Other titles



"Leaking" classified government information

Date founded

September 1, 2011

Flag of East Tudia East Tudia

Kamfala, Thyde, East Tudia

Targetted locations



Websites leaking classified government information

AppearenceLeaks is a website-company, founded in September 2011 in a major rebel city Kamfala in Thyde during the Tudia Protests 2011, which aims to obtain and supply classified government information and leak it through various websites, the main one being under the domain name "AppearenceLeaks."

From September through to January 2012, it only released cables between East and West Tudia, and classified document information concerning East Tudia. From then on, it went on a publishing hiatus while it gathered more classified information around the core of the Appearence, as opposed to locally. On July 22, 2012 (details on that page), they published over 2,300 documents and cables of classified information on over 8 civilizations in the integrated core and surrounding area.

Blockers Edit

Access to AppearenceLeaks, as well as any sites supporting it, was ordered to be blocked by all members of the Capita Council by resolution 9. The following civilizations followed through with the block:

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