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AS-A3-D14 3040-09

Advanced Industrial Mech, shortened to "AIM", is a Gammetan company consisting of engineers and scientists that design weaponary, particularly physical ordnance, for small craft. They are led by Deug Machelino, an ambitious and militaristic president who owns many more companies.


AIM owns 70 floors in Arlona, a city on Fetrodasa IX. They use most of them for engineering missile prototypes and designing new technology, with the minority of floors used for administration, storage and research.


Excecutive FloorEdit

This branch was named a "floor" because it literally had a floor for it's duties. On the floor, the officers, board executives, and president would reside there and decide on products that should be designed, areas of technology that should be researched, and other things similar.

Research DivisionEdit

The research division researched new technologies. They would use labs to experiment on creating new technology with new imported materials, supplied by the Government, and observe their properties.

Developement DivisionEdit

This branch would generally build prototypes and assemble technologies.



A month into establishment, their first product, the AIM 1 standard missile was added to the HelAux F16. It was chosen for it's high velocity and advanced tracking properties. Since July 2010, however, AIM 2 standard missile were used as they had added pathing systems and were more compact.

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