Dac (Star Wars Galaxy/Universe)

Notable occupation(s)

Supreme Commander of BlyDonian Fleet




Mon Calamari

Skin color/type

Reddish Brown





Hair color


Eye color

Yellow and Black


Ackbar, just seconds before the best quote in history.

"It's a trap!"
– Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar was a BlyDonian Admiral who serves most notably aboard the Bly Machine, along side Bly and Piett.

He is one of the only living people on the Bly Machine, and like Piett, he is invincible, as if he dies, the Star Wars Universe is destroyed. This does however, cause a paradox, seeing as how Admiral Ackbar dies in the Star Wars Universe, and yet the Star Wars Universe was not destroyed. Ackbar participated in almost every single battle that Bly or the Bly Machine had been in. Ackbar is also the creator of the most epic quote ever known. The quote being "It's a trap!".

Ackbar enjoyed swimming, much like Bly, however, he was much better at swimming than others. He demonstrated this when Wolf, Bly, and several others from the Bly Machine all swam on Yulair.

In The AppearanceEdit

What he did before he served on the Bly Machine is not known. It is believed he came from another galaxy. Proof of this has not been found, however. He was known to alert Bly of traps, and was almost always right. Bly, however, often told him to be quiet, and would end up paying for it later on. Wolf had always thought Bly should listen to Ackbar more often, though never said anything, as not to offend Bly. Wolf had often fought with Ackbar, over whether or not the cookie Wolf was about to eat was a trap. Ackbar was often right on this, as well. Wolf had made made a small friendship with Ackbar at the Second BlyDonian Annual Ball when the two of them ran around telling people that, whatever they were about to do was a trap. Oddly enough, it turned out being a trap. This had then created the conspiracy that whenever Ackbar says it's a trap, it becomes one. Or, maybe he's just physic.


When all other "noob" characters were cast away, only Ackbar and Piett were allowed to go into a retirement home on BlyDonia Prime. A few days after the start of the BlyDonian-Suzun war, Bly recomissioned his favorite Admiral, and promoted him to the highest rank possible in the navy.

Behind the Non-Existent ScenesEdit

Admiral Ackbar was part of what some considered the "noob days", the beginning stages of the RPG, before the current ("real") rules and regulations were set, and before the RPGers found a set course they wanted to put the RPG/Wiki on.

Ackbar was stolen directly from Star Wars, but given a different timeline of sorts that enabled him to be placed in the RPG. He would have been removed if he wasn't such an integral part of many of User:Bly12's early storylines. He also grabbed the affections of several RPGers, which helped in the allowance of him staying in the RPG.

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