On Monday, after the fight between the girl and Zelgo, Wolf revealed that she was his wife...technically. Later on it was revealed to Zelgo that Wolf married her to perform a mission, to save a planet.


On Tuesday, Wolf and Aer-May, as her name was revealed, talked, after Zelgo was round-house kicked randomly. She was beamed on a freigher that was nearby, and the Radiant left for Drakonia. Aer-May had also deactivated a stun shield, keeping the crew unconscious.

The past 2 days were hurried, thus contained hypocritism. No Hypocritopotomuses intervened, however.'


On Wednesday, Bly and Wolf were talking while both their ships were over their planets getting work done on them. Wolf wanted to fight someone, and Bly said that Drakonia was still an option. Wolf then said how a fight with Gammeta would be interesting. Next, Bly and Wolf both joked about the weak Nassad Tad' Tad' Republic, which they said would be easy to defeat. Bly talked about how he easily beat them in a war, and destroyed their main planet. Wolf then plotted a course for BlyDonia, and reported that he picked up an unknown signal. It turned out to be Revan in a 169in car. After much laughter, Bly and Revan met, and then Revan signed the Treaty of Capita. Revan then left.


Today, Bly readied the Bly Machine for long term travel, and left Vat behind on BlyDonia. The planet was protected by Bly's not being in the Appearance Galaxy. He sent this note to all Appearance Characters, and SubCharacters, and Heads of State:

From the Desk of Bly:

Dear Recievers of this Letter,

I am taking an extended leave of absense from the Appearance while I go out for a few months into the deep dark unknown of a certain part of the Universe. If I do not return in four months from the time this letter is drafted, I leave BlyDonia in the trusting hands of Grand Admiral Vat. Vat is also in charge for now. I hope to see you all at a laterdate, and shall share with all of you this mission when I return.



None223 showed Wolf a strange discovery he had made: some strange, purple. living weapons with eyes. Wolf told None223 of a myth that there was a swordsmith so obsessed with his creations that he made one -or more- to be a companion for him. Currently, Wolf and the Naasad Republic are the only ones who know of this.


Nothing happened.


Nothing happened.


On Sunday, Wolf commed Naga Krion asking if he was still up for that little "adventure". Naga agreed to come, and Wolf immediately began getting ready. Soon after, however, he told Naga he'd rather wait, as he can finally stay in the Appearance without being dragged off to save a planet, or to go to senate meeting.

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