On Monday, Wolf and Bly re-obtained their plane, and Yulair stayed in the Appearance. The Second BlyDonian Annual Ball was held. Aside from that, little had happened.


On Tuesday, the KBY had assaulted a TEC base at the Battle of Teredona I Space Base. Later the Radiant went back to BlyDonia. Shortly after an unknown fleet had jumped into the system, and attacked BlyDonia. The Radiant, along with other ships, was able to repel them. Later on the Radiant had arrived at BlyDonia, again. Later on, a race known as The Nolon had appeared, attacking Bly, Wolf, Naga Krion, and Tourny's ships and planets. The combined forces were able to defeat them. The Nolon became a major antagonist.


On Wednesday...what happened on Wednesday?


On Thursday, lots of hypocritism had occurred, and the war between Drakonia and Yulair had ended, on the terms, that Naga gets to look over Yulair for artifacts. Wolf had plans on cloaking them, however.


What happened Friday, again?



The Utiant City.


The Utiant Temple

A new civilization of humans, led by Commander Morbius and Supreme Minister None223, discovered Yulair and BlyDonia. None223 and Bly signed a peace treaty, and Bly gave None223 a box, saying "you will know when to open it.". Kortoris Phane had met with Wolf on Saturday to discuss a planet in Kortorisa's new home system. The planet was shrouded with mystery. He soon told Wolf the name of the planet. AS-A3-D14 3040-07. He said that they were planning on blowing it up, due to the knowledge within the temple on the planet, in the wrong hands, could be extremely devastating. Kortoris invited Wolf to come see said planet be destroyed in a massive explosion. Wolf agreed to come. He asked that he be allowed to look around the ruins first, however. Soon afterwards Drakonian ships had come to explore the temple as well. After much confusion as to what was happening, and the Bly Machine constantly trying to land on the planet, the Kortorisan Supreme Chancellor said to destroy the planet. Wolf was beamed onboard the Kortorisan ship. He had asked to be beamed into the city, as he had finally gained access. The planet was destroyed by Wolf's request with him still on it... It is unknown as of this day what had happened to him.

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