Some of the information about this topic is not officially canon and should never be considered true within the RPG.
Non-canon information is usually left in for reference, extra reading, or the content was altered after being canon.
Part of a series on Technology

"Aircraft" is a term used most often to refer to small flying craft designed for use in and out of atmosphere, although it can also more narrowly apply to atmosphere-only flying vehicles. Although designs vary heavily based on the builder of the aircraft, in general they have these characteristics:

  • A crew consisting of no more than 5 or 6. The majority are operated by a single pilot, although some are completely unmanned. Certain craft, such as large bombers or gunships, have larger crews.
  • Limited autonomy. The average craft is not designed to operate independently and has a limited range and flight time compared to larger vessels. Aircraft are normally based from a planetary or asteroid installation, or a ship that carries them.
  • Smaller weaponry compared to a larger vessel
  • Great maneuverability

Aircraft are often used in a military role, where they operate in numbers to engage enemy vessels, land targets, and other aircraft. They also can provide fast transport around a planet at hypersonic speeds.

Propulsion comes in various forms, ranging from jets for atmospheric-only craft to sophisticated fission drives. Since aircraft are too small to carry large amounts of fuel or bigger, more effective engines, their range is often limited.

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