• The Naasad T'ad T'ad Ehn Republic *encountered* the Yulairian Civilization. At first, they were hostile, taking plans of the Kyrbej Dreadnaughts and the Vinur Battleships, and then firing -very- close shots. An ambassador later came, and a treaty was signed with three requirements: No Fighting, the Republic would never enter Yulair space unless invited, and the Republic would do things for Yulair to a point.
  • The Naasad T'ad T'ad Ehn Republic *happened* to enter Drakonian space during a test of a new prototype black hole generator. A peace treaty was signed on the Bly Machine between the two saying: 1) No Fighting. 2) The Drakonians would help the Republic in battle. 3) The Drakonians would be able to enter the Naasad space to search for hidden, and only the hidden and undiscovered, artifacts. 4) The Naasad Republic would be given some new technology, such as the short-range teleporter.



Thursday there was a revolt on Yulair.


Little had happened...


Again, little had happened.


You guessed it! Little had happened.

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