Today, a lot of people got angry. Other than that, not much happened today. Bly also went bowling with the commanders, but Appo could not join them.


Bly introduced a new unknown character, who Bly will showcase when the Bly Star is finished. He then left Sub-BlyDonia for BlyDonia. However, Bly sniped Somel's Cheese, and Somel got very angry. Bly then completed construction of an orbiting space station over BlyDonia, which looked like a smaller Star Forge.

Number of times the term "Bly" is used in 4 simple and compound sentences: 9. That's just over 2 "Bly"s per sentence. Tremendous. Somebody's full of themself.


Today, the Battle over Nunor was held, a massive battle between the BlyDonians and the Nunor's. It ended with Bly destroying the planet, much to his dislike of doing so. He managed to save a few Nunor's so they could resettle and rebuild elsewhere.



Today, Admiral Vat Rayen entered the Appearance, and joined the BlyDonian Navy. Bly attacked Lonur VI, and then continued to contemplate destroying the planet, just as he did to Nunor II. Eventually, he only destroyed a capital ship, and the Lonur surrendered.

Wolf and a Tournan Robot met Kortoris on Fetrodasa, where they talked about the Devlabordich. Also, they discussed the avilibility of Nova and navigation. Armamment proposals, mainly Gatalon Photon Cannons, were put forward. This meeting served as the main international project Devlabordich planning event.


Today, Bly promoted Admiral Vat of his navy, to Grand Admiral Vat, a rank only achieved by Piett and Ackbar. Meanwhile, Trillius insisted that Bly should have destroyed Lonun, instead of simply allowing them to surrender. Bly then said that he was going to call Vat, GA Vat instead of Grand Admiral.

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