Week 23 - 2010 May 24th to 30th.
On Monday, a meeting with the CDC was held in order to vote on who would become the commander of the CDC forces.
The meeting started by the Gammetans introducing the Supreme Chancellor of the Hydephiilan Senate to the Capita Defense Council. The Gammetans would now be represented as a member of the Hydephiilan Senate. Wolf seemed to dislike the Hydephiilan Supreme Chancellor, Tomocho Haiwaki, and eventually left due to unforseen reasons. A vote was held when all of the current members arrived on who should be he new Supreme Commander of the CDC Forces. A coalition was at first proposed, but Grand Armiral Vat turned down the job and Ming was elected. After a breif civil crisis between a few storm troopers, a Yulair General and Wolf, they all returned to Yulair to settle the problem. The CDC meeting was concluded with nothing except that Ming had control of an undefined force consitant of Drakonian, Gammetan, Yulairian and BlyDonian forces. These four nations were also declared as in the Main Council, which gave its orders to Ming.

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