Andur-Lunor war
Andur-Lunor War

Battle over Jeriona II
Previous Gandan-Zandi war
Next Hulizian-Flaor war
Date 1020/20/10 – 1030/06/03
Ending date 1030/06/03
Location(s) The Appearence
Outcome Old Lunor Republic decisive victory:
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic Old Lunor Republic
20 px [[]]
  • Battle of Andoria—Lunoric retreat
  • Battle of Plaora—Andur retreat
  • Battle of Jeronia II—Lunoric victory
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
President Jaon
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
Commander Jani
President Hui
Genereal Korda
Forces used
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
2,000,000 soldiers
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
Several Dozen Ships
1,700,000 soldiers
Several Dozen Ships
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
1,000,300 soldiers
Flag of the Old Lunor Republic
Most of their fleet
1,600,000 soldiers
Entire Fleet

"Destructive, violent? The Andur-Lunor War comes to mind."
– Unknown

The Andur-Lunor war was fought almost a millennium ago, with a decisive Old Lunor Republic victory. As a result of this war, the Andur Republic became the Andur Remnants, which then reformed into the Andur Empire. A few days after the reformation, the Empire surrendered to the Lunor's.


Depending on the version of history, the war was started after a series of disputes between the two civilizations. Eventually, their differences were too much to reconcile, and they went to war. It is believed the dispute was over a planet which both sides claimed.


The Andurian Republic was no more, forming into the stronger Andur Empire. The Old Lunor Republic kept on as an imperialistic power. As a result of the war, the Andur Empire became opposed to imperialism.

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