Friday, the 28th of May, 2010. First Day/Marriage Problems?/Choosing a CarEdit

* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Have you noticed that I've turned the stories into more personal, everyday life kind of things?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (At least, more personal and a more in-depth view as to what it's like on Yulair.)
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is already up on the Radiant, which is still being repaired somewhat
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wait. Scratch that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Sometime in the morning...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Wolf? Remember how Jack wanted me to look into joining Silverwood?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...Umm. Yes... Why?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well, I talked to him a bit about it yesterday, and...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *the Beacon Exits Hyperspace above Yulair* (after going through reapairs that made it spacworthy, but it still needs more repaiers)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Sorry for being unresponsive, Chrome was using 1 million K of memory!)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: You're off helping, doing things...all I'm doing is sitting down here looking out of the window... If Silverwood really does help...which, apparently they do, I think it'd be good for me to join.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Y--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): W--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): A--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): S--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): No... Umm... 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Why?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *The battered Drakonian Expeditionary force arrives back in Sector M13*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... Well, I did look into it...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hmm. *Kills all that off, because I don't feel like having a huge, long dialouge thing, so...*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*The decision would've been made the night prior*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Pulls a Naga* *Pulls a De_Lovely*)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *comms Wolf*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) answers
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): I found the Beacon
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (So.... you will imitate a woman while hitting on women and blowing stuff up?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May is getting dressed*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Deciding on what to wear*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll do that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): You did?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Really?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): yea. look up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I am...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I see a cieling.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Anyway.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): That's good.
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) gets off a monorail at the Imperial Senate Building
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) walks to the balcony above a cheering crowd
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She pulls out a full-length black dress, much like the one she has, though without all the decorations*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *ends comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And puts it on*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Its relatively straight, however it goes out near the bottom and has a ruffle decoration*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *the Beacon is upgraded with space Bomb-firing AA guns *spacebombs can destroy 10 squads of 10 fighters in bomb*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She grabs a leather-like jacket and puts that on*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Leather jacket and dress? lol!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes.)
<Darth Vatrayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) (Moderator) has entered the room>
Darth Vatrayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): Roar or Rawr?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It's leather-like...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Well... No.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Leather jackets do not go with floor-length dresses)
Darth Vatrayen ?_? (darthvatrayen): TWHS
<Darth Vatrayen ?_? (darthvatrayen) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not leather.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Can't think of the material*)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *takes a shuttle down to the suface*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (A--Oh, whatever.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'll do a description of it later.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *After grabbing several things, she comes out to the kitchen*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) is there
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) sighs
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Good luck with your new "job".
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): See you later.
* {KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923) feels like having a chase scene sorta TRAFFIC!!!!!!!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: L--
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) beams away
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *exits the Capitol's hanger*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She grabs a comm and opens the frontdoor*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Jack's standing there*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Hi. Marriage problems?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: No. Why do you ask?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (oooooohh......)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Oh, it's just, you were going to say "lo--
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (ohoh)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Let's just go.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (hehe)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Marriage problems. Definetly marriage problems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both walk out of the SUV*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The doors open automatically*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (i still feel like having a chase scene in traffic, like jumping onto cars n' stuff)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both get in, and Jack starts driving*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (can i?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sure.)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (yES!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Where are we going?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You never answered -my- question, so I won't answer yours.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *a man nearby the capitol's Hanger pulls out a psitol and starts shooting randomly at people.....killing a few*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *he jumps on a speeder bike and speeds away, quickly followed me*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: *Sighs* It's just awkward for us right now with what we've been through.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: The whole you dying thing?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... Yes.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: So, do you two...
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *he speeds onto the busiest street on Yulair, IN THE WRONG LANE*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: How do we what?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: ... You Ha--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: We don't.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Oh. Must be boring then. Definte marriage problems.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Our marriage is based on a s--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Silverwood.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: It's where we're going.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Silverwood HQ.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *Jumps off of speeder onto a car and still follows him, watching him swirve and exventually jump onto another car, Jack's Car*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): isn't*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Notes there are no cars where the SUV is right now*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (fuck)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *nvm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Why are we driving? Why can't we just beam there?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Well, with the war going on, the military's been busy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: And we can't very well take up -all- their time.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: And the drive's nice.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *he jumps onto a cargo truck*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It is. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *force jumps onto the cargo truck and egnites his lightsaber*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *lands and attacks the assaslant but he blocks with a arm sword*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Waits for Naga to continue*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Huh?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: The outfit is nice.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You were...infront of a crowd?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I'm typing a speech on Notepad)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: How do you mean?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I mean, it's your own style, with the dress and all, but it still fits Silverwood's profile.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ( If you're in a war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at some guys, throw one of those little baby-type pumpkins. Maybe it'll make everyone think of how crazy war is, and while they're thinking, you can throw a real grenade at them.

