On Monday a fleet of Lion-like ships attacked Yulair. No major damage was done to the Yulair Fleet, or Yulair itself.


On Tueday, Tourny told Wolf of a plan he had to escape, via ascending. As they were talking a Pokemon-style battle occured between the recently BlyDonian employed Fordo and a wall on the Bly Machine.

Soon afterwards, Tourny and Wolf went down to the planet and dressed like Ori. They walked to a city, and went to speak of thier "religion". They were immediately shot, and killed. In turn, they ascended, and went to face the supreme leader, who turned out to be Vat. Tourny dueled him, but was thrown just outside a window. Wolf then did an epic combo and defeated Lord Vat.

Tourny took over the planet, to lead the civlization to a better future, and Wolf left for Yulair. Once there, he found the Bly Machine getting ready for the BlyDonian Grandball. He went onboard, and spoke to various people who were there, such as Naga, An Old Guy, and Lando.


Bly was attacked by fleas, but was saved by some droids and Wolf. Some very primitive Aye-Ayes were featured briefly. The Blydonian Ball started, to much applause.


The Blydonian Ball started, and many people, such as Wolf, Naga Krion, DR. Tourny, and Bly were in attendance. The ball went well for a while, then an evil computer tried to kill everyone. Robots were sent to kill the guests. For the thrilling conclusion of "Thurday", scroll down.


The rogue computer continued its rampage, taking control of the Bly Machine's weapons and firing on nearby Yularian and Drakonian ships. They returned fire, and not much damage was inflicted by either side. Finally, Bly unplugged the AI, saving the day.

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