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They impact on the Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: What was that!?
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: Fifty Credits, please.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Gives credits*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Shields are down!
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: *Gives Jackle a ticket*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The ships start launching missiles, which impact on the unprotected hull*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Takes it*
Bly (bly1234): Travel Agent: *Directs Jackle to a passenger ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: The Belle's taking a beating! How you doing?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *gets on*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Not well! Multiple impacts! 
Bly (bly1234): Conductor: Ticket Please.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Prototype ships. Bah!)
Bly (bly1234): (*Conductor is electrocuted*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's not a...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Prototype.)
Bly (bly1234): (Caruso: I guess he was a...good conductor *puts on sunglasses*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *gives ticket*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby fires*
Bly (bly1234): Conductor: *Reads it*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Her left cannon explodes*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (But it was. *puts on sunglasses*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And a large chunk of the left wing is ripped off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabs!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She looks to the left to see the damage, as her diagnostics are down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm okay, but I'm pulling out. I don't think I can fly like this.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby, stay out here. We need you.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Her wing is GONE!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She turns towards the left hanger of the Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Larger missiles are fired*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Massive explosions occur all over the Menuari*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Even for a spaceship, that's impossible!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fleet is now directly in the middle of the blockade*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby! Get back out here!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She drifts into the hanger*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake flies along the hanger, though is quite aways away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The starboard hanger suddenly explodes in a manner resembling the battle ship in: *
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A large piece of drifts off, and the rest is all crumpled up*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): of it*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Oh, my god! Gabby!!
<(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Multiple--
Bly (bly1234): So then, shall we declare this meeting over?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Static, and electronic noises are heard*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I might get the Star Wars Roleplaying game.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The midsection of the ship explodes*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (WTF-*boom*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Everyone, clear out! 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fleet starts moving away from the Menuari*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: Just got here... What'd I miss?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The ships that do are picked off by the blockade*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (9:3)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Void: *was not invited*)
Bly (bly1234): *Wonders where Fixer is*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Most with NS2000)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A missile impacts on the nose*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (ooh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The nose is severly crumpled on the right*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Fixer is right here*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (250 points off rank up >.>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *An engine breaks off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The starboard hanger is covered in smoke and flames*
Bly (bly1234): (Where is Void?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (If you get ofut of there, your pilots can stay with me, Wolf. *wink*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm on my flagship attempting to comm Bly and Wolf)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (You.. and wolf)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A large electronic bzz is heard, and static*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Bly...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Jump!
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: *Answers Void8
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: All ships jump!!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari disappears in a flash of light*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void starts eating baked beans*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The fleet is ripped apart*
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: ...Hello?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: This is Red Actual, to all, jump!
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Anyone...there?
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void farts and stinks up the entire bridge.*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: We can't let these ships go!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Soldier: Stupid...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (This is another reason why Fixer is a bad RPGer)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: That is a direct order, and if you wanna disobey it, you cna stay here and die!
Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (He thinks fart jokes are somehow humourous)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): BL: ... Copy. Blue Squad, jump.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*gets a kill by throwing a random grenade*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *All the fighters scramble for the end of the nebula, leaving the fleet behind*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Enemy fighters pursue*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*Gustav ATed*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm not going to fight you Naga. You only complain)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): WHy is it everyone's so quiet in these meetings?
Bly (bly1234): I do not know
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I don't know)
Bly (bly1234): We have a situation in orbit.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari appears at the end of the tunnel*
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Attention Unidentified Ship. Identify immediately or be destroyed.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *In a flash of light*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*acheives warrant officer silver*)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *the transport comes toward a station on Diamondoria*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Hah! 
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Get's out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The A-22s flip around, and start engaging the fighters*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari fires its bow cannons*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Intimidator enters the atmosphere of Mantorak for administrative leave*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *2 shells impact one ship, 4 another, and 1 on the last*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Looks down at the captilo building*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The first and fourth ship are obliterated in a chain reaction of explosions*
Bly (bly1234): *A few Atlantis ships surround Void's ship*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*has a small fire fight with a medic*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*takes  cover*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The other's nose implodes, and it veers off*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Estimates the distance*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*runs out of SG ammo*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*rocket launchers the medic*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (medic: Noob)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The remaining ships scramble for the Menuari, and soon jump*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Anyone car to lend me some money?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Intimidator lands on a landing pad on Mantorak's capital city*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (May I ask how long the Intimindator is?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *jumps*
Bly (bly1234): *One Atlantis Ship fires a warning shot on Void's shi*
Bly (bly1234): ship*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Thinks: I'm getting a little old for this...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Once the fleet is clear*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (You're on Mantorak?)
Bly (bly1234): (No, you're here)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari's fighters land in the right hangerbay, and it jumps away*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (No, I'm on Mantorak...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Intimidator is my capital ship/ flagship)
Bly (bly1234): (Fixer, you clearly said you were where I and Wolf were)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He did?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I was comming you guys)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari exits hyperspace over Yulair, along with the fleet*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Probelms ensue*)
Bly (bly1234): Bly (bly1234): (Where is Void?)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (If you get ofut of there, your pilots can stay with me, Wolf. *wink*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (I'm on my flagship attempting to comm Bly and Wolf)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (You.. and wolf)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (9:6)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Whatever....)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Fine...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It drifts towards the shipyards*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Its commed*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Station Officer (SO): Menuari, what happened?