Jack Handey 12/11/93 )
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *picks up the Assassin with The Force and Slams him into the Cargo trucks plating a few times until it breaks and slams him into the side and leaves him in the Cargo truck, watching him*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (Cargo truck driver: WTF if going on back there?)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *realizes that teh cargo truck is empty*
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): Now why would a Cargo truck be empty? * the Assassin Jumps up from inside of the Cargo truck*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (A full length black dress, which is plain and undecorated, more like a black long-sleeve shirt with a full-length skirt that has a ruffle/frill decoration near the bottom, with a jacket)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Oh... Thank you...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The SUV starts nearing the city*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Full length dresses FTL! How can Aer-May fight when wearing one?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (As Tourny puts it...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's just that epic.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga: If you're going to do a skirt, do a mini-mini-skirt.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly: No skirt at all!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bly: Clothes FTL)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They go into the city*
<Voice chat now enabled (Lowest quality)>
<Voice chat is now disconnected>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *And pull off into an area that looks somewhat factory, though isn't*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): somewhat like a*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The SUV goes behind the building and in through a large door*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He shuts the SUV off and gets out*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May unsurely follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... This is it? An empty warehou--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The floor starts going down*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They reach and underground area*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *an**
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: That is one of the several entrances we have.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Several, hm? 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The elevator-thingy hits the bottom and Jack steps off*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The SUV's alarm chirps for a second and the lights flicker, and it drives off through another doorway not too far away*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Pretty cool, huh?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: ... I suppose.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Come on. This way. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He starts walking down a relatively long, and really wide hallway*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May follows*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): The main purpose of war is to support your government's decisions by force. And yet, in this most recent war, in which victory has only just been wrested from the hands of our enemy, we were fighting not just for the views of Drakonia, but also for freedom itself. We were fighting for every planet that fell to the Ichiri menace, for the countless innocent lives lost. We paid with blood for every inch in the ruined cities and darkened plains, for every light year in cold, dead space. And yet, at the cost of so much, we prevailed against so powerful an enemy. It took the help of the well known, from Star Admiral Ming and Field Marschall Hierlark, to every soldier who fought on the front lines, to those on the home front who gave up so that the troops could fight. Thanks goes out to both the famous and the unknowns, to every citizen, civilian and soldier alike, who helped bring an end to th
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): this conflict. We have created a storm that has swept across galaxies, annihilating the enemy with its might.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They soon reach the main area, which has several computer stations, and other various areas*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (NIce speech.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Appears*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Thanks... I didn't steal it this time!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Wrong! *Shows a hologram of the Ichiri Descendent Ship*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I think it's better than most.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Thanks!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (But, really..)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WRONG!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
<Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo) (Power User) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Everyone: YAY! We won the war!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Me: Oh, I don't think so.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): (Hi.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Crowd goes wild, cheering anf applauding*
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) waves a bit, then leaves
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was going to say...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ("ZOMG! Princess Krion has been shot!" for no apparent reason...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (And then I thought, Princess Krion sounds kind of cool..and then I thought...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Since she'd be your's just...ugh.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (If I had a daughter..._
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Ugh? Just because you're a Puritan...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You could pull a Doctor Who and have a "Doctor's Daughter")
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That was a good episode...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ("Well....she's my daughter."
"Hello, Dad.")
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (See? P90s are so epic, they still use them <insert how ever many years away that was set> years from now!)
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): (Like, 95'? Somethime at the begging of the 21st century.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Several hundred years from now.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (UMP > P90)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (If you ever really wanted to insult None and have it be valid to his beliefs...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (You could say to him "Devil > You")
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (As pathetic as it sounds...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (He'd probably take it really badly due to his beliefs...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not say I'll use it.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (saying*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There are several different people in various areas doing various things*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Alright... *He points to one* That's Henry.
*He points to another*
That's...I don't know who that is.
Guy: Jack! You loser! We told you to get out of here ages ago!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They both laugh*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I take it that's a friend of yours?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Yeah. You'll get to know everyone soon enough.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): *Ming comms Faretel*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: *Answers*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Victory is ours.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: The Ichiri have been driven back, hm?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I advise keeping your navy on full alert
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Endeavour exits hyperspace, damaged*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: They may attempt to invade this universe again.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *It's seen out of the window*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Dauntless exits hyperspace next to it*
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): ( The invasion already happend?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Victory may be yours...we still have a war to fight, though.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: So... Is there some kind of test I have to pass to join?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: You do? the Ichiri forces at the Rift and at thier capital have fallen
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Nah.
