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Apokoliptica-Class Battleship

Empire of Drakonia

Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia


Length 20km
Width 1km
Height 1km

8 steam fusion reactors

FTL drive Astral Space, Class 1.6
– Wolf

The Apokoliptica-Class Battleship was a line-of-battle battleship used for many tasks by The Empire of Drakonia. The Apokoliptica was very abundant, and often seen escorting larger ships outside of the Appearance. In the Appearance, it served as a command ship, and task force flagship. Each task force was named after its flagship. These carry guns firing shells as big as Wolf's ships, supplemented by dual-purpose artillery and small anti-strike-craft guns

The Apokoliptica served in many battles. Among them are:

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