On Monday, Wolf took the Radiant to Drakonia for a visit. He commed Naga Krion to inform him of this. The two talked a while. Other than that, little had happened.


Nothing happened.


Naga purchased a Nova Necklace for Hitiri from Wolf. Wolf acquired a Aegis cruiser Rapture-Class Battlecruiser as payment.


On Friday, the new Intrepid, the Majestic was launched. Soon afterwards Naga came with the new Rapture-Class Cruiser for Wolf. While that was going on, Kortoris came with the Devlabordich and it's complement. Wolf and Kortoris soon went down to the planet, as Kortoris attempted to find the correct words to explain how he admired Yulair for being so simple, yet advanced, and also peaceful. The two landed in a small town, after coming down in a shuttle. Wolf soon set off towards the capital city via walking once Kortoris left to attend to military matters. Later Tourny appeared next to him, and told him of an unknow fleet heading towards his planet. He gave him a complex map and told him he had 300,000 years to find out what the fleet wants. Tourny then disappeared. Later on, Wolf embarked with the Radiant, Majestic, Victorious and Courageous to go contact the alien fleet. Tourny appeared while they were en route to the fleet. Tourny snapped his fingers and Naga and Kortoris appeared. Meanwhile, the Bly Machine slowly tailed the fleet, to find out what the rest of them were doing. Tourny informed Wolf that he was partially re-writing time, and that the fleet had already arrived, where he came from. Tourny soon left, and the Radiant and other ships continued to their destination.


Today, Bly recalled his BlyDonian Exploratory Fleet, and they found a planet nearby where BlyDonia used to be in the Appearance. Renamed BlyDonia Prime by Bly, he took over the planet, and built several underwater cities. The planet is almost completely covered by water, save a few islands. Bly, currently tailing Wolf, was unable to see it, but remains excited.


Today, Bly stopped following Wolf to build his new planet up. He also approved construction for the Atlantis Class Capital Ship.

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