On Wednesday,
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
launched 1 carrier and a fleet of fighters to Yulair in order for protection. More on this topic as it develops. Auch, Ridall Somel has been arrested by The BlyDonian Civilization after being captured and the Kupilon set free.



Template:Compact BattleOn friday, the
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
defended Yulair against the oncoming mega ball launched by an unknown corporation of Hydephiilo. When the
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta


{{WWPFinishing his reinforcement into the BlyDonian Galaxy, Bly christened the BlyStar, and kept a firm stance of isolationism. Shortly after, Colonel Tatex and his ship, the Theka arrived over where BlyDonia was in the Appearance to see a long abandoned turret station. He landed on the turret station, and the Battledroid Commander OOM-2 greeted him. OOM-2 had interpreted the orders incorrectly, and so, instead of directing the Gammetan's to the correct location, Commando Droids attacked his honor guard, and OOM-2 stunned Tatex.

Then, the Commando Droids put on the honor guard's outfits, and their faces were covered. Then, a fake Tatex, which looked nothing like him, was put on a strecher and led back to the Theka. An ambulance ship then left with OOM-2 and Tatex, who was still stunned. The Theka left, and headed back to their planet, to heal Tatex.

As soon as the fake Tatex arrived in the medbay, it was revealed that it was not Tatex on the strecher. Back on Sub-BlyDonia, Bly confronted OOM-2 after meeting with Somel, and offering several choices.

  1. Remain in the Cell for the rest of his life
  2. Be killed.
  3. Join Bly.

Somel picked one, confident that the Gammetan's would order his releasement. OOM-2 reported success, by saying that two Gammetan Colonel's were better than one by his odds. Bly shook his head, and ordered the droid deactivated, and reprogrammed. He then threw Tatex, who was still unconsious, into the cell with Somel.|}}

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