Alsoras Republic
Flag of the Alsoras Empire

Flag of NPC

2010 +

Flag of the Alsoras Republic
Flag of Alsoras
Location of Alsoras
Other titles

Alsoras Republic

Official name

Democratic Republic of Alsoras/Alkorae

Short name Alsoras

Alsoras, Alsoran


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 10,470,000,000


Capital planet


Controlled planets

Just Alkorae

Religious policies

Free religion



State religion



Constitutional democratic colligatary representation

– Pinay Lohnstony 2010/06 — 2012/06
– Mistacia Pavare 2012/06 +

Free market (65% right)



Eras Creation era
- End of the Alsoras war 2010/06/23

The Alsoran or Alsoras Republic (short name Alsoras), from the Alderis al ("home") and soras ("nation"), is a single-planet, democratic, small power civilization in the north-west of the core of the Appearence, which despite its name is not where humans first evolved. The civilization has a population of 10 billion.

Alkorae, the capital and only planet, is situated in the north-west of the core of the Appearence, surrounded by civilizations: The Naasad Civilization is to the north, the Zubada Republic is to the east, the Kada Empire and Fzanti Empire is to the south, and the Unidia Republic and Bazanian Empire are to the west.

The civilization was formed in 2010 as part of the Alsoras War, shortly after the second Appearance-Ichiri war. It was rebelling before the Ichiri war, however suspended its own rebellious efforts during to help the fighting. When that war ended, they declared themself a new civilization, triggering the internationally-heated Alsoras War. The rebels succeeded against the empire, and assimilated them. Since then, they've been involved in international politics, such as being a member of the Capita Council. They were part of the Appearence Democracy League (now Economic League) when it formed, but have since realigned themselves to be more neutral.

Alsoras is colligatary in that the executive and legislative powers are placed in the hands of one political body: Parliament. Candidates of each political party all get put in to parliament, but their power is based off the percent of vote they received. The candidate with the most votes is tagged as President. Parliamentary elections occur every two years, starting June 23, 2010. The parliament is restricted by a constitution, the Remnant House. As of June 23, 2012, two years after the founding of the republic, Mistacia Pavare is President.

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