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): ( It did, didn't it?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: Yes. It's in my pants)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: We still have the flagship to defeat.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: And its fleet.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Where are they located?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: In the middle of a large nebula, hiding.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Why?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: If you can relay us the coordinates, we can send a force.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Don't even try.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Wolf's, The Supreme Chancellor's and... Erm... another group's orders...
<Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: They say it's too dangerous, no matter how powerful the task force you send.
<Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo) (Power User) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Would you like the readouts?
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): (So did it?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I don't mean to be rude... but you can't do it alone..
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (It did.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Oh, I agree.
Admiral Jackle (commanderfordo): (Darn. I was supposed to be in it)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: So Wolf thinks he can send in your navy and destroy this Ichiri fleet on his own? Sounds like you need all the help you can get
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: No. Hardly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: He doesn't think anyone at the moment could attack it.
<{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923) has left the room>
<{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923) (Moderator) has entered the room>
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: We could send a Dimension Tide
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (sry i left for a moment)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Aer-May's report states that "The ship's dark energy force would dominate the crew the moment they got there, and destroy the ships before they could do anything otherwise."
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: So they have some kind of energy weapon.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Send in some drones, recon, look for weaknesses
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: She is, in my own opinion, a stuck-up brat who's full of her pretty, young self.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: We tried, and got nothing back.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Agreed.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Of course, Wolf's probably listening in on the comm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Off the record, I don't think anyone would marry someone like her if they didn't want to screw her.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: "Oh, no. We don't have sex" Pfft. 
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *starts laughing* I bet they don't even hold hands!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The Radiant casually drifts by the Courageous' bridge window*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: From what I've seen they don't.
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) beams onboard
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hallo!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Just droppin' a few things off.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Thier ide- Wolf! Hello...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Hi.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *is fighting the Assassin on a Cargo Truck*
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) drops a few papers off and beams away
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: That was close.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: *Starts reading them* Mmh... I personally don't much care.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: If he hears me, he hears me.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: ... Wh-Wh-Wha--Desids!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Desids: *Stands up* Yes, ma'am!?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: What would he do? Growl angrily?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Who the hell in their right mind put--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Desids: *Is shaking* M-M-Ma'am?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *the assassin uses jet boots to jet to another Cargo truck*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: You know, Ming...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I would think this civilization would do much better under my control.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Bly: HAVE SEX ALREADY!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Exactly.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Fleet run by a wolf...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Perhaps the budget would be spent on a better navy, not on trimming Wolf's lawn.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Government run by an old man who can't think for himself.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Oh, no...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: The lawn isnt' trimmed...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: It has to be as natrual as possible.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: And he seems to think that Aer-May likes him, while it's obvious that that whore just wants the power...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): isn't*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Hmm...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: And apparently she's joined...Silverwood, is it?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *grabs the assassin and with the force and slams him into the ground a few times, then throws his 'saber at him*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: He doesn't even walk on grass without apologizing to each blade he disturbs!
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Silverwood? What's that?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Yes, you're right.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: It's... It's nothing.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Desids...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I want to speak to Jack, please...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Desids: J-Jack, Ma'am?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I can guess that it's most likely black ops.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Jack, Desids!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Desids: Right, ma'am!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He connects a comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *An audio-only comm is opened*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: YOu can keep talking, Ming.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Jack.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Who's this "Jack", if you don't mind me asking?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *comm beeps*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: So, no, no te--Woah-my-god!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Heh--...uh...Faretel...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: What're you doing here?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Er... Not here.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: But...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Yes?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *comm: sir, the Beacon is done, shall i send a shuttle?
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *into comm* No, not now
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I'd like to ask...did -you- put the idea in the girl's head to have her join that pathetic waste of technology you call a team?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Uh... Pathetic wastes should join...pathetic wastes, man. Ma'am.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: to go.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He ends the comm*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Sorry, Ming... Jack is...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Shall we say, the one who holds both Wolf and the Chancellor on a leash.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I hate that women.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Anyway.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: Of course, the Chancellor is only there to maintain the illusion of a democracy.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Oh! Aer-May. Come with me, I need to ask you something.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I had a question for you...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: Yes?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: Are you free tomorow night?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *He starts walking towards where the SUV went*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Aer-May follows*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *They walk in*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *The room is relatively large*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Drakonia is hosting a diplomatic meeting... most major powers are attending
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: *
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Inside the room are several black, perfect condition, totally clean cars*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: I was wondering whether you might care to attend. Yulair will be invited formally, of course
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: So, which one?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Faretel: I'll see.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Which one?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): Ming: It might be best not to have Aer-May and Wolf representing Yulair...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Which would you like to use?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What do you mean?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: For your own car.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (This sounds awkward)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: The car there is taken, and, the SUV is taken.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Along with those two. *He points to two cars*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: But we got...