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Intimidator sent a decoy to Mantorak*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: They launched some sort of energy pulse, that ruined our shields, and weakened the hull.
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Is Gabby dead?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't know.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Intimidator rocks and rumbles as warning shot breaches the shields*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A large creak is heard*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (JAckle: NOOOO!!!!)
Bly (bly1234): (CLIFFHANGERLOL)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The entire rear half of the left hangerbay snaps*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Rushes to find that technolgy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's just barely holding onto the rest of the ship by just a few metal beams*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Menuari smashes into a dockyard in the shipyards*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Docking clamps latch onto it*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Soldiers on Intimidator raise their guns and look into their focus lenses wearily*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*takes note of the difference between a 40mm and bullet*0
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A large whir can be heard, and the ship shuts down for the most part*\
Heroi Krane (kris159): )*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (11:6, hell yeah!)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (My ship?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mine.)
Bly (bly1234): (No, his)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The commander sighs*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Casulties?
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Oh... what about the warning shot on Intimidator?)
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Once again, unidentified ship. Please state your purpose and intentions.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: About 6 pilots, quite a lot of the hanger deck crew, and...
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Wolf is not allowed put actions for your ship)
Bly (bly1234): (It didn't hit you)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: *Gulps*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: 200 or so dead in the midsection.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (29 more kills and I've completed Engineer!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: 2 pilots heavily wounded, and, 12 deck crew heavily wounded.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Oh, the Intimidator is about the size of an imperial star destroyer. But the class is undecided,)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: They've been rushed to the space station.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (YAY!)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Pulls second chute*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (See, Bly?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (1km=Flagship.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (1.6 km*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (20km=Uberbig galaxy-exploring ship)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *slows decent*
Bly (bly1234): (Look, wolf)
Bly (bly1234): (I like my flagship to be that big.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (That is the size of a star destroyer.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Same with Naga!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know. I'm kidding.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (20km = CR Flagship)
Bly (bly1234): (No, every ship is over 20km in Naga's fleet.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (A star destroyer is 1km)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (A SSD is 20km)
Bly (bly1234): (A 20km ship is just a tiny fighter)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Wookieepedia has the answer)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'm bigger then Wolf... Giggity!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (An SSD is 17km.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (HOWEVER!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's just the Executor. They all varied.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Star Wars for the lose)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Your face FTL.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*everyone thinks of the executor when we say "SSD" because it's the only one we saw*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Soldiers on Intimidator still look at their blaster sights*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Lands just infront of the Captitoll building*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Shuttles rush the wounded to the space station*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Grabs cane*
Bly (bly1234): *Fixer does not respond to the BDSCOM*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *The soldiers dismiss it as only a warning shot and walk off to their stations*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy gets out of her fighter, throws off her helmet, and storms to the bridge*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *the Limp now aches*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah looks more worried about what will happen to the bridge crew if Gabby died, rather than Gabby herself*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *makes way to room, and sits down on coach*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin gets out of his fighter, and takes off his helmet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin: Looks like we got off fairly lucky.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void leaves Intimidator in his starfighter, unsure of what else would happen*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Isn't it the Integrator, not the intimidator, Fixer?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The visor on the helmet suddenly breaks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah chuckles, despite the situation*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (The integrator was destroyed)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: I suppose so.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (That was Void's birthplace)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: Another 5 minutes and you woulda been dead, kevin.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kevin*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Watches Black Adder Goes Forth*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: Actually, you don't need the helmet  to fly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: You could fly in shorts and a tee shirt.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Intimidator was obtained using some of the remains of the ship, and the parts were used to upgrade the Intimidator)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lloyd: It's just incase you gotta bail.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jason: ... Right. Whatever.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Voids starfighter experiences electro-magnetic interference*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *Falls asleep*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Navigation systems going wayward*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Blllly?
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *with cane in hand*
Bly (bly1234): *The BDN Lethal opens fire and begins to rip apart Void's Starfighter*
Bly (bly1234): Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ..
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *the starfighter loses control*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): "Problem" is this, in orbit?
Bly (bly1234): You said "Blllly"
Bly (bly1234): Oh
Bly (bly1234): Some ship arrived and is launching a fighter
Bly (bly1234): We've attacked this fighter.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): Void: AGGGHHHHH *starfighter about to crash into the BDN*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): *exits appearance*
Bly (bly1234): *Wonders what the BDN is*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Lethal)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (That thing that was shooting at me)
Bly (bly1234): *The Lethal opens fire, and manuevers out of the way*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (back)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void fakes his death by temporarily atomizing himself as his ship begins to take another turn into the Intimidator*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*is going to heavily develope the TEC and Hydephiilans so they can enter WARFARE!)
Heroi Krane (kris159): *)*
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wif me, yesh?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (?)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *The ship crashes into the Intimidator, beginning a chain of explosions in the hull*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (I'm not going to include anyone else because then everyone will get involved and one side is assured pwnance)
Bly (bly1234): BDSCOM: Please leave, ship.
Bly (bly1234): (*the CDC will need to suport someone*)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Intimidator begins to rock*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy arrives on the bridge*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Explosions about to begin happening on the sides of the hull*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): (Are we in the atmosphere of a planet or in space, or over a planet?)
