Appearance-Nolon war
Previous Drakonian-Yulairian war
Next First Appearance-Ichiri war
Date 2010/01/262010/02/04
Ending date 2010/02/04
Outcome Allied victory:
  • Nolon dispersed
  • Salvaging of many powerful Nolon ships


Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization

Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia

Flag of the Naasad Civilization Naasad Civilization

Flag of blank
Tournan Hive
Flag of the Yulairian Civilization Yulairian Civilization
Flag of blank

No exactly figures given

No exactly figures given

The Appearance-Nolon war (January 26 to February 4, 2010 - 9 days) was a war between the dominant allied forces of the Appearance and the Nolon. It ended with the Nolon being dispersed, and several of their ships being salvaged, none of which are still in active duty by any participents.

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