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (*He points to a Toyota*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Jack: It's fast all right...just a bit slow to stop....)
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): (*he points to a Bicycle)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: That. ( )

Umm. This. ( )

And this. ( )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (What do -you- think, Naga?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: My own... car? Why?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf: Cars hurt the enviroment ):   )
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Well, once you get a bit better aquainted with the whole "job" thing, I'm sure you'll need to use one.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not these cars.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (They all use a special fuel.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I like the caddy)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That isn't...fuel.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Regular Fuel: *Is really flammable*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yulairian Fuel: *Isn't*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yulair: It's powered by weed, love, and peace!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl!)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Drakonia: It's powered by the blood of our enemies. Oh, and steam.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (lol)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I was thinking the Mercedes or the Aramada.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (g2g bbl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Bye.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mercedes!)
<~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) has left the room>
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance

* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) enters RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Me: So, Vat.
Me: ... How does that even make sense?
Me: ...
Me: Seriously, why are you doing that?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): So, I thus conclude...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): It's Vat's fault!!!
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) enters the Appearance
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Will continue what was happening with Jack and Aer-May*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny: =O)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*assassinates Jack*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Can Zelgo come interact with Wolf and Aer-May name?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): now*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Jack is too epic to be assassinated*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Just me.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *After another brief conversation about Silverwood...*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: So, which one?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *assassinates Jack again*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I... I don't know.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Well, look around, see if you like one more than another.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Jack: Front or back?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (rotfl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She passes by the Caddy*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Sowwy, Naga)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*snipes Wolf*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No Caddy 4 u--Er...Aer-May.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Naga: Oh, I'm in the caddy alright.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Is immune to being sniped*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (>.>)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*gives Wolf the anit-immunity vaccine*_
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Is immune to vaccines*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*the hippocryteopotamus comes and takes away Wolfs immunity*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*and his car*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*and his house*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): _
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Pwns the previous*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Er...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Oh, NVM.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She glances at the Armama, and runs her hand along the hood*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (wtf is an armama?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Powerful engine. It'll get you where you need to be.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Aramada*)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Armada)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (_)sfuiz0s9iew98u(!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I CAn't tye!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (..type)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (WTF!!)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*is immune to Wolf's immunity*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*Wolf is being punished for his crimes*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Plenty of room in the back. It's got all the latest tech.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (^.^)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: GPS, trackers, sensors, high-def radio. You name it.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (That's what Naga said.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (rofl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Notes everyone manages to turn my story into a sexual exploit*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*is only doing it when Jack is involved as of now*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (rotfl)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: That, and I personally think it looks good.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (He's Bi!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Can you imagine seein' that rollin' down the highway with a police escort in stormy weather?
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (RTOFL)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Where is Wolf in the appearance?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Not in the Appearance.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (he's on Yulair)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (He's in a different galaxy?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No, I'm not, Naga.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She opens the door*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: As odd as it sounds, you kind of form an attachment with the cars...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Maybe it's because of what's in the hood.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: What do you mean?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (SNAKES IN A CAR!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Take a look.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*a radiant like core is under the hood*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She closes the front door and walks to the hood and opens it*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (How'd you know?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*is that epic*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *There's a small, blue, glowing core in the middle*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Why is therem ore than one?!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Imagine a less powerful core like the Radiant's.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: That's what you're looking at.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: YOu know, one night I was up in the mountains...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I could've swore I heard the 'Rover talking to me.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Of course, I was stoned as hell.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She glares at him*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Oh! It was an accident.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Actually, that's what I was investigating. Some odd plant.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Anyway.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You like it?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: It's nice.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Like I said, don't think this is odd.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: It's a bit like the Radiant.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (No comments?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Interesting.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She moves over to the Mercedes*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Now, that one is classy. Suits you. It's the same with the tech. All the latest.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Again, plenty of room in the back. It's fast, looks good, reliable.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (...)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Why is Aer-May picking out a car?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: It's more of a personal style, really.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (She's offically joined Silverwood.)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Noob.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (*Smirks*)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Why go with the Captain when she could be with the Doctor?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (... What do you mean by that?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Because Motti was eyeing her creepily?)