Bly (bly1234): (Over a Plant in space)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Various areas.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You're...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Where ever Bly is.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I guess.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Intimidator begins to start the process of Reentry*
Bly (bly1234): *it is stated to land in the Ocean*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A repair officer sighs, and looks over a clipboard with the Commander*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): RO: Everything's totally ruined.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Crashes on a small island after skimming accross the sea*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy pushes the RO over and looks at the commander*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Is my pilot okay?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Wh--
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void's atoms coalesce, but finds himself in a severly damged room, burned, and some side of the room missing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Is Gabby okay!?!
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): sides*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: She's been brought to the space station.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: She's alive?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commader: Yes. She's alive. Pretty badly wounded, though.
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Finds the battered remains of another soldier on the floor, burned by the chain explosions*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She heads back to the hanger*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Commander: Where are you--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks out of the bridge*
Bly (bly1234): *a few ships hover over the Intimidator*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks into the bridge*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Everyne stops doing stuff when I leave*
Bly (bly1234): (WB)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Everyone*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (TY.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*was never doing "stuff"*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait. Into the bridge?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Off of*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Out, rather...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *The Intimidator, covered in scores of burn marks, holes, and corroded metal, creaks to a stop after moving slowly towards the end of the island, due to the engines and reactor core still able to function*
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *All remaining power goes offline, and the few emergency generators kick in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy walks onto the hanger*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (First one to find out the name of AS-A3-G14 55121-03 gets an unsaid amount of cookie dough)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Red light flickers accross the ship's interior*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah is sitting on the nose of her fighter, looking down. Jake's leaning against Sarah's fighter, and talking with Jason.

Kevin's sitting on his own, and Will and Lloyd are by Will's fighter*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah gets off the nose, and walks over to Katy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Captain? Is--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy walks past, and heads towards her fighter*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Is mainly only solo-RPing, as no one else is doing anything*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She grabs a few things from the cockpit, and walks to a shuttle*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin and Sarah follow*
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The rest awkwardly decide to stay*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (What the other type of orbit (not geostationary)?)
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *The flames on the vague ramins of Void's MER/A fighter burn out, leaving in its wake only a few pieces of twisted,burned metal, and the heavily shattered cockpit*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*someone spelt "to" wrong* FAIL)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*guesses its Bly*)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): remains*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (What the other type of orbit (not geostationary)?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Gramm3r fail.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes, I know it's with an A.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I did that to be funny.)
(441st)LDR.Fixer (fettguy90): *Void stumbles after suffereing mild smoke innhalation*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (What the other type of orbit (not geostationary)?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy gets into the shuttle*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (No one knows...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Both Kevin and Sarah follow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (geosynchronous orbit?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (geosynchronous = geostationary)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Polar orbit, thankyou, Physics book)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I kn--)
Heroi Krane (kris159): Physics book: (np)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Polar orbit isn't in WW...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Yet it's in my book...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I know.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*will take a look in his revision guide*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy goes to the cockpit, not paying attention to Kevin and Sarah, and takes off, heading for the station*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She soon lands in the station, and gets out. K&S in tow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Stormtrooper: Captain Jensen, every--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks past*
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He looks oddly at Sarah and Kevin*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Kevin shrugs, and Sarah lips "She's upset."*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): mouths*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *whichever*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Das ist im P2)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (p1*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She goes to the med-bay, to find Gabby in a bed, the only visible wound is a beat up lip, and a bit of bruising on her forehead*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby tries to smile, but can't*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Why have we spent ~5 hours learning about satellites only for it not to be in the module...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Why the hell did you disobey a direct order?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Giggity)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't get the giggity.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Teh index!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga. Care to explain the giggity?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (A woman said "direct".)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): yep
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Sarah + Gabby)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Giggity!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't get it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She frowns*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: Captain... I... I couldn't fly like that.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (ok, seriously)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Where the hell are the satellites in this thing?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I'm...sorry...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy still looks angry*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: The Commander said you were badly wounded. What happened?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: I...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A medic comes over*
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Medic: She broke her leg, a rib fracture, was temporarily deafened, and also blinded...
Heroi Krane (kris159): ("[...] and can cause power surges in electricity distribution systems (by means of electromagnetic induction -- see Pg. 88)")
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Medic: And, was impaled in the stomach, which, narrowly avoided vital organs.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*goes to pg88*)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*it's not there*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy suddenly gets a sorry look on her face, and looks at Gabby*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Wth is wrong with this book?!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Gabby...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (What book?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Will she be okay?
Heroi Krane (kris159): (my revision guide)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Medic: It'll take some time, but, yes.
Heroi Krane (kris159): (oh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: ... That still doesn't get you off the hook for disobeying my orders, missy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby slightly smirks*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I'm serious.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (^^)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She goes back to frowning*
Heroi Krane (kris159): (Kris, it'd help if you were actually on pg88, not pg89, if you're looking for something on pg88)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Medic: She... Should probably rest, Captain.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy nods, and walks off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I don't get the ^^.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Care to explain the ^^?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She walks back out to the hanger*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Stormtrooper is talking with Sarah and Kevin*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy walks up to all three*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I was implying Katy and Gabby would conduct sexual relations)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Why?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (The face was to show that I would not mnd that occuring)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Would they?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wouldn't they?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (did you know that cars give our Sound energy?!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So, I suppose all your officers have sex non-stop?)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (And it's counted as inefficient energy?!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (When they're not fighting)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (>.>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ewww!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Seriously, though.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (There's no reason for them to have had sex, Naga.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (There's no reason for them not to have done so)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (There's plenty of reasons for them to have not done so.)
