On Tuesday there was a meeting between Wolf, Kortoris Phane, and Bly, on Kortorisa IV. Wolf had arrived there in the shuttle DR. Tourny had given him at The Second Battle of Yulair. Bly had soon come as well. The meeting was about how Vatrayen Forces had taken many planets in the past few days. A plan was devised to retake Yulair and BlyDonia. Wolf left with Bly to go to New BlyDonia where they would build a second Radiant.


"That was interesting...
– Wolf and Kortoris after the firefight in the hanger of a TEC carrier.

On Wednesday The half-constructed Radiant was brought to Kortorisa IV to be finished. Wolf and Kortoris ended up temporarily joining a Kortorisan SG team. Both were surrounded by TEC troops, and taken as prisoners. Kortoris then declared the treaty as terminated on board a shuttle, when he took out several guards, and managed to get himself and Wolf out of the shuttle, though, technically it was already terminated when the TEC took them prisoner. Bly and his newly obtained Clone Troopers managed to get on board the TEC Carrier, and "rescue" Kortoris and Wolf. A firefight took place inside the hanger.


On Thursday no RPing had occured.


On Friday Kortoris Phane had gone to talk to Wolf to tell him the construction of the Radiant had been completed, and that Kortorisa IV had plans of moving galaxies. Vat of Vatraya had contacted him asking if Kortorisa IV would like to help locate Wolf and terminate him. Kortoris had declined, but told Vat that Wolf was on Kortorisa IV. Vat and Kortoris had set up a meeting for Vat to see Wolf, but had then canceled after Wolf offered cover support on the cargo ships leaving this galaxy. The 3 Titan SSDs and the 7 Dominator SDs that were to act as support to the Devlabordich were going to be used to protect Kortorisan Ships, and given back to Wolf. Bly had soon arrived and had ended up talking to the Kortorisan Supreme Chancellor. Soon afterwards the Radiant was launched, and it docked with the Bly Machine in orbit. The Bly Machine had then left.


No RPing.


On Sunday a large hypo-fight had occurred, and then everyone decided to reset everything to the second battle of Yulair, which then triggered another hypo war because Wolf tried to resist and people felt "provoked". In the end everything was set to where Yulair had "teleported" to Hydephilio, and that was that. Later though, it was decided that a revert would be done, so the battle was redone, and Yulair was victorious.

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