<Bly (bly1234) (Moderator) has entered the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She runs her hand along the side and the window beam, looking down the side of it*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (I mean your character is purposely modeled after the Doctor and Jack is purposely modelled after Jack Harkness.)
Bly (bly1234): (Who is Tournytime2?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (...)
Bly (bly1234): (What?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Now, there's just something really odd...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I'm picturing you in that outfit, and then driving the Armada...
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *an explosive rubber fish is thrown at JAck from off screen*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You...behind all that power in that engine. 
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Not that I'm implying anything...
Bly (bly1234): *A giant fish hits DR. Tourny*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: I'm married, thank you.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: I don't see a wedding ring.
Bly (bly1234): (Jack: We can change that.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Non-traditional...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Oddball.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Hm?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You and Wolf both. You're just really different.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You don't do anything by the book.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): *Mace windu runs in*
Bly (bly1234): It's Mace Windu!
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Mace: For the Republic! *slices Jack in Half*
Bly (bly1234): Mace: This parties over!
Bly (bly1234): Dooku: Aw, shucks. We were having so much fun celebrating Nute's 50th.
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): Nute: This isnt how its supposed to be!
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: And, there's something wrong with that?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Not at all. I find it fascinating, really.
Bly (bly1234): Viceroy! Your ocupation here has ended!
Bly (bly1234): Nute: Shucks.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You're both just so oddly're both really old, and yet, you don't look like you're even 25. You two don't have se--
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Ahem.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Right... Anyway. You like that one?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Well...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *She runs one hand down each car, walking down it to the back*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Just getting a feel for them?
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (Aer-May: Theyre squishy...)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: They don't have the same energy force as the Radiant... But, they...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: Talk to you?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: In slight whispers...yes.
Bly (bly1234): This is all your fault Captain!
Bly (bly1234): Capt: ...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Why is everyone enters the Appearance, and then they don't do anything except listen to me?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): is it*
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (*hasn't entered the appearance*)
Bly (bly1234): (*has not either*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Naga has.)
Bly (bly1234): Tourny, who is tournytime2?
Bly (bly1234):
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny? Naga?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Yes?)
DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny): (AFK)
<DR. Tourny Prime (dsqtourny) has left the room>
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): ( Note: The thing on the top is removable/probably would be most of the time, or ?)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) sends an invite to a diplomatic meeting and ball on Drakonia to all major civilizations (Bly, Wolf, Tourny, )
Bly (bly1234): *Answers*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Bly isn't in the Appearance*
Bly (bly1234): *I just pwn that much.*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Gammeta as well)
Bly (bly1234): It appears that I've been invited to a ball.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): *Bly's actions are false*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Mercedes or Armada?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (brb)
Bly (bly1234): *Sends a response to Naga*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Mercedes)
Bly (bly1234): Response: Bly + 4.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Back.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Why the Mercedes?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (I like it.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Wolf?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Yes?)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Can I send you the LDD of Ming's apartment?)
Bly (bly1234): (Put it on the Wikia)
<tournytime2 (tournytime2) (Power User) has entered the room>
tournytime2 (tournytime2): hey.
Bly (bly1234): (*It's black, with one strip, and a bunch of pictures of me on it*)
Bly (bly1234): Hi, there.
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): 'Sup
Bly (bly1234): *Exits the Space RP*
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): ('Sup*)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Hi.)
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) exits RPG
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I dunno...)
Bly (bly1234): I wonder where Tourny went.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I'm thinking the Armada.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Tourny said he was going AFK.)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (However, he is among us now.)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Tourny is really Tournytime2?)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (That, or it's Vat.)
Bly (bly1234): (IDK)
Bly (bly1234): IDK?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: You can try them out, I suppose...
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Aer-May: Really?
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Jack: No.
{KotOR} Kit Fisto (jmjedi923): *enters the appaeracne*
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (I can't decide!!)
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): (Armada or Mercedes!)
Bly (bly1234): (Armada)
~Naga Krion~ (drakon013): (Mercedes)
Bly (bly1234): (Armada!)
Bly (bly1234): *Falls away into the mist*
<Bly (bly1234) has left the room>
* {KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802) exits the Appearance for the time being
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): I have a very good plot coming up.
{KotOR}Gen.Wolf82 (wolf802): Coming up in...
* ~Naga Krion~ (drakon013) exits RPG

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