Heroi Krane (kris159): (*is not very good at identifying the difference between refraction and diffraction*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Such as...?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Another shuttle lands*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The rest of the squad gets out of it, along with a few medics*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... There's no motive.)
<Heroi Krane (kris159) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake runs over to the 4*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And the others slowly follow*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Is she--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: She's fine.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Oh, god..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Good.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I recall you once said you missed my dirty humour)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I can see Sarah and Kevin are very estatic.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): -)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (So I am making rude jokes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It is funny.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Captain, I didn't want to--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I don't need your excuses.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: Permission to speak freely, Captain?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: ... Granted.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sarah: I didn't want to jump to conclusions. From what I saw, she wasn't far into the hanger, and the explosion occured quite a ways from where she was.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Katy nods*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Well, I suppose we'll be having some time off... Why don't you guys go see her?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (^^)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sarah nods apprecitavely, and walks off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Everyone follows without another word*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Empress: We're 34.9% to out destination,
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Excellent!
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* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
[Kris] (kris159): (You don't need to do that anymore!)
Bly (bly1234): *Notes Wolf is here*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So?)
[Kris] (kris159): (It's one of the biggest points in the chatroom existing)
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You killed him.)
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
[Kris] (kris159): (It's like saying:
*enters the appearance*
*enters the appearance*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What's wrong with entering the Appearance twice?0
Bly (bly1234): (Because I pwn)
[Kris] (kris159): (Then you enter the mini-appearance)
[Kris] (kris159): (whereby everything is like an atom compared to the Appearance)
Bly (bly1234): *is orbiting BlyDonia in the Space Station*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ready!?)
[Kris] (kris159): (noo!)
Bly (bly1234): (No)
[Kris] (kris159): (yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (okay, go.)
Bly (bly1234): (*sits down with popcorn*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
[Kris] (kris159): (Should I make a space station on space ships or buildings?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ships.)
[Kris] (kris159): (o KEY!)
[Kris] (kris159): (...)
[Kris] (kris159): (?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May is in the capital, walking to her car*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) goes to the Radiant to leave(?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Blly?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Can I?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) does that, and then it takes off
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And enters hyperspace once out of the atmosphere*
Bly (bly1234): *BlyDonian Forces are moved to Alert Level Two*
Bly (bly1234): *And forces are mobilized*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack's by her car*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (<insert crude Naga comment here>)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Hi...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Hello. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... Umm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Something to say?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Look... I'm...really sorry. I've been feeling guilty ever since that incident in the Supreme Chancellor's office, and...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Oh, Jack. Don't. Don't feel ba-... Actually. You know? Go ahead, and feel bad. Swim in it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Huh?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Until your fingers get all pruny.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She smirks, and gets in her car*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She starts it up and rolls down the window*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: you mean?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, I feel differently about everything. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm not going to act like you're ringing a bell anymore. Or anyone else for that matter.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm person. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She rolls the window up, and drives off*
Bly (bly1234): *Enters my bedroom in the palace, after taking a shuttle down from the Space Station*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What ever happened to Boino?)
Bly (bly1234): (Ah, good.)
Bly (bly1234): (You've noticed he's absent.)
Bly (bly1234): (Who else is absent currently?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That old lady.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mother*)
Bly (bly1234): (...Old lady?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I mea--)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That chicked you nailed.)
Bly (bly1234): (lol, well, no, she moved back to whatever planet she was from)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*A large list comes up*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Boino's mother.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*The list is shorted to 3 people*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WTF, Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yeah.)
Bly (bly1234): (Boino is a popular name I guess)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Radiant exits hyperspace*
Bly (bly1234): (Who else is missing, though?)
Bly (bly1234): (I can think of three people)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... Yana?)
Bly (bly1234): (Who?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Minister person.)
Bly (bly1234): (Oh, she's there)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (The hot SM)
Bly (bly1234): (She's just busy Supreme Ministering)
Bly (bly1234): *Sits in a chair in the large den*
Bly (bly1234): *Turns on the Holo-TV*
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: Good evening from Prime City, this is Tiana Uri, Prime City News.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: Our top story tonight is the reformation of the CDC.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: Not seen since the turmoil of the Ichiri War, the CDC has returned due to Yulairian Commander Wolf. He, along with the other Capita Council Members voted it back into exsistence.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: Prime City Palace, the Supreme Minister's Office, and the War Department would not answer as to why it was reactivated.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: However, the Supreme Minister states that it was "Not because of any war."
Bly (bly1234): Newcaster: In other news, the Supreme Leader is scheduled to make a visit to Alsoras, to keep up with the new Government.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: After the Drakonian withdrawl, the Alsoran Empire was left defenseless, and it was easily overtaken.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm making a layout of my house.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well, the outside.)
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: It is not know what happened to the Emperor.
[Kris] (kris159): (*has made the Gammetan Trade Station*)
Bly (bly1234): (Wolf?)
Bly (bly1234): (Have you found who was missing?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Nope.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: Finally, Prime City will be hosting the Fifth Annual Galactic Model Contest.
Bly (bly1234): Newscaster: The Supreme Leader said he would "Definately be in attendance."
Bly (bly1234): *Turns off the TV*
Bly (bly1234): (*Cough* Ackbar *Cough* Piett *Cough* Trillius *Cough)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
[Kris] (kris159): (Got a cold?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes.)
Bly (bly1234): (A tiny one)
[Kris] (kris159): (...)
[Kris] (kris159): (oh)
[Kris] (kris159): (*sends two messages epically fast*)
Bly (bly1234): (Notice how they're been missing?)
[Kris] (kris159): (What?)
Bly (bly1234): (Ackbar, Piett, Trillius, and Boino)
[Kris] (kris159): (oh)
Bly (bly1234): (Espesially after Trillius found his wife)
Bly (bly1234): (Would anyone like to accompany me on an epic journey to find them?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sure.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (OKay.)
Bly (bly1234): (Excellent.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Uploading.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's a very rough layout, just to give an idea.)
Bly (bly1234): (Let me know when it's time for your big reveal)
Bly (bly1234): (let me know a few seconds before, and then directly after)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hold on a sec.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (This is the exterior.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not scale...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (But...)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) beams down to the planet, I should end up in the kitchen of my house
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is beamed right outside the front door
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Fail.
Bly (bly1234): (*finishes updating Trillius stuff*)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) tries to open the door
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's locked*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) rings the doorbell
[Kris] (kris159): 9.5 x 5
[Kris] (kris159): () *
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May answers. There's music playing over the house-wide stero system*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): stereo*
[Kris] (kris159): (That wasn't a question)
[Kris] (kris159): (or a mulitplication)
Bly (bly1234): (*Throws the Stereo over the railing*)
[Kris] (kris159): (Nooo!0
Bly (bly1234): (Lol)
[Kris] (kris159): (*throws a bee over the railing*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi.
Bly (bly1234): (=O)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Hi. Can I help you?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Funny.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Can I come in?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... What for?
[Kris] (kris159): (Yes, this IS where their all going)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Throws an atom over the railing*)
[Kris] (kris159): (...)
[Kris] (kris159): (Well done?)
[Kris] (kris159): (9.5 x 5 x 3.5)
[Kris] (kris159): (How big d--)
[Kris] (kris159): (Hold on()
[Kris] (kris159): (Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes?)
[Kris] (kris159): (Wolf*)
[Kris] (kris159): (Are we trading anything?)
[Kris] (kris159): (And Bly)
[Kris] (kris159): (Are we trading anythign?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... IDK.)
Bly (bly1234): (Trading?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I've got some of the stuff you mine from Teredona.)
[Kris] (kris159): (oh)
[Kris] (kris159): (*will set up a trade station then*)
Bly (bly1234): (I'm giving you some Dutridium. a powerful laser mineral)
[Kris] (kris159): (Turbium)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Because I...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Live here?
Bly (bly1234): (Aer-May: Not anymore! *Slams the door*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Uhh, no you don't.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Wh--
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (ROTFL)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I had the house transferred into my name.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You wha--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Why?
Bly (bly1234): (Use your claws Wolf!)
Bly (bly1234): (Play rough!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, I figured, being around you was just too...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Negative.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I mean, seriously, of all people, I least expected you to give up. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: So, when you get that together, come back and see me.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She closes the door, and locks it*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): My life sucks...
Bly (bly1234): (Kick down that door!)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms the Radiant
Bly (bly1234): (Show her who's boss!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Hello?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Can you...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Beam me up?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: No. We're messing with the systems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Can the st--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Same.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) ends the comm
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It starts raining*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) sighs
Bly (bly1234): (*Wolf is struck by lightning, hit by a car, and people throw things at him*)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is suddenly beamed up
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) ends up in a locked crate
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is beamed to the bridge of the Radiant
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: *On the comm* It's working.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Hi, Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Decided to sleep here tonight?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, seeing as how I no longer own a house, yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: Wha--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Don't ask.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: ... But, wha--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Me/Larry: *in unison* Don't ask.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You know...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Let's set a course for BlyDonia.
Bly (bly1234): (You can stay with me in my house!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Officer: On it.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ewww!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Radiant enters hyperspace*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It exits hyperspace over BlyDonia*
Bly (bly1234): *it is commed by the BDSCOM*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) answers
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hello!
Bly (bly1234): Fleet Admiral Iionia: ...
Bly (bly1234): Fleet Admiral Iionia: Greetings Radiant. Why're you back?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No apparent reason.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hey. Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (Yes?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wanna see Drakonian Helos in action?)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's really cool.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And realistic.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (To what they do.)
Bly (bly1234): (I guess)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( 1:20.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (The helicopter attack scene from Apocalypse now is better then the Day After Tomorrow)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Or the gunships from Avatar)
Bly (bly1234): (Drakonian Helicopters are British, Frozen, and crashing?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (All live footage.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Courtesy of the ICN.)
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: Would you like to land?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I don't suppose Bly's around?
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: *Gives Coordinates for a 1km long platform near the Palace*
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: He's retired to his quarters. I can get him for you, if you like.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure.
Bly (bly1234): Iionia: Standby, Please.
Bly (bly1234): Hello?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hello, Bly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Long time no see, huh?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How're you?
Bly (bly1234): You were just here.
Bly (bly1234): Good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): How's Ackbar, and the lot?
Bly (bly1234): To be honest, I haven't seen him in days.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Really?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Time-off?
Bly (bly1234): Come to think of it, Piett and Trillius have been absent as well
Bly (bly1234): Same with my son.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Son?
Bly (bly1234): Oh, I didn't tell you?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No.
Bly (bly1234): Oh.
Bly (bly1234): Yes, I have a son that  I found
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Right.
Bly (bly1234): I wonder where they've gone.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyway.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What's new with you?
Bly (bly1234): Nothing, really.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Same here, I suppose...
Bly (bly1234): How's Yulair?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aside from the fact I got kicked out of my own house, I think I'm on the verge of a divorce with my wife, our newest and "best" ship was totally crippled in battle, and... Well, that's it... Everything's good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You want to see?
Bly (bly1234): ...Kicked out of your own house?
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) gets out a hologram of the Menuari
Bly (bly1234): Oh, that's not good.
Bly (bly1234): If you need any raw materials for repairs, we've got plenty.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's sitting in the docks, the nose is all scrunched up, the left (starboard?) hangerbay is torn up, and ripped in half, barely hanging onto the ship*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And there's a crack in the middle*
Bly (bly1234): We've got nothing to do with the leftover parts from the Star Destroyers from the old fllet.
Bly (bly1234): fleet*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The actual body is also bent to a ~12 degree angle*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nah.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's alright.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It'll be fixed soon enough.
Bly (bly1234): (BTW, Iionia is a female.)
Bly (bly1234):
Bly (bly1234): (That's her.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris: Ewwww!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Thanks, though.
Bly (bly1234): If you'd like, you can stay here.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ewww!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): (I know.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll make a model of the Menuari in its current state!)
Bly (bly1234): So...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (The one thing I hate about Spore...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Is how it takes so long to start up.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That's one reason I rarely get on it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, I can sleep on the Radiant, but...
Bly (bly1234): If you'd like to stay here, because you were kicked out, then we've got extra space for you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Actually.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's not technically mine anymore, apparently.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): She had the deed changed to her name.
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): Harsh
Bly (bly1234): Wasn't it your to begin with?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It was mine, yeah.
Bly (bly1234): You could always go to court.
Bly (bly1234): I'm sure they'd side with you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Eh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): She said...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): "When you get that together, come back and see me."
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And about expecting me to be the last one to give up, or something...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You know, I'm non-traditional.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): And, I can't believe I'm saying this...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): But...
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
<Bly (bly1234) (Admin) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe I should go along with what everyone else has said and divorce her.
Bly (bly1234): Who is her?
Bly (bly1234): If you don't mind me asking
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Haven't you...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Met?
Bly (bly1234): No.
Bly (bly1234): I've seen her before, at the Drakonian Ball and at some CDC meeting, but never spoken with her
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Swizër...
Bly (bly1234): ..
Bly (bly1234): So, would you like to land?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): We had a great, great...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Life together... Once... Things have just seemed to...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) shakes his head
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sorry.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Uh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yeah.
Bly (bly1234): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Why not?
Bly (bly1234): *will RPG as Vat*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Heard from Naga recently?
Bly (bly1234): Nope.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Vat: D=< No space RPG!!!)
Bly (bly1234): We've cut off all contact from whatever galaxy he's gone too.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ah.
Bly (bly1234): Ever since the Alsoran thing
Bly (bly1234): we won, in the end. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *A shuttle exits hyperspace next to the Radiant, and starts landing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *In the Radiant**
Bly (bly1234): The Fearless Drakonian's withdrew.
[Kris] (kris159):
Bly (bly1234): *Wolf could've landing in his Radiant*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Epic.)
Bly (bly1234): (Agreed)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Radiant starts landing*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Aer-May has blonde hair and blue eyes--)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hitler: She's mine!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: No! Mine!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*They get into a kitty-fight*)
Bly (bly1234): (Ming: *tries to take her while they're distracted*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I like light skin and -black- hair. You're mistaken ;-) )
Bly (bly1234): (*Faretel punches her*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Aer-May has a glowy-look to her, except when around dark energy*)
[Kris] (kris159): (Naga: I hate emos, I just think their hot)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So. Naga wouldn't like that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol! Kris.)
Bly (bly1234): *Goes to meet the Radiant*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It lands (?)*
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The boarding ramp goes down*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) walks off of it
Bly (bly1234): *Stands there*
Bly (bly1234): Hi, again.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) reaches Bly
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): The place is looking nice.
Bly (bly1234): *Grand General Gara stands behind me*
Bly (bly1234): Thanks.
Bly (bly1234): I like this palace here.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Did you buy the...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Layout to the city?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): From someone?
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): What do you mean?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): 'Cause, I swear it looks just like a city from a planet called Caprica.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK.)
Bly (bly1234): ...
Bly (bly1234): *Points to the disclaimer flying around the city*
Bly (bly1234): Disclaimer: Any similarties are coincidental.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
Bly (bly1234): Prime City is much better now that people inhabit it.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is comm7
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) answers
Bly (bly1234): However, it's gotten so populated we've had to stop immigration into Prime City. The Stilt Cities are on the rise.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's a text*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): She--?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) closes it
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Bly (bly1234): ...
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) sighs
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Kicked out of my house, and out of my command position in just a few minutes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Both by my wife.
Bly (bly1234): ...What do you mean?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): "Emergency control" bleh-bleh-bleh.
Bly (bly1234): You're no longer the leader?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's nothing..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Technically, yes, I am.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's nothing.
Bly (bly1234): (GTFO Then!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyway.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
Bly (bly1234): *it's very late at night, a few platform lights are on, however, much of the city is dark due to the very lateness*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So...
Bly (bly1234): What a female canine.
Bly (bly1234): No offence.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): None...taken.
Bly (bly1234): Good.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Speaking of None.
Bly (bly1234): Shall we go inside? Meteroligist reports call for rain soon.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Oh.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure.
Bly (bly1234): *Starts to walk towards the door*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) follows
Bly (bly1234): Gara: *Follows*
Bly (bly1234): *Reaches the door*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) does so too
Bly (bly1234): *it opens*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (We don't reach the door. The door reaches us.)
Bly (bly1234): (=O)
Bly (bly1234): Gara: I g2g, see you later.
Bly (bly1234): *he goes off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Made a T-Shirt that had a picture of Chuck Norris, and said...*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*"Chuck Norris.

'Nuff Said"*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Made several thousand on it*)
Bly (bly1234): That platform out there was what I used for the Furious
Bly (bly1234): While the Second Bly Machine was under construction
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ooh.
Bly (bly1234): *Reaches an elevator*
Bly (bly1234): *Gets in*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) follows
Bly (bly1234): *it closes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Mind if I comm Naga real quick?
Bly (bly1234): I'm not sure it'll work
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Lemme try...
Bly (bly1234): You may try
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Naga
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hallo.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Naga...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I had a question...
Bly (bly1234): *The elevator comes to a halt and opens*
Bly (bly1234): *walks out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I got kicked out of my own house by my wife, and she changed the deed to her name, and said "Out of all people, I least expected you to give up" or something like that, and then said "Get that together, and then come and talk to me"...
Bly (bly1234): *There is a soldier there*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What do I do? 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Because, I'm just...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Quite confused.
Bly (bly1234): *Uses my keycard to open the door, hold it open for Wolf*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) walks through
Bly (bly1234): Soldier: Good night, sir.
Bly (bly1234): *shuts the door*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: >=D Oh! All the things I can say to insult you!!)
Bly (bly1234): *The TV is on very low*
Bly (bly1234): *Everyone cheers*
Bly (bly1234): *Changes the channel*
Bly (bly1234): *Then turns it off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Naga?
Bly (bly1234): I told you it wouldn't go through
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Yes?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Any ideas?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): I have to advice.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): no*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Wanna walk to Bly?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Get a divorce, maybe marry an actually nice wife next time around/
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Walk?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): talk*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): No.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Bly (bly1234): (It'll take a few millenia, Wolf)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A divorce...
Bly (bly1234): (He'll be alive, but we'll be dead)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Well, that's it, Naga.
Bly (bly1234): (Naga: I'm her-)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): She -is- nice. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): She...just suddenly, changed her attitude.
Bly (bly1234): (Naga: *notes BlyDonia is abandoned*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Maybe it's the ship...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyway. Thanks. Bye.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) ends the comm
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So.
Bly (bly1234): *turns the HoloTV back on*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): What's Saturday Night?
Bly (bly1234): Some TV show
Bly (bly1234): Would you like to see your room?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Sure.
Bly (bly1234): You've got your pick of 27 of them.
Bly (bly1234): It used to be 28, but my son got a room.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( ROTFL!)
Bly (bly1234): (ROTFL)
Bly (bly1234): (lol at Swift's Face in the last one)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's like...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ("WTF?")
Bly (bly1234): *Shows Wolf one room*
Bly (bly1234): The upside of this palace is that it's got 28 Bedrooms, One Master Bedroom, 30 Bathrooms, two kitchens, three dens, four foyers, two swimming pools, a shooting range, two laundry rooms, three game rooms, and one library.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Nice.
Bly (bly1234): Before, on the Bly Machine, all I had was one tiny bedroom.
Bly (bly1234): at any rate, you and your ship can remain here for as long as you wish.
Bly (bly1234): *it starts to rain outside*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Where shall I stay?
Bly (bly1234): *Shows Wolf one room*
Bly (bly1234): You're nearby the library, a den, a foyer, and a kitchen.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hm.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I've gotta try something on IL-2...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I mean...)
Bly (bly1234): (Brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Want to.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (So. Same.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Bly (bly1234): (back)
[Kris] (kris159): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
Bly (bly1234): (WB)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (TY.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I g2g, however.)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance


Nothing really happened, but Aer-May and Viv both came up with the workings of an offical plan.

<The room title is now "the appearance universe">
<Your current permission level for this room is "Admin">
<Today's Message: "This is now the official chatroom of the Space WBVDKT RPG. All RPGing is too be done here, and no where else.

Thank you.">
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (BLY)!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): !)*
Bly (bly1234): (YES)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ready?)
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) (Admin) has entered the room>
Bly (bly1234): (Yes)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Blyyy?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ello!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Is the A-22 article/ship worthy of being categorized as "Epic"?)
Bly (bly1234): (No)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Dammit.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Needs to work on it more, then*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh. Did you read the section about the windows?)
Bly (bly1234): (No.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (

It would be better, but, I couldn't fix grammar/typos because Wikia was like... "LAAAAAAAAAG!!!!")
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (No, because Wolf was like... "LAAAAAAAAAAAZY!")
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I wanted to.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I just seriously couldn't.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It was just too hard.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (TWSS!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'd get one word done every 40 seconds.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (With the way it was going.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I think the lag is because of them working on updates/the datacenter.)
Bly (bly1234): *Wakes up*
Bly (bly1234): *it is sunny outside,*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (How is it, Bly?)
Bly (bly1234): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (Good)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: The 3rd and 99th fleets are condc=ucting excersises of GFH343 Prime in a few days, so I have to leave today.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I'll just drive you back to your apartment then...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Condc=ucting?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Mind if I go?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Elaborate.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Conducting*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (>=D)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) walks out of my room
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Huh... Ok, the offer for your ICN commision gave you security clearances, and I could pull some strings...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Helllllloooo?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You need something other then that uniform though...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Ming drives Faretel to Victoria's Secret*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): .
Bly (bly1234): *Wolf is not near me*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) wonders if anyone is around
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Specifically, an ICN uniform.
Bly (bly1234): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *taps something on her computer* There..
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *A hiss is heard throughout the apartment, Ming walks to a cabinet and pulls out a tube*
Bly (bly1234): *Walks through several hallways, until I confront Wolf*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: There. You aren't actually commisioned, of course, but you need some sort of ID.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Heya, Bly.
Bly (bly1234): Hi.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *Hands Faretel the tube* Trench coat, hat, gloves, shirt, pants, boots, sidearm, ID, it's all in there.
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (YAYYYY!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He died!!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (JK>)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Thanks *walks off to change*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Meanwhile, at Yulair*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake's flying past the space station, looking around*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *All of the sudden, another A-22 comes out from an area on it, and starts firing at him*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The ICN uses weapons like the Marines, but dark gray instead of sand green*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He swerves, levels out, and tries to find it again*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Wha--?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He looks to his left. The A-22 is flying alongside him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The windows de-tint, revealing Katy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: How'd you--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You need to work on tracking a target with your eyes. Stop relying on those computers.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *faretel emerges a few minutes later, looking suitably hot in her new uniform*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: ... They didn't pick you up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ewwww!0
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Exactly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She moves off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Gabby laughing is heard over the comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Gabby: She got you there, Jake.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: Shall we leave?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You look great... sure you don't want that comission?
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) (Admin) has entered the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Faretel: No... besides, I'd have a few years of training to learn ships, weapons, tactics, etc.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake sighs, and follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (Hi)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Aren't we supposed to be off-duty?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: You never had to come fly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: I'm just doing this for fun.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: So, you have no personal life?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Nnnope!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *They walk out, both in the standard black ICN uniform with silver epaulets and the officer hats*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: Great, innit?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris: Init?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris: SHE'S BRITISH!?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Kris: <3!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris says he doesn't like the RP, as there's too many women.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Stares at Naga*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Kris: My civilization is sexist. We're all males.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (*Doesn't have a female character*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Fallen has only female characters*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*Hums the Lumberjack song from Monty Python*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jake and Katy fly past the crippled Menuari*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: It had a short life...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: It had a good one.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: 'Member that one day...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *M&F walk to Ming's car and get in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: When, we were getting our a**es kicked...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Katy: And it came out of no where, guns blazing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jake: Ahh, yeah. That was just...epic.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Now, there's a shuttle waiting at ICN headquarters to take us to the Nosaferatu.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They break off and head for the station*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *They race off along bridges and roads through the rainy city*
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (As in Nosfratu? The Vampire?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): )
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) comms Naga for no reason
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Wolf.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Goes to do something with Bly*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: ... ... ... *logs off*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi. I'm comming you for no apparent reason. ... What's up?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Correct, Jackle)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Nothing.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Listen, I am very busy right now. I must go,
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Okay.
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) ends the comm and blocks all incoming ones while I'm at the Megalith facility
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Empress: Stupid animal...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Ish bored.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly: *Starts headbutting a random soldier*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly: I'm gonna headbutt ya! I'm gonna headbutt ya! I'm gonna headbutta ya!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *30 minutes later*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Bly: I'm gonna head-- *The soldier's skull falls apart, and he starts hitting the wall*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) has nothing particular to do
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *M&F arrive at HQ*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I would have a CDC meeting, but...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly is absent.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (As is Kris.)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (And None.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (None doesn't matter.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No offense to him, but, he's not needed.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He also quit, so..)
Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo): (He's also part of the CDC, so..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not needed, however.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Ah, yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I forgot.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The Headquarters building is large and imposing*
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>
<Crusader Jackle (commanderfordo) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv and Aer-May walk up to eachother, seemingly excited*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Viv goes to say something, but is cut off by Aer-May*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I think I-- What were you going to say?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: ... Well... I think I got a system working, it just needs a few touchups, but, it should work.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: You were....?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... You did?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Viv: Yeah..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I got something working, too... Same. Just a few touchups, but we have a plan.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Viv... This is gonna work.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance
[[Category:List of Weeks]]
[[Category:List of Weeks